Politics Most Read

Politics Most Read

1. TPPA ministerial fails - time for NZ Govt. to cut losses

01 August 2015 4:57pm | Professor Jane Kelsey

'The "final" ministerial meeting on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) in Maui has failed. Not opting to stay another day shows the gridlock is serious and potentially intractable', according to University of Auckland law professor ..... More >>

2. Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

03 August 2015 9:48am | Grey Power New Zealand

It is long past time the New Zealand Government took the people into its confidence and explained their position on the TPPA. There is a lot of information floating about through leaks on Wikileaks etc but our elected representative along with their ..... More >>

3. Q+A: Justice Minister Amy Adams on domestic violence law

02 August 2015 11:46am | TVNZ

Q+A: Justice Minister Amy Adams - new family violence offences and tougher penalties are likely after a review of our domestic violence laws. .. More >>

4. Hard Times in West Auckland

03 August 2015 10:24am | Salvation Army

For 19 people in West Auckland, home is living and sleeping on the streets of Waitakere. Their story and the circumstances of their life is captured in the latest report of The Salvation Army, "Hard Times". The report details an uncomfortable story ..... More >>

5. Secrecy of TPPA documents heads to court

31 July 2015 3:53pm | Professor Jane Kelsey

Secrecy of TPPA documents heads to court A legal challenge to the secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations will be launched in the High Court next week. An urgent application for judicial review will challenge Trade Minister ..... More >>

6. MESSAGE FOR PM: NZ Supports te reo Māori - you should too

03 August 2015 1:56pm | Maori Language Commission

As Māori Language Week celebrations and commemoration of 40 years draws to an end, the Māori Language Commission, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori, is once again hugely encouraged by the widespread support for Māori language from throughout the country ..... More >>

7. HRC to Intervene in Bible in Schools Case

03 August 2015 9:10am | Secular Education Network

The Human Rights Commission is preparing to intervene in a Bible in Schools case in the High Court in Auckland, and this could even up the odds in what was shaping up to be a David v Goliath battle... More >>

8. Concerned Citizens Chained to Museum in TPPA Protest

02 August 2015 6:21pm | TPPA Auckland Call to Action Group

The stalling of yesterday's TPPA negotiations in Maui provide light relief for the citizens of New Zealand, but we cannot be complacent in thinking that our Government will not continue on signing our country up to a deal that may be detrimental for ..... More >>

9. New leaks show PHARMAC "fighting for oxygen" under TPPA

11 June 2015 9:52am | Doctors for Healthy Trade

The Annex on Transparency for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), published by Wikileaks yesterday , reveals changes that could make PHARMAC "largely unworkable" and lead to "less affordable medicines" according to oncologist, health economist ..... More >>

10. TPPA leak reveals sweeping restrictions agreed on SOEs

30 July 2015 11:54am | Professor Jane Kelsey

Wikileaks has just posted a 'guidance' document for TPPA ministers on SOE-related issues ( https://wikileaks.org/tpp-soe-minister/ ). Although dated December 2013, Professor Jane Kelsey, a law professor from the University of Auckland who has monitored ..... More >>

11. The 'game-changer' we need is renewable

03 August 2015 10:07am | Oil Free Otago

Oil Free Otago agrees with New Zealand Oil and Gas (NZOG) CEO Andrew Knight, that his proposal to drill in 2017 off Oamaru would be a 'game-changer' (ODT 31 July 2015)... More >>

12. Dignity, Equality and a Living Wage

03 August 2015 11:13am | The Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota

The Coalition of Selwyn Supporters will hold a public meeting Wednesday 5th August 7pm, at Pt Chevalier Primary School Auditorium to call on the Selwyn Foundation to lead the way in aged care by paying a Living Wage to their staff and ensuring that ..... More >>

13. Mistaken identity

03 August 2015 5:02pm | New Zealand Police

All media are advised that the assertions made to a Radio Live host this afternoon about activities earlier this year of homicide victim, 21 year-old David Cerven of Slovakia, are entirely incorrect... More >>

14. Call on Super Fund to quit Super Funding Apartheid

03 August 2015 9:14am | Senior Citizens for Peace

In commemoration of the one year anniversary of the murder of nearly 2000 captive Palestinians in Gaza, taxpayers will today picket the NZ Superfund office to oppose the investment of New Zealanders money into companies which profit off Israel's ..... More >>

15. Q+A: Tim Groser on the TPP

02 August 2015 11:37am | TVNZ

CORIN Mr Groser, can you give us a sense of how disappointing this is that you didn't reach an agreement this week? .. More >>

16. Asian interest in Auckland property accounts for around 5%

01 August 2015 10:22am | Realestate.co.nz

Data indicates East Asian interest in Auckland property accounts for around 5% of those viewing online listings in the city .. More >>

17. Central Government Over-riding Locals on Genetic Engineering

02 August 2015 10:42am | Kelvin Davis

Everyone who has opposed the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into their districts needs to be alarmed at the way central Government is moving to over-ride local council regulations about this matter, says Kelvin Davis, Labour ..... More >>

18. Retailers Welcome Government Moves on Gst Threshold

01 August 2015 11:41am | Retail NZ

Retailers will be pleased by news reports that Revenue Minister Todd McClay is taking a paper to Cabinet this month that will allow New Zealand retailers to compete on a fair basis with foreign websites by substantially reducing the threshold at which ..... More >>

19. Chance For Government To Garner Support For TPPA

03 August 2015 9:19am | Democrats for Social Credit

"The Prime Minister and the Trade Negotiations Minister have been handed a golden opportunity to shore up flagging support for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement", says Democrats for Social Credit Deputy Leader, Chris Leitch. .. More >>

20. New Zealand's biggest problems are Economic Issues

29 August 2014 5:51pm | Roy Morgan Research

New Zealand's biggest problems are Economic Issues (41%) while the World's most important problems are War & Terrorism (35%) just three weeks before NZ Election .. More >>

21. Hone Harawira's Open Letter to Barack Obama

31 July 2015 9:19am | Hone Harawira

Heard you were able to get back to your dad's turangawaewae last week. Mean ... hope you had a good catch up with the whanau. I also hear you're getting ready to endorse the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and I'm asking that ..... More >>

22. Te Kaha And Endeavour Berth in Auckland

03 August 2015 9:26am | New Zealand Defence Force

Te Kaha And Endeavour Berth in Auckland The Royal New Zealand Navy frigate HMNZS TE KAHA and tanker HMNZS ENDEAVOUR returned to the Devonport Naval Base this morning after being deployed since early this year. The ships entered Auckland harbour shortly ..... More >>

23. Commissioner announces routine arming withTasers

31 July 2015 10:54am | New Zealand Police

Police Commissioner Mike Bush today announced that frontline Police response staff will move to routine carriage of Tasers... More >>

24. Secrecy of TPPA documents heads to court

31 July 2015 5:16pm | Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

A legal challenge to the secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations will be launched in the High Court next week. .. More >>

25. Tova O'Brien interviews Murray McCully

01 August 2015 10:57am | The Nation

Headlines: With sanctions being lifted on Iran, McCully says there are big opportunities for New Zealand businesses in Iran and some have been giving the market a lot of thought. "...the opportunities are significant in the short-term and even bigger ..... More >>

26. Taxpayers condemned to a life sentence with Serco

31 July 2015 3:39pm | Public Service Association

Public Service Association/Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi (PSA) national secretary Erin Polaczuk and organisers Willie Cochrane & Nerinda Cropp will attend the privatisation protest outside Mt Eden Prison this Saturday, 1 August at 11am... More >>

27. Prevention of fracking harms would be shackled by trade deal

09 June 2014 1:37pm | OraTaiao

A new report concludes that fracking practices in NZ pose risks to health and the environment. The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has recommended that regulations be overhauled and tightened to protect New Zealanders from harm. But ..... More >>

28. The Queen Appoints Prince Charles to New Military Positions

03 August 2015 5:17pm | Monarchy NZ

Monarchy New Zealand is pleased to hear that, on the advice of the Prime Minister, the Queen of New Zealand has appointed Prince Charles to three positions: .. More >>

29. Monthly Economic Indicators July 2015

03 August 2015 2:15pm | New Zealand Treasury

The July Monthly Economic Indicators (MEI) was published today on the Treasury Website at 2:00pm. The report provides a summary of recent economic events. .. More >>

30. The Springbok Tour Of 1981 - 25 Years On

19 July 2006 9:36am | South African Consulate

When Sports Minister Trevor Mallard welcomes the 2006 Springboks at a parliamentary function this evening, it will be 25 years to the day since the divisive tour of 1981 began - an event that set mate against mate and divided a nation... More >>

31. Women's Refuge welcomes Family and Sexual Violence Programme

30 July 2015 10:36am | Women's Refuge

The National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges welcomes the announcement of the government family and sexual violence work programme. "I am excited to see this commitment to action from the government and look forward to working alongside ..... More >>

32. SPCA issues annual list of animal abuse cases

19 October 2006 10:45am | RNZSPCA

The Royal New Zealand SPCA has issued its fourth annual 'List of Shame', citing 50 examples of animal abuse occurring in the first nine months of 2006... More >>

33. Predictive risk model in the prevention of child abuse

30 July 2015 1:33pm | Unicef New Zealand

Predictive risk model in the prevention of child abuse - UNICEF NZ urges caution Research and testing of a predictive risk model to assist in identifying and responding to children at risk of child abuse is important work but must be developed carefully, ..... More >>

34. One more time, PM: Parliament does not get to ratify TPPA

31 March 2014 3:37pm | Professor Jane Kelsey

'How many times do the Prime Minister and other members of the government have to be hauled up for misrepresenting the role of Parliament in making treaties, especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement', asked Professor Jane Kelsey from the ..... More >>

35. New TPPA Investment Leak Confirms NZ Surrender to US

26 March 2015 12:24pm | Professor Jane Kelsey

The controversial investment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) has just been posted by Wikileaks , along with an analysis by Washington-based Public Citizen. Dated 20 January 2015, at the start of the negotiating round in New York, ..... More >>

36. Group seeks all those who sailed in 1973 frigates to Mururoa

29 July 2015 5:18pm | Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group

The Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group Inc is searching for all those who sailed to Mururoa Atoll in 1973 aboard the frigates HMNZS Canterbury and HMNZS Otago. .. More >>

37. RBNZ releases Brighter Money designs

20 November 2014 2:43pm | Reserve Bank

New Zealand's banknotes are getting brighter and better, with the Reserve Bank today unveiling more vibrant and secure banknote designs which will progressively enter circulation later next year. .. More >>

38. Urgent TPPA hearing critical to honouring Treaty

23 July 2015 2:41pm | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

It is critical that the Waitangi Tribunal agrees to an urgent hearing into allegations the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) breaches the Treaty of Waitangi, says Council of Trade Unions Vice-President Māori Syd Keepa... More >>

39. Chinese human rights set back by lawyer arrests

03 August 2015 2:45pm | New Zealand Law Society

The recent mass arrests and detention of lawyers and law firm staff in China are a major setback to Chinese human rights, the New Zealand Law Society says. Law Society President Chris Moore says an independent legal profession is one of the cornerstones ..... More >>

40. New digital passport photo service launches nationwide

01 November 2012 3:34pm | Pharmacybrands

Auckland - 1 November, 2012 - Your local Amcal, Unichem, Life, Radius and Care Chemist pharmacies are the first to announce a state-of-the-art digital photo service that guarantees passport photos will meet the new online requirements for renewals... More >>

41. Fix the Health and Safety law - Pike Families

31 July 2015 7:42am | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

The Government has today betrayed its promise to the families of workers killed at Pike, and in hundreds of other workplaces, by pushing weakened health and safety law through its second reading... More >>

42. Navy Ships Arriving Home After Long Deployments

31 July 2015 1:41pm | New Zealand Defence Force

Navy Ships Arriving Home After Long Deployments The frigate HMNZS TE KAHA and tanker HMNZS ENDEAVOUR will arrive at the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland at 10am this Sunday 2 August, after long overseas deployments. Over 1100 family and friends of ..... More >>

43. Lisa Owen interviews Nancy Gibbs

01 August 2015 11:03am | The Nation

Lisa Owen: Now, changing tack now. Nancy Gibbs is the first woman to lead the iconic Time magazine. What's more, she's leading it into the digital age with her appointment in 2013, heralding a shake-up in the magazine's online offerings. And if that wasn't ..... More >>

44. Pacific magistrates visit New Zealand Family Court

03 August 2015 5:01pm | Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Auckland, New Zealand - Senior magistrates and judges from the Pacific had the honour of visiting the Waitakere District Court in Auckland on Friday, hosted by Judge Lisa Tremewan, as they wrapped up discussions at the Pacific Regional Judges ..... More >>

45. Exclusive Interview with Anthony Ratahi Hostage Victim: MTV

06 July 2012 12:30pm | Maori Television Service

Marcelle Beer - the ex-partner of Anthony Ratahi, who police shot dead after he took her hostage in Taranaki last year - breaks her silence on Maori Television's NATIVE AFFAIRS programme this Monday, July 9 at 8.30pm... More >>

46. Change to Passport Service for British Nationals

11 January 2014 2:52pm | British High Commission

Change to Passport Service for British Nationals British nationals in New Zealand wanting to apply for a new passport are advised of an important change in the way they will need to make applications. From 13 January, they will need to send applications ..... More >>

47. TAIHOA to TPPA - application for urgent Treaty hearing

24 June 2015 5:15pm | Joint Media Statement

A group of esteemed Māori leaders and academics, including Dr Papaarangi Reid, Moana Jackson, Rikirangi Gage, Angeline Greensill, Hone Harawira and Moana Maniapoto have filed a claim and application for urgent hearing today in the Waitangi Tribunal... More >>

48. Judgment: Problem Gambling Foundation v Attorney-General

23 July 2015 4:08pm | New Zealand High Court

Court on gambling treatment funds: "the Foundation has established grounds to set the decision aside and that the decision should be set aside." .. More >>

49. Anglican Family Care workers reach new agreement

24 July 2015 3:14pm | Public Service Association

The Public Service Association (PSA) is pleased to have signed a new collective agreement for workers at Anglican Family Care (AFC) in Otago, after last year's industrial action and the suspension of AFC staff by management prior to Christmas... More >>

50. TPPA leak: more worries for Labour

30 July 2015 9:30am | Jane Kelsey

'The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) has given up another secret - unprecedented new restrictions on state-owned enterprises (SOEs)', says University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey who has monitored the SOE negotiations intensively. ..... More >>

51. Government's Discriminatory Red Zone

31 July 2015 9:54am | Quake Outcasts

After 3 years of legal battle the government has now agreed to make full offers to commercial and vacant land owners whose properties were illegally red-zoned. However it decided to single out self-insured homeowners and offers nothing for their homes... More >>

52. NZ must 'walk the talk' on Pacific Islands' security

31 July 2015 1:18pm | Caritas Aotearoa

31 July 2015 New Zealand must 'walk the talk' on Pacific Islands' security, says Caritas .. More >>

53. Predictive Risk Observational Study

31 July 2015 1:31pm | Social Services Providers Aotearoa

Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) is concerned about the potential for a proposed study on new born children to go awry unless the paramountcy principle of commitment to the Care and Protection of Children is upheld. This commitment means that the ..... More >>

54. Xenotransplantation cruel and dangerous

01 February 2005 3:59pm | SAFE

SAFE, one of New Zealand¹s leading animal advocacy organisations will strongly oppose xenotransplantation as it believes this practice will cause widespread misery and suffering for both humans and animals alike... More >>

55. Police Shooting Of Lee Jane Mettam

15 April 2010 4:54pm | Independent Police Conduct Authority

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that a Whangarei-based officer was lawfully justified in fatally shooting Lee Jane Mettam on 23 October 2008. .. More >>

56. 2012: Understanding the Treaty of Waitangi

18 May 2012 2:24pm | Treaty Advocacy Group

More than a century and a half after its assent, the Treaty of Waitangi between the Crown and the Māori chiefs of New Zealand remains a source of controversy. The legal status of the document has shifted significantly over that time; providing protection ..... More >>

57. Shared care not in the best interests of the child

19 March 2014 9:25am | Parents for Justice

Since the Shared Parenting Bill was first debated in New Zealand in 2000, shared care has been touted by justice officials as the answer for children impacted by divorce despite family court evidence and research to the contrary... More >>

58. NZ Baby Food 800 Times More Pesticides than in Europe

04 December 2014 10:33am | Safe Food Campaign

New Zealand baby food contained nearly 800 times more pesticides than baby food in Europe, according to a recent analysis. This evidence and why this is a risk to New Zealand babies will be presented tomorrow to the Primary Production Committee by ..... More >>

59. Proprietors of Wakatū v Attorney-General

19 December 2014 4:40pm | NZ Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by the Wakatū Incorporation, Rore Pat Stafford and Te Kāhui Ngahuru Trust alleging breaches of trust and fiduciary duty against the Crown. The High Court had also dismissed the claims. .. More >>

60. Iwi owned company signs MOU with Dubai Government

29 April 2015 11:27am | Aotearoa Fisheries

Aotearoa Fisheries Limited and division, Prepared Foods has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Awqaf and Minors' Affairs Foundation, Government of Dubai - United Arab Emirates signifying their special relationship. It is described as the ..... More >>

61. Another fail for diversity

27 July 2015 2:12pm | Hays

61 per cent of New Zealand employers admit that they don't have a diversity policy in place for hiring new staff, according to findings in the recently released 2015 Hays Salary Guide ... More >>

62. Support For Euthanasia Decreases As Harms Revealed

28 July 2015 9:24am | Family First

Family First NZ says that latest Research NZ poll on euthanasia reveals a welcome decrease in support for euthanasia from its previous poll , and believes that support for a law change will continue to fall as the experiences of overseas jurisdictions ..... More >>

63. Moves on family and sexual violence response welcomed

29 July 2015 5:06pm | Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission has welcomed the Government's launch of a significant new work programme to ensure agencies respond better to family and sexual violence. .. More >>

64. Oratia Media to publish New Zealand parliamentary guide

30 July 2015 9:45am | Oratia Media

At the conclusion of a public request for proposals and selection process, the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives has appointed Oratia Media to publish the fourth edition of the authoritative guide to the conduct of our Parliament - ..... More >>

65. Lecretia Seales' Family Will Not Appeal Decision

31 July 2015 8:19am | Lecretia's Choice

The family of Lecretia Seales has decided not to appeal the High Court decision in the case of Seales v. Attorney General released to the public by Justice Collins last month on June 5th. Ms Seales passed away several hours after her family received ..... More >>

66. On The Nation: Murray McCully, Police, US Elections

31 July 2015 5:27pm | TV3's 'The Nation'

Foreign Minister Murray McCully talks to Tova O'Brien in New York about what opportunities the Iran deal creates for New Zealand, whether the families of the MH17 victims will ever get justice, and he has stern words for the world's superpowers... More >>

67. Lisa Owen interviews Superintendent Chris Scahill

01 August 2015 11:01am | The Nation

Headlines: Police say wider use of tasers will reduce violence against the public and assaults on police .. More >>

68. Springbok Tour Protests "Good For Maori"

16 July 2006 1:32pm | TV One

HART leader John Minto says the 1981 Springbok Tour protests helped to improve the situation for Maori in New Zealand... More >>

69. Profile: Monte Rereamoamo Ohia

12 June 2008 5:38pm | Media Statement

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Educational Administration, Completing a PHD (on Maori transformation through moral, ethical and spiritual imperatives) Work history: School Teacher, Maori Adviser for the Education Department, Massey ..... More >>

70. Outrage Over Bluechip PLA Notices

13 August 2009 11:20am | EUFA

Outrage Over Bluechip PLA Notices   EUFA (Exposing Unacceptable Financial Activities Inc Soc) www.eufa.co.nz .. More >>

71. Opinion Polls Show PM Out Of Touch With Public on TPPA

19 December 2012 10:12am | Professor Jane Kelsey

Opinion Polls Show PM Out Of Touch With Public Opinion on TPPA Polling results on four core issues in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) show the government has seriously underestimated public concern, according to Professor ..... More >>

72. Kiwis Say NZ is a Racist Country on TV3's the Vote

26 April 2013 4:32pm | Mediaworks

New Zealanders voted Yes , New Zealand is a racist country in the groundbreaking second episode of national debate programme The Vote , which screened tonight on TV3... More >>

73. Legal Cannabis goes on sale in New Zealand

29 July 2013 11:33am | Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has found a way to sell Cannabis to its supporters without breaking the law. The political party is selling $50 Cannabis bond certificates in anticipation of legalisation and will redeem them for a 1/8th of an ounce of cannabis ..... More >>

74. Chief Coroner releases NZ annual suicide figures 2013

27 August 2013 1:24pm | Chief Coroner

Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean today released the provisional annual suicide figures for the year ending 30 June 2013. .. More >>

75. NZ's first microfinance initiative scoops top prize

22 November 2013 5:42pm | Child Poverty Action Group

Chief architect of the Kiwibank /Nga Tangata Microfinance Trust, CPAG's Dr Claire Dale is elated at picking up the Supreme award at the NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards held yesterday... More >>

76. Who Owns NZ? Foreign Control Key Facts Updated

07 January 2014 5:11pm | CAFCA

For the first time in several years, CAFCA has completely updated the Foreign Control Key Facts page on our Website. Big thanks to CAFCA Committee member Bill Rosenberg who did all the work. And, for the first time, the Key Facts are accompanied by the ..... More >>

77. Industry Trying to Use TPPA to Stop Labelling of GM Food

28 March 2014 9:04am | GE Free NZ

Industry Trying to Use TPPA to Stop Labelling of GM Food A biotech industry group in the US has been pushing for the TransPacific Partnership agreement to prevent labelling of almost all GMO products and leave consumers in the dark. A submission ..... More >>

78. New Zealand's farmer suicide disgrace

09 October 2014 12:16pm | Federated Farmers

While the 169 farmers who committed suicide since 2007/8 eclipses the 112 people who have tragically died in agricultural occupational deaths, this toll has gone largely unnoticed aside from the families and communities it touches. "New Zealand's ..... More >>

79. The Warehouse Group praised for removing Grand Theft Auto V

25 November 2014 9:13am | Stop Demand

The decision by New Zealand's largest retailer The Warehouse Group (TW Group), to withdraw stocks of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and other R18 games, has been praised by advocacy group Stop Demand Foundation... More >>

80. Final Report on Grounding of MV Rena

19 December 2014 10:00am | Transport Accident Investigation Commission

The Liberian-registered container ship Rena had left the New Zealand port of Napier at 1020 on 4 October 2011 and was bound for the New Zealand port of Tauranga. The master had given an estimated time of arrival at the Tauranga pilot station of 0300 ..... More >>

81. Short list for New Zealander of the Year 2015

29 December 2014 11:47am | New Zealander Of The Year Awards

29 December 2014 Short list for New Zealander of the Year 2015 The New Zealander of the Year 2015 Awards Office is pleased to announce the approved list of 10 people being considered for the 2015 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year. They are: o Dr ..... More >>

82. New online petition platform a first in New Zealand

30 January 2015 1:09pm | Greenpeace New Zealand

Auckland, 30 January 2015 - An online platform that allows Kiwis to take the government, businesses and other decision makers to task has just been launched. .. More >>

83. Activists will confront egg farmers in Pukekohe today

29 March 2015 9:34pm | Stop Craddock Farms

This morning around 30 animal activists from 'STOP Craddock Farms' will stage a protest at Craddock Farms, a cage egg producer in Pukekohe. .. More >>

84. Relationships Aotearoa - our story

19 May 2015 12:20pm | Relationships Aotearoa

" There has been a lot of media since yesterday about Relationships Aotearoa (RA) not meeting our contracted volumes and needing successive bail outs. We would like to set the record straight," says Dr Jane Allison, new Interim Board Chair of Relationships ..... More >>

85. Budget 2015 cold comfort for early childhood education

21 May 2015 7:07pm | Early Childhood New Zealand

Budget 2015 has disappointed early childhood education (ECE) providers who received no increase to funding rates. .. More >>

86. Trans Tasman 2015 New Zealand Government Departments Review

02 June 2015 11:36am | Trans Tasman Political Letter

This is the 6th annual review of NZ's Government Departments by the Trans Tasman Editors and Senior Writers and a high profile Independent Board of Advisers. .. More >>

87. Urban Maori fight Iwi over Fisheries

04 June 2015 5:26pm | National Urban Maori Authority

National Urban Māori Authority (NUMA) Chair Willie Jackson has vowed to use everything at his disposal to halt an Iwi cash grab of an urban Māori fisheries fund. .. More >>

88. Zero pay increase and zero hours for Armourguard workers

16 July 2015 10:02am | Service And Food Workers Union

The union representing security guards is shocked that one of New Zealand's largest security firms is refusing to give their workers a pay increase this year. Armourguard has offered Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) members a zero percent pay offer ..... More >>

89. New Zealand Labour Party scapegoats Chinese over housing cri

19 July 2015 10:30am | World Socialist Web Site

By John Braddock 18 July 2015 New Zealand's opposition Labour Party has sparked a political storm with claims that Chinese property investors are fuelling the housing bubble in Auckland. Labour's housing spokesman Phil Twyford told TV3's "The ..... More >>

90. Sean Topham to step down as Young Nats President

24 July 2015 12:21pm | New Zealand Young Nationals

Sean Topham will step down as the Young Nats President at the Young Nats' annual conference in Auckland on Sunday. .. More >>

91. Taylor v AG: Prison voting law inconsistent Bill of Rights

24 July 2015 2:09pm | New Zealand High Court

The High Court held in favour of the prisoners, and made a "declaration of inconsistency" - that is, a formal order that the legislation is both inconsistent with the Bill of Rights and unable to be justified under that Act. .. More >>

92. Health and Safety Reform Bill provides direction

24 July 2015 3:35pm | Employers And Manufacturers Association

Health and Safety Reform Bill provides direction for safer workplaces: EMA The proposed changes to the Health and Safety Reform Bill will help provide direction for safer workplaces, says the Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA). "The proposed ..... More >>

93. PM: I don't want to ban foreign buyers from buying

26 July 2015 12:13pm | TVNZ

PM: I don't want to ban foreign buyers from buying & SERCO about consistent with other prisons .. More >>

94. NZMA calls again for independent health assessment of TPPA

28 July 2015 12:01pm | NZMA

The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) is extremely disappointed Trade Minister Hon Tim Groser has rejected the call for an independent assessment of the impact of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPPA) on our health system... More >>

95. Don't shift the blame for bad teeth

29 July 2015 3:37pm | NZ Beverage Council

The issue of young children with rotten teeth raised in New Zealand media today by Dr Rob Beaglehole is one of poor parenting. No more and no less. .. More >>

96. Colin and Helen Craig Statement re: Dirty Politics Brigade

29 July 2015 4:14pm | Colin Craig

Thank you for coming. My wife (Helen) and I will be making statements after which I will be taking questions from the media. .. More >>

97. ECPAT Child ALERT Press Release 2015 TIPs Report

30 July 2015 11:15am | ECPAT

With the reference to the latest "Trafficking in Persons" or TIP Report Released this Tuesday by the US Government, ECPAT Child ALERT Trust raises concerns that even though New Zealand may be in the Tier 1 category the report clearly calls for action ..... More >>

98. Carrying Tasers will improve public and police safety

31 July 2015 10:46am | Police Association

"Arming all frontline police officers with Tasers will improve safety for police officers and the public," Police Association President Greg O'Connor said today. .. More >>

99. A Free Trade Deal must include Free Trade

31 July 2015 2:38pm | Federated Farmers

Federated Farmers says the Government must hold firm on a deal for agriculture at the Trans Pacific Partnership talks in Hawaii. .. More >>

100. West Papua must be raised at the 46th Pacific Islands Forum

03 August 2015 5:15pm | West Papua Action Auckland

We call on you to extend your support by prioritising the human rights issues in West Papua at the 46th Pacific Island Forum (PIF) meeting to be held in September 2015 in Papua New Guinea.We urge you to advance the gains made at the recent Melanesian ..... More >>