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1. Reducing salt in food good for the heart and health budgets

04 May 2015 9:50am | University of Otago

New Otago University research shows that introducing strategies that reduce the dietary salt intake of New Zealanders could reduce premature death and save millions of dollars annually for our health sector... More >>

2. Food Allergy Awareness Week Media Release

30 April 2015 1:45pm | Allergy New Zealand

Allergy New Zealand is campaigning this year to raise awareness for kiwi families living with food allergies. .. More >>

3. Peanut allergy: Experts call for public health advice review

09 March 2015 4:57pm | Allergy New Zealand

Allergy New Zealand and allergy specialists are calling for the Ministry of Health to urgently review infant feeding guidelines, to try and stem the tide of peanut allergy in New Zealand children... More >>

4. 'Landmark' decision to fund life-extending treatment

01 May 2015 11:31am | Janssen-Cilag

'Landmark' decision to fund life-extending treatment from today for patients with advanced prostate cancer1,2 .. More >>

5. New $1-a-Day Dental Care Plan Unique to New Zealand

16 October 2014 10:16am | DentalCare West

Regular dental care is about to get a lot more affordable, thanks to a new one-of-a-kind payment plan launching in Auckland this November. For many Aucklanders, the rising cost of living means regular dental care is a low priority... More >>

6. Heart disease not just a 'man's disease'

01 May 2015 10:34am | National Heart Foundation

New Zealand women are being encouraged to take charge of their heart health this month as the Heart Foundation runs its annual Go Red for Women campaign. .. More >>

7. OTC analgesics containing codeine safe for majority of users

01 May 2015 2:50pm | New Zealand Self-Medication Industry

1 May 2015 - Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines containing codeine, including codeine-combination analgesics, are an effective short-term option for temporary relief of moderate to strong pain, when taken according to the directions on the pack, the consumer healthcare ..... More >>

8. Know your limit and drive safe - Online calculator launched

22 December 2014 10:21am | Ora Safety

A free calculator to help people figure out whether they are under the new lower legal limit for drink driving was released yesterday by Ora Safety . .. More >>

9. Raising awareness of vasculitis

01 May 2015 10:10am | Arthritis New Zealand

Arthritis New Zealand Chief Executive Sandra Kirby urges New Zealanders to become aware of a little known condition next month: vasculitis. May is Vasculitis Awareness Month... More >>

10. UTI treatment now available direct from trained pharmacists

26 November 2012 9:56am | Pharmacybrands

In a New Zealand first, women will be able to receive best practice treatment for urinary tract infections (often referred to as UTI, bladder infection or cystitis) directly from trained pharmacists from today. The service is now available in a number ..... More >>

11. Celebrating midwives on 5 May

04 May 2015 1:18pm | New Zealand Nurses Organisation

Midwives, nurses and parents everywhere celebrate International Day of the Midwife tomorrow (5 May). This year's theme is "Midwives: for a better tomorrow". .. More >>

12. Mountain Biker flown to Waikato Hospital

03 May 2015 11:03am | Philips Search and Rescue Trust

The Rotorua based BayTrust Rescue helicopter was dispatched to Owhango Primary School on Saturday afternoon, to retrieve a 56yr old male from Hamilton who fell from his mountain bike riding the 42nd Traverse. He sustained serious head and neck injuries ..... More >>

13. New mums get help to kick the habit

04 May 2015 3:12pm | Waikato District Health Board

Chantelle Hill works in Waikato Hospital's Newborn Intensive Unit where small babies are a common sight for a range of reasons - but one of them is very preventable. .. More >>

14. 1/3 Of Teenagers Skip Breakfast

03 August 1999 10:02am | Mediacom press release distribution

An alarming third of New Zealand teenagers are going to school without the most important meal of the day with the worst offenders being girls... More >>

15. Diabetes Clinic Moves From Hospital Grounds

27 January 2009 4:08pm | Waikato District Health Board

More than 14,000 people who used to visit the Waikato Regional Diabetes Service at Waikato Hospital now go to newly refurbished premises in Hamilton. .. More >>

16. Historic Queen Mary Hospital may soon be redeveloped

12 September 2012 12:46pm | Bayleys

Some of the most historically significant buildings in North Canterbury, at the former Queen Mary Hospital, may soon be redeveloped for uses such as accommodation. .. More >>

17. World-class Stem Cell Research, Therapy for Queenstown

02 August 2013 5:25pm | Queenstown Regenerative Medicine

A world-class research and treatment centre that will specialise in using the body's own blood cells to heal sports injuries and arthritis is planned for Queenstown within the year according to one of the world's leading experts on Stem Cell Therapy... More >>

18. Pharmacy access to erectile dysfunction treatment

17 October 2014 11:10am | Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Kiwi men will be the first in the world to access a generic erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, known as Silvasta (sildenafil), direct from trained pharmacists without a prescription... More >>

19. Sir Ray Avery Seeks Funds for Lifesaving Incubator

29 October 2014 11:11am | Medicine Mondiale


20. Junk Free June

29 April 2015 3:20pm | Cancer Society

The Cancer Society of New Zealand is excited to unveil an official new fundraising event and the first of it's kind anywhere in the world! JUNK FREE JUNE will see Kiwis raise money for The Cancer Society of New Zealand, by eating "junk free" ..... More >>

21. Home healthcare funding unsustainable

30 April 2015 3:12pm | Home and Community Health Association

Auckland, 29 April - New Zealanders will lose access to good, safe home and community support unless there's a change to the way services are planned and funded. .. More >>

22. Experts gather to discuss stroke-related issues

04 May 2015 10:12am | University of Canterbury

Nearly 100 experts, engineers, physiologists, clinicians, medical academics and students from around the world will discuss the impact of new technology on helping recovering patients at an international stroke rehabilitation conference in Christchurch next ..... More >>

23. Love of job not enough for New Zealand's aged care workforce

28 April 2015 1:42pm | Auckland University of Technology

Love of job not enough to sustain New Zealand's aged care workforce, says researcher. .. More >>

24. Aus and NZ Launch Joint Physiotherapy Threshold Statements

04 May 2015 1:22pm | Physiotherapy New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have launched the first bi national physiotherapy practice threshold statements at a joint meeting of both countries' key physiotherapy stakeholders held in Singapore on 1 May 2015. .. More >>

25. New advice on prescribing anti-depressants

21 October 2004 3:37pm | Ministry of Health

Medsafe has sent a letter to all prescribers informing them about new advice relating to the known risks and benefits associated with prescribing medications to treat depression in young people and in adults... More >>

26. Donated glasses show lack of vision

12 October 2006 10:38am | Fred Hollows Foundation

AUCKLAND, October 12 - Donating second hand spectacles to people in developing countries creates more problems than it solves, according to The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand... More >>

27. Overwhelming Evidence in Favour of Fluoride in Water

15 January 2013 3:14pm | Waikato District Health Board

There is overwhelming expert medical support and evidence in favour of adding fluoride to drinking water, says Waikato District Health Board medical officer of health Felicity Dumble... More >>

28. Dementia And Dancing

16 April 2015 1:52pm | Alzheimers Auckland Inc

When you think of ways to improve brain function, dance is not the first thing that might come to mind, and yet a recent Alzheimers Auckland socialisation project has investigated the role the dance could play for people with dementia. .. More >>

29. New Health Minister - no pressure!

17 April 2015 11:47am | ASMS

Since the last Industrial Coordination Committee the environment in New Zealand has changed. This includes: .. More >>

30. Southern DHB asking staff not to get the flu or give the flu

30 April 2015 3:05pm | Southern District Health Board

Southern DHB this week launched its staff flu campaign with the aim of increasing the uptake of its flu vaccination to staff to over 65%. .. More >>

31. Double Celebration for Lake's District Hospital Midwives!

01 May 2015 12:14pm | Southern District Health Board

Midwives at Lakes District Hospital will be celebrating two major events this coming week, signifying good news for local mums-to-be and their future families. .. More >>

32. You can control your asthma

01 May 2015 12:35pm | Smokefree Coalition

World Asthma Day, on Tuesday May 5, is an annual event organised by the Global Initiative for Asthma to improve asthma awareness and treatment around the world. Asthma affects approximately 235 million people and causes an estimated 250,000 deaths annually ..... More >>

33. Manu Case Complex, Difficult

21 July 2000 12:00am | Ministry of Health

A report into the mental health care provided to Johnny Manu prior to the fatal stabbing of ACC worker Janet Pike, highlights the difficulty of caring for people with several psychiatric conditions, some of which are not necessarily "treatable", ..... More >>

34. Flags Fly As Minister Declares Meeting Open

09 August 2004 9:47am | 5 Plus A Day

Representatives from 28 nations will answer the roll call today (Monday 9th August) as the Minster of Health declares the 4th International 5 A Day symposium open... More >>

35. Pneumonia research highlights disparities

19 May 2006 9:58am | New Zealand Medical Association

Research published in today's issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal shows there are major ethnic disparities in the incidence of pneumonia... More >>

36. New CEO at Hawke's Bay District Health Board

17 June 2009 3:27pm | Hawkes Bay District Health Board

Today, Hawke's Bay District Health Board announced the appointment of Dr Kevin Snee as its new Chief Executive. Dr Snee is currently the Chief Executive of NHS Devon in the United Kingdom. He is an experienced National Health Service senior ..... More >>

37. 2013 Asthma Information

14 May 2013 11:21am | Asthma Foundation

Asthma Awareness Week is on the 20-26 May, with Balloon Day, our main fundraising event, on Friday 24 May. New Zealand has some of the highest rates of childhood asthma in the world. One in four New Zealand children has asthma. This is over 296,000 children... More >>

38. Introducing Find Your Midwife

23 May 2013 12:22pm | NZ College Of Midwives

Find Your Midwife is a new website service that enables pregnant women to find a midwife with just a few taps on a screen or clicks of a mouse. .. More >>

39. New Zealand's wait for scarce shingles vaccine is over

17 February 2014 9:50am | Trio Communications

ZOSTAVAX[TM] (Zoster Vaccine Live) has arrived in NZ Auckland. February 17, 2014 - After a prolonged wait, New Zealand has secured a continuous supply of the world's first and only vaccine against the painful and debilitating shingles infection, which ..... More >>

40. FG Xpress Power Strips Now Available In Australia & NZ

31 March 2014 11:48am | ForeverGreen International

As a listed Class 1 medical device, the FGX PowerStrips are unique. By focusing heat and energy to the areas where they are applied, PowerStrips can bring relief of pain and discomfort... More >>

41. Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust Appoints CEO

26 December 2014 12:43pm | Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust

The charitable trust Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust has today confirmed the appointment of Tania Thomas to the role of CEO, effective 19 January 2015. Ms Thomas is of Ngati Kahu ancestry and has extensive leadership experience in the disability sector, most ..... More >>

42. NZ Due For Whooping Cough Epidemic - Experts

20 April 2015 11:04am | Impact PR

New Zealand parents are being warned to immunise themselves, their children, extended families and friends ahead of a potential whooping cough outbreak predicted to start in the next two years... More >>

43. Lippincott Procedures "Go Live" in South Island DHBs

30 April 2015 1:19pm | Southern District Health Board

From Tuesday 5th May Lippincott Clinical Procedures will be available online at all South Island District Health Boards, a move which looks set to support the better delivery of evidence based nursing practice across the region. Access to the online ..... More >>

44. New birth control pill to launch in NZ

18 April 2005 9:29am | Schering NZ Ltd

New Zealand women will soon have access to one of the world's most popular brands of birth control pill... More >>

45. Internationally recognised obesity programme in NZ

08 August 2005 11:07am | Optisfast

The Optifast® Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) milkshake range is now available in New Zealand, providing obese patients and their healthcare providers with an important tool in their fight against an epidemic that afflicts over 840,000 New Zealanders... More >>

46. Cancer medicine to be withdrawn due to subsidy cut

15 December 2005 2:31pm | AstraZeneca

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca Limited will withdraw its prostate and breast cancer drug Zoladex from the local market, following a funding cut by the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand (PHARMAC)... More >>

47. EASE trial terminated after conflicting advice

09 April 2006 2:32pm | Stargate

Stargate International today announced its decision to terminate a non-therapeutic clinical trial after receiving conflicting opinions on the legality of one of the compounds in the ecstasy alternative "EASE"... More >>

48. Fieldays Success for Colossal Colon

16 June 2006 2:30pm | Cancer Society

The 'Colossal Colon' has achieved site success - being awarded a merit award in the Eastern Exhibition category at this week's Fieldays in Hamilton. Exhibitors at Fieldays are judged on the way their site is presented and as the standard of site designs ..... More >>

49. Cultural Issues of Obesity, Food and Nutrition

11 September 2006 5:07pm | New Zealand Dietetic Association

In the face of the rising obesity epidemic, it is becoming increasingly important to recognise not only the varying cultural context of food and eating, but also the need to culturally tailor programmes aimed at changing dietary behaviours... More >>

50. Eating Habits Give Kiwis A Bellyache

06 December 2007 10:00am | Professional Public Relations NZ Ltd

Survey results1 released today reveal more than half of New Zealand children (55.9%), and more than two thirds of New Zealand adults (68.4%) are suffering from recurring gastro intestinal health problems including tummy pain, constipation and diarrhoea, ..... More >>

51. Grant for University to Investigate Hearing Loss

25 November 2009 2:47pm | Oticon Foundation

The Oticon Foundation in New Zealand has today awarded a research grant of almost $350,000 to the University of Canterbury to investigate the prevention of hearing loss during ear surgery... More >>

52. Influenza vaccinations available at Pharmacybrand pharmacies

17 August 2011 1:52pm | Pharmacy Brands

Pharmacybrands Limited (NZX: PHB) announced that, from today, people will be able to get influenza vaccines from pharmacists in selected Amcal, Care, Life, Radius and Unichem pharmacies in Auckland, Waikato, and the Bay of Plenty... More >>

53. A Rumble in Your Tummy: Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis

27 March 2012 4:27pm | Crohn's and Colitis New Zealand

A seminar for sufferers of two painful gastrointestinal diseases is being held to highlight two common conditions people prefer to avoid discussing. The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) seminar is being organised by Andrew McCombie, working with Crohn's ..... More >>

54. Chief executive appointed to new Health Promotion Agency

24 April 2012 9:28am | Health Promotion Agency

Clive Nelson has been appointed as the first chief executive of the new Health Promotion Agency. .. More >>

55. New Hagley Outpatients officially opened

11 July 2012 12:28pm | Christchurch District Health Board

New Hagley Outpatients officially opened A significant first step towards restoring Christchurch Hospital's capacity became official today. .. More >>

56. Sick Teddies Lining up to Be Treated at Teddy Bear Hospital

13 July 2012 12:26pm | Starship Foundation

Sore paws and broken bones are likely to be typical complaints at the second annual Teddy Bear Hospital, taking place this year at the Otara Leisure Centre in South Auckland on Saturday 28th July and also at Starship Children's Hospital on Saturday ..... More >>

57. CDHB welcomes free flu vaccine extension to August 31

25 July 2012 4:22pm | Canterbury District Health Board

The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has welcomed the Ministry of Health's announcement to extend the period for those eligible for free flu vaccine to August 31. .. More >>

58. Campaign helps bring Maori smoking rates down

04 September 2012 4:32pm | Public Health Association

The government-funded smokefree campaign 'Smoking Not Our Future' is successfully helping to bring down the numbers of young Maori smoking, the Public Health Association annual conference was told today at Pipitea Campus, Victoria University, Wellington... More >>

59. A new Code of Conduct for New Zealand nurses

07 September 2012 9:51am | Nursing Council of New Zealand

A new Code of Conduct recently released by the Nursing Council gives explicit direction to nurses about the professional conduct that is expected of them. It also acts as a resource for the public providing information about what can be expected from a ..... More >>

60. Top 10 wellness tips for winter

18 June 2013 10:14am | Auckland Regional Public Health Service

The winter season is almost upon us, and now is a good time to start thinking about how you can keep yourself and family healthy this winter. Auckland Regional Public Health Service's top ten wellness tips for winter aim to help you spend your time ..... More >>

61. New Zealand Fire Service: 2012/13 Fire Fatalities

01 July 2013 5:13pm | New Zealand Fire Service

Over the past 12 months, 20 people have died in avoidable house fires and the New Zealand Fire Service said, in most cases, there were no working smoke alarms to provide a warning... More >>

62. Bad news for Tongan Health Society, Langimalie

27 August 2013 4:14pm | Tongan Advisory Council

Health Minister Hon. Tony Ryall's pet PHO Alliance Health+ (AH+) seems hell bent on destroying the Tongan Health Society (THS), says Tongan Advisory Council chair Melino Maka. .. More >>

63. Bee Venom and Chilli Extract Combine In New Joint Treatment

10 January 2014 12:44pm | Profile Media

A new 100% natural product combining New Zealand bee venom and capsaicin (chilli pepper extract) designed to give rapid relief to joints - Rubeeven - was launched today. The product is available now at More >>

64. Child Health Information Programme: no child left behind

09 July 2014 11:08am | Joint Press Release

A new Midlands Health Network regional programme to prevent children getting lost in the health system and missing out on important health services has been welcomed by Health Minister Tony Ryall... More >>

65. Unhealthy foods don't give kids a sporting chance

07 October 2014 11:01am | NZ Population Health Congress

Research shows kids' sporting environments are dominated by unhealthy foods and beverages; and that parents often feel powerless to combat the marketing of junk food to their children, the NZ Population Health Conference in Auckland heard today... More >>

66. Rural health's premier conference takes a bold new approach

05 December 2014 1:37pm | Joint Press Release

In a tripartite-style approach, the New Zealand Rural General Practice Network (NZRGPN) and the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (RHAANZ) in association with the New Zealand Rural Hospital Network (NZRHN) will host the country's premier rural ..... More >>

67. 3D titanium implants revolutionise orthopaedic surgeries

11 December 2014 12:08pm | Ossis Ltd

Ossis Ltd is revolutionising orthopaedic surgeries by using advanced 3D technology to custom design and manufacture world leading titanium bone and joint implants. .. More >>

68. Caution On Iron Supplements During Pregnancy

16 December 2014 11:09am | Natural Products NZ

A leading naturopath has cautioned pregnant women against taking iron supplements unless they know for sure that they are low in iron, a warning that is supported by the umbrella group for New Zealand's dietary supplements and natural products ..... More >>

69. Country's first dedicated sports PRP clinic

15 January 2015 4:00pm | Queenstown Regenerative Medicine

Queenstown Regenerative Medicine (QRM) today (January 15 2015) announced well-known sports medicine specialist Dr. Mary Holden will join the team, heading up New Zealand's first dedicated sports doctor clinic specialising in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy ..... More >>

70. Long awaited Coronial findings critical of midwifery care

02 February 2015 10:54am | Action to Improve Maternity

Embargoed for Publication until 5am Saturday 31 January 2015 Action to Improve Maternity (AIM) .. More >>

71. Leading innovators in wellbeing establish a fresh direction

29 March 2015 10:28pm | Dragon Institute

Driven by the need to foster innovation and quality in developing wellbeing solutions, globally respected health professionals Dr Hayden McRobbie and Nigel Chee have founded the Dragon Institute. The co-founders felt that the creation of the Dragon Institute ..... More >>

72. Canterbury researcher explores living with chronic pain

16 April 2015 10:01am | University of Canterbury

Canterbury researcher explores how one in six New Zealanders live with chronic pain A University of Canterbury researcher who graduates with her PhD this week has been examining how one in six New Zealanders live with chronic pain... More >>

73. Call for compulsory vaccination by prominent GP "alarming"

20 April 2015 11:17am | No Forced Vaccines

The statement by GP Dr. Lance O'Sullivan who won the "New Zealander of the Year Award" in 2014 that vaccination should become "compulsory" is "frankly alarming", according to Katherine Smith, spokeswoman for No Forced Vaccines... More >>

74. A new mum's nightmare

28 April 2015 12:33pm | Waikato District Health Board

Imagine. Imagine waking from a coma, anxious loved ones at your side, but a moment, one you had dreamed of has evaded you. .. More >>

75. Housing New Zealand takes a firm stance on methamphetamine

29 April 2015 11:40am | Housing New Zealand

Housing New Zealand takes a firm stance on those who use or manufacture methamphetamine in its homes. .. More >>

76. Not knowing is not worth the risk

29 April 2015 1:56pm | New Zealand AIDS Foundation

New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) is set to promote its National HIV Testing Month in May 2015. This is a focussed effort over the entire month to encourage Kiwis to test for HIV & STIS, and to raise awareness of risk factors. Testing can be a ..... More >>

77. Invitation to past and present Tauranga nurses

30 April 2015 12:46pm | Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Past and present Tauranga Hospital-trained nurses are invited to celebrate International Nurses Day, on Tuesday 12 May at 2.30pm in the Conference Centre, Ground Floor, Tauranga Hospital... More >>

78. Guild supports the right for community pharmacies to charge

30 April 2015 1:06pm | Pharmacy Guild

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand (the Guild) reinforces the right for community pharmacies to charge extra for the provision of services on public holidays. .. More >>

79. RACP calls for immunisation action

30 April 2015 2:59pm | Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Australasia's leading physicians and paediatricians are united in their call for all healthcare professionals to be vigilant in ensuring children are immunised. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) President Laureate Professor Nick ..... More >>

80. Top chef spearheads Tokoroa healthy eating project

30 April 2015 3:24pm | Waikato District Health Board

Three Tokoroa schools are part of a healthy eating project inspired by a woman who has cooked at some of London's top eateries and who has tutored a new generation of Waikato's top chefs... More >>

81. Logging Target Extended To Westco Lagan

20 September 1999 12:36am | Unknown

At its national meeting of core activists last weekend on Matiu/Somes Island, Native Forest Action firmly decided to target the sawmillers Westco Lagan of Timberlands' rimu. This is in response to last week's announcement that Timberlands had signed ..... More >>

82. Thermal pool users warned about health risk

01 May 2000 9:21am | Ministry of Health

USERS of thermal pools are being warned about the risk of severe illness after what appears to be a case of amoebic meningitis in the Waikato... More >>

83. Scoop Images: Kiwi Air Force Wins GOLD

25 September 2000 10:33am | RNZAF

A Hercules crew from the Royal New Zealand Air Force has beaten tactical air transport crews from the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to retain the Bullseye trophy... More >>

84. Doctor Global Appoints Advisory Board Member

26 September 2000 9:22am | Mediacom press release distribution

Dr John Gillies, Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics, University of Otago and Professor Peter Yellowlees, chair of the Queensland Telemedicine Network and recently appointed founding Chairman of the Asia Pacific Online Health Network Conference, ..... More >>

85. Zirconia Ceramic Femoral Head Prostheses Recalled

20 August 2001 11:31am | Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is working with suppliers and clinicians to identify New Zealand patients who may have received a brand of hip joint replacement which is currently the subject of a recall... More >>

86. Drop in those Specs!

08 October 2002 12:43am | Lions Clubs Of NZ

To celebrate Lions' World Sight Day on Thursday 10 October, Lions Clubs New Zealand are asking all New Zealanders to dig out their old and unused eyeglasses and sunglasses and deliver them to their nearest OPSM store or Visique practice during the week ..... More >>

87. Pearly Whites Not White Enough For New Zealanders

17 March 2003 3:12pm | New Zealand Dental Association

Dr David Crum, President of the New Zealand Dental Association, reports that increasing numbers of New Zealanders are seeking brighter smiles. "Tooth whitening is one of the most requested dental cosmetic procedures. New Zealanders are realising that ..... More >>

88. Helen Keller still working for deafblind people

20 June 2003 6:11pm | Deafblind

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had limited sight and hearing?.. More >>

89. Elidel® Eczema Cream Fast Relief for Infants

30 June 2003 10:25am | Novartis

Relief is in sight for parents driven to distraction by children itching and scratching their way through the night. New research findings show children being treated with Elidel® cream for their eczema, experience fast relief of symptoms, such as itching ..... More >>

90. Groundbreaking Surgery At North Shore Hospital

25 August 2003 4:11pm | Waitemata District Health Board

Surgeons at North Shore and Middlemore hospitals are triallng a new technique in hip replacement operations that can see patients walking the same day of surgery... More >>

91. $43 Million Research Funding Announced

11 September 2003 11:46am | Health Research Council

Seven major research programmes were awarded a total of more than $17.75 million by the Health Research Council of New Zealand in its latest funding round, which was announced today... More >>

92. Investment essential for Maori Social Marketing

17 October 2003 4:02pm | Health Sponsorship Council

Investment in Maori capacity within the management and delivery of social marketing initiatives is essential if social marketers wish to make an impact on behavioural change for Maori, New Zealand's inaugural social marketing conference heard today... More >>

93. New option for treatment-resistant depression

11 December 2003 9:19am | Unknown

Wyeth New Zealand, provider of the antidepressant medicine Efexor®-XR (venlafaxine extended release), is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with the New Zealand Government's funding agency, Pharmac, to make this treatment available ..... More >>

94. Do the mahi and it will pay off, says Gisborne man

05 February 2004 4:13pm | Unknown

Modifying his diet and becoming physically active have had a profound effect on Gisborne man Don Taylor... More >>

95. New Treatment For Tinnitus Sufferers

03 May 2004 11:06am | NZ Audiological Society

New breakthroughs in tinnitus treatment presented by international audiological experts this week will provide welcome relief for the estimated 700,000 New Zealanders suffering from the condition. The visiting experts are guest speakers at the New ..... More >>

96. Xenical available from pharmacists

11 March 2005 1:52pm | Roche

Auckland, March 10 2005 - Weight loss medication Xenical® (orlistat) is now available direct from a pharmacist for the first time in New Zealand. Xenical has been re-classified to a pharmacist only medicine meaning pharmacists can sell Xenical to appropriate ..... More >>

97. Debt Report On Young Doctors Causes Concern

31 March 2005 9:01am | New Zealand Medical Association

The report released today, Doctors and Debt: The Effect of Student Debt on Doctors, raises serious concerns about the future of the medical workforce in New Zealand, says the New Zealand Medical Association... More >>

98. Nitrous Oxide Imports for Misuse Illegal

22 April 2005 3:06pm | Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health warns that nitrous oxide imports will receive greater scrutiny from today ... More >>

99. Kimberley Centre 60th anniverary

28 July 2005 10:30am | Anne Hunt

Sixty years ago, the modern air force station on the outskirts of Levin offered Prime Minister Peter Fraser an ideal environment to house children deemed, to use the terminology of the times, 'backward', and appease parents pestering him for a facility in the ..... More >>


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