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1. Court of Appeal: Dotcom v 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

22 October 2014 10:41am | NZ Court of Appeal

A The appeal is dismissed. B The 20 August 2014 order of the High Court dealing with confidentiality and the 29 August 2014 order of this Court dealing with confidentiality are set aside. C The confidentiality orders set out in [45] are substituted. D The ..... More >>

2. DIA undercover investigation leads to jailing

22 October 2014 2:56pm | Department Of Internal Affairs

An undercover Internal Affairs investigation has led to a Hastings man being jailed for three and half years. .. More >>

3. Kaumatua to organise petition to end Maori seats

21 October 2014 9:51am | David Rankin

Ngapuhi kaumatua David Rankin has announced that he will be organising a nationwide petition to seek support from Maori voters to end the Maori seats. "These seats are patronising", he says. "They imply we need a special status, and that we ..... More >>

4. Glassons Blasted For Glamourising Animal Cruelty

22 October 2014 10:26am | SAFE

Clothing brand Glassons have found themselves embroiled in another controversy after launching a new advert featuring a girl riding a bull. Animal advocacy organisation SAFE have asked them to remove the ad immediately as it glamourises animal cruelty. ..... More >>

5. Taxpayers' Union Responds to Joyce on Corporate Welfare

22 October 2014 9:37am | New Zealand Taxpayers' Union

Responding to Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce's defence of corporate welfare , Jim Rose, the author of Monopoly Money , a Taxpayers Union report on corporate welfare since 2008, says: .. More >>

6. National Slips, Labour Hits Lows

16 October 2014 3:00pm | Roy Morgan Research

National fail to get post-election bounce but leaderless Labour Party crash to lowest ever support .. More >>

7. Chatham Rise mining could have impact on whales and dolphins

21 October 2014 10:33am | Kiwis Against Seabed Mining

Wellington, 21 October 2014--Mining phosphate on the Chatham Rise, off the east coast of New Zealand's south island, could potentially have many impacts on marine mammals like whales and dolphins, the Environmental Protection Agency was told today... More >>

8. Smuggling honey into New Zealand isn't sweet

22 October 2014 10:06am | Federated Farmers

Smuggling honey into New Zealand isn't sweet Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group applauds the tough line taken by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Border Staff at Auckland Airport. In deporting the couple found trying to smuggle bee products ..... More >>

9. Council endorses Nanaia Mahuta as the next Labour leader

21 October 2014 9:54am | Te Kaunihera Maori

Te Kaunihera Māori, the Māori Council of the New Zealand Labour Party, have passed a resolution to endorse the Hon Nanaia Mahuta as the next leader of the Labour Party .. More >>

10. Speech from the Throne brings welcome focus on children

21 October 2014 4:26pm | UNICEF NZ

Today's speech from the Throne confirms the Government's focus on children, youth and their families in the areas of health, education, youth employment, poverty alleviation and Whānau Ora; now the challenge is to ensure every child in New Zealand ..... More >>

11. Chief Coroner releases NZ annual suicide figures 2013

27 August 2013 1:24pm | Chief Coroner

Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean today released the provisional annual suicide figures for the year ending 30 June 2013. .. More >>

12. Labour Names Review Team

19 October 2014 5:09pm | New Zealand Labour Party

Labour's New Zealand Council has appointed Bryan Gould as Convenor of its post-General Election Review. He will be joined on the Review Team by Hon Margaret Wilson, Stacey Morrison and Brian Corban... More >>

13. Public services held back by poor workplace culture

21 October 2014 9:38am | PSA

A new report by Victoria University's Centre for Labour, Employment and Work shows that public servants are working significant unpaid overtime to ensure the public services New Zealanders value are able to continue. .. More >>

14. NZPI backs Minister's affordable housing stance

16 October 2014 2:40pm | NZ Planning Institute

NZPI backs Minister's affordable housing stance NZPI is supportive of Hon. Dr Nick Smith's, efforts to use the RMA as a mechanism for taking the heat out of the housing affordability challenge in New Zealand. "As Minister for Environment ..... More >>

15. Evidence Supports GE Moratorium

21 October 2014 10:40am | GE Free NZ

Federated Farmers spokesman Graham Smith's call for a 'rethink' on release of GeneticallyEngineered organisms is misguided, and instead it is time for a formal moratorium on GMOs in the environment.(1).. More >>

16. Australia and NZ actions on press freedoms alarming

22 October 2014 1:18pm | Pacific Freedom Forum

Global support for investigative journalism in Australia and New Zealand is a welcome response to law changes and a police raid, says the Pacific Freedom Forum .. More >>

17. The Springbok Tour Of 1981 - 25 Years On

19 July 2006 9:36am | South African Consulate

When Sports Minister Trevor Mallard welcomes the 2006 Springboks at a parliamentary function this evening, it will be 25 years to the day since the divisive tour of 1981 began - an event that set mate against mate and divided a nation... More >>

18. Lambs & Chickens Liberated For Farm Animal Day

02 October 2008 10:31am | Animal Liberation Aotearoa

Animal rights activists have liberated two lambs, two broiler chickens and ten battery hens from pastoral and factory farms to mark both world vegetarian day (Oct 1st) and world farm animals day (Oct 2nd)... More >>

19. Time to find alternatives to 1080

14 October 2014 2:31pm | RNZSPCA

The Royal New Zealand SPCA wants an immediate plan to find a more humane alternative to the use of 1080 poison to control possums, rats, and stoats. .. More >>

20. Green MP to speak at panel on Rainbow Mental Health

21 October 2014 10:47am | Simon Hinchco

Hamilton, New Zealand: Recently re-elected Green Party MP Jan Logie will be a guest speaker at a panel on the mental health of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trangender, Takataapui and Intersex people taking place on November 1st as part of the annual Hamilton Pride ..... More >>

21. Speech From the Throne Foreshadows More Corporate Welfare

21 October 2014 2:01pm | New Zealand Taxpayers' Union

Responding to the Governor General's Speech from the Throne, which outlined that the Government's intentions for the next Parliamentary term would include further Business Growth Agenda initiatives, Taxpayers' Union Executive Director Jordan ..... More >>

22. Call for release of French journalists in West Papua

22 October 2014 10:57am | Joint Press Release

West Papua Action Auckland, the EPMU Print and Media Council and the NZ Media Freedom Network call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to speak out in support of the two French TV journalists whose trial has just begun in Jayapura West Papua... More >>

23. 2012: Understanding the Treaty of Waitangi

18 May 2012 2:24pm | Treaty Advocacy Group

More than a century and a half after its assent, the Treaty of Waitangi between the Crown and the Māori chiefs of New Zealand remains a source of controversy. The legal status of the document has shifted significantly over that time; providing protection ..... More >>

24. Employment Relations Amendment Bill Disappointing

21 March 2014 11:39am | Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

"The health sector will be worse off if the Employment Relations Amendment Bill, which had its second reading this week, passes into law," said Mr Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, today... More >>

25. John's Job Fairs no fix for unemployment and poverty

21 October 2014 3:18pm | Auckland Action Against Poverty

"John Key has clearly been looking to the US for his latest bright idea on dealing with employment issues," says Auckland Action Against Poverty coordinator Sue Bradford. "Job fairs where the desperately unemployed queue in their corporate best to compete ..... More >>

26. Latest leak of TPPA intellectual property text confirms risk

17 October 2014 9:31am | Professor Jane Kelsey

On the eve of the latest (non)round of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) yet another version of the intellectual property has found its way to Wikileaks ... More >>

27. Call on Minister McCully to pursue the case of Balibo Five

22 October 2014 1:56pm | West Papua Action Auckland

Media Information: Call on Minister McCully to pursue the case of journalist Gary Cunningham and the Balibo Five .. More >>

28. The TPPA's Dirty Little Secret: How US could write NZ's Laws

13 August 2014 9:47am | Professor Jane Kelsey

A new website launched today ( http://tppnocertification.org/ ) has exposed what University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey calls 'the dirty little secret of the TPPA'... More >>

29. Change to Passport Service for British Nationals

11 January 2014 2:52pm | British High Commission

Change to Passport Service for British Nationals British nationals in New Zealand wanting to apply for a new passport are advised of an important change in the way they will need to make applications. From 13 January, they will need to send applications ..... More >>

30. Announcing a New Voice for The Left

21 October 2014 9:43am | slightlyleftofcentre

Josh Forman is pleased to announce the creation of a new force on the Left of politics in New Zealand. .. More >>

31. Springbok Tour Protests "Good For Maori"

16 July 2006 1:32pm | TV One

HART leader John Minto says the 1981 Springbok Tour protests helped to improve the situation for Maori in New Zealand... More >>

32. Susan Couch v Attorney General

13 June 2008 10:23am | NZ Supreme Court

This summary is provided to assist in the understanding of the Court's judgment. It does not comprise part of the reasons for that judgment. The full judgment with reasons is the only authoritative document. The full text of the judgment and reasons ..... More >>

33. Legal Cannabis goes on sale in New Zealand

29 July 2013 11:33am | Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has found a way to sell Cannabis to its supporters without breaking the law. The political party is selling $50 Cannabis bond certificates in anticipation of legalisation and will redeem them for a 1/8th of an ounce of cannabis ..... More >>

34. HRC says Employment Relations Amendment Bill breaches rights

06 September 2013 4:23pm | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

The Human Rights Commission ('the HRC') has made a very strong submission on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill currently before the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee. The HRC's submission demonstrates increasing official ..... More >>

35. Immigration fraud whistle blowers declined visas by INZ

04 February 2014 2:34pm | McClymont and Associates Barristers and Solicitors

Three Indian nationals, all now represented by Auckland Immigration lawyer Alastair McClymont came forward voluntarily in December 2013 with almost identical stories of a Newmarket based recruitment agent who had charged fees for placing the applicants ..... More >>

36. Duty-free tobacco limits to drop soon

04 September 2014 11:42am | New Zealand Customs Service

Customs Comptroller Carolyn Tremain says this week travellers will begin to see advertising in airports and in-flight magazines alerting them to the November reduction in duty-free tobacco limits. "From 1 November the duty-free limit for tobacco brought ..... More >>

37. Statement by Nicky Hager on police seizing property

06 October 2014 4:30pm | Nicky Hager

On Thursday, 2 October, five police arrived at my home with a warrant to search and seize property. I was in Auckland at the time for two days of lectures at the University of Auckland. The police spent over ten hours searching the house and removing property ..... More >>

38. Chatham Rise seabed hearing: the absence of evidence

15 October 2014 3:59pm | Kiwis Against Seabed Mining

The phosphate on the seabed, 450m down on the Chatham Rise, has a particular quality that other phosphate doesn't have: uranium. .. More >>

39. SEEMail Keeps Delivering

10 June 2004 12:13am | State Services Commission

The government Secure Electronic Environment (SEE) Mail standard has proved a robust and effective tool for business continuity... More >>

40. SPCA: "Rodeos Are Inherently Cruel To Animals"

19 November 2008 9:58am | SPCA

The Royal New Zealand SPCA has re-iterated its fundamental opposition to rodeos, describing them as potentially cruel to animals and as often sending the wrong message, particularly to children, as to how animals should be treated... More >>

41. The Vote: Is New Zealand a Racist Country?

17 April 2013 4:20pm | Mediaworks

On April 24, The Vote will ask Kiwis their opinion on the statement 'New Zealand is a racist country' in the second episode of TV3's national debate programme, screening at 8.30pm on Wednesday night... More >>

42. Family First right on Anti-Smacking legislation outcomes

13 January 2014 11:16am | Steve Taylor

Colin Craig & Family First right, Sue Bradford & John Key wrong, on Anti-Smacking legislation outcomes, says Family Counsellor & Social Services Outcomes Researcher .. More >>

43. Judgment on TV3 Coverage in John Banks Trial

30 May 2014 4:25pm | New Zealand High Court

On 26 May 2014, I revoked the permission I had earlier given to TV3/Media Works, to film the trial of the Honourable John Banks. I also directed that TV3/Media Works is not to use any footage captured in the courtroom in its coverage of the balance ..... More >>

44. TISA trade talks will lock NZ into finance rules behind GFC

20 June 2014 10:36am | Professor Jane Kelsey

'While our eyes have been focused on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), the New Zealand government has been negotiating an equally secretive deal with 22 other, mainly rich, countries', said Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey... More >>

45. Labour Party Leads the Way against Factory Farming

08 July 2014 11:25am | SAFE

If the nation's factory farmed pigs could vote, the Labour party would be ruling the roost come this year's election, says animal advocacy organisation SAFE. Labour leader and animal welfare spokesperson MP Trevor Mallard made history yesterday by ..... More >>

46. Cunliffe Looks Dodgy Lunching with Sex Offender

25 July 2014 10:46am | Conservative Party

Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig says that David Cunliffe's social meeting with a known sex offender while on holiday "looks pretty dodgy." .. More >>

47. NZ Housing Crisis: Local Government Still Confused

14 October 2014 9:35am | Hugh Pavletich

Early 2007, Local Government New Zealand and the New Zealand Planning Institute, expressed concern about housing affordability ... International Housing Availability Survey ... stating ..... More >>

48. Grisham's 'child porn' comments ignorant

17 October 2014 10:34am | Stop Demand

World-renowned author John Grisham has come under fire by advocacy group Stop Demand Foundation, for comments it says trivialises the global child sex abuse trade. .. More >>

49. Waipareira and ACC sign Partnership

20 October 2014 1:13pm | Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust

Waipareira and The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding at Whanau Centre, Henderson - marking a special day for the West Auckland Urban Maori organisation... More >>

50. Security Council seat a chance for NZ to empower women

20 October 2014 2:06pm | UN Women National Committee for Aotearoa

The UN Women National Committee Aotearoa New Zealand (UN Women NCANZ) welcomes New Zealand winning a seat on the United Nations Security Council and is calling on New Zealand to use its position to proactively promote effective implementation of the ..... More >>

51. Prison Drug Treatment Unit marks a milestone

20 October 2014 2:35pm | Department Of Corrections

Christchurch Men's Prison's Drug Treatment Unit (DTU) celebrated the completion of its 50th six month Drug and Alcohol Programme today, with the graduation of a further twelve offenders. .. More >>

52. Helen Clark - abuse of the rights of accused

31 October 2007 9:37am | Global Peace And Justice Auckland

Prime Minister Helen Clark is guilty of arrogant abuse of the rights of those arrested a fortnight ago in para-military police raids. On Monday Helen Clark said those arrested were - "...people who at the very least have illicitly used firearms, constructed ..... More >>

53. Methyl bromide log fumigation must stop

07 February 2008 10:41am | Soil and Health Association

Soil & Health Association of New Zealand  (Est. 1941) Publishers of ORGANIC NZ 6 February 2008.. More >>

54. Fishery Officers smash major paua poaching ring

27 May 2008 4:36pm | Ministry of Fisheries

In the early hours of this morning more than 130 Fishery Officers supported by around 70 Police began simultaneous enforcement actions in Auckland, Wellington, Opotiki and Hastings as the final phase of Operation PAID. With regard to paua poaching this ..... More >>

55. "Progressive taxation and NZ": Professor Jim Flynn

08 August 2008 3:37pm | New Zealand Alliance Party

Professor Jim Flynn, Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago, will present a public lecture "Progressive taxation in New Zealand" on Thursday 14 August 2008, at St David Seminar Room 6, University of Otago, Dunedin at 7pm... More >>

56. Campaign launched against Tui beer ads

20 February 2012 3:07pm | Auckland Women's Center

Auckland group Feminist Action has launched a campaign to get Tui to withdraw sexist beer ads featuring its all-female brewery. "These ads are retro-sexist", says Feminist Action spokeswoman Leonie Morris. "They mimic tired old sexist attitudes ..... More >>

57. Auckland's Ethnic Media's Contribution to Integration

10 May 2012 11:47am | Auckland Regional Migrant Services

Service providers helping migrants settle in the Auckland area are collaborating with ethnic media to look at the best ways of getting information to newcomers and their communities... More >>

58. Kiwis Say NZ is a Racist Country on TV3's the Vote

26 April 2013 4:32pm | Mediaworks

New Zealanders voted Yes , New Zealand is a racist country in the groundbreaking second episode of national debate programme The Vote , which screened tonight on TV3... More >>

59. Pukekohe Plan Bad News for Home Buyers

22 July 2013 11:20am | Affordable Auckland

"A plan to protect rural land around Pukekohe will have dire consequences for first home buyers," Affordable Auckland Franklin Ward candidate Niko Kloeten warns. The 26-year-old business journalist says the Pukekohe Area Plan produced by the Franklin ..... More >>

60. 'Auckland is Sucking the Life Out of New Zealand'

06 August 2013 1:01pm | TV3

TV3 Invites Kiwis to Have Their Say on August 14 with 'the Vote' On August 14, The Vote will ask Kiwis their opinion on the statement 'Auckland is sucking the life out of New Zealand' in the sixth episode of TV3's national debate programme, ..... More >>

61. Foundation CEO to take up senior DOC position

13 August 2013 5:16pm | Pacific Cooperation Foundation

Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Chief Executive Markerita (Meg) Poutasi is moving on to take up a senior position at the Department of Conservation (DOC), as Director of Conservation Partnerships in Auckland in October. .. More >>

62. Library Association Supports Release of TPPA Details

19 September 2013 11:33am | New Zealand Library And Information Association

The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA), strongly supports David Cunliffe's request to the Government that details of the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations be released to the public... More >>

63. Leason & Ors v The Attorney-General

25 October 2013 5:24pm | NZ Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by Mr Leason, Mr Murnane and Mr Land (the appellants) who, in April 2008, entered the GCSB Waihopai facility and damaged a satellite dome cover. They believed the operation of GCSB Waihopai was contributing ..... More >>

64. Who Owns NZ? Foreign Control Key Facts Updated

07 January 2014 5:11pm | CAFCA

For the first time in several years, CAFCA has completely updated the Foreign Control Key Facts page on our Website. Big thanks to CAFCA Committee member Bill Rosenberg who did all the work. And, for the first time, the Key Facts are accompanied by the ..... More >>

65. David Cunliffe happy to hide sex offender's identity

24 July 2014 2:28pm | Sensible Sentencing Trust

..:: For immediate release ::.. 24/07/14 David Cunliffe happy to hide sex offender's identity - (and in fact enjoy lunch with them) .. More >>

66. Greg Campbell Chief Executive of Wellington Regional Council

29 July 2014 12:38pm | Wellington Regional Council

Chair of Wellington Regional Council, Fran Wilde today announced the appointment of Greg Campbell as Chief Executive of the Council. Greg Campbell will take up the role in September following the departure of outgoing Chief Executive David Benham ..... More >>

67. Media Release from Closing the Gap on Health and Housing

16 September 2014 9:25am | Closing The Gap

"Inequality is the biggest problem facing New Zealand at the present time" says Peter Malcolm National Secretary of Closing the Gap. It underlies many of our social ills, poverty, lack of trust, an economy that could do much better, and a poor uptake ..... More >>

68. IGIS: No Indiscriminate Interception of NZers' Data Found

17 September 2014 9:22am | Inspector General of Intelligence and Security

"As part of my role as Inspector-General, I review whether the GCSB complies with the restrictions upon interception of New Zealanders' communications and with the requirement to intercept communications only for authorised purposes. That review ..... More >>

69. INZ claim that listeners of Indian radio Station not NZers

10 October 2014 3:37pm | McClymont and Associates Barristers and Solicitors

Immigration New Zealand staff have made the astonishing claim that New Zealanders are unlikely to listen to Indian Radio Stations; a claim which is likely to be very suprising to the more than 155,000 New Zealanders of Indian descent living in this ..... More >>

70. NZ Aged Care Association Conference 2014

13 October 2014 11:03am | Aged Care Association

This year's Aged Care Association conference theme 'Facing Tomorrow's Challenges Today' is about creating the best possible quality of life for the elderly from existing knowledge, analysis and creativity. It's about operators taking the sector's ..... More >>

71. Free access to proven processes for New Zealand Councils

14 October 2014 3:41pm | Botica Butler Raudon Public Relations

Auckland, 13 October 2014 - Next month local councils throughout New Zealand will gain free access to a new online library that allows them to share their knowledge and experience with other councils... More >>

72. NZDIA forum press release

16 October 2014 11:17am | New Zealand Defence Industry Association

NZDIA forum press release Wellington - The New Zealand Defence Industry Association, with the support of the NZ Defence Force and the Ministry of Defence, will be holding a two-day international forum on October 21-22 at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington... More >>

73. NZ businesses to make child abuse a priority conversation

17 October 2014 4:07pm | Buddy Day

Many leading New Zealand businesses have partnered with national child advocacy organisation Child Matters to participate in the fourth annual 'Buddy Day' - New Zealand's only child abuse prevention awareness day. .. More >>

74. Lisa Owen interviews Julia Gillard

18 October 2014 2:15pm | The Nation

Julia Gillard says there is "sufficient evidence" to fight Islamic State and does not think it will increase the risk of a domestic attack .. More >>

75. World Food Day promotes Agroecology not GE technology

20 October 2014 8:20am | GE Free NZ

The UN has stated that agroecology is a major solution to feeding the world and caring for the earth. .. More >>

76. EPMU endorses Andrew Little for Labour leadership

20 October 2014 9:03am | EPMU

The National Executive of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union unanimously endorsed Andrew Little for the role of Labour leader, at a meeting held yesterday. "I have been speaking to our workplace delegates at forums across the country over ..... More >>

77. Outdated Oath shows need for Kiwi Head of State

20 October 2014 9:49am | New Zealand Republic

MPs are sworn in today and New Zealand Republic has written to MPs asking them to talk about why 121 New Zealanders elected by the people of New Zealand and standing in the New Zealand Parliament swear allegiance to another country's Head of State... More >>

78. Court Judicial Decision: Dotcom v The USA: 17 October 2014

20 October 2014 12:06pm | New Zealand High Court

The United States of America is seeking the extradition of Messrs Dotcom, Batato, Ortmann and Van Der Kolk. The matter has been before the Courts on numerous occasions, and no further recitation of the facts is needed... More >>

79. iPredict New Zealand Weekly Economic & Political Update

20 October 2014 3:13pm | iPredict

Andrew Little's probability of being the next leader of the Labour Party has reached 70% and Jacinda Ardern is favourite to become his deputy, according to the combined wisdom of the 8000+ registered traders on New Zealand's predictions market, iPredict. ..... More >>

80. What's On Update

01 December 2000 3:51pm | Peace Movement Aotearoa

~ Public meeting on Maluka: Maluku, Indonesian Spice Islands - one of the most beautiful and peaceful place on Earth. Since 1998 it has been changed into one of the bloodiest spot. Burning, killing and torturing between neighbours, brothers and sisters happen ..... More >>

81. Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter

04 October 2002 8:34am | Global Peace And Justice Auckland

GPJA's newsletter details how you can join thousands here in New Zealand to oppose war around the world. Another march is planned for 12 noon, Saturday, October 26, assembling at Queen Elizabeth Square. This protest is coinciding with a major march ..... More >>

82. Donna Awatere Huata V Richard William Prebble

16 July 2004 1:13pm | Ministry of Justice


83. SPCA issues annual list of animal abuse cases

19 October 2006 10:45am | RNZSPCA

The Royal New Zealand SPCA has issued its fourth annual 'List of Shame', citing 50 examples of animal abuse occurring in the first nine months of 2006... More >>

84. Legal Aid Rich List: Wellington Lawyers Score Big

15 March 2007 4:36pm | LawFuel

A number of law firms in the Wellington regions have landed significant payments from the legal aid system, notwithstanding claims that funding of legal aid is insufficient and people are being left unrepresented in Court... More >>

85. "Buyer enquiry over" should not mislead

12 December 2007 5:10pm | Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission says real estate agents need to heed the warning contained in a recent court case relating to pricing practices to avoid breaching the Fair Trading Act... More >>

86. Some public servants play games with OIA requests

02 December 2008 10:12am | Office of the Ombudsmen

The Office of the Ombudsmen is concerned some parts of the public service have been deliberately delaying responses to Official Information requests. .. More >>

87. Air Force Orion To Search For Yacht

20 April 2009 4:37pm | New Zealand Defence Force

A Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion is set to embark on a Search and Rescue mission for a missing yacht between North Cape and Norfolk Island. .. More >>

88. Titahi Bay Part-Time Soldier Honoured By Queen

02 June 2009 9:26am | New Zealand Defence Force

Titahi Bay man Simon Strombom spent six months away from his family and home in Afghanistan last year with the Army Reserve and has been awarded the Distinguished Service Decoration (DSD) for his exemplary service in the 2009 Queen's Birthday Honours List. .. More >>

89. New Minimum Legal Size For Paua In Taranaki

30 September 2009 2:11pm | Ministry of Fisheries

The Ministry of Fisheries is reminding paua divers that a new minimum legal size of 85mm in shell length comes into effect tomorrow (1 October 2009) for the Taranaki region... More >>

90. Raihania sickened by use of ancestor's name

14 July 2011 8:46am | The Maori Party

"The late Sir Apirana Ngata is a prominent ancestor here on the coast and throughout Aotearoa and I'm sickened that Don Brash has resorted to using his name in his party's racist campaign against our Maori people," says the Maori Party candidate ..... More >>

91. Kia Tutahi fails its first test

12 August 2011 1:23pm | NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations

"Last week along with many others we signed the Government's high level Kia TÅ«tahi Standing Together Relationship Accord in good faith to state our commitment to a strong, joint community-Government relationship. Yet we find that on the same day ..... More >>

92. Te Puni Kokiri - Minister expresses support for staff

01 February 2012 7:06pm | New Zealand Government

Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples has expressed support for the staff of Te Puni Kokiri, who have been given a preliminary briefing by the Chief Executive on the Ministry's operating environment... More >>

93. Outdoor recreation symbols Standard - new amendment

28 May 2012 10:27am | Standards New Zealand

New local authority camping-related bylaws will be prepared in 2012 that will reference the Freedom Camping Act 2011 and it is important that a clear distinction is made between vehicles that are self-contained in accordance with NZS 8603:2005 and those ..... More >>

94. Committee on Racial Discrimination considers report of NZ

23 February 2013 2:27pm | Peace Movement Aotearoa

The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination today completed its consideration of the combined eighteenth to twentieth periodic report of New Zealand on its implementation of the provisions of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination... More >>

95. Pak n Save & New World sticking out like a sore thumb

06 April 2013 2:55pm | First Union

Supermarket operator Foodstuffs is isolating itself as a low wage employer for young workers, and should instead take the lead from the large fast food firms and others in retail who have opted out of youth rates, the retail workers' union said today. ..... More >>

96. ANZASW Questions Court Decision

09 May 2013 12:20pm | Aotearoa NZ Association of Social Workers

Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers questions the decision to discharge without conviction the woman who left children in a car at Sky City. .. More >>

97. Wattle Downs says "No" to the draft Unitary Plan

22 May 2013 8:45am | Manurewa Local Board

Manurewa Local Board chairperson Angela Dalton said Wattle Downs' rejection of the 'compact city' aspiration proposed by Auckland Council was an all too familiar response to a proposed rulebook for Auckland's future development, and predicted ..... More >>

98. New Zealand a GE Free Nation - Keep Monsanto's GE seeds out

23 May 2013 9:13am | GE Free NZ

New Zealand a GE Free Nation - Keep Monsanto's GE seeds out. May 25th 3pm - Speakers include Sister Loyola, voted New Zealand's top gardener in 2008. .. More >>

99. 1Law4All - The Anti-Racism Party of New Zealand

14 June 2013 9:50am | 1 Law 4 All

In Response to T.K. Lewis's article titled "Are Maori Nazis ruining NZ? 1Law4All's racism... More >>

100. New report gives insight into bullying in New Zealand

12 August 2013 12:29pm | Victoria University of Wellington

In the first New Zealand study of its kind, a Victoria University researcher has found that 94 percent of the school staff she surveyed have seen bullying in their school... More >>


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