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1. Waikato DHB Should Keep Looking for a Chief Executive

12 June 2014 2:33pm | Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

"The Waikato District Health Board needs to put the brakes on its negotiations with Nigel Murray and continue searching for a suitable chief executive," says Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists ..... More >>

2. Well well well... we're the Well Foundation

14 July 2014 4:38pm | Well Foundation

A dynamic new charity - the Well Foundation - has launched and is ready to help Waitemata District Health Board meet its promise of "best care for everyone". .. More >>

3. Former Starship CEO now heading Waitemata charitable trust

14 July 2014 4:43pm | Well Foundation

The new Well Foundation charity can claim first success with the news it has snagged fundraising maestro Andrew Young as its inaugural CEO. .. More >>

4. NZAF to take its distinctive perspective to AIDS2014 Melbour

14 July 2014 5:16pm | New Zealand AIDS Foundation

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has committed to a large programme at the upcoming conference in Melbourne, Australia. The team has several opportunities to present and share why our HIV prevention programme works... More >>

5. Appointment to new Quality Clinical Advisor position

14 July 2014 1:06pm | Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners has today announced the appointment of Shelley Frost to the new position of Quality Clinical Advisor. The role will be part-time and will complement Shelley's continuing roles with General Practice New ..... More >>

6. Having it out with Gout

15 July 2014 12:34pm | Pacific Peoples Health

For gout sufferers, the inflammatory affliction can cause feelings of embarrassment, denial, guilt and a lot of pain. Issue 3 of Pacific Peoples Health describes how New Zealand has been tagged the 'Gout Capital of the World' with many people ..... More >>

7. Kiwis Warned Against Buying Specs Online

21 February 2012 1:06pm | Visique

Kiwis tempted by cheap prescription glasses online are being warned almost half of such specs have been found to be unsafe or incorrect. .. More >>

8. Sporting greats help launch new Well Foundation

14 July 2014 4:41pm | Well Foundation

The Well Foundation is thrilled to launch with the support of its amazing sporting ambassadors, Olympian discus champion Beatrice Faumuinā and Breakers' basketball star Tom Abercrombie... More >>

9. Fewer medicines subsidised in New Zealand than Australia

15 July 2014 3:09pm | Auckland University

New Zealand has economical medicines policies, but subsidises fewer medicines and fewer new drugs, compared to Australia and other countries. .. More >>

10. UTI treatment now available direct from trained pharmacists

26 November 2012 9:56am | Pharmacybrands

In a New Zealand first, women will be able to receive best practice treatment for urinary tract infections (often referred to as UTI, bladder infection or cystitis) directly from trained pharmacists from today. The service is now available in a number ..... More >>

11. Long-Serving Staff Give DHB Sense of Belonging

14 July 2014 10:54am | Waikato District Health Board

Outgoing Waikato District Health Board chief executive Craig Climo always made it a priority to attend staff service recognition award ceremonies wherever they were so it was fitting, as he enters his last week in the job, that a full house greeted ..... More >>

12. Senior doctors saddened by resignation of Waikato DHB CE

12 December 2013 3:53pm | Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

"Waikato senior doctors are saddened by the announcement that Waikato District Health Board Chief Executive Craig Climo will be resigning sometime later next year," said Mr Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, ..... More >>

13. HPV vaccination for school boys not yet cost-effective

14 July 2014 11:48am | University of Otago

HPV vaccination of New Zealand school boys is not yet a value-for-money option, according to a study just published by the University of Otago, Wellington. .. More >>

14. How to Get Safe & Effective Exercise in New Zealand

14 July 2014 3:04pm | New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals

How to Get Safe & Effective Exercise in New Zealand Not all exercise advice is created equal. While there are changes to the science of the way we exercise and how our body can get the most effective workouts, any new theories or ideas need ..... More >>

15. First NZ patient to have groundbreaking post-cancer surgery

15 July 2014 1:22pm | Macquarie University

Auckland's Brenda Frearson will become the first New Zealand patient to have groundbreaking specialised surgery on her leg in Sydney's Macquarie University Hospital tomorrow, Tuesday 15 July, as she seeks to alleviate the debilitating condition of lymphoedema... More >>

16. Historic Queen Mary Hospital may soon be redeveloped

12 September 2012 12:46pm | Bayleys

Some of the most historically significant buildings in North Canterbury, at the former Queen Mary Hospital, may soon be redeveloped for uses such as accommodation. .. More >>

17. Well Foundation launches campaign for training unit

14 July 2014 4:39pm | Well Foundation

The brand new Well Foundation is getting off to a "model" start with its first fundraising project for Waitemata DHB - establishing New Zealand's first teaching unit using lifelike mannequins to train medical staff in specialist procedures and ..... More >>

18. Rachel Hunter Lends Strong Support

14 July 2014 4:42pm | Well Foundation

It may have been the windiest day on record this winter, but with the wild weather came three international homegrown superstars to boost the success of our VIP launch at The Spencer on Byron Hotel on Wednesday evening... More >>

19. Kimberley Centre 60th anniverary

28 July 2005 10:30am | Anne Hunt

Sixty years ago, the modern air force station on the outskirts of Levin offered Prime Minister Peter Fraser an ideal environment to house children deemed, to use the terminology of the times, 'backward', and appease parents pestering him for a facility in the ..... More >>

20. 10 Things to Know About Palliative Care in NZ

06 October 2010 12:40pm | Palliative Care Council

The Palliative Care Council is challenging Kiwis to get to know 10 key facts about palliative care as a way of marking World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on Saturday 9 October... More >>

21. Ministry of Health moves to ban electronic cigarettes

18 September 2012 3:55pm | End Smoking NZ

The Ministry of Health has moved to bar the popular nicotine electronic cigarette Hydro , (sold on-line and through 900 retailers) on the grounds that such sales are in breach of the Medicines Act. End Smoking NZ believes this is against the public ..... More >>

22. New Tikipunga Integrated Family Health Centre

08 April 2013 1:31pm | Northland DHB

Dr Aniva Lawrence and her husband Leroy broke new ground on the weekend opening Te Whareora O Tikipunga, Whangarei's first integrated family health centre with a Powhiri on Saturday morning. Te Whareora O Tikipunga is a partnership between Lawrence ..... More >>

23. Homecare Medical's new clinical decision support system live

26 February 2014 2:20pm | ProCare Health

Homecare Medical (formerly HML) has 'pushed the button' on its new clinical decision support system, Odyssey Tele Assess. 'We've spent the last 18 months searching the world for an intelligent, evidence-based clinical decision support system that ..... More >>

24. Chlamydia rates remain high, rates of genital warts decline

23 June 2014 10:51am | NZ Sexual Health Society

Improved laboratory data collection provides the most accurate picture of sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates in New Zealand to date. The New Zealand Sexual Health Society welcomes the recently released annual STI surveillance report from ..... More >>

25. Concussion Can Have Effect on Spines of Young Athletes

15 July 2014 12:53pm | NZ Chiropractors Association

The New Zealand public is largely unaware that concussion injuries can also affect the spine and this is especially of concern in young athletes, according to the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association... More >>

26. Ann Andrews QSM author of Positively Parkinsons

15 July 2014 1:27pm | ElderNet

Ann you live with Parkinson's and have written an insightful guide written in a confident and warm manner. How do you suggest people learn the most from their visits to their Doctors? .. More >>

27. Organ Donation - Facts, Figures and Other Info

01 December 2005 11:31am | Give life

An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) audit of deaths and organ donation was done in 2002. It has not been done since, or if it has it has been kept quiet. I have been unable to establish if another one has been done as doctors/MOH have been evasive on the ..... More >>

28. National DHBs Join Waikato In B4 School Checks

09 September 2008 4:24pm | Waikato District Health Board

Other district health boards have joined Waikato in offering B4 School Checks to four-year-olds this month... More >>

29. Family Care Radio show focuses on dementia

20 June 2009 5:17pm | Family Care Show

Dr Maree Todd offers expert advice about some of the tough decisions that face those who care for an elderly loved one. .. More >>

30. New Cot Bumper Breakthrough in Baby bedding safety

23 November 2010 4:03pm |

For years traditional cot bumper pads have posed a potential health hazard for infants. The risk of suffocation or strangulation is of real concern due to the nature of their construction. .. More >>

31. World-class Stem Cell Research, Therapy for Queenstown

02 August 2013 5:25pm | Queenstown Regenerative Medicine

A world-class research and treatment centre that will specialise in using the body's own blood cells to heal sports injuries and arthritis is planned for Queenstown within the year according to one of the world's leading experts on Stem Cell Therapy... More >>

32. On Site Drug Screen Testing

12 August 2013 2:41pm | New Zealand Safety Council

An article by Kevin Thompson,a Registered Safety Professional, of the New Zealand Safety Council feels employers need to know what collectors and screen testing companies are not telling about the process of drug testing in New Zealand... More >>

33. Bad news for Tongan Health Society, Langimalie

27 August 2013 4:14pm | Tongan Advisory Council

Health Minister Hon. Tony Ryall's pet PHO Alliance Health+ (AH+) seems hell bent on destroying the Tongan Health Society (THS), says Tongan Advisory Council chair Melino Maka. .. More >>

34. Economic regulation needed to reverse obesity epidemic

04 February 2014 11:01am | UN World Health Organization

Geneva, 3 February 2014. Governments could slow - and even reverse - the growing epidemic of obesity by taking measures to counter fast food consumption, according to a study published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization today... More >>

35. Pegasus Health and ProCare join forces

18 February 2014 11:26am | ProCare Health

Two of the country's leading primary health networks have joined forces in delivering a variety of telephone and virtual health services available to more than 2.2 million people in New Zealand... More >>

36. Breast Density Software from Matakina Technology Used in US

24 March 2014 2:35pm | Matakina Technology

Matakina Technology have announced that VolparaDensity volumetric breast density measurement software has been selected by the Athena Breast Health Network (Athena), made up of five University of California (UC) medical centers, for use in creating ..... More >>

37. Community mental health and addiction services at risk

02 July 2014 5:29pm | Platform Trust

Community mental health and addiction services provided by non-government organisations (NGOs) are facing financial failure as funding provided by district health boards is not covering cost increases... More >>

38. Minister launches innovative project helping young people

10 July 2014 5:39pm | Mental Health Foundation

On Thursday 10 July, Minister for Social Development, Hon Paula Bennett, will launch Common Ground - a place of support - at the Mental Health Foundation's Auckland offices... More >>

39. New Zealand Telehealth Forum Established

15 June 2011 10:54am | National Institute for Health Innovation

The New Zealand Telehealth Forum has been established to promote the use of telehealth as a powerful enabler of change in healthcare delivery and is timed to maximise the benefits of the Government's broadband programme. .. More >>

40. Mid Canterbury community to benefit from redevelopment

27 April 2012 10:11am | Canterbury District Health Board

Ashburton people requiring high quality dementia care will find it along with style and comfort at the new and improved Tuarangi rest home and hospital. .. More >>

41. Beautiful Lengths Calls On Kiwis to Donate Hair

05 November 2013 9:47am | Impact PR

Leading hair care brand Pantene has today announced the launch of this year's Beautiful Lengths National Donate Your Hair Week - an initiative that supports New Zealand women living with cancer... More >>

42. Medical first in Waikato offers hope to heart patients

04 April 2014 3:54pm | Midland Cardio Vascular Services

Two weeks ago, Hawera farmer Glen Williamson could barely stagger 300m. He struggled to breathe, his legs were cold and clammy and he was as pale as a ghost. .. More >>

43. Female Condom - Approved For Use in NZ

07 April 2014 11:34am | Glyde Healthcare

After more than 3 years of campaigning, the female condom is legal in New Zealand. Minister of Health, Hon Tony Ryall has approved an amendment to the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977 to allow for the sale of female condoms within ..... More >>

44. Lake Waikare "culprit" identified

04 June 2014 11:34am | Waikato Regional Council

New analysis has identified the algae causing red blooms in north Waikato's Lake Waikare this year and it's believed to probably be non toxic. The analysis indicates a major increase in a naturally occurring algae known as Monoraphidium in the lake ..... More >>

45. Shellfish toxin warning lifted for the Bay of Plenty

13 June 2014 1:32pm | Toi Te Ora

The paralytic shellfish toxin health warning, which has been in place since December 2011, has been lifted for the Bay of Plenty coastline. The area for which the health warning is lifted includes the entire coastline from Waihi, east along the Bay of ..... More >>

46. Community alcohol survey results support restrictions

18 June 2014 1:30pm | Alcohol Healthwatch

The survey results released today by Auckland's Regional Public Health Service demonstrate strong public support for meaningful restrictions on the number of alcohol outlets and trading hours, and for limiting alcohol outlets around schools and other ..... More >>

47. Breast cancer screening programme targets women too soon

26 June 2014 12:36pm | University of Otago

New Zealand should re-consider the age at which its breast cancer screening programme starts in light of growing questions about the balance of benefits and harms for women under 50, public health experts from the University of Otago Wellington say... More >>

48. Busy hospitals fear flu influx

07 July 2014 10:35am | National Influenza Specialist Group

Busy hospitals say a rise in serious influenza cases is the last thing they need this winter. "Our hospitals are already coping with a rise in patient numbers as winter hits. One thing that would really help ease the pressure is for those people ..... More >>

49. Closure of Christchurch Agency Helping Abuse Victims

08 July 2014 1:55pm | New Zealand Association of Counsellors

The New Zealand Association of Counsellors has strong concerns about recent changes to government funding criteria which has prompted the closure of a Christchurch sexual violence support service... More >>

50. Child Health Information Programme: no child left behind

09 July 2014 11:08am | Joint Press Release

A new Midlands Health Network regional programme to prevent children getting lost in the health system and missing out on important health services has been welcomed by Health Minister Tony Ryall... More >>

51. Pacific Edge e-commerce site for bladder cancer testing

09 July 2014 11:18am | Joint Press Release

Cancer diagnostic developer and service provider Pacific Edge is set to launch an e-commerce platform later this month to make its Cxbladder technology available to all New Zealanders from the convenience of their home... More >>

52. Youthline launches its new online space

10 July 2014 11:56am | Youthline

Youth development organisation Youthline is broadening the way it interacts with young people on July 11 with the launch of its online community. The digital space is a completely redesigned website, with accessible, interactive information and ..... More >>

53. What manufacturers call Electronic Stability Control

11 July 2014 10:40am | Oceania Media

Helping Pacific patients and their families overcome language barriers and gain at least a grasp of their respective medical condition is vital to improve general health and wellbeing according to interpreters Vaelua Faauma Lamb and Ikamafana Tameifuna... More >>

54. Wellington Hosts International Breast Cancer Conference

15 July 2014 12:02pm | Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group

Wellington, New Zealand, will host the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group's (ANZBCTG) 36th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) from 16-19 July 2014. .. More >>

55. 1/3 Of Teenagers Skip Breakfast

03 August 1999 10:02am | Mediacom press release distribution

An alarming third of New Zealand teenagers are going to school without the most important meal of the day with the worst offenders being girls... More >>

56. Frog Killer Fungus In New Zealand

20 March 2000 10:35am | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation today announced survey work to determine the distribution of a frog killer disease in New Zealand... More >>

57. Scoop Image: Young Journalist Brutally Murdered

08 June 2000 10:00am | Auckland City Police Murder Victim - Kylie Sheree JONES.. More >>

58. New Advice About Oral Contraceptives

21 March 2002 12:01am | Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health wants women taking the oral contraceptive pills Estelle 35/35ED and Diane 35/35ED, to visit their local doctor or nurse after studies showed women taking them have an increased risk of blood clots, Ministry spokesperson Dr Stewart ..... More >>

59. $100,000 Winner Shops In Christchurch

15 April 2002 4:19pm | Unknown

A Christchurch shopper is $100,000 richer after last night winning the first new weekly Kachingo! draw. The winner is yet to come forward... More >>

60. Brain Injury Awareness Week, 2- 9 July

28 June 2002 2:32pm | Mediacom press release distribution

Brain injury, New Zealand's "least understood epidemic", comes into public focus during Brain Injury Awareness Week, Tuesday 2 - Monday 8 July... More >>

61. Hanmer Clinics to Offer Online Treatment

16 January 2003 11:08am | Hanmer Clinics

New Zealanders who need drug or alcohol treatment now have the option of receiving Internet-based treatment services... More >>

62. Targeted to Treat Depression - new generation SSRI

03 July 2003 2:35pm | Lundbeck

Lundbeck Media Release 3 July 2003 Targeted to Treat Depression - new generation SSRI Lexapro® now available in New Zealand.. More >>

63. Groundbreaking Surgery At North Shore Hospital

25 August 2003 4:11pm | Waitemata District Health Board

Surgeons at North Shore and Middlemore hospitals are triallng a new technique in hip replacement operations that can see patients walking the same day of surgery... More >>

64. NZNO President Calls for Nurse to Patient Ratios

24 September 2003 11:49am | New Zealand Nurses Organisation

"Mandated nurse to patient ratios will bring our nurses back to nursing and make our hospitals safer for patients," said New Zealand Nurses Organisation president Jane O'Malley at the opening day of NZNO's annual conference in Rotorua ..... More >>

65. Bug Reduces Services At Wellington Hospital

20 May 2004 1:01pm | Capital and Coast District Health Board

A virus which has been causing illness in the community over recent weeks has now reached Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals... More >>

66. Mobile Eye Screening Service Launched

08 October 2004 3:39pm | Waitemata District Health Board

A mobile eye screening service for people with diabetes is being launched across North Shore, Rodney and Waitakere districts will screen around 6000 people each year for a condition which can cause blindness... More >>

67. Blessing at Hawke's Bay Hospital chapel

15 November 2004 9:57pm | Hawke's Bay District Health Board

Two tukutuku panels designed and made by Ka Awatea Mahi Toi Trust from Porangahau are to be dedicated and blessed at a special service at the Soldiers Memorial Chapel, Monday 15th November at 2pm. The designs depicted in the panels reflect the well-known ..... More >>

68. Xenical available from pharmacists

11 March 2005 1:52pm | Roche

Auckland, March 10 2005 - Weight loss medication Xenical® (orlistat) is now available direct from a pharmacist for the first time in New Zealand. Xenical has been re-classified to a pharmacist only medicine meaning pharmacists can sell Xenical to appropriate ..... More >>

69. New birth control pill to launch in NZ

18 April 2005 9:29am | Schering NZ Ltd

New Zealand women will soon have access to one of the world's most popular brands of birth control pill... More >>

70. New president for College of GPs

15 July 2005 3:14pm | Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

Dr Jonathan Fox is not likely to be all at sea leading the 3500 members of the College of GPs. The Meadowbank (Auckland) GP took over today as president of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners from Dr Jim Vause, who had completed his ..... More >>

71. Hawke's Bay newborns to benefit from Lions appeal

03 August 2005 12:09am | Hawkes Bay DHB

During the first two weeks of August Lions volunteers will be out and about in Hawke's Bay with their annual service for children appeal... More >>

72. Wanganui retirement village named after aviatrix

05 August 2005 2:26pm | Ryman Healthcare

Ryman Healthcare today announced it is perpetuating the memory of one of New Zealand's greatest aviators Jane Winstone for their new retirement village in Wanganui... More >>

73. Internationally recognised obesity programme in NZ

08 August 2005 11:07am | Optisfast

The Optifast® Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) milkshake range is now available in New Zealand, providing obese patients and their healthcare providers with an important tool in their fight against an epidemic that afflicts over 840,000 New Zealanders... More >>

74. Teenager Flown to Hospital on Rescue Helicopter

01 December 2005 4:40pm | Life Flight Trust

Ill Teenager Flown to Hospital on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter The Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter transferred a sick teenager from the Marlborough Sounds early this morning... More >>

75. Generation of Kiwi girls with damaged skin

10 March 2006 10:29am | Janesce

A combination of over attentive mothers, aggressive skin care routines and the New Zealand climate mean that the country is in danger of raising a whole generation of Kiwi girls with damaged skin, according to naturopathic skincare company, Janesce... More >>

76. DVD breakthrough for stroke rehabilitation

08 September 2006 5:23pm | Stroke Education Ltd

Every hour one Kiwi suffers a stroke. Four out of ten people with stroke are younger than 65 years. Two out of ten people die within the first month of stroke onset, and approximately two thirds of stroke survivors remain disabled and dependent on ..... More >>

77. DVD breakthrough for stroke rehabilitation

08 September 2006 5:23pm | Stroke Education Ltd

Every hour one Kiwi suffers a stroke. Four out of ten people with stroke are younger than 65 years. Two out of ten people die within the first month of stroke onset, and approximately two thirds of stroke survivors remain disabled and dependent on ..... More >>

78. Waitemata DHBs turn to receive 100,000 signature

11 September 2006 9:00am |

Doctors, nurses and Diagnostic Medlab staff want Aucklanders to rally with them outside Lincoln Green at 1pm, Wednesday 13th September, on Lincoln Road as they present the petition to the Waitemata DHB... More >>

79. NZ's Best Midwives Receive Inaugural Award

04 October 2006 11:20am | Little Treasures

Five midwives judged 'outstanding' by expert panel, clients and over 4,000 voters The first recipients of a new award designed to recognise excellence in midwifery care come from Auckland to Greymouth and have delivered over 6,000 babies between ..... More >>

80. Donated glasses show lack of vision

12 October 2006 10:38am | Fred Hollows Foundation

AUCKLAND, October 12 - Donating second hand spectacles to people in developing countries creates more problems than it solves, according to The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand... More >>

81. PHARMAC Welcomes Fresh Supply Of Adrenaline For NZ

24 January 2007 2:19pm | PHARMAC

Government drug funding agency PHARMAC is pleased that pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has secured a supply of adrenaline for New Zealanders... More >>

82. Obesity And Poor Health In New Zealanders

30 April 2007 11:13am | University of Otago

An expert in respiratory conditions is warning that far too little attention is being paid to links between sleep breathing disorders, sleeplessness and obesity, affecting the lives and work of thousands of adults and children in New Zealand... More >>

83. New Human Resources General Manager

02 May 2007 3:39pm | Waikato District Health Board

Fiona McCarthy has been appointed Waikato District Health Board human resources general manager. Ms McCarthy, currently HR general manager at Hutt Valley District Health Board, starts on July 16. She currently manages a team of 17 HR and Health and Safety ..... More >>

84. Waikato DHB Statement Re Marcus Whakataka

10 May 2007 11:49am | Waikato District Health Board

The following is a statement from Chris Harris Waikato District Health Board General Manager Mental Health & Addiction Service:.. More >>

85. Wairarapa Tops For Baby Immunisations

14 June 2007 8:46pm | Wairarapa DHB

Wairarapa has topped New Zealand for their work in immunising babies under 12 months. The DHB lists the health of children and young people as one of its health priorities... More >>

86. New Base For St John Ambulance Service In Nelson

18 June 2007 8:22am | Nelson Media Agency

Nelson's St John Ambulance Service is to move to a new base in lower Queen Street, Richmond, on land owned by Nelson Pine Industries. St John Nelson is celebrating 75 years in Nelson this year... More >>

87. New Model of Clinical Teaching for Student Nurses

13 August 2007 11:10am | Canterbury District Health Board

Undergraduate nurses in Christchurch are set to benefit from a new model of teaching that combines all the best aspects of clinical training with more consistent support and guidance... More >>

88. Health and Disability Advocates Coming To You

27 August 2007 5:11pm | Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner

People wanting to make a complaint to an advocate about a health or disability service will find it easier in the future. New funding from the Minister of Health as well as a new National Contract has allowed the Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy ..... More >>

89. Mumps Information: What is Mumps?

11 October 2007 4:26pm | Waikato District Health Board

When a person gets Mumps they may first have a headache and fever for a couple of days and then the glands under and in front of the ear, on one or both sides, begin to swell (parotid glands)... More >>

90. New Zealand dentist gains top spot

30 October 2007 3:45pm | New Zealand Dental Association

The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) Executive Director, Dr David Crum, was elected to a top job within the FDI World Dental Federation, at the annual Congress held last week in Dubai... More >>

91. Career framework for the health workforce launched

31 October 2007 10:30am | Ministry of Health

Health Minister Pete Hodgson today launched a career framework to help develop a flexible health workforce equipped to meet changing health needs and increased demand for services in the future... More >>

92. ePulse Newsletter

14 November 2007 10:03am | ePulse

News Professor Martin Roland to visit New Zealand Huge interest in new GPEP1 roles Promotion for Gregor Coster Advocacy 14 November: World COPD Day Input to Kidshealth website Consultation Child Immunisation Study Looking for Medical Assessors Last ..... More >>

93. Teenager appeals for woman to come forward

29 November 2007 10:11am | Waikato District Health Board

Teenager appeals for woman who saved his life to come forward photo of Gareth Clark taken today.. More >>

94. Meningitis Trust To Close

30 November 2007 12:50am | National Meningitis Trust of NZ

A charity dedicated to raising awareness of meningitis and supporting people affected by this dreadful disease is closing down its operations in New Zealand after six successful years... More >>

95. T-Shirt Designs To Help Shake Breast Cancer

24 January 2008 9:35am | Glassons

Glassons stores are swinging open their doors today revealing the much anticipated 2008 Breast Cancer Research Trust T-shirt collection... More >>

96. Private rehabilitation clinic for addicts opens

21 August 2008 9:10am | Serenity Clinic

New Zealand's newest private rehabilitation clinic to treat addicts opens in Auckland on Monday Serenity Clinic to cope with rising addiction... More >>

97. Take a Bite out of Life

01 September 2008 10:05am | Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise offers a unique service that directly provides support for women living with breast cancer, enabling them to live more positive lives*. On Thursday 11 September, at Isis Spa in Newmarket, Sweet Louise launches its Take a Bite fundraiser whereby ..... More >>

98. Dietitians complain about TV weight-loss series

18 November 2008 12:39pm | Science Media Centre

TV3's weight-loss series, Downsize Me ended recently amid controversy over the accuracy of some of the nutritional information, and the approach taken by the presenters in promoting the weight loss.   The New Zealand Dietetic Association, who recently ..... More >>

99. Māori youth health and wellbeing improves

08 December 2008 10:02am | University of Auckland

Māori secondary school students are happier and are less likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and use marijuana compared to Māori students in 2001. .. More >>

100. Breathing easy for Napier's Housing NZ Tenants

16 January 2009 12:17pm | Hawkes Bay District Health Board

Encouraging tenants to have a smoke free home or to quit smoking themselves has won Housing New Zealand's Napier Neighbourhood Unit and the Hawke's Bay DHB an Asthma and Respiratory Advocacy Award... More >>


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