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1. Mt Pirongia Poison Drop Breaches 1080 Warning Label

15 September 2014 10:30am | The Graf Boys

A youtube video clip of a 1080 poison drop across Mt Pirongia claims the Department of Conservation operation breached the New Zealand manufacturer's warnings. .. More >>

2. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

3. One of the World's Biggest Suckers Revealed Online

15 September 2014 3:59pm | Radio New Zealand Limited

Radio New Zealand's Our Changing World presenter, Veronika Meduna, will come face to face with one of the world's biggest suckers when she hosts an online examination of Te Papa's newest colossal squid tomorrow morning... More >>

4. Book your licence test on the phone or on-line

03 August 2004 7:36pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Driver licensing practical tests can now be booked and paid for by telephone and over the internet... More >>

5. Dry spells take hold in South Island

10 September 2014 2:37pm | NIWA

Many areas in the South Island are tracking towards record dry spells as relatively warm, dry weather that began in mid-August continues. A dry spell is defined as a period of 15 days or more with less than 1mm of rain on any one day... More >>

6. Student wins Sir Peter Blake youth ambassador scholarship

15 September 2014 10:25am | University of Canterbury

September 14, 2014 A University of Canterbury honours mechatronics engineering graduate Angus Watson will use a Sir Peter Blake youth ambassador scholarship to live in the Antarctic for six weeks later this year to collate energy data important to the future ..... More >>

7. A succession of depressions

15 September 2014 4:03pm | MetService

After a wet and windy weekend for most, the week ahead is expected to continue with a similar theme, as a succession of depressions sweep across the country. .. More >>

8. Jesse Bering, noted US psychologist, author now based in NZ

16 September 2014 1:24pm | Robert Bruce Agency

RBA Corporate, the corporate and entertainment division of The Robert Bruce Agency is very pleased to introduce prolific award-winning author, columnist and media personality Jesse Bering to New Zealand editors and producers... More >>

9. Potential vaccines for rheumatic fever researched

16 September 2014 9:42am | Health Research Council

The Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) has announced the funding of a trans-Tasman research coalition to accelerate the development of a vaccine against Group A Streptococcus (GAS) infection, which can cause rheumatic fever. The governments ..... More >>

10. The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific Answers

16 March 2011 2:36pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Canterbury region has had six months of unexpected and extremely difficult challenges as a result of a sequence of damaging and deadly earthquakes and the associated aftershocks. The result is significant uncertainty within the public about why the February 22 ..... More >>

11. Consumers Urged to Switch Smoke Alarms (Not Just Batteries)

25 September 2012 11:29am | Cavius

TAURANGA, Monday 24 September 2012 : Kiwis are being urged to replace not only their smoke alarm batteries but to consider switching to smoke detectors which are safer, stylish and more cost effective this daylight savings weekend (Sunday September 30)... More >>

12. Community invited to join staff for World Rivers Day

15 September 2014 3:18pm | Horizons Regional Council

Horizons Regional Council is inviting the public to join their staff at local river sites to celebrate World Rivers Day on Monday 29 September. .. More >>

13. Road Code now available free on-line

24 April 2003 1:02pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Need to brush up on the road rules but don't have a copy of the road code? Just visit the Land Transport Safety Authority website,, where an on-line version of the Official New Zealand Road Code for car drivers is now available at no charge... More >>

14. Emperor Penguins threatened by climate change

29 June 2011 2:57pm | Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ

While the prognosis improves for Happy Feet, all emperor penguins are at grave risk of extinction from climate change by the end of the century, the Environment and Conservation Organisations (ECO) said today. .. More >>

15. Endangered bird may be more at home in lowland environment

11 September 2014 11:49am | University of Waikato

A native bird long thought to be most at home in Fiordland tussock may actually be more comfortable in wetlands and a Waikato University student has won a scholarship to find out where takahe prefer to live... More >>

16. ERMA to declare polymers non hazardous

27 August 2003 10:52am | Environmental Risk Management Authority

The Environmental Risk Management Authority has determined that seven commonly used groups of plastics are not hazardous. The seven applications to determine if these groups of plastics were hazardous were submitted by Plastics New Zealand (Inc). These ..... More >>

17. Ballance research suggests grass grub control oppo

29 April 2008 9:22am | Ballance Agri-Nutrients

For many farmers, by the time it becomes evident that they have a grass grub problem it's too late in the season to do anything about it... More >>

18. AgResearch encourages Kiwis to have their say

04 September 2008 10:31am | Agresearch

AgResearch is urging New Zealanders to make submissions to the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) regarding its applications currently before the authority... More >>

19. A night of celebration at the Romeo Bragato Wine Awards 2014

29 August 2014 11:42am | Bragato Wine Awards

A Hawkes Bay Chardonnay has been awarded Champion Wine of Show at this year's Romeo Bragato Wine Awards. .. More >>

20. Sugar babies and clever buoys make finalists

10 September 2014 10:08am | The Kudos Awards

Deborah Harris PhD & Nurse Practitioner at Waikato Hospital, renown for her groundbreaking research with hypoglycaemia in newborn babies and Laboratory Technician, Chris McBride from the University of Waikato are among the 16 Kudos finalists announced recently... More >>

21. Professor paints a gloomy global picture

11 September 2014 12:55pm | Lincoln University

Professor paints a gloomy global picture, but with a local upside If his objective was to leave his audience feeling a little unsettled or with a sense of foreboding then Lincoln University Professor of Agricultural Systems, Tony Bywater, probably ..... More >>

22. NZ: Proposal That Could Legitimize "Scientific" Whaling

13 September 2014 5:24pm | Elsa Cabrera

New Zealand and the Proposal That Could Legitimize "Scientific" Whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary .. More >>

23. Famous Tree Sparks Debate On Discovery Of NZ

21 September 2001 4:24pm | Landcare Research

A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British... More >>

24. The benefits of 1080 and why DOC uses it.

22 July 2008 12:23am | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation (DOC) uses aerial application of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) as a valuable biodiversity protection tool to control mammalian pests that threaten conservation values... More >>

25. The pros and cons of using 1080

13 November 2009 4:34pm | science media center

Sunday will see a series of rallies held nationwide to protest aerial drops of 1080 poison to control pests that prey on native birds. .. More >>

26. Paddle Crabs; Cannibals Of The Seashore

30 December 2009 10:33am | NIWA

This agile swimmer is found in the intertidal zone (between high and low tide marks) all around New Zealand and in southern Australia, down to depths of 100 metres. It's one of nine species of swimming crabs in New Zealand... More >>

27. Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

04 January 2011 11:09am | NIWA

Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! .. More >>

28. 100% Pure USA Drive Towards New Zealand As A GE Nation

10 January 2011 9:37am | Soil and Health Association

Governments phasing out of the winning 100% Pure New Zealand brand, while putting genetic engineering (GE) zealot Dr William Rolleston as Chair of Innovation and also on the Science board of the new Ministry Of Science and Innovation, is a clear sign ..... More >>

29. At least 65 dogs in a year poisoned by 1080 in New Zealand

16 November 2011 11:02am | Dr Jo Pollard

Research by the National Poisons Centre and the Otago University's Pharmacy School which was presented at an International Poisons Congress in 2008 found that dogs across New Zealand are at extreme risk of poisoning from 1080 (1) ... More >>

30. NZ emissions trading scheme is failing but could be fixed

10 January 2014 9:13am | University of Canterbury

New Zealand emissions trading scheme is failing but could be fixed January 10, 2014 New Zealand's initial attempt to mitigate the problem of climate change is on its last legs, a University of Canterbury (UC) forestry expert says. Professor Euan Mason ..... More >>

31. Major world science meetings in New Zealand for first time

08 August 2014 12:43pm | World Science Week

Major world science meetings in New Zealand for the first time 7 AUGUST 2014 2000 leading international scientists coming to Auckland World Science Week New Zealand 24 August - 3 September 2014 Supported by the Royal Society of New Zealand and ..... More >>

32. SMC Heads-Up: E-cigarettes, SMCs gather in NZ, crisis advice

29 August 2014 4:33pm | Science Media Centre

SMC Heads-Up:E-cigarettes risks highlighted, SMCs gather in NZ, science advice in times of crisis .. More >>

33. Poll Points to Freshwater Being NZers Key Conservation Worry

07 September 2014 9:55pm | Forest and Bird

A mini-poll has identified the quality of our lakes and rivers as being New Zealanders' leading conservation concern. .. More >>

34. Bush-goers asked to report sightings of endangered plant

09 September 2014 11:00am | Duenorth

Hunters, anglers, trampers and rafters are being asked to keep their eyes out while in the bush this spring for one of our most striking native plants, the critically endangered Kakabeak. Any sightings of the flamboyant plant, which is typically found ..... More >>

35. New Data Resource to Help in the Search for Oil And Gas

11 September 2014 4:17pm | GNS Science

Geologists will produce a series of freely available digital maps and a comprehensive database over the next four years to help exploration companies pinpoint prospective areas to explore for oil and gas in New Zealand's offshore territory. .. More >>

36. Wairarapa Farm's Energy-Saving Efforts Recognised

12 September 2014 4:32pm | Ballance Farm Environment awards

The efforts he and parents Henry and Dorothy have made to improve the sustainability of their 527ha dairy and beef farm, north of Masterton, were recognised this year when the family picked up three category awards in the 2014 Greater Wellington Ballance ..... More >>

37. NZGL 2014 Impacts and Outcomes report released

14 September 2014 5:28pm | NZ Genomics

New Zealand Genomics Limited (NZGL) has released its 2014 Impacts and Outcomes Report, showing a substantial increase in the number and range of research projects supported within the New Zealand research environment... More >>

38. te Pa picks up case of awards

15 September 2014 12:15pm | Te Pa

Following a golden reception in the United Kingdom market, and a successful trip to the Asia region in August, te Pā Wines has scooped up a case of awards at the prestigious China Wine & Spirits Awards in Hong Kong. .. More >>

39. Andrew Collins to lead gen-i e-Procurement Group

17 November 2000 4:23pm | Unknown

AUCKLAND, Friday November 17, 2000 - With the recent growth and focus towards procurement and asset management, Internet Integrator, gen-i limited is moving to push traditional product delivery boundaries for clients and develop full life-cycle management of ..... More >>

40. IT Trio Unites As Infinity Solutions

04 December 2000 11:40am | Unknown

Infinity Solutions, a new brand in the IT services, software and business enablement field, will be launched tomorrow (Monday 4 December). Infinity Solutions represents the joining of Infinity Group companies Trilogy Business Systems, Madison Systems ..... More >>

41. NASA inspired Kiwi farmer's shearing invention

26 March 2001 4:31pm | Hortresearch

Who would have thought a device, whose conception came from NASA, would start out resembling a plastic rubbish bin, herald an important breakthrough for farmers and take 15 years to refine... More >>

42. Snowdon Technologies unveils Jamego

16 December 2002 3:52pm | Snowdon Technologies

Auckland, New Zealand, December 16, 2002 - Snowdon Technologies announced today the debut of its global chat station, Jamego. Jamego is the result of Snowdon Technologies bringing the Internet and digital handset together, so that users can chat to anyone ..... More >>

43. Information Sharing Gets Boost At Connetics

13 October 2003 2:24pm | Webscape

A search for a product to improve delivery of information to staff led Christchurch utility networks service company Connetics to fellow Christchurch firm Webscape... More >>

44. Funding For French Seabird Initiative

06 November 2003 5:13pm | Southern Seabird Solutions

Southern Seabird Solutions is delighted to announce a new initiative that it hopes will help reduce the number of accidental fishing-related seabird deaths in the Southern Ocean... More >>

45. The Natural History of Southern New Zealand

05 April 2004 9:50am | Otago University Press

Southern New Zealand is a region of contrasting landscapes and climates, of mountains, lakes, ocean, rivers and fiords, of breathtakingly beautiful scenery and sometimes-strange wildlife... More >>

46. Fliway and CS Company Pick Microsoft

24 May 2004 3:22pm | Microsoft New Zealand

Transport solutions company Fliway and CS Company, the country's largest independently-owned marketer and distributor of fragrances and cosmetics, are the latest New Zealand companies to take advantage of Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta to improve business ..... More >>

47. NZBio Secondary School Student's Essay Competition

06 December 2005 6:14pm | NZ Bio

"The essays demonstrated an outstanding level of effort in answering the question: 'How might biotechnology applications affect me? Choose an application, explain the science and discuss its potential to impact on your life'," NZBio's CEO Brian Ward ..... More >>

48. State of native forests revealed for first time

19 December 2005 4:22pm | Landcare Research

Stunning new maps, derived directly from satellite images, reveal that nearly a quarter of New Zealand's land area is taken up by indigenous forest. Landcare Research's EcoSat forest maps show native forests cover nearly 66,000 km2, 24.8% of the country. ..... More >>

49. Drench swap may be worth more than $1 per lamb

25 January 2006 1:22pm | Veterinary Technical Services

Research suggests a simple switch to a triple action drench may be worth another $1.04 per lamb... More >>

50. Secrets of NZ's bizarre sea creatures revealed

29 June 2007 10:11am | World Wildlife Fund

WWF-New Zealand is launching an exciting new online resource that for the first time provides a gateway to all that's known about life in New Zealand's oceans. .. More >>

51. Canon Appoint General Manager For Imaging Products

21 December 2007 9:54am | Canon

Canon New Zealand has appointed Kim Conner as the new general manager of the company's Consumer Imaging Products Group (CIPG). Kim's appointment fills the position previously held by Craig Manson, who is now managing director, Canon New Zealand... More >>

52. Kennel cough spreading in South Island

29 February 2008 3:06pm | New Zealand Veterinary Association

Kennel cough, a highly infectious dog illness, is spreading in the South Island, says the New Zealand Veterinary Association. It has caused the cancellation of the Southland Agility and Obedience two-day dog show in Invercargill this weekend... More >>

53. Rotorua GE Tree Trial Remains Environment Threat

17 March 2008 9:32am | Soil and Health Association

The GE tree field trial at Rotorua, run by Crown research institute Scion, has an increasing risk of spreading GE pollen according to the Soil & Health Association... More >>

54. Maori Support Transgenic Animals/ Use of Humans

01 September 2008 11:04am | GE Free NZ

AgResearch claims two Maori Authorities want to go into business partnership with them to farm transgenic animals in New Zealand, and that some participants at hui want Maori human genes to be used... More >>

55. Fronde harnesses young technology talent

31 October 2008 3:56pm | Fronde Systems

Eight Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) students have kick-started their careers with a Technology Cadetship and are looking forward to a rewarding summer. As part of the cadetship programme, the students have been awarded a $2,500 scholarship, ..... More >>

56. Countdown To Colossal Squid Display At Te Papa

28 November 2008 3:55pm | Te Papa

The only colossal squid exhibit in the world ( ) will open to the public on Saturday 13 December, proudly supported by the New Zealand Seafood Industry and telecommunications solutions provider, Alcatel Lucent. The 495 kilogramme, ..... More >>

57. Tauranga girls return from BIG Science Adventure

10 February 2009 10:59am | The Royal Society of New Zealand

This week, a group of three Tauranga Girls College students and their teacher returned from a trip of a lifetime to the sub-Antarctic islands, thanks to their winning entry in last year's Freemasons BIG Science Adventures DVD competition... More >>

58. Research looks at natural predators for bee threat

09 May 2009 1:45pm | Hortresearch

Auckland, New Zealand. 8 May 2009. Scientists are investigating ways to control the destructive varroa mite, a cause of major devastation to honey bees. .. More >>

59. Folic acid sparks debate among scientists

18 May 2009 2:34pm | Science Media Centre

Concerns have been expressed about the possible negative effects of folic acid fortification, especially for those who are deficient in vitamin B12. An article in the Herald on Sunday yesterday highlights concerns about this standard. Here in New Zealand, the ..... More >>

60. Dell's Latitude Z: The Thinnest, Lightest Laptop

01 October 2009 12:43pm | Dell

Dell Premieres Latitude ON - Instant, Interactive Access to Email, Web, Calendar o Company Continues to Deliver Purpose-Engineered Solutions for Specific Customer Needs o Dell Extends Client Portfolio with the Dell Precision T1500, the World's ..... More >>

61. Port trials new lighting system to beat bugs

12 January 2010 4:00pm | Scion research

The Port of Tauranga is looking to fend off night raids by aerial attackers. The precious merchandise being protected from these invaders is sawn timber and logs destined for valuable overseas markets. .. More >>

62. Online Dating Risks Drive Clients To One-To-One

01 February 2010 4:24pm | Matchcompany

Outlandish and false promises, profiles that don't match and incorrect ages are just some of the online dating issues that have been faced online by clients who have tried online dating but who now seek the security of a personal dating service ..... More >>

63. Highly detailed maps of seabed now available

19 August 2010 10:26am | NIWA

The high-resolution maps show the hidden seabed of the deep sea around the country in incredible digital detail, making them a treasure for all New Zealanders. .. More >>

64. Preliminary results from biological farming study promising

01 April 2011 7:15pm | Rotorua Lakes and Lands Trust

The Rotorua Lakes and Land Trust (RLLT) - a joint venture between Te Arawa Federation of Maori Authorities and Rotorua/Taupo Province of Federated Farmers - has been studying nitrate leaching under biological farming systems since August 2010 in Reporoa ..... More >>

65. Forgotten Ancient Eruptions In Auckland

05 April 2011 10:15am | GNS Science

New research on Auckland's volcanic field has uncovered a volcano which had been all but forgotten, and this work will better define what is most likely to happen when the next volcano forms in Auckland. The research is part of the Devora project, ..... More >>

66. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

67. Report: Improving the Transition

01 June 2011 11:53am | Prime Ministers Science Advisory Committee

Improving the Transition Reducing Social and Psychological Morbidity During Adolescence A report from the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor .. More >>

68. Monday's Quakes Not on Port Hills Fault, Scientists Say

14 June 2011 4:10pm | GNS Science

Scientists analysing Monday's quakes in Christchurch say they occurred on a fault structure 2km to 3km south of the Port Hills fault that ruptured on February 22, 2011. .. More >>

69. Orca make rare visit to Lyttelton Harbour

01 December 2011 12:38pm | Black Cat Cruises

A pod of seven Orca made a rare visit to Lyttelton Harbour this morning. It is a rare event that only happens about once a year according to Black Cat Cruises Lyttelton Manager Paul Milligan.. More >>

70. Second White Kiwi Brings White Christmas To Pukaha

22 December 2011 11:45am | Pukaha Mount Bruce

It's a white Christmas at Pukaha Mount Bruce with the surprise hatching of a second rare white kiwi at the national wildlife centre. The chick hatched last Sunday in the centre's kiwi nursery, where Manukura, the world's first white kiwi hatched ..... More >>

71. Is it a fish, is it a bird? ...It's an eagle ray!

24 January 2012 10:00am | NIWA

They fly like birds under water and create strange pits in the sand. Eagle rays can be seen around New Zealand's coast in the summer months, when they come in to breed. Like their larger cousins, the longtail and shorttail stingrays, they have a sting ..... More >>

72. Could NZ cherries be the secret to a good night's sleep?

14 April 2012 12:19pm | Moanui

Hamilton, New Zealand - Preliminary research results released today by Fruision Ltd show that sweet cherries grown in New Zealand's sun-rich Central Otago region are a natural source of melatonin at levels over 30 times higher than other cherry varieties ..... More >>

73. Wellington based game developer promises "nerdgasm"

24 April 2012 2:11pm | Gamefroot

Local entrepreneur and game developer Dan Milward officially launches Gamefroot at, the world's first cloud based game creator on Tuesday, 24 April, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. .. More >>

74. Sensing Murder Strikes Out Again

25 June 2012 1:03pm | Skeptics

The discovery of the body of missing prostitute Jayne Furlong on the beach at Port Waikato directly contradicts the claims by the Sensing Murder exploitainment show that self-proclaimed psychics Deb Webber and Kelvin Cruickhank were able to "tune ..... More >>

75. Defence Technology Agency, IRL to collaborate on R&D

30 August 2012 3:45pm | Industrial Research Ltd

The Defence Technology Agency and Industrial Research Limited (IRL) today signed a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) to work closely on developing new technologies to benefit New Zealand - now and in the future. .. More >>

76. Stunning solar eclipse visible over NZ 14/11/12

06 November 2012 5:49pm | Stardome Observatory

On the morning of the 14th November 2012 all of New Zealand will be treated to a fine partial eclipse of the Sun. An eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Moon passes directly between Earth and the Sun casting a shadow on the Earth. .. More >>

77. Paua is a summer delicacy

22 January 2013 1:17pm | NIWA

Paua is a New Zealand summer delicacy. When someone says "paua fritter" they are usually referring to something made from blackfoot paua. The blackfoot paua (Haliotis iris) species is endemic to New Zealand and found throughout the country. It is most ..... More >>

78. Awful Tasting Cod Liver Oil Did Do Some Good

23 April 2013 11:21am | Canterbury University

A University of Canterbury (UC) researcher says despite the terrible taste, cod liver oil did actually do some good but the reasons why did not become apparent until the 20th and 21st centuries. .. More >>

79. NIWA's storm information update

21 June 2013 3:19pm | NIWA

NIWA has been measuring wave height from a buoy two kilometres off Baring Head, Wellington, since 1995. Last night's waves are the largest seen in that record. o Last night, the highest waves measured were typically 15 metres, from peak to trough, for the ..... More >>

80. Growth rates of Pasifika children faster than expected

05 July 2013 3:05pm | AUT University

The growth rate of Pasifika children under 10 years of age is faster than expected says the lead researcher of a major AUT longitudinal study. .. More >>

81. Otago researchers make brain fertility break-through

22 September 2013 11:47am | University of Otago

In a landmark discovery, the final piece in the puzzle of understanding how the brain circuitry vital to normal fertility in humans and other mammals operates has been put together by University of Otago researchers... More >>

82. Toshiba announces launch of the Encore tablet in New Zealand

16 October 2013 3:31pm | Toshiba

Toshiba today announced the availability of its new Encore tablet - fully optimised for Windows 8.1, with built-in features and apps for both productivity and entertainment, this ultra-portable tablet is ideal for consumers and prosumers wanting to move seamlessly ..... More >>

83. Research on paua and marine reserves making waves

18 October 2013 3:29pm | Victoria University of Wellington

The impact marine reserves are having on New Zealand's paua fishery will be clearer as a result of PhD research by Victoria University student Alix Laferriere. .. More >>

84. 'Extinct' bird may be alive

27 November 2013 11:23am | Forest And Bird

'Extinct' bird may be alive Forest & Bird is welcoming the news that the South Island kokako - declared extinct in 2007 - could still be alive. An apparent sighting of a South Island kokako has recently been accepted by the Ornithological ..... More >>

85. Leap Motion 3D Controller Launches in NZ With Dick Smith

04 December 2013 12:58pm | Leap Motion

AUCKLAND, 4 December 2013 - Leap Motion[TM] today launched in New Zealand with Dick Smith, the company's exclusive retail launch partner, taking pre-orders for the innovative Leap Motion[TM] 3D Controller online at ..... More >>

86. Launch of New Top Level Internet Domain Names

03 January 2014 3:31pm | Law Down Under

Big wake up call for all business owners, politicians, communities, and bloggers. Hundreds of new domain name extensions are about to be released to the general public. This will change the Internet landscape drastically since it will significantly extend ..... More >>

87. Big Swing to Proprietary Pastures

14 February 2014 11:59am | NZ Plant Breeding and Research Association - NZBRA

New Zealand farmers have turned to high yield, high quality proprietary pastures to get their properties back up to speed after recent adverse weather events. .. More >>

88. NZ well positioned to be a green economy says Royal Society

21 March 2014 5:07pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Royal Society of New Zealand says environmental problems are beginning to threaten social and economic wellbeing and that New Zealand would benefit from a move to a green economy... More >>

89. The shift to mirrorless cameras

03 April 2014 12:48pm | FujiFilm

Fujifilm were pioneers in digital photography, announcing the FinePix S1 Pro - the world's first consumer-level DSLR - in January 2000. Just fourteen years later, Fujifilm NZ confirm that camera technology is undergoing another seismic shift... More >>

90. 'Legal highs' and animal testing - experts respond

02 May 2014 1:23pm | Science Media Centre

New psychoactive substances laws require manufacturers to provide evidence that their product poses a 'low risk' to consumers before they can market it. Can they do it without animal testing?.. More >>

91. BOTOX approved for treatment of Overactive Bladder

04 May 2014 2:06pm | Catalyst

BOTOX® (botulinum toxin type A) injections registered for management of overactive bladder - Twice yearly treatment allows New Zealanders with bladder dysfunction to gain control1 .. More >>

92. University decision a crucial step forward for Lincoln Hub

17 July 2014 3:33pm | AgResearch

The Lincoln Hub partners have welcomed the Minister for Science and Innovation and Tertiary Education's announcement of the Government's agreement in principle to provide funding towards the rebuilding of science facilities at Lincoln University. ..... More >>

93. New astrobiology group formed

31 July 2014 2:26pm | Royal Astronomical Society

A new group of the Royal Astronomical Society (RASNZ) has been established to foster the local astrobiology community. .. More >>

94. Promising new treatments for multiple sclerosis

15 August 2014 9:56am | Victoria University of Wellington

New treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) using common anti-psychotic agents have been discovered by Victoria University of Wellington researchers. .. More >>

95. Global media release: bees in good health

15 August 2014 1:35pm | Bayer CropScience

New large-scale study COLOSS shows: European bees are at their best health level in years as overwintering losses of colonies sink to record low August 11, 2014 .. More >>

96. Astronomers host Dr Tamara Davis

25 August 2014 1:11pm | Horowhenua Astronomical Society

The Horowhenua Astronomical Society is delighted to be hosting Dr Tamara Davis , a distinguished astronomer from the University of Queensland, Australia. Dr Davis will be in New Zealand speaking at six locations as part of the Royal Astronomical ..... More >>

97. NIWA works with Samoan village to build better future

25 August 2014 5:22pm | NIWA

A unique pilot project to help Samoa's largest village better cope with natural disaster is the focus of an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Samoa timed to coincide with a major United Nations conference in Apia... More >>

98. Revolutionary handheld DNA diagnostic unit

26 August 2014 9:59am | University of Otago

A revolutionary handheld and battery-powered DNA diagnostic device invented at the University of Otago is poised to become a commonly used field tool for rapidly detecting suspected viruses or bacteria in samples while also determining the level of infection. ..... More >>

99. Partnership to Increase Ocean Research & Conservation in NZ

28 August 2014 11:32am | NGO Conservation International

Unique partnership between University of Auckland and Conservation International aims to build scientific capacity and research. .. More >>

100. High value fungi may offer new industry for NZ

01 September 2014 10:38am | Plant and Food Research

1 September 2014 Scientists could open up new opportunities for the New Zealand forestry industry following recent research into the cultivation and commercialization of two edible fungi crops: saffron milk cap (Lactarius deliciosus) and Bianchetto truffle ..... More >>


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