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1. Sugar versus fat for healthy diet

29 September 2014 3:40pm | University of Auckland

The debate on healthy diet and the arguments about reducing sugar and fat get an airing on Wednesday at the Auckland Nutrition Research Network seminar. .. More >>

2. Protected corals could be wiped out by deep sea mining

30 September 2014 2:19pm | Kiwis Against Seabed Mining

Wellington-30 September 2014-Mining phosphate from the seabed of the Chatham Rise would remove a protected coral species crucial to the local ecosystem, an Environmental Protection Agency hearing into a seabed mining proposal was told this morning. .. More >>

3. National Digital Forum to be Held in Wellington

29 September 2014 2:45pm | National Digital Forum

This November will see some of the biggest thinkers in the digital world converge in Wellington for the National Digital Forum (25-26 November, Te Papa), an annual conference about digital interaction with culture and heritage... More >>

4. Pianist researches cure for 'musician's cramp'

29 September 2014 3:32pm | University of Auckland

Focal dystonia of the hand, also known as 'musician's cramp', has been the subject of almost a decade of study for pianist Rae de Lisle from the University of Auckland. The Senior Lecturer and Head of Piano at the School of Music, who graduates ..... More >>

5. DOC appoints Chief Science Advisor

30 September 2014 11:35am | Department of Conservation

Lincoln University Professor of Environmental Management Ken Hughey has been appointed to a new position as Chief Science Advisor for DOC, Director-General Lou Sanson announced today... More >>

6. Trans-Pacific Submarine System Delivers 4K Encrypted Video

30 September 2014 1:48pm | Ciena

Southern Cross, Vodafone New Zealand and Ciena collaborate to showcase advancements in uncompressed video transmission .. More >>

7. Book your licence test on the phone or on-line

03 August 2004 7:36pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Driver licensing practical tests can now be booked and paid for by telephone and over the internet... More >>

8. "Explosive" Science Festival Launches Next Month

28 September 2014 1:54pm | Cawthron Institute

A week-long extravaganza of science events and activities begins in Nelson next month with the start of the 'Celebrate Science with Cawthron' festival from 12 to 17 October... More >>

9. Volcanic eruption in Japan - experts respond

29 September 2014 2:56pm | Science Media Centre

Japanese volcano Mount Ontake erupted suddenly over the weekend, when the popular recreational site was crowded with hikers, resulting in significant casualties. .. More >>

10. Warnings from a warming ocean

30 September 2014 12:11pm | Victoria University of Wellington

Changes taking place in the oceans around Antarctica could result in an abrupt rise in global sea level, according to a Victoria University of Wellington led study. .. More >>

11. Partnership will strengthen Māori innovation and capability

26 September 2014 12:19pm | Joint Media Statement

A memorandum of understanding was signed in Whanganui on Thursday September 24 2014, between The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology and Ngā Hononga Marae (Charitable) Trust... More >>

12. Studies in laser physics helps understand freak waves

29 September 2014 1:51pm | University of Auckland

University of Auckland physicist Dr Miro Erkintalo is part of an international team investigating how lasers and optical fibres can be used to understand freakishly large waves on the ocean. .. More >>

13. Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

04 January 2011 11:09am | NIWA

Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! .. More >>

14. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

15. Study proves low-cost home modifications prevent falls

23 September 2014 5:33pm | University of Otago

Falls in the home could be reduced by a quarter according to the results of a new study just published online in top international medical journal The Lancet . .. More >>

16. Low from the north and cold from the south

29 September 2014 12:42pm | MetService

This week the best of the weather is at the start of the week, before another cold blustery southerly pushes through at the end of the week. .. More >>

17. Dry spells take hold in South Island

10 September 2014 2:37pm | NIWA

Many areas in the South Island are tracking towards record dry spells as relatively warm, dry weather that began in mid-August continues. A dry spell is defined as a period of 15 days or more with less than 1mm of rain on any one day... More >>

18. 'Superheated ice' found in Antarctic fishes

23 September 2014 9:49am | University of Auckland

A new study from a multinational research team at the Universities of Auckland, Oregon and Illinois, working out of Scott Base and McMurdo Station, set out to understand how Antarctic fishes cope with ice build-up in their bodies... More >>

19. 'Call to action' highlights climate change as health issue

26 September 2014 9:54am | OraTaiao

A joint Call to Action on Climate Change and Health for the incoming government by ten New Zealand health organisations was formally released today in the New Zealand Medical Journal, following a week of health and civil society action at the United ..... More >>

20. Road Code now available free on-line

24 April 2003 1:02pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Need to brush up on the road rules but don't have a copy of the road code? Just visit the Land Transport Safety Authority website,, where an on-line version of the Official New Zealand Road Code for car drivers is now available at no charge... More >>

21. The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific Answers

16 March 2011 2:36pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Canterbury region has had six months of unexpected and extremely difficult challenges as a result of a sequence of damaging and deadly earthquakes and the associated aftershocks. The result is significant uncertainty within the public about why the February 22 ..... More >>

22. International study backs urban green spaces

20 February 2014 11:33am | University of Waikato

The value of green spaces in cities has been highlighted in a new study, which found that providing a diverse range of habitats in urban areas can help retain native species. The study, published in the well-respected international journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, analysed lists of plants in 110 cities and birds in 54 cities from around the world including Hamilton, New Zealand... More >>

23. Track testing for international competition begins

08 September 2014 9:25am | University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury car begins track testing for international competition September 8, 2014 The University of Canterbury's 2014 engineering car has begun track testing in preparation for the international university design, build and race car competition ..... More >>

24. SPCA Shares Concern Over 1080 Poison Drop

18 September 2014 10:17am | The Graf Boys

The SPCA has shared concern about a video clip covering the recent Department of Conservation's Mt Pirongia aerial 1080 poison drop, near Hamilton. .. More >>

25. Agriculture still a winner for economic growth

25 September 2014 10:27am | Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Outgoing Ballance Chief Executive Larry Bilodeau has questioned calls for New Zealand's economy to be less reliant on agriculture. .. More >>

26. LCT collaborates to develop novel neurological treatments

29 September 2014 5:15pm | Living Cell Technologies

Living Cell Technologies Limited has formed a collaboration with the Centre for Brain Research (CBR). The research collaboration will identify additional neurodegenerative disease targets for clinical studies of LCT's lead product NTCELL®. .. More >>

27. Traditional local knowledge helps Tonga face climate change

30 September 2014 2:17pm | Caritas Aotearoa

In the face of increasingly severe storms and changing weather patterns causing drought and floods, Caritas in Tonga is integrating traditional local knowledge of plants and weather warnings with scientific observations to help communities prepare and ..... More >>

28. The June Night Sky

18 May 2007 2:27pm | Carter Observatory

June is an excellent month for viewing the planets. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible for all of the month. Mercury will be visible for all but the very end of the month... More >>

29. Association of Scientists stands behind Dr Mike Joy

26 November 2012 5:15pm | New Zealand Association of Scientists

The New Zealand Association of Scientists (NZAS) is saddened by some of the recent media commentary on the actions of Dr Mike Joy, Massey University, in commenting in overseas media on the truth of the 100% Pure New Zealand brand... More >>

30. Grapes have the most pesticides: new dirty dozen

10 February 2014 9:39am | Safe Food Campaign

Which foods in New Zealand contain more pesticide residues? What's wrong with pesticide residues? How can residues be reduced? Alison White, researcher and Co-convenor of the Safe Food Campaign, will give an update of her research on the "dirty dozen" ..... More >>

31. Clinical trial will look at role of kiwifruit extract in IBS

14 April 2014 12:21pm | Vital Food Processors Ltd

New Zealand natural pharmaceutical company Vital Food Processors Ltd today announced the launch of a trans-Tasman clinical trial targeting treatment of irritable bowel syndrome... More >>

32. Mt Pirongia Poison Drop Breaches 1080 Warning Label

15 September 2014 10:30am | The Graf Boys

A youtube video clip of a 1080 poison drop across Mt Pirongia claims the Department of Conservation operation breached the New Zealand manufacturer's warnings. .. More >>

33. Partnership to explore mussel research

22 September 2014 2:25pm | Plant And Food Research

Auckland, New Zealand. 22 September 2014...Plant & Food Research and Kono Seafood will be exploring how research and mātauranga Māori can work together to support the development of Greenshell mussel nutraceuticals, thanks to new funding from the ..... More >>

34. New Zealand's Environmental Asset Stripping

26 September 2014 2:37pm | Bruce Jesson Foundation

New Zealand's lakes, rivers and most of our groundwater are in a critical state. Decades of misguided regulation and a free-for-all on diffuse pollution have encouraged agricultural intensification and driven our increasing reliance on imported feed ..... More >>

35. Software Helps Track Timber

20 March 2000 11:03am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

New software developed by an Auckland firm is aiming to cut timber companies' costs by efficiently tracking their inventories... More >>

36. Scientists Name Five New Species Of Kowhai

16 May 2001 11:47am | Landcare Research

It has mellow, yellow flowers which attract bevies of birds and insects, and most people know it simply as kowhai. But in a groundbreaking study, scientists from Landcare Research and the Department of Conservation have named five new species of the iconic ..... More >>

37. Snappy New Possum Trap Effective And Humane

11 June 2001 11:22am | Landcare Research

A scientist and two engineers have joined forces to invent a unique, highly effective possum kill trap, the "Bulldog"!. It is compact, lightweight, robust and suitable for commercial operations. It is very humane, which helps possum trappers ..... More >>

38. Environmental Answer To A Dusty Problem

03 December 2001 12:10am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

The dusty rural road may soon be a thing of the past, if trials of a new product are successful this summer... More >>

39. FiRST Awards 2002

30 May 2002 11:34am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

This year many high quality research projects have been submitted to the annual Foundation for Research, Science and Technology FiRST Scholarship Awards, which honour New Zealand's brightest up and coming researchers and scientists... More >>

40. Botanical Drugs from bark of Pinus radiata

19 July 2002 6:16pm | Hortresearch

A new biomedical company has been established to develop botanical drugs initially targeted at alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy... More >>

41. Marine protection focus at ECO conference

10 June 2003 5:11pm | Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ

Auckland 10 June 2003 - Marine protection and urban sustainability are high on the agenda in a community based environmentalists and conservationists' conference to be held in Auckland from 27-29 June... More >>

42. "Ginger man" visits New Zealand

19 November 2003 11:50am | Landcare Research

A world expert on the biological control of a troublesome weed has arrived in New Zealand, bringing hope of a new weapon to combat the pesky plant. Wild ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum), also known as Kahili ginger, was originally grown in New Zealand as ..... More >>

43. ihug acquires Waikato ISP, Wave

21 May 2004 2:29pm | Ihug

ihug, New Zealand's original internet pioneer, today announced that it has acquired Waikato ISP Wave Internet Services from Texas-based Pavilion Technologies Inc. (PavTech) for an undisclosed sum... More >>

44. MYOB to make the most of OfficeMax Advantage

13 September 2005 3:59pm | MYOB

As a complete accounting software solutions provider, MYOB recognises the importance of making accounting solutions more accessible to more people. Leading office products retailer OfficeMax, is making this possible by becoming the latest reseller to incorporate ..... More >>

45. Getting 'The Weather Makers' to the Opinion Makers

31 October 2005 2:35pm | Archetype Book Agents

Wellington man Neil Brown, owner of the publishers' sales agency Archetype Book Agents, has taken the unprecedented step of contacting political and business "movers and shakers" directly with copies of Tim Flannery's book The Weather Makers: The History ..... More >>

46. New huts highlight Tararua's assets

10 May 2006 11:51am | Department of Conservation

Three new huts in the western Tararua Forest Park are testimony to the park's stunning views, its challenging weather conditions and a community commitment to recreation facilities... More >>

47. Awards honour efforts to protect our heritage

09 August 2006 6:28pm | Department of Conservation

A spruced up electric suburban train joins the outstanding examples of cultural and natural heritage restoration honoured in the 11th Wellington Conservation Awards... More >>

48. Auckland Conservation Board appointments

18 October 2006 11:11am | Department of Conservation

Conservation Minister Chris Carter this week announced the appointments to the Auckland Conservation Board... More >>

49. Tracing the origins of the kumara

08 February 2007 11:14am | Massey University

Genetic analysis of kumara by Massey scientists will determine whether they are varieties cultivated by Mäori in pre-European New Zealand or varieties descended from those that travelled with early 19th Century whalers and sealers... More >>

50. New Zealand Scientists Part of Nobel Award

16 October 2007 9:58am | The Royal Society of New Zealand

This year's Nobel Peace Prize goes to the IPCC and Al Gore. The Royal Society of New Zealand would like to congratulate the many New Zealand researchers who have contributed to the work of the IPCC. The prize was awarded "for their efforts ..... More >>

51. NZ innovation in dairy gender research leads

28 March 2008 1:47pm | Pacific Channel

Auckland Company, Androgenix Limited has grabbed the attention of the world-wide livestock industry with its research into gender identification of dairy cattle sperm... More >>

52. Tracking expertise for Cure Kids $10 Challenge

26 September 2008 5:16pm | GeoSystems

The Queenstown $10 Challenge is on again this year, raising money for the Cure Kids foundation. GeoSystems is excited once again to be involved in tracking Cure Kids competitors throughout the race from Auckland to Queenstown... More >>

53. Paddle Crabs; Cannibals Of The Seashore

30 December 2009 10:33am | NIWA

This agile swimmer is found in the intertidal zone (between high and low tide marks) all around New Zealand and in southern Australia, down to depths of 100 metres. It's one of nine species of swimming crabs in New Zealand... More >>

54. Research to protect Mäori crops

03 February 2010 2:36pm | Massey University

Master of Science student Aleise Puketapu will start new research this month that may save traditional crops, including kumara, taewa and poroporo, from extinction. .. More >>

55. Research to protect Mäori crops

03 February 2010 2:36pm | Massey University

Master of Science student Aleise Puketapu will start new research this month that may save traditional crops, including kumara, taewa and poroporo, from extinction. .. More >>

56. Amalgamation of agencies "eminently sensible"

25 March 2010 5:05pm | Science New Zealand

The chairman of Science New Zealand, John Morgan, said the decision to go for a single agency on science research policy and funding was eminently sensible. He was commenting on the announcement by the Minister of State Services Commission, the Hon Tony Ryall, ..... More >>

57. Scientist sentenced for lying to inspector

10 August 2010 3:22pm | Biosecurity NZ

The justice system has today sent a clear signal to an Auckland scientist that flouting biosecurity rules won't be tolerated. .. More >>

58. Unscrambling Moa Eggs - Dads Kept The Eggs Warm

05 September 2010 11:22am | Auckland Museum

Males of the now-extinct moa appear to have been stay-at-home dads responsible for keeping the eggs warm and, with some of the most fragile eggs ever known, it was a delicate job. .. More >>

59. Forgotten Ancient Eruptions In Auckland

05 April 2011 10:15am | GNS Science

New research on Auckland's volcanic field has uncovered a volcano which had been all but forgotten, and this work will better define what is most likely to happen when the next volcano forms in Auckland. The research is part of the Devora project, ..... More >>

60. Pioneering stem cell research propels trio to top of 2011 QS

04 May 2011 1:53pm | THE-QS World University Rankings

- Seven Australian universities in top 50 for Psychology, led by Melbourne (8). 17 Australian universities featured in Top 200 - Harvard tops first QS World University Rankings® for Life Sciences in Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology - Harvard ..... More >>

61. Record number of great white sharks tagged in NZ waters

07 July 2011 9:56am | NIWA

Scientists completed a successful three-week field tagging trip in April 2011, where they tagged a record 27 great white sharks around the Titi (Muttonbird) Islands off the northeast coast of Stewart Island. .. More >>

62. Kiwifruit Growers to fight Zespri Antibiotic PSA Spray Plan

31 August 2011 5:36pm | Iwik Management Ltd

Independent Kiwifruit Growers say Zespri's plan to spray kiwifruit with the antibiotic Streptomycin in a bid to control PSA (Pseudomonas syringae pv Actinidiae) could do more harm to the industry than the disease itself and they will fight to keep the ..... More >>

63. New variety of corn could benefit New Zealand farmers

16 January 2012 6:01pm | GE Free NZ

A new variety of corn that is suitable for organic and biological farming systems could benefit New Zealand farmers who rely on corn seed imports. .. More >>

64. Countdown to Extinction Continues for World's Rarest Dolphin

01 February 2012 11:49am | NABU International - Foundation for Nature

Another one of the world's last 100 Maui's dolphins died in a fishing net in New Zealand. Its death is a a stark reminder that measures to protect the world's most endangered marine dolphin against fisheries bycatch are inadequate to prevent their ..... More >>

65. Forest & Bird launches nationwide kereru count

19 February 2012 3:11pm | Forest And Bird

Forest & Bird today launches a nationwide survey of kereru. The inaugural Kereru Count allows the public to contribute to the national scientific study by recording sightings of kereru (New Zealand wood pigeon) from February 19 to 27 on ..... More >>

66. Wellington based game developer promises "nerdgasm"

24 April 2012 2:11pm | Gamefroot

Local entrepreneur and game developer Dan Milward officially launches Gamefroot at, the world's first cloud based game creator on Tuesday, 24 April, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. .. More >>

67. How enzymes can help farmers

08 June 2012 12:37pm | Waikato University

University of Waikato scientists are taking a closer look at the microbiological communities found in the rumen to find out how to produce milk, meat and wool in the most efficient way... More >>

68. 32-bit USB DAC Preamplifier Released in NZ

18 June 2012 4:43pm | Perreaux

Dunedin, New Zealand, 18 June 2012 - Perreaux, a New Zealand designer and manufacturer of home audio equipment, announced the release of their new high resolution audio preamplifier, the Audiant DP32. A fully balanced analogue preamplifier with on-board ..... More >>

69. July 2012 Grant Round Recipients

11 July 2012 3:42pm | Neurological Foundation of NZ

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release: 11 July 2012 Neurological Foundation Announces July 2012 Grant Round Recipients $40 Million Committed To Neurological Research In 40 Years .. More >>

70. Impact of Rena oil spill part of wider disaster research

04 October 2012 12:56pm | Massey University

Emergency management specialists from Massey's Joint Centre for Disaster Research are to revisit the scene of the Rena oil spill in the Bay of Plenty as part of a $760,000 project investigating the resilience of communities having to cope with ..... More >>

71. BLIS Technologies Targets New Probiotic Against Tooth Decay

05 October 2012 10:55am | BLIS Technologies

BLIS Technologies Ltd (NZX:BLT) announces that it is introducing a new BLIS probiotic into the New Zealand retail market called BLIS M18[TM]. This new BLIS probiotic has been shown in clinical trials to inhibit bacteria associated with tooth decay and ..... More >>

72. Honey - it's not always what it seems

18 October 2012 10:09am | Lincoln University

Honey is a tasty, high energy food valued for its taste, colour and unique combination of nutrients that is eaten regularly in New Zealand. .. More >>

73. Nippy creatures that share your swim

29 January 2013 10:01am | NIWA

There you are at the beach this summer. The water is cool and inviting. You go in for a dip. Then something small nips you. Most people would immediately blame a crab but it could be sea louse - a marine isopod! Isopods are a type of crustacean, ..... More >>

74. Living Cell Technologies saluted by bioscience peers

20 March 2013 8:35am | NZBIO

Auckland New Zealand March 20: Living Cell Technologies (LCT) has been named as the New Zealand's top bioscience company and Dr Doug Wilson as the Janssen Distinguished Biotechnologist at the 2013 NZBIO Conference Awards... More >>

75. Upheaval for staff at Callaghan Innovation

08 August 2013 2:41pm | Public Service Association

The Public Service Association says the potential loss of a multi-million dollar hi-tech business deal is part of a wider story about the reorganisation of science and technology capability within the new government science body Callaghan Innovation... More >>

76. PS4 Will Launch From 29th November 2013 In Europe

21 August 2013 1:37pm | PlayStation

At the Gamescom trade fair in Cologne, Germany, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd. (SCEE) today revealed that the highly anticipated PlayStation®4 (PS4[TM]) computer entertainment system will be arriving in SCEE regions from 29th November 2013. A ..... More >>

77. Otago researchers make brain fertility break-through

22 September 2013 11:47am | University of Otago

In a landmark discovery, the final piece in the puzzle of understanding how the brain circuitry vital to normal fertility in humans and other mammals operates has been put together by University of Otago researchers... More >>

78. Geyser's revival of international significance

12 October 2013 11:26am | Environment Bay of Plenty

Revival of Papakura Geyser in Rotorua's Whakarewarewa geothermal valley may be a world first, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chief Executive Mary-Anne Macleod says. .. More >>

79. NZ emissions trading scheme is failing but could be fixed

10 January 2014 9:13am | University of Canterbury

New Zealand emissions trading scheme is failing but could be fixed January 10, 2014 New Zealand's initial attempt to mitigate the problem of climate change is on its last legs, a University of Canterbury (UC) forestry expert says. Professor Euan Mason ..... More >>

80. DOC rejects claims anglers at risk from 1080

18 February 2014 2:21pm | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation says it is concerned by unsubstantiated claims from a freshwater fishing lobby group that anglers are at risk from 1080 poisoning. The Federation of Freshwater Anglers yesterday released a media statement warning anglers ..... More >>

81. Massey research improves gut permeability test

19 February 2014 3:13pm | Massey University

It may be a simple test - drink sugary water, pee and wait for the results. But a Massey nutrition researcher's innovative experimental work to refine and improve the accuracy of the test - widely used by doctors to monitor people with chronic ..... More >>

82. Research into muttonbird exposure to Fukushima radiation

27 March 2014 2:46pm | University of Auckland

Scientists from the University of Auckland will undertake research to test whether New Zealand muttonbirds that spend the winter off the coast of Japan may have been exposed to radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. .. More >>

83. Climate change and robotics at NASA Space Apps, Auckland

10 April 2014 12:22pm | AUT University

Teams of university students will pit themselves against the world when they take part in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge at AUT University, Auckland this weekend... More >>

84. New Zealand taking the lead with 3D scanner

23 June 2014 9:43am | University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury and New Zealand is leading the world's pre-clinical imaging market with research work on its commercial 3D scanner improving the treatment of diseases... More >>

85. Campaign to Bring Learning to Life Using Augmented Reality

28 June 2014 9:06am | Mindspace Solutions

Today, MindSpace Solutions Ltd launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring learning to life on mobile devices using Augmented Reality. .. More >>

86. Rare fish and new seafloor habitats found during NIWA survey

16 July 2014 2:43pm | NIWA

NIWA scientists surveying shallow water coastal habitats off the east coast of Northland have found a rich diversity of macroalgal meadows, shellfish beds, sponges, and rare fish species, including a frogfish and possibly a new species of seahorse. .. More >>

87. University decision a crucial step forward for Lincoln Hub

17 July 2014 3:33pm | AgResearch

The Lincoln Hub partners have welcomed the Minister for Science and Innovation and Tertiary Education's announcement of the Government's agreement in principle to provide funding towards the rebuilding of science facilities at Lincoln University. ..... More >>

88. Queenstown's Dinamics hosts country's leading scientists

04 August 2014 10:39am | Southern PR

Queenstown's premier event management company Dinamics is hosting a free public lecture this month with the country's leading specialists in scientific research. The lecture is entitled 'Latest research advances in cancer, diabetes and brain ..... More >>

89. New child cancer specialist for Auckland

01 September 2014 12:59pm | University of Auckland

Paediatric oncologist, Dr Andrew Wood has returned to the University of Auckland to research the genetic mistakes driving childhood leukaemias. Dr Wood graduated from the University of Auckland's School of Medicine, and trained as a paediatrician ..... More >>

90. NIWA Outlook:September-November 2014

02 September 2014 5:24pm | NIWA

The equatorial Pacific Ocean remains ENSO-neutral at the end of August 2014. Despite the Southern Oscillation Index being currently negative, a fully coupled (ocean and atmosphere) event has yet to initiate... More >>

91. Sugar babies and clever buoys make finalists

10 September 2014 10:08am | The Kudos Awards

Deborah Harris PhD & Nurse Practitioner at Waikato Hospital, renown for her groundbreaking research with hypoglycaemia in newborn babies and Laboratory Technician, Chris McBride from the University of Waikato are among the 16 Kudos finalists announced recently... More >>

92. Student wins Sir Peter Blake youth ambassador scholarship

15 September 2014 10:25am | University of Canterbury

September 14, 2014 A University of Canterbury honours mechatronics engineering graduate Angus Watson will use a Sir Peter Blake youth ambassador scholarship to live in the Antarctic for six weeks later this year to collate energy data important to the future ..... More >>

93. Whaling decision, artificial sweetener debate, squids

19 September 2014 3:53pm | Science Media Centre

Whaling decision; Science Radar; Artifical debate; Disasters; Quoted; Election Q&A; Friday video; Policy news; New from the SMC; Sciblogs highlights; Sci-tech events .. More >>

94. Software Freedom Day serves online democracy

19 September 2014 5:10pm | Software Freedom Day

The Christchurch Unix community has its annual technical show this weekend, as part of international Software Freedom Day celebrations. Personal Computer operating systems derived from Unix offer an alternative, to Microsoft desktop security issues and ..... More >>

95. National kererū survey needs Kiwis' help

22 September 2014 12:56pm | Forest And Bird

New Zealanders are asked to keep their eyes open for kererū from today until October 5 and log their findings on the Great Kererū Count website at .. More >>

96. Huawei Ascend P7 - Now available in New Zealand

23 September 2014 2:04pm | Huawei Technologies

New Zealand, September 23: Huawei's newest flagship smartphone, the Ascend P7, which combines stunning form with seamless function, is now available in New Zealand. .. More >>

97. Good agricultural practise gets results

23 September 2014 4:25pm | Ballance Agri-Nutrients

A mix of livestock management and good old weather watching will ensure farmers get the best dry matter response and achieve the best in animal performance results from their fertiliser application. Warwick Catto, Science Strategy Manager at Ballance ..... More >>

98. Generation Zero launches Bike to the Future

25 September 2014 11:50am | Generation Zero

Youth group, Generation Zero, are ecstatic at Auckland Council's decision to trial separated cycle lanes on Karangahape road and will be celebrating the announcement with a ride through the protected areas on Sunday the 28th of September... More >>

99. New data may help nutrition monitoring

26 September 2014 3:17pm | University of Auckland

A new combination of household food purchases and nutrition data is being used to assess population exposure to sodium, saturated fat, and sugar in New Zealand. .. More >>

100. SMC Heads-Up: Climate summit, paracetamol-ADHD link, SAVVY

26 September 2014 4:09pm | Science Media Centre

Climate Summit; Science Radar; Paracetamol & ADHD; Science Media SAVVY; Quoted; Friday video; Policy news; New from the SMC; Sciblogs highlights; Sci-tech events .. More >>


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