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1. Dairy SolutioNZ develops new heat tolerant cow

21 October 2014 12:30pm | Dairy SolutioNZ

Hamilton, New Zealand-based Dairy Solutionz Ltd has led an expert genetics team to develop a new dairy cow breed conditioned to thrive in lower elevation tropical climates and achieve high milk production under heat stress... More >>

2. Dolphin Capture Shows Greater Range, More Risk

21 October 2014 5:13pm | Maui's and Hector's Dolphin Education Action

Dolphin advocates say the capture of an endangered Maui or Hector's dolphin in a recreational set net this year shows more protection is needed. Maui and Hector's dolphins are the world's smallest and rarest marine dolphins, found only in New ..... More >>

3. Waikato scientists uncovering the secrets of mānuka trees

21 October 2014 2:06pm | University of Waikato

The results of a University of Waikato study surveying the flowers of mānuka trees around the North Island has been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry... More >>

4. CRP Say Second Staff Report Has No Bearing on Final Decision

22 October 2014 12:44pm | CRP

Chatham Rock Phosphate is pleased the second staff report, released by the Environmental Protection Authority today, contains no conclusions or recommendations, managing director Chris Castle said today... More >>

5. Book your licence test on the phone or on-line

03 August 2004 7:36pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Driver licensing practical tests can now be booked and paid for by telephone and over the internet... More >>

6. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

7. Plans to be Outdoors? Saturday Looks to be the Best

22 October 2014 1:36pm | NIWA

The first long weekend in more than four months is set to start off on a great note for much of the country, with more of a mixed bag thereafter, say NIWA climate scientists. .. More >>

8. International conference tackles harmful algae threats

22 October 2014 2:55pm | Cawthron Institute

The world's experts in harmful algal blooms and marine biotoxins will descend on Wellington next week for the 16th International Conference on Harmful Algae (ICHA), hosted this year by Cawthron Institute ... More >>

9. The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific Answers

16 March 2011 2:36pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Canterbury region has had six months of unexpected and extremely difficult challenges as a result of a sequence of damaging and deadly earthquakes and the associated aftershocks. The result is significant uncertainty within the public about why the February 22 ..... More >>

10. NZ can be world leader in biology-based clean technology

21 October 2014 9:14am | University of Auckland

.. More >>

11. Geothermal has big potential for NZ

20 October 2014 10:42am | University of Auckland

New Zealand is a world leader in geothermal energy technology which has significant potential for the country's energy supply, says Professor Rosalind Archer who will lead tonight's third lecture in the University of Auckland's Vice-Chancellor's ..... More >>

12. What Antarctica's past reveals about future climate

21 October 2014 3:20pm | Victoria University of Wellington

What Antarctica's past reveals about future climate A PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington's Antarctic Research Centre is looking to the distant past to discover what's ahead for the world's climate. Bella Duncan is researching Antarctica's ..... More >>

13. Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

04 January 2011 11:09am | NIWA

Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! .. More >>

14. Impact of Rena oil spill part of wider disaster research

04 October 2012 12:56pm | Massey University

Emergency management specialists from Massey's Joint Centre for Disaster Research are to revisit the scene of the Rena oil spill in the Bay of Plenty as part of a $760,000 project investigating the resilience of communities having to cope with ..... More >>

15. Technology and robotics still transforming medicine

20 October 2014 2:46pm | University of Auckland

Technology is taking over in surgical medicine and leads the next wave of discovery, says a visiting expert on surgical robotics and innovation. .. More >>

16. Famous Tree Sparks Debate On Discovery Of NZ

21 September 2001 4:24pm | Landcare Research

A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British... More >>

17. Background: Dr Brent Layton

07 August 2003 10:48am | New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

Dr Brent Layton is a professional company director and independent economist with significant experience in infrastructural issues including electricity, finance and banking, transport, science and technology and health... More >>

18. Response to articles by Dr Jo Pollard

09 June 2011 9:47am | Department of Conservation

Dr Jo Pollard claims to have put the science used to justify the continued use of 1080 "under the microscope". Unfortunately, it appears that she may have forgotten to take the lens cap off, say Paul Livingstone, TB Eradication and Research Manager ..... More >>

19. New Zealand's Carbon Market Has Almost Collapsed

15 February 2013 3:02pm | Horizon Research Limited

Media release Carbon News 15 February 2013 New Zealand's Carbon Market Has Almost Collapsed .. More >>

20. Asthma vaccine discovery

06 October 2014 11:58am | Malaghan Institute

A team of New Zealand researchers has discovered new vaccine technology that can be used to treat asthma and other allergic diseases. With asthma now affecting up to one in four New Zealand children, the researchers say this is a promising step ..... More >>

21. Otago University student named Eureka! award winner

14 October 2014 11:43am | Paul Callaghan Awards

Third year neuroscience student, Sam Hall-McMaster, has taken out the third Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards, held in Wellington on Friday. Sam, a student at the University of Otago, delivered a twelve minute presentation about how nanoparticles could solve ..... More >>

22. Alpine Fault Drilling Project Moves into New Phase

19 October 2014 1:43pm | GNS Science

The multi-national Alpine Fault drilling project has moved to a new phase with a new drilling rig positioned over the borehole to take the probe to its target depth of 1.3km. .. More >>

23. Road Code now available free on-line

24 April 2003 1:02pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Need to brush up on the road rules but don't have a copy of the road code? Just visit the Land Transport Safety Authority website,, where an on-line version of the Official New Zealand Road Code for car drivers is now available at no charge... More >>

24. James Pascoe Limited Extends SAP Investment

29 October 2007 11:45am | SAP

James Pascoe Limited Extends SAP Investment Angus & Coote Joins Farmers, Pascoes, Stewart Dawsons on SAP Financials.. More >>

25. Scientists discover whitebait can climb ropes

15 May 2009 3:36pm | Environment Waikato

In what is believed to be a New Zealand first, Environment Waikato scientists may have found a clever way to overcome resource consent barriers for farmers - and possibly help to save some of New Zealand's threatened native fish species. Tiny ..... More >>

26. Gareth Morgan delivers his climate change verdict

19 May 2009 4:03pm | Random House

After having trawled through the most compelling evidence from both sides, even Gareth Morgan is surprised where he has ended up in the tricky, motionally-charged and high-stakes climate change debate. .. More >>

27. NIWA: Traffic-Related Air Pollution At Auckland Schools

14 July 2011 8:51am | NIWA

NIWA scientists are investigating traffic-related air pollution and ultra-fine particles at Auckland schools, inside and outside classrooms, to help understand the long-term health effects on children. .. More >>

28. At least 65 dogs in a year poisoned by 1080 in New Zealand

16 November 2011 11:02am | Dr Jo Pollard

Research by the National Poisons Centre and the Otago University's Pharmacy School which was presented at an International Poisons Congress in 2008 found that dogs across New Zealand are at extreme risk of poisoning from 1080 (1) ... More >>

29. Modern uses for ancient Māori knowledge

17 June 2013 1:21pm | Victoria University of Wellington

Identifying modern-day uses for ancient Māori knowledge of the sun, moon and stars is one goal of research led by Victoria University astrophysicist Dr Pauline Harris. .. More >>

30. Kiwistar abandoned - for what?

07 August 2013 4:22pm | New Zealand Association of Scientists

The New Zealand Association of Scientists is disappointed that Callaghan Innovation has pulled the plug on a promising high value manufacturing venture, Kiwistar Optics. .. More >>

31. Native plant identification a snap

26 November 2013 3:56pm | Otago Innovation Limited

Identifying New Zealand's unique native flora is set to become much easier with the launch of Flora Finder, a smart phone app developed by the University of Otago and MEA Mobile... More >>

32. Research on mixing it up earns MIT scholarship

09 May 2014 12:36pm | University of Auckland

A University of Auckland engineering undergraduate has earned a PhD scholarship to one of the world's most prestigious universities after discovering inconsistencies in the way we measure mixed ingredients... More >>

33. CRV Ambreed adds analytical grunt to animal breeding team

28 May 2014 11:35am | CRV Ambreed

Herd improvement company, CRV Ambreed, has expanded its animal breeding team with two top analysts. .. More >>

34. Global media release: bees in good health

15 August 2014 1:35pm | Bayer CropScience

New large-scale study COLOSS shows: European bees are at their best health level in years as overwintering losses of colonies sink to record low August 11, 2014 .. More >>

35. SPCA Shares Concern Over 1080 Poison Drop

18 September 2014 10:17am | The Graf Boys

The SPCA has shared concern about a video clip covering the recent Department of Conservation's Mt Pirongia aerial 1080 poison drop, near Hamilton. .. More >>

36. Partnership will strengthen Māori innovation and capability

26 September 2014 12:19pm | Joint Media Statement

A memorandum of understanding was signed in Whanganui on Thursday September 24 2014, between The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology and Ngā Hononga Marae (Charitable) Trust... More >>

37. New data may help nutrition monitoring

26 September 2014 3:17pm | University of Auckland

A new combination of household food purchases and nutrition data is being used to assess population exposure to sodium, saturated fat, and sugar in New Zealand. .. More >>

38. Does 1080 Poison Increase Bird Populations or Kill Them

07 October 2014 11:33am | The Graf Boys

The Department of Conservation says it needs to use 1080 poison to kill rats and stop rat plagues. Rats have been present in New Zealand forests for over 700 years, and birds populations continue to flourish in some areas, despite the presence of ..... More >>

39. Is DoC Responsible for Causing Rat Plagues?

12 October 2014 9:42am | Clyde Graf

The Department of Conservation claims it needs to aerially spread New Zealand forests with the deadly pesticide 1080, to kill plagues of rats. However, their own research contradicts their claim. In this short video clip a DoC ..... More >>

40. High-tech 'jackets' to help regulate energy use

13 October 2014 2:12pm | Auckland University

New research at the University of Auckland developing retrofit technology for the production of aluminium would be the first in the world to allow the industry to more easily regulate electricity use. .. More >>

41. Supreme award for innovation

16 October 2014 9:55am | Plant and Food Research

Plant & Food Research has been recognised for its innovation, winning the Supreme Innovator Award and the Sustainability & Cleantech category in this year's New Zealand Innovators Awards, for research that will change the way the world fishes... More >>

42. Exciting development which protects New Zealanders

16 October 2014 11:11am | Cloud M

CLOUD M and Tsunado NZ are delighted to announce a new joint approach to public alerting solutions which will see the development of an innovative relationship to help promote resilience and safety for all New Zealanders. .. More >>

43. Serious Cereal Packaging

10 April 2001 9:01am | Released via Carrara Communications

Hot-shot innovation from a clever little Christchurch company could go a long way to salving consumer guilt pangs about conspicuous packaging consumption. The company, Blue Marble Polymers, is making a living out of a product that most people don't ..... More >>

44. Fewer Magpies May Mean More Native Birds

06 September 2001 11:57am | Landcare Research

Preliminary results from a major trial show that controlling magpie numbers may help build up numbers of native birds, particularly tui and kereru... More >>

45. Whitebait Farming Key To The Future?

15 November 2001 11:50am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

Summary: World's first whitebait ranch set up in NZ, to breed, feed, release and capture the fishy delicacy finds hope from research into spawning, rearing and homing habits... More >>

46. Love A Duck

26 November 2001 1:21pm | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

Marine scientist Paul Gribben reckons he has a dream job; travelling to some of the best harbours in New Zealand, diving for seafood and getting paid while he completes his PhD... More >>

47. W32.Welchia.Worm To Level 4 Threat

20 August 2003 12:49am | Symantec

Symantec, the world leader in Internet security, today announced that it has upgraded the W32.Welchia.Worm from a Level 2 to a Level 4 threat. Symantec is receiving reports of severe disruptions on the internal networks of large enterprises caused by ICMP ..... More >>

48. New Book Ponders "Irrational" Govt. Stance On GE

09 October 2003 2:35pm | The Full Court Press

According to THE GE SELLOUT, a book just published on the GE controversy, the Royal Commission was little more than "an expensive PR exercise" whose outcome was a foregone conclusion... More >>

49. Project Management Expert Joins Intentia

15 March 2004 3:15pm | Intentia

New Zealand - 15 March 2004: Intentia, a leading provider of e-collaboration solutions within the enterprise application space, has appointed a project management professional, Colin Greatrex, as Senior Program Manager for New Zealand... More >>

50. Fliway and CS Company Pick Microsoft

24 May 2004 3:22pm | Microsoft New Zealand

Transport solutions company Fliway and CS Company, the country's largest independently-owned marketer and distributor of fragrances and cosmetics, are the latest New Zealand companies to take advantage of Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta to improve business ..... More >>

51. Kakapo breeding season - update

04 March 2005 11:11am | Department of Conservation

With the kakapo breeding season now in full flight, the Department of Conservation islooking ahead to do more research into improving breeding success... More >>

52. Protected speargrass weevil population to swell

22 December 2006 11:31am | Department of Conservation

A rescue mission for threatened speargrass weevils from Wellington's south coast has paid off with a population now established on Mana Island... More >>

53. Skelta SharePoint Accelerator 2007 Previewed

21 February 2007 9:14am | Unknown

Skelta Software offered a sneak preview of their SharePoint Accelerator 2007 at the first Microsoft European SharePoint Conference 2007 that was held between February 12 - 14 at Berlin, Europe. The next generation Skelta SharePoint Accelerator is ..... More >>

54. Matiu/Somes tuatara named after harbour taniwha

27 November 2007 1:01pm | Department of Conservation

The baby tuatara from Matiu/Somes Island have been named after the two taniwha of Wellington Harbour, Ngake and Whataitai. The tuatara, which hatched from eggs found on the island and were reared in captivity, were returned to the island sanctuary ..... More >>

55. Venture a milestone for High Temp Superconductors

19 December 2007 3:13pm | Industrial Research Ltd

Industrial Research Ltd (IRL) has today signed an agreement with General Cable Asia Pacific for a joint venture to develop and commercially manufacture high temperature superconductor (HTS) cabling in New Zealand... More >>

56. Response To Royal Society's Climate Report

15 July 2008 9:14am | New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

The Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ) has been accused of forsaking its tradition of scientific integrity, in the field of climate science at least, to follow a political agenda, and of misleading its members by giving them an unbalanced view of public ..... More >>

57. The benefits of 1080 and why DOC uses it.

22 July 2008 12:23am | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation (DOC) uses aerial application of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) as a valuable biodiversity protection tool to control mammalian pests that threaten conservation values... More >>

58. New Media Advisor for AgResearch

24 July 2008 9:46am | Agresearch

The person who is responsible for AgResearch's monthly newsletter Intouch, today also takes over the role of Media Advisor for AgResearch... More >>

59. Scientists To Probe Alpine Fault

20 March 2009 9:55am | GNS Science

Scientists from around the world will descend on the West Coast of the South Island next week to discuss an ambitious plan to drill into the Alpine Fault and learn more about earthquakes... More >>

60. Complaint to TVNZ about climate change programme

19 May 2009 9:06am | New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

A formal complaint has been lodged with TNVZ about the "Sunday" programme screened by TV One on 3 May about the launch of Gareth Morgan's book, "Poles Apart" on climate change. The complaint by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition says ..... More >>

61. Innovative Pond cleans up at Environment Awards

08 July 2009 3:17pm | hynds

An innovative dairy effluent storage system has been hailed as the way of the future at the Environment Southland Enviro Awards. The Hynds Hypond system featured in both the Rural Award won by David Hughes of Ballyhooley Dairies and the Environmental ..... More >>

62. Unique science collaboration in agri-food research

10 August 2009 3:41pm | AgResearch

In a collaboration of unparalleled scientific expertise in New Zealand, AgResearch and the University of Auckland's Liggins Institute are seeking to discover how nutrients in food affect animals and humans to improve body composition... More >>

63. The pros and cons of using 1080

13 November 2009 4:34pm | science media center

Sunday will see a series of rallies held nationwide to protest aerial drops of 1080 poison to control pests that prey on native birds. .. More >>

64. Paddle Crabs; Cannibals Of The Seashore

30 December 2009 10:33am | NIWA

This agile swimmer is found in the intertidal zone (between high and low tide marks) all around New Zealand and in southern Australia, down to depths of 100 metres. It's one of nine species of swimming crabs in New Zealand... More >>

65. One year on - Scientists reflect on swine flu

21 April 2010 4:49pm | Science Media Centre

A year ago this Saturday, Rangitoto College students returning from a school trip to Mexico were quarantined in home isolation , with suspected cases of H1N1 swine influenza... More >>

66. Alternative fumigant approved for strawberries

30 June 2010 10:31am | Environmental Risk Management Authority

The Environmental Risk Management Authority has approved an application to import and manufacture the soil fumigant Ripper, for pre-plant soil fumigation for commercial strawberry growers. .. More >>

67. Work at Tokanui Dairy Research Farm progressing

14 July 2010 12:40pm | AgResearch

Research at AgResearch's Tokanui Dairy Research Farm in dairy cow productivity is further examining the role and interrelationships that environmental and genetic influences play in milk production. .. More >>

68. UV-protective drug to be tested for vitiligo

25 August 2010 11:53am | Clinuvel

A drug initially developed to protect skin from light and UV will soon be tested as a repigmentation therapy in vitiligo, a common disorder which causes skin to gradually lose its pigment or tone. SCENESSE?, a new drug developed in Australia, will be evaluated ..... More >>

69. Kiwi wins top international science prize

10 September 2010 12:21pm | CPG

A New Zealand environmental scientist has won a top international science prize for her contribution to the development of a simple, inexpensive test which measures arsenic levels in drinking water, and which has the potential to improve the lives ..... More >>

70. Winning teacher tricks his kids

26 November 2010 12:31pm | PM's Science Prizes

An Auckland secondary teacher, who has transformed the teaching of junior science by using new technology to create online lessons and inspiring students to higher levels of achievement, has won New Zealand's top teaching prize... More >>

71. Kiwifruit Good News

17 January 2011 2:40pm | Indigo

The kiwifruit disease, PSA, is never far from kiwifruit growers' minds but Katikati orchardist Peter Hope believes he already had the best insurance in place before the threat came to light. For the last five years Mr Hope and wife Barbara, who manage ..... More >>

72. Northland paua poaching sting nabs 27 offenders

22 February 2011 4:29pm | Ministry of Fisheries

Fishery Officers are continuing to patrol Northland beaches actively pursuing those who flout the fisheries laws. .. More >>

73. Ten Steps to Finding your Perfect 3PL Provider

08 June 2011 1:17pm | Transtore Ltd

Avoid the pitfalls of finding the perfect 3PL to meet your specific requirements, by heeding the following 3PL 'do's and don'ts'. By Anita Fleming - Transtore [Logistics] Ltd , East Tamaki, Auckland. .. More >>

74. Dead kea dumped at Arthur's Pass were shot

17 August 2011 9:48am | Department of Conservation

Preliminary autopsy results from five dead kea dumped near Arthur's Pass have confirmed that the birds were shot. .. More >>

75. Rocket Lab Receives Popular Science "Best of What's New"

18 November 2011 10:41am | Rocket Lab

This week, Popular Science Magazine released it's "Best of What's New for 2011" Awards, highlighting the top 100 innovative technologies in the world. Instant Eyes[TM], a hand held, rocket launched UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) developed by Rocket Lab ..... More >>

76. Wellington based game developer promises "nerdgasm"

24 April 2012 2:11pm | Gamefroot

Local entrepreneur and game developer Dan Milward officially launches Gamefroot at, the world's first cloud based game creator on Tuesday, 24 April, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. .. More >>

77. Clever thinking creates cleaner water

06 June 2012 10:28am | University of Waikato

Two chemists from the University of Waikato have come up with an innovative method for treating bore water on Waikato farms. .. More >>

78. 32-bit USB DAC Preamplifier Released in NZ

18 June 2012 4:43pm | Perreaux

Dunedin, New Zealand, 18 June 2012 - Perreaux, a New Zealand designer and manufacturer of home audio equipment, announced the release of their new high resolution audio preamplifier, the Audiant DP32. A fully balanced analogue preamplifier with on-board ..... More >>

79. Christchurch green shell mussel extract found effective

26 July 2012 8:38am | Word of Mouth Media

An Australian clinical study trial has found Christchurch-made green shell mussel extract product to be more beneficial for arthritic conditions than glucosamine. .. More >>

80. Scientists Urge End to Tests in Maui's Dolphin Habitat

19 April 2013 9:59am | NABU International - Foundation for Nature

In a letter to New Zealand's Prime Minister, the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) urges the government to immediately halt seismic testing in Maui's dolphin habitat. .. More >>

81. New Toshiba Portégé Z10t detachable Ultrabook

26 April 2013 4:36pm | Toshiba

For people who demand it all, Toshiba today launched the Portégé Z10t, a thin hybrid computer that is a powerful, durable and convenient Ultrabook[TM] which transforms easily, into a practical and intuitive tablet with an impressive handwriting experience... More >>

82. Studying waves over astronomical distances

08 July 2013 2:48pm | University of Auckland

Tiny pulses of light one billionth of a second apart, travelling further than from the Earth to Sun, were used in an exquisitely sensitive experiment at The University of Auckland to explore fundamental interactions between light and sound. .. More >>

83. Research Could Eliminate Need for Kiwi Organ Donors

29 July 2013 9:43am | Dr. Klaus Platz

Hamilton transplant surgery expert Klaus Platz says new ground-breaking medical research could eventually eliminate the need for organ donors, helping desperate Kiwis avoid an agonising wait for a transplant. .. More >>

84. New pest control bait approved

07 November 2013 9:25am | Environmental Protection Authority

The Environmental Protection Authority has approved an application to import and manufacture two substances containing sodium nitrite in New Zealand to be used as a bait to control possums and feral pigs... More >>

85. Soft gel means hard cash as Douglas diversifies

20 November 2013 10:45am | Callaghan Innovation

Fast growing Kiwi pharmaceuticals exporter Douglas Pharmaceuticals is set to expand its global reach and revenues further, after government R&D funding helped it develop an innovative new product range that boosts its competitive advantage on ..... More >>

86. Leap Motion 3D Controller Launches in NZ With Dick Smith

04 December 2013 12:58pm | Leap Motion

AUCKLAND, 4 December 2013 - Leap Motion[TM] today launched in New Zealand with Dick Smith, the company's exclusive retail launch partner, taking pre-orders for the innovative Leap Motion[TM] 3D Controller online at ..... More >>

87. New Zealand carbon emissions projected to climb

17 December 2013 3:26pm | Science Media Centre

An official report to the United Nations climate change body shows a widening gap between New Zealand's targets post-Kyoto and projected emissions in the next two decades... More >>

88. Waterways in peril, finds New Zealand Geographic

23 December 2013 9:40am | INK Marketing

In the first of six special issues celebrating 25 years of publication, New Zealand Geographic presents compelling new evidence on the state of the nation's water, our most precious natural asset... More >>

89. Grapes have the most pesticides: new dirty dozen

10 February 2014 9:39am | Safe Food Campaign

Which foods in New Zealand contain more pesticide residues? What's wrong with pesticide residues? How can residues be reduced? Alison White, researcher and Co-convenor of the Safe Food Campaign, will give an update of her research on the "dirty dozen" ..... More >>

90. MIT Prepares Students For THEIR Future In A Connected Worksp

19 February 2014 10:32am | Manukau Institute of Technology

Dimension Data has begun the implementation of a multi-million dollar ICT infrastructure for Manukau Institute of Technology's (MIT) new Manukau Tertiary Centre (MTC) campus, which is part of Auckland Transports new Manukau Transport Interchange. .. More >>

91. NZ company finds major error with cold and flu products

20 March 2014 11:27am | AFT Pharmaceuticals

New Zealand company finds major formulation error with cold and flu products worth NZ$1.4 billion worldwide .. More >>

92. The Value and Future of Māori Research

21 March 2014 4:21pm | Nga Pae o te Maramatanga

On Thursday 20th March 2014 Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga (NPM) hosted a national workshop at Waipapa Marae, the University of Auckland to discuss the value and future of Māori Research in New Zealand. This followed on from the shock decision to terminate Government ..... More >>

93. Dr Laura Green PhD - Winner of the 2014 Zonta Science Award

07 May 2014 1:57pm | Zonta

Dr Laura Green of Wellington is the winner of the 2014 Zonta Science Award. Laura was presented with her prize by His Excellency, Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae, GNZM, QSO, Governor-General of New Zealand, at a special reception hosted at Government ..... More >>

94. Ancient Forest Emerges From Beneath Takapuna Beach

26 May 2014 9:22am | Dr Bruce Hayward

In recent days the sand near low water in the middle of Takapuna Beach, Auckland, has shifted and exposed the long buried remains of an ancient forest. .. More >>

95. AUT University partnering with leading diagnostic company

27 June 2014 10:52am | AUT University

AUT University is proud to announce the opening of the AUT Roche Diagnostics Laboratory. The laboratory collaboration is the first of its kind in New Zealand and will provide undergraduate and postgraduate students access to the latest scientific evaluations ..... More >>

96. Skin Barrier Function Key to Treatment of Eyelid Dermatitis

16 July 2014 4:12pm | Boyes PR

New clinical guidelines stress that the rise in eyelid dermatitis can be combated by supplementing the skin's natural barrier function, according to Oasis Beauty, New Zealand's leading expert in sensitive skin products and the makers of Rhino ..... More >>

97. Antarctic fish should survive global warming

24 July 2014 11:25am | University of Canterbury

A University of Canterbury student researcher is investigating how emerald rock fish in the Antarctic can adjust and survive the predicted global and sea temperature increase. .. More >>

98. Risks to world's penguin populations analysed

07 August 2014 3:23pm | University of Otago

Risks to world's penguin populations analysed University of Otago researchers are among the co-authors of a major study of all of the world's different penguin species that suggests that these birds are at continuing risk from habitat degradation. Writing ..... More >>

99. New child cancer specialist for Auckland

01 September 2014 12:59pm | University of Auckland

Paediatric oncologist, Dr Andrew Wood has returned to the University of Auckland to research the genetic mistakes driving childhood leukaemias. Dr Wood graduated from the University of Auckland's School of Medicine, and trained as a paediatrician ..... More >>

100. 1.8m to be invested in Māori-led science & innovation

18 September 2014 4:01pm | Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) announced today that a further $1.8 million will be invested over the next two years to develop the science and innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources, and people for the benefit ..... More >>


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