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1. Wahakura policy good for all families

16 September 2014 6:09pm | Whakawhetu National SUDI Prevention for Maori

Whakawhetū, a SUDI prevention programme for Māori was delighted with the Green Party's policy announcement of a 'Wahakura welcome for every newborn'. Māori infants have more than four times the SUDI death rates of non-Māori and non-Pacific ..... More >>

2. Lifestyle changes may reduce risk of dementia

17 September 2014 1:56pm | Alzheimers New Zealand

The latest World Alzheimer Report released today by Alzheimer's Disease International indicates there are a number of simple lifestyle changes people can make to reduce their risk of developing dementia in later life... More >>

3. Call to action on climate change and health

16 September 2014 11:31am | OraTaiao

Ten New Zealand health organisations have released a joint 'Call to Action on Climate Change and Health' today. .. More >>

4. New Zealand to lead rheumatic fever vaccine search

16 September 2014 10:00am | Joint Press Release

AUCKLAND: A trans-Tasman research coalition between New Zealand and Australia is undertaking a unique global project to accelerate the development of a vaccine for rheumatic fever, which disproportionately affects Māori, Pacific Islanders, Australian ..... More >>

5. NZ's First Medical App Wins Health Quality Awards

16 September 2014 12:44pm | NZ Private Surgical Hospitals Association

New Zealand's first medical manual app has won the top non-clinical prize in the biennial Leaders in Quality Awards run by the New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association (NZPSHA)... More >>

6. Christchurch Communication Festival

16 September 2014 10:37am | Joint Press Release

On Friday October 3 from 1:00-2:00pm, adults with neurogenic communication disorders will gather at the Cashmere High School Performing Arts Centre to entertain an expected audience of 300-400 for the Christchurch Communication Festival. .. More >>

7. Public health experts call for an inquiry on conflicts

10 September 2014 12:21pm | Joint Media Statement

A group of 33 senior population health researchers and practitioners have made public a letter they sent to the Prime Minister last week calling for an investigation into the apparent serious conflicts of interest on the Board of the Health Promotion Agency... More >>

8. Have you spotted one of the hidden gerberas yet?

16 September 2014 2:00pm | Arthritis New Zealand

Arthritis New Zealand has teamed up with 20 well-loved retail stores across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and hidden a standing orange gerbera (looks a bit like a sunflower) in each store for their 'Hidden Gerbera' campaign... More >>

9. New Appointments to Expanded Ryman Board

17 September 2014 1:10pm | Ryman Healthcare

Ryman Healthcare today announced the departure of a long-serving Board member and the addition of two new directors to its Board. .. More >>

10. Stoptober 2014 - the biggest stop-smoking challenge ever

17 September 2014 3:07pm | Southern District Health Board

Southern DHB urging people to sign up for Stoptober 2014 - the biggest stop-smoking challenge ever .. More >>

11. UTI treatment now available direct from trained pharmacists

26 November 2012 9:56am | Pharmacybrands

In a New Zealand first, women will be able to receive best practice treatment for urinary tract infections (often referred to as UTI, bladder infection or cystitis) directly from trained pharmacists from today. The service is now available in a number ..... More >>

12. Soft Drink Consumption - Survey

13 February 2013 1:35pm | Southern Cross Healthcare

The average consumption of soft drink in New Zealand is two servings per week o Males drink more soft drink than females o The largest consumers per week are those New Zealanders aged under 40 years and those with a household income of $70,000-$100,000.. More >>

13. Home for Whangarei's Homeless

17 March 2014 1:31pm | Northland DHB

Some of Whangarei's homeless could soon have the option of a cheap roof over their heads if a Northland DHB-supported initiative comes to fruition. The idea is to provide a safe night-shelter for the homeless, including those with a mental illness, thereby ..... More >>

14. Breast Density Software from Matakina Technology Used in US

24 March 2014 2:35pm | Matakina Technology

Matakina Technology have announced that VolparaDensity volumetric breast density measurement software has been selected by the Athena Breast Health Network (Athena), made up of five University of California (UC) medical centers, for use in creating ..... More >>

15. Light a Candle for Suicide Prevention

10 September 2014 1:15pm | Samaritans

Samaritans is urging New Zealanders to light a candle in their window for World Suicide Prevention Day at 8pm on the 10th of September to show support for those affected by suicide... More >>

16. Waikato measles outbreak declared over

17 September 2014 10:39am | Waikato District Health Board

Waikato has not had a confirmed measles case since 12 August prompting Waikato District Health Board's medical officer of health Dr Anita Bell to declare the outbreak over. "I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all those ..... More >>

17. Obesity And Poor Health In New Zealanders

30 April 2007 11:13am | University of Otago

An expert in respiratory conditions is warning that far too little attention is being paid to links between sleep breathing disorders, sleeplessness and obesity, affecting the lives and work of thousands of adults and children in New Zealand... More >>

18. Otago discovery could turn the tables on influenza virus

12 September 2014 11:00am | University of Otago

University of Otago virologist Dr Matloob Husain has identified a potential new weapon in the battle against the flu. .. More >>

19. Shaken Baby Prevention Education launches

16 September 2014 11:59am | Northland District Health Board

Jaysha was born a healthy baby but, at four weeks old, was shaken by her father and, from that day, her life took on a different path. .. More >>

20. World-class Stem Cell Research, Therapy for Queenstown

02 August 2013 5:25pm | Queenstown Regenerative Medicine

A world-class research and treatment centre that will specialise in using the body's own blood cells to heal sports injuries and arthritis is planned for Queenstown within the year according to one of the world's leading experts on Stem Cell Therapy... More >>

21. Baby and young people deaths down but complacency unwise

16 January 2014 10:17am | Health Quality and Safety Commission

Figures released today by the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee (CYMRC) show fewer deaths of babies and young people. .. More >>

22. Female Condom - Approved For Use in NZ

07 April 2014 11:34am | Glyde Healthcare

After more than 3 years of campaigning, the female condom is legal in New Zealand. Minister of Health, Hon Tony Ryall has approved an amendment to the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977 to allow for the sale of female condoms within ..... More >>

23. New Kiwi website launches to help NZers combat cancer

09 September 2014 2:33pm |

Every day in New Zealand around 51 people are diagnosed with cancer, making it the country's leading cause of death*. To help those diagnosed with cancer combat the disease Yasmin Farry, a survivor of inflammatory breast cancer has launched a new ..... More >>

24. Flaw in tobacco industry's "informed adult choice" stance

15 September 2014 10:19am | University of Otago

Flaws in the tobacco industry's argument that smokers exercise "informed adult choice" when they start smoking have been highlighted in new study. The University of Otago research involved 15 in-depth interviews with 18-25 year olds who had started ..... More >>

25. Counting the cost of power pole carnage

10 July 2000 4:13pm | Unknown

Alongside every road in New Zealand is a slender strip of ground that soaks up the blood of people killed or maimed in daily collisions with electricity networks... More >>

26. Organ Donation - Facts, Figures and Other Info

01 December 2005 11:31am | Give life

An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) audit of deaths and organ donation was done in 2002. It has not been done since, or if it has it has been kept quiet. I have been unable to establish if another one has been done as doctors/MOH have been evasive on the ..... More >>

27. Plunket Wrong Again About Safety of Mattress Wraps

08 September 2006 4:15pm | Dr Jim Sprott

Cot death expert Dr Jim Sprott is criticising the Plunket Society for making false claims about the safety of mattress-wrapping for cot death prevention. His criticism follows a statement made this week by PlunketLine, who told a telephone caller that ..... More >>

28. Touch of humour to serious health issue

03 October 2008 10:12am | Silver Ribbon Foundation

Over 100 women attended the Silver Ribbon Foundation's inaugural event 'Silver Lining' to support New Zealand women living with a gynaecological cancer... More >>

29. Smoking a key risk factor for Maori oral health

10 March 2010 10:29am | Smokefree Coalition

Tobacco use significantly increases the risk of oral cancer and the demand for oral health care, and Maori are among the worst hit, says the New Zealand Dental Association... More >>

30. New Cot Bumper Breakthrough in Baby bedding safety

23 November 2010 4:03pm |

For years traditional cot bumper pads have posed a potential health hazard for infants. The risk of suffocation or strangulation is of real concern due to the nature of their construction. .. More >>

31. Meningococcal C Vaccination Programme - Thank you Northland

22 December 2011 1:29pm | Northland DHB

The FREE 12 week Meningococcal C Vaccination Programme ended on Friday 16 December with a provisional estimate of 31,455 Northlanders aged 12months to under 20 years now vaccinated against this serious disease. .. More >>

32. Historic Queen Mary Hospital may soon be redeveloped

12 September 2012 12:46pm | Bayleys

Some of the most historically significant buildings in North Canterbury, at the former Queen Mary Hospital, may soon be redeveloped for uses such as accommodation. .. More >>

33. Ministry of Health moves to ban electronic cigarettes

18 September 2012 3:55pm | End Smoking NZ

The Ministry of Health has moved to bar the popular nicotine electronic cigarette Hydro , (sold on-line and through 900 retailers) on the grounds that such sales are in breach of the Medicines Act. End Smoking NZ believes this is against the public ..... More >>

34. Internationally renowned surgeon operates in Tauranga

26 November 2012 11:36am | Bay Of Plenty DHB

Urology surgeon Mr Bruce Blyth has been operating on children with complex paediatric needs in Tauranga Hospital. .. More >>

35. Dealing With Depression Naturally

07 October 2013 11:46am | Natural Products

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of depression in the world with one in 10 people being prescribed antidepressants. Conventional antidepressant medications have been under the spotlight in recent years with studies showing some have little ..... More >>

36. Kiwis' soft drink consumption

25 February 2014 12:23pm | Southern Cross Healthcare

On the back of the soft drink/unhealthy food debate, results from Southern Cross Health Society's annual health survey show 35% of New Zealanders think they consume too many soft drinks. .. More >>

37. Prolife New Zealand stunned at Green Party

06 June 2014 5:29pm | Prolife NZ

Prolife New Zealand welcomes debate on the current NZ abortion laws, particularly in regard to tightening the current weaknesses around the lack of informed consent. .. More >>

38. The Real Housing Crisis

22 August 2014 4:45pm | Waitakere Housing Call To Action

Housing Call to Action are launching a campaign to raise awareness of homelessness and the lack of housing in West Auckland from 1st - 8th September. .. More >>

39. Government funding boost for aged care a good start

26 August 2014 5:53pm | Aged Care Association

Yesterday Health Minister Tony Ryall announced a 5% funding boost for the elderly in rest home level care starting from 1 October 2014. New Zealand Aged Care Association Chief Executive Martin Taylor says it is a good injection of funding for the sector... More >>

40. Research aims to further improve health and safety in NZ

09 September 2014 10:35am | University of Canterbury

A University of Canterbury project is seeking to find out why health and safety on New Zealand construction sites is improving and how improvements can be maintained. .. More >>

41. Waka Hourua: Suicide Prevention for Māori and Pasifika

10 September 2014 10:17am | Waka Hourua

Building the capacity of Māori whānau, hapū, iwi, Pasifika families and communities to prevent suicide is the focus for Waka Hourua, the national suicide prevention programme for Māori and Pasifika... More >>

42. ALRANZ: SPUC, Right To Life Out Of Depth

19 October 2000 4:55pm | Abortion Law Reform Association NZ

"SPUC and its rival anti-abortion group, Right to Life New Zealand are hopelessly out of their depth when it comes to the issue of RU486/mifepristone." commented Craig Young, Research Officer for ALRANZ today... More >>

43. Grass Carp Unlikely to Save Lake Omapere

09 April 2001 5:24pm | Forest And Bird

Forest and Bird is concerned that grass carp won't save Lake Omapere. The underlying cause of the problems with Northland's largest lake - agricultural practices in the catchment - has been overlooked in the current controversy about the lake... More >>

44. Auckland Asthma Achievers Celebrated

05 December 2003 10:09am | Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand

Six Aucklanders are being celebrated today in recognition of their individual achievements in meeting and overcoming the extra challenges they face because of a respiratory condition... More >>

45. SPARC launches Push Play Activator

02 July 2005 5:39pm | SPARC

Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) aims to inspire inactive Kiwis to get active with a new tool called the Push Play Activator... More >>

46. Southern Cross Launches A New Zealand First

13 July 2005 8:52am | Southern Cross

Southern Cross Healthcare today launched an entirely new way for New Zealanders to better manage their own health care and gain improved value from the more than $2 billion spent annually on health-related goods and services... More >>

47. Cultural Issues of Obesity, Food and Nutrition

11 September 2006 5:07pm | New Zealand Dietetic Association

In the face of the rising obesity epidemic, it is becoming increasingly important to recognise not only the varying cultural context of food and eating, but also the need to culturally tailor programmes aimed at changing dietary behaviours... More >>

48. Donated glasses show lack of vision

12 October 2006 10:38am | Fred Hollows Foundation

AUCKLAND, October 12 - Donating second hand spectacles to people in developing countries creates more problems than it solves, according to The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand... More >>

49. Waikato Hospital Surgeon Passes Away

23 March 2007 5:12pm | Waikato District Health Board

Waikato Hospital paediatric orthopaedic surgeon David Clews died on Thursday. Dr Clews, 48, was a surgeon at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton from 1992 till September last year when ill health forced him to retire... More >>

50. Harsh cannabis laws defy good sense - Expert

19 February 2009 10:35am | NZ Drug Foundation

Drug legislation and policy tend to focus too much on enforcement and tough-talk and too little on evidence about what really works, a visiting expert told the Healthy Drug Law Symposium in Wellington today. The result is often irrational laws that ..... More >>

51. Vineyard Tourism Complex is Ripe for the Picking

28 January 2010 12:56pm | Bayley's Real Estate

A planned five star winery-based luxury resort and associated entertainment and conference centre on Waiheke Island in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour has been placed on the market for sale... More >>

52. Cure Kids' Red Nose Day

26 June 2011 11:14am | Cure Kids

This year's Cure Kids' Red Nose Day will give Kiwi's something to smile about, the much-loved national fundraiser is bigger than ever before 15 July, this year Red Nose Day will add much-needed colour and fun to our mid-winter days while making ..... More >>

53. Access and overcrowding a problem in tertiary hospitals

01 July 2011 10:30am | Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

Hospital access block and emergency department overcrowding continues to be a problem in tertiary hospitals in New Zealand, and contributes significantly to the ability of these hospitals to meet the "Shorter Stays in ED" target, according ..... More >>

54. The Aranui Community Dental Clinic Open Day

30 August 2011 11:39am | Canterbury District Health Board

The Canterbury Health System is helping children living in the eastern suburbs smile with improved access to better dental care. .. More >>

55. Tackling obesity and diabetes in New Zealand

07 June 2012 10:22am | Health Research Council

The Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) has announced $65.2M of government research funding investment into issues that impact most heavily on the health of New Zealanders. .. More >>

56. Bone Marrow Transplant Milestone

08 June 2012 10:46am | Waikato DHB

Today is a big day for the Waikato Hospital Haematology Department and equally big for consultant haematologist Dr Humphrey Pullon who established the transplant service there 20 years ago... More >>

57. New Hagley Outpatients officially opened

11 July 2012 12:28pm | Christchurch District Health Board

New Hagley Outpatients officially opened A significant first step towards restoring Christchurch Hospital's capacity became official today. .. More >>

58. Spina Bifida NZ Disappointed by Folate Decision

30 August 2012 4:46pm | Spina Bifida New Zealand

The Minister of Food Safety, Kate Wilkinson today announced her decision not to introduce mandatory folate fortification into New Zealand, despite this being international best practice in 75 other developed and developing countries. Submissions to the ..... More >>

59. PlaceMakers are streaking for Blue September!

05 September 2012 12:55pm | Placemakers

The PlaceMakers Blue Streak is born! He's part superhero, part morphed crusader, streaking his way through New Zealand on a mission to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand during their annual Blue September appeal - a fun way of ..... More >>

60. Christchurch neurologist leading part of a world first

17 December 2012 1:31pm | Canterbury DHB

December 17, 2012 MEDIA RELEASE Christchurch neurologist leading part of a world first clinical trial for MS A Christchurch neurologist is leading part of the world's first clinical trial into whether oral vitamin D may prevent multiple sclerosis (MS). ..... More >>

61. Visique offers all new entrants free sunglasses

17 January 2013 2:31pm | Visique

If your new entrant is starting school without a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes, Visique wants to give them a pair. For the ninth year in a row Visique practices across the country are offering every five year-old new entrants free sunglasses ..... More >>

62. New Tikipunga Integrated Family Health Centre

08 April 2013 1:31pm | Northland DHB

Dr Aniva Lawrence and her husband Leroy broke new ground on the weekend opening Te Whareora O Tikipunga, Whangarei's first integrated family health centre with a Powhiri on Saturday morning. Te Whareora O Tikipunga is a partnership between Lawrence ..... More >>

63. Kiwi Teens Banish Negative Body Image with a Love Note

27 June 2013 1:09pm | YWCA

A group of young women are taking grim body image statistics into their own hands with a campaign encouraging their peers to see themselves in a more positive way. .. More >>

64. New Zealand Fire Service: 2012/13 Fire Fatalities

01 July 2013 5:13pm | New Zealand Fire Service

Over the past 12 months, 20 people have died in avoidable house fires and the New Zealand Fire Service said, in most cases, there were no working smoke alarms to provide a warning... More >>

65. A Conspiracy of Silence - Family Planning

12 August 2013 10:49am | Right To Life

The Family Planning Association staff are inserting Jadelle implants into the arms of women in violation of their Health Rights. Those rights are enshrined in the Health and Disability Act 2000. The rights are, .. More >>

66. Health Insurance Comparisons Show Other Company's Products

04 October 2013 2:21pm | Insure Me

Online health, medical and life insurance quoting company Insure Me provides access to extensive information that allows New Zealanders to make informed decisions about the type of cover that is right for them... More >>

67. Manuka Health seals China deal

14 November 2013 2:40pm | Manuka Health NZ

Leading food science company Manuka Health has taken a major step forward to expand sales in China with the signing of a strategic agreement in Shanghai with Chinese company Sunjoy Marketing and Trading... More >>

68. Medical first in Waikato offers hope to heart patients

04 April 2014 3:54pm | Midland Cardio Vascular Services

Two weeks ago, Hawera farmer Glen Williamson could barely stagger 300m. He struggled to breathe, his legs were cold and clammy and he was as pale as a ghost. .. More >>

69. Unique support after suicide for New Zealand communities

21 August 2014 12:52pm | Skylight

Skylight is pleased to announce that their Waves programme, which supports those bereaved by suicide, is now going to be more widely available throughout New Zealand, thanks to new funding from the Ministry of Health. The Skylight Waves Programme is ..... More >>

70. Workplace Stress - Do You Fight or Flight?

26 August 2014 3:30pm | New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals

Managing Workplace Stress - Do You Fight or Flight? One of the benefits of being in the modern world is that on an average day, we do not need to outrun an animal larger than us who is planning to eat us for dinner. However our bodies still retain ..... More >>

71. Auckland Disability Community Unite on First Feedback to UN

01 September 2014 11:38am | CCS Disability Action

A group of 25 Disabled People's Organisations, interest groups and service providers, along with countless disabled people and family members have released their first assessment on New Zealand's disability rights record to the United Nations. And ..... More >>

72. Taiohi TÅ« training will focus on health needs of youth

09 September 2014 1:42pm | Taranaki DHB

Seven local youth workers from South Taranaki, including high school alternative education teachers, will be taught how to deliver kaupapa Māori Youth Health workshops. The Taiohi (Youth) Tū training will take part over two days, Wednesday 10 and Thursday ..... More >>

73. Three-Legs for a Good Cause

11 September 2014 3:45pm | CanTeen

Silver Fern and CanTeen ambassador, Maria Tutaia, threw her support behind CanTeen this afternoon at their 'Never Alone' Three-Legged Challenge. .. More >>

74. Red Cross App will help Kiwis Save Lives

12 September 2014 10:40am | NZ Red Cross

New Zealand Red Cross will launch a free app offering step-by-step first aid and emergency advice to mark World First Aid Day on Saturday 13 September. .. More >>

75. NZ fluoridation report trashed by international reviewers

12 September 2014 11:23am | NZFIS

"Almost everywhere in the report, scientific evidence is selectively cited to produce a biased view of the evidence." .. More >>

76. HCHA welcomes settlement on travel funding

12 September 2014 11:32am | Home and Community Health Association

The Home and Community Health Association welcomes the government's decision to support, in both principle and with funding, an agreement on in between travel time. From mid-2015 support workers will be paid for their time travelling between client ..... More >>

77. Oscar Pistorius trial highlights issue of domestic abuse

12 September 2014 3:51pm | Shine

In the wake of the Oscar Pistorius trial, it is vital for the public to understand some facts about domestic abuse: Domestic abuse cuts across demographics and cultures. It happens to and is perpetrated by the rich and poor, and in every country and ethnic ..... More >>

78. Volunteer Selflessly Helps Women Who Have Had Breast Cancer

17 September 2014 1:32pm | YWCA

Local Karitane resident Tonelle Horner is a facilitator for Encore, a free programme run by YWCA Auckland that helps women who have had breast cancer deal with the physical and emotional effects of treatment. She will soon be holding another Encore programme ..... More >>

79. WingNut Films Announces Lord Of The Rings

10 August 1999 1:07pm | WingNut Films

THE LORD OF THE RINGS A trilogy of feature films to be made in New Zealand by Peter Jackson.. More >>

80. Ministry Prosecutes Cosmetic Company

03 February 2000 6:25pm | Ministry of Health

A New Zealand Cosmetics company has been fined $13,900 for selling and advertising a facial peel medicine EXODERM after a woman collapsed and died lsat year from taking the medicine... More >>

81. DoC Explains its Role in Lake Omapere Clean-up

02 June 2000 5:25pm | Department of Conservation

Northland Conservancy community relations manager Jeff Griggs said DoC's role was to process applications for the release of grass carp to control aquatic weeds. Approval for the introduction of grass carp into Lake Omapere was granted in 1997 by the Minister ..... More >>

82. Palm Trees Wanted For Brighton

06 June 2000 5:01pm | Christchurch City Council

WANTED: Twelve Phoenix palm trees are needed for the redevelopment of the New Brighton Pedestrian Mall... More >>

83. Huge Koi Carp Found In Kerikeri

29 March 2001 4:45pm | Department of Conservation

The discovery of what is thought to be the largest Koi carp every caught in Northland is the cause of serious concern for Department of Conservation staff... More >>

84. Experimental Antidote For 1080 Successful

08 April 2002 12:19am | Hortresearch

There is an antidote for 1080, developed by scientists at HortResearch from trials first started in conjunction with Landcare Research in 1998. The antidotes have so far been tested on chickens, rats, rabbits and sheep and dramatically mitigate the ..... More >>

85. Success of Push Play Campaign Recognised

08 August 2003 11:59am | SPARC

New Zealand's prestigious health journal, the New Zealand Medical Journal has today published a research article recognising the success of the SPARC (Sport and Recreation New Zealand) Push Play campaign, which promotes 30 minutes of daily physical activity, ..... More >>

86. Groundbreaking Surgery At North Shore Hospital

25 August 2003 4:11pm | Waitemata District Health Board

Surgeons at North Shore and Middlemore hospitals are triallng a new technique in hip replacement operations that can see patients walking the same day of surgery... More >>

87. Special care baby unit opens at North Shore Hosp.

29 September 2003 6:34pm | Waitemata District Health Board

Premature and sick babies will be able to be cared for at North Shore Hospital with the opening next week of a new special care baby unit (SCBU)... More >>

88. Elective surgery at Hawke's Bay Hospital

13 November 2003 12:38am | Hawke's Bay District Health Board

Hawke's Bay people to have more certainty over elective surgery at Hawke's Bay Hospital.. More >>

89. Hawke's Bay children benefit from Trust funds

05 December 2003 3:05pm | Hawke's Bay District Health Board

Thanks to the generosity of the Princess Alexandra Medical Trust, 24 more Hawke's Bay children will undergo surgery this Saturday to have grommets inserted in their ears... More >>

90. Exotic Mosquito Treatment begins in Whangaparaoa

28 January 2004 2:55pm | Ministry of Health

Treatment to control the southern saltmarsh mosquito began today near Whangaparaoa Peninsula following the discovery of larvae there yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced today... More >>

91. Nationwide recall of Pam's Chicken Nuggets

10 February 2004 1:59pm | Foodstuffs Limited

Pam's Products Ltd, the private label marketing arm of Foodstuffs New Zealand, has recalled all Pam's Chicken Nuggets from its New World, Pak'N Save, Four Square, Write Price and On The Spot stores throughout New Zealand... More >>

92. Aldara Cream To Treat Precancerous 'Sun Spots'

05 March 2004 2:33pm | 3M Pharmaceuticals

Aldara cream has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA, US regulatory body) to treat precancerous skin lesions... More >>

93. The Queen Mary Reserve Trust

15 March 2004 8:16am | Hanmer Springs

Canterbury District Health Board decides to sell the historic Queen Mary Hospital site, Hanmer Springs... More >>

94. How A Fat Tax Can Help Fight Obesity

24 August 2004 12:04am | Diabetes New Zealand

In 1976, a report from the Royal College of Physicians, London, suggested that "Obesity is a hazard to health and a detriment to wellbeing. It is common enough to constitute one of the most important medical and public health problems of our time, whether ..... More >>

95. New cases of HIV among MSM remain high

08 September 2004 10:05am | Aids Foundation

The high rates of HIV among men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) in New Zealand in 2003 look set to continue the New Zealand AIDS Foundation warned today... More >>

96. New advice on prescribing anti-depressants

21 October 2004 3:37pm | Ministry of Health

Medsafe has sent a letter to all prescribers informing them about new advice relating to the known risks and benefits associated with prescribing medications to treat depression in young people and in adults... More >>

97. Thunderbirds Mania

22 October 2004 3:41pm | National Meningitis Trust of NZ

Thunderbird mania is sweeping the country as Meningitis Trust Thunderbirds badges are literally flying out of The Warehouse stores nationwide. Over 15,000 badges have been sold in less than a week, a phenomenal start to the campaign which runs until ..... More >>

98. Nelson Surgeon to Receive Colin McRae Medal

09 May 2005 9:56am | Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Nelson Orthopaedic Surgeon Allan Panting is this year's recipient of New Zealand's most prestigious surgical award - the Colin McRae Medal... More >>

99. No Rubba, no Hubba Safer Sex Campaign Stretched

20 May 2005 3:14pm | Ministry of Health

The high awareness 'No Rubba No Hubba' safer sex advertisements will be returning to TV screens soon... More >>

100. New International Heart Failure Treatment Trial

21 June 2005 10:23am | Canterbury DHB

Five Christchurch patients have been successfully implanted with a new monitoring system for the treatment of congestive heart failure using an investigational device developed by an American company... More >>


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