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1. Sensing Murder Strikes Out Again

25 June 2012 1:03pm | Skeptics

The discovery of the body of missing prostitute Jayne Furlong on the beach at Port Waikato directly contradicts the claims by the Sensing Murder exploitainment show that self-proclaimed psychics Deb Webber and Kelvin Cruickhank were able to "tune ..... More >>

2. Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

04 January 2011 11:09am | NIWA

Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! .. More >>

3. Every Draft Needs An Editor

23 April 2015 2:56pm | Deconstruct Paris

Every Draft Needs An Editor, So Who's Editing The Draft Text For The Paris Climate Conference? .. More >>

4. Getting to know the Gisborne gas seeps

17 April 2015 11:15am | NIWA

A team of NIWA scientist heads offshore near Gisborne next week [April 23-May 1] to investigate a group of seabed gas flares erupting from near a glacier of frozen methane discovered last year... More >>

5. The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific Answers

16 March 2011 2:36pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Canterbury region has had six months of unexpected and extremely difficult challenges as a result of a sequence of damaging and deadly earthquakes and the associated aftershocks. The result is significant uncertainty within the public about why the February 22 ..... More >>

6. Return of the Cluster Flies

11 April 2011 11:36am | Kiwicare

The annual influx of cluster flies into New Zealand rural homes and farms has begun in earnest. Rural supplies stores and hardware stores around the country are reporting a sudden and dramatic increase in customers seeking help and advice on how to get ..... More >>

7. Record number of great white sharks tagged in NZ waters

07 July 2011 9:56am | NIWA

Scientists completed a successful three-week field tagging trip in April 2011, where they tagged a record 27 great white sharks around the Titi (Muttonbird) Islands off the northeast coast of Stewart Island. .. More >>

8. Famous Tree Sparks Debate On Discovery Of NZ

21 September 2001 4:24pm | Landcare Research

A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British... More >>

9. The benefits of 1080 and why DOC uses it.

22 July 2008 12:23am | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation (DOC) uses aerial application of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) as a valuable biodiversity protection tool to control mammalian pests that threaten conservation values... More >>

10. OYSTERS AHEAD: Bluff season begins

27 February 2015 3:34pm | NIWA

Each March, oyster lovers descend on the catch of Bluff's best bivalves - a seasonal delicacy from one of the last remaining wild oyster fisheries on the planet. .. More >>

11. House of Science develops aquaculture kit for schools

24 April 2015 12:34pm | House of Science

The House of Science Tauranga is delighted to release yet another science resource kit for use in local primary and intermediate schools. Sponsored by the Regional Aquaculture Organization (RAO), 'The Sea and Me' kit helps students understand ..... More >>

12. Road Code now available free on-line

24 April 2003 1:02pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Need to brush up on the road rules but don't have a copy of the road code? Just visit the Land Transport Safety Authority website,, where an on-line version of the Official New Zealand Road Code for car drivers is now available at no charge... More >>

13. Book your licence test on the phone or on-line

03 August 2004 7:36pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Driver licensing practical tests can now be booked and paid for by telephone and over the internet... More >>

14. Microsoft sponsors top NZ online gaming team

23 May 2007 10:11am | Microsoft New Zealand

Microsoft New Zealand has announced its sponsorship of top New Zealand gaming team Online Gaming Addicts (OGA), which is currently ranked in the top 3 online gaming teams in New Zealand and Australia. "We're proud to support OGA and reinforce ..... More >>

15. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

16. Consumers Urged to Switch Smoke Alarms (Not Just Batteries)

25 September 2012 11:29am | Cavius

TAURANGA, Monday 24 September 2012 : Kiwis are being urged to replace not only their smoke alarm batteries but to consider switching to smoke detectors which are safer, stylish and more cost effective this daylight savings weekend (Sunday September 30)... More >>

17. Samsung Electronics' Ultra Slim Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3

10 March 2015 11:09am | Samsung

Samsung Electronics' Ultra Slim Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 - Perfect for Social Networking Express yourself in style Auckland, New Zealand, March 9, 2015 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, offering a refined, ..... More >>

18. Māori focus for new biosecurity network

20 April 2015 4:30pm | Lincoln University

The Bio-Protection Research Centre, in conjunction with Lincoln University, is facilitating the establishment of a National Māori Biosecurity Network to help manage and protect New Zealand from biosecurity incursions. The purpose of the Network is to connect ..... More >>

19. Dairy industry's next 'All Blacks' selected

21 April 2015 2:29pm | CRV Ambreed

Dairy industry's next 'All Blacks' selected In what's arguably the equivalent of making it into the All Blacks squad for a bull, a rigorous four-year selection process has resulted in CRV Ambreed's latest group of proven sires that are set ..... More >>

20. Top pain specialists urge caution on "medicinal cannabis"

22 April 2015 2:14pm | ANZCA

The evidence supporting the use of cannabis-based medicines for pain relief in chronic non-cancer pain is weak and based more on anecdote than on sound clinical science and practice, leading pain physicians in New Zealand and Australia argue. The Faculty ..... More >>

21. Approval for horticultural fungicide

23 April 2015 2:35pm | Environmental Protection Authority

An Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) decision-making committee has approved an application by ISK New Zealand Ltd for a fungicide that controls various fungal diseases in horticultural crops... More >>

22. My Deft Foot

26 October 2000 10:34am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

Northland farmer turned inventor John LeGarth has put his best foot forward to develop a product that will reduce farmers' angst over their fenceposts... More >>

23. Ian Mitchell To Lead Software Start-Up

14 December 2000 10:51am | Unknown

We wish to advise that Waitiri Capital has been mandated to raise start-up capital for Customer Information Technologies Limited (CIT). We believe that the customer relationship management (Customerite) software to be developed by CIT is an excellent ..... More >>

24. Digital Surround Sound Creates 3D Theatre Zone

28 June 2001 2:21pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Clear Day SLAB DSP Limited Announces the Release of Virtuoso[TM] A Surround Sound Technology for Headphones and Headsets.. More >>

25. Allegro Provides Sweet Sounds To Air Travellers

27 July 2001 11:32am | Released via Clear Day

Auckland, New Zealand (JULY 27 2001) - Slab DSP Limited is releasing a new analogue noise reduction system for in-flight entertainment (IFE) that they believe is the world's most sophisticated analogue noise reduction solution for in-flight entertainment... More >>

26. Peach Teats inventor marks 10th anniversary

01 August 2003 3:19pm | Skellerup Industries

A decade after Hunterville dairy farmer Robert McIntyre started supplying New Zealand's dairy industry with his revolutionary Peach Teats, the product remains a classic example of Kiwi ingenuity... More >>

27. Background: Dr Brent Layton

07 August 2003 10:48am | New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

Dr Brent Layton is a professional company director and independent economist with significant experience in infrastructural issues including electricity, finance and banking, transport, science and technology and health... More >>

28. It's a bugs life!

28 January 2004 3:55pm | Pipfruit Growers of New Zealand

Pipfruit IFP pilot grower Linzi Malley with Hastings Intermediate students checking pheromone traps in the orchard for bug counts.. More >>

29. Van Gogh's on the Go!

09 July 2004 12:12am | Microsoft New Zealand

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - 09 July 2004 - In just over two months, Ambient Design, a New Zealand-based software development company, has had more than 65,000 downloads of its new ArtRage application, a free painting package designed to provide a realistic ..... More >>

30. Irish Online Hotel Booking Engine

18 October 2004 11:55am | Dave Lemmon

Utilising the latest Internet protocol known as Action Message Format (AMF) a Software Company 'In1Solutions' from Dublin Ireland have deployed the first intelligent 'Irish Online Hotel Booking Engine' in Europe for the tourism industry that provides application ..... More >>

31. Image: In-Car Navigation A Reality

14 March 2005 3:49pm | VDO Dayton

You're in a strange city late at night, the weather is appalling and visibility is poor. You can't find your way to your motel, there's no safe place to pull over and check a map, and you haven't seen a road sign for several blocks... More >>

32. Sealegs Boat Goes Where No Boat Has Been Before

04 April 2005 12:23am | Sealegs Corporation

Auckland, 4 April 2005: Sealegs International Limited today announced that it has developed a new all-terrain version of its amphibious marine craft... More >>

33. Attitude change prescribed for weedy Auckland

23 January 2006 4:12pm | Landcare Research

Researchers say responding to the threat of weeds early rather than waiting until plants become weeds is crucial for curbing Auckland's rampaging weed problem... More >>

34. 1820 Sheep die grazing GE cotton land

09 May 2006 9:20am | GE Free NZ

The latest studies on GE Cotton farming have raised grave concerns about the safety of GE cotton which is widely used in food as well as in clothing. A preliminary report released in late April has found that thousands of sheep died after grazing on land ..... More >>

35. Orakei Volcano is Much Older Than Thought

12 January 2007 10:08am | GNS Science

Scientists drilling into the Orakei Basin in Auckland have found the Orakei volcano is probably three times as old as previously thought. A group of geologists from government-owned research and consultancy company GNS Science and the University ..... More >>

36. Fungi Hunters in the Wairarapa

03 May 2007 12:21am | Landcare Research

The Fungal Foray is an annual event organised by Landcare Research. The Forays began in 1986 and have been held at different sites each year, ranging from Tangihua in the North to the Catlins in the South. The event attracts both amateur and professional ..... More >>

37. Suspect Runs Amok In The Poisoners! Exhibition

02 August 2007 9:59am | Te Papa

Visitors to Te Papa's hugely popular interactive 'murder-mystery' exhibition, The Poisoners! Solve the murder if you dare...have another reason to don their detective hats and investigate the crime scene anew... More >>

38. Kaiapoi Island opens to public

04 December 2007 2:13pm | Environment Canterbury

Kaiapoi Island, part of the Waimakariri River Regional Park, opens to the public this weekend (Saturday, December 8)... More >>

39. Kaimanawa Horses Needing Homes

08 May 2009 2:26pm | Department of Conservation

Ever thought of adopting a Kaimanawa horse? If so, now is the time to get your application in, with the 2009 muster scheduled for early June. .. More >>

40. New doggie DNA test available in NZ

10 July 2009 9:46am | Petpost

They've been called mutts, mongrels, bitsers and 'SPCA specials'...but now mixed-breed dogs can hold their slightly unusual heads high. .. More >>

41. Babydoll Sheep Introduced To Reduce Emmissions

14 July 2009 1:36pm | CarboNZero

In his quest to develop the world's leading sustainable vineyard, Peter Yealands has come up with a novel way to keep the grass down at his 1,000 hectare vineyard in the most sustainable way. .. More >>

42. Inspiring the next generation of women in science

22 June 2010 5:13pm | The New Zealand International Science Festival

Wondering where a career in science could take you? A breakfast event to inspire the next generation of young women contemplating science-related careers will be held in Dunedin on Friday 9 July, 2010 as part of the New Zealand International Science ..... More >>

43. Highly detailed maps of seabed now available

19 August 2010 10:26am | NIWA

The high-resolution maps show the hidden seabed of the deep sea around the country in incredible digital detail, making them a treasure for all New Zealanders. .. More >>

44. Possums and stoats eat kea

19 November 2010 10:48am | Department of Conservation

New evidence shows possums are eating New Zealand's native parrot the kea. Researchers using nest-cameras have for the first time witnessed the gruesome reality inside defenceless kea nests invaded by stoats and possums in South Westland. .. More >>

45. Infrared illuminator for outdoor fixed dome cameras

18 January 2011 2:22pm | Axis Communications

Auckland, New Zealand - 18th January 2011: Axis Communications, the global market leader in the network video market1, offers customers a high-intensity infrared illuminator for outdoor versions of the AXIS P33 Fixed Dome Network Cameras. The outdoor-ready ..... More >>

46. Christchurch badly damaged by magnitude 6.3 earthquake

23 February 2011 12:13pm | GNS Science

Christchurch has experienced a major earthquake centred south of the city, and severe damage and casualties have been reported. .. More >>

47. #EQNZ: "The very best of human spirit"

18 March 2011 4:55pm | Science Media Centre

The country and Christchurch in particular paused today to reflect on the disastrous earthquake that struck the city at 12.51pm on February 22. Amid the moving tributes to the victims of the tragedy was an appeal from Prime Minister John Key to take ..... More >>

48. Lincoln University scientists awarded Marsden Fund grants

06 October 2011 9:15am | Lincoln University

Two Lincoln University scientists, Dr Suzanne Vallance and Dr Jo Steyaert, have been named among the country's best researchers through the award of Marsden Fund Fast-Start grants, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand on the behalf ..... More >>

49. Forest & Bird launches nationwide kereru count

19 February 2012 3:11pm | Forest And Bird

Forest & Bird today launches a nationwide survey of kereru. The inaugural Kereru Count allows the public to contribute to the national scientific study by recording sightings of kereru (New Zealand wood pigeon) from February 19 to 27 on ..... More >>

50. Survey to help reverse kereru decline

28 February 2012 9:52am | Forest And Bird

28 February 2012 - Wellington Forest & Bird media release for immediate use Survey to help reverse kereru decline _____________________________________________ Forest & Bird's nationwide kereru count last week has provided valuable information ..... More >>

51. Spying on our great white sharks

11 April 2012 11:18am | NIWA

Scientists have just completed a successful trip to Stewart Island, tagging 23 great white sharks. The sharks were tagged with acoustic and popup tags, and filmed underwater for photo-identification purposes. The tags and photos will allow scientists to investigate ..... More >>

52. Could NZ cherries be the secret to a good night's sleep?

14 April 2012 12:19pm | Moanui

Hamilton, New Zealand - Preliminary research results released today by Fruision Ltd show that sweet cherries grown in New Zealand's sun-rich Central Otago region are a natural source of melatonin at levels over 30 times higher than other cherry varieties ..... More >>

53. MND Association Welcomes Research that Sheds Light on Causes

21 June 2012 11:25am | MND Association

Media release 21 June 2012 The Motor Neurone Disease Association welcomes research that may shed light on causes of MND On Motor Neurone Disease Global Awareness Day, the Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand has welcomed two exciting research ..... More >>

54. EECA To Deliver Christchurch Electric Car

13 August 2012 5:19pm | Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

13 August 2012 EECA To Deliver Christchurch Electric Car A Mitsubishi i-MiEV will be presented to key organisations in Christchurch on Tuesday morning as part of a year-long project being run by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority. ..... More >>

55. Nippy creatures that share your swim

29 January 2013 10:01am | NIWA

There you are at the beach this summer. The water is cool and inviting. You go in for a dip. Then something small nips you. Most people would immediately blame a crab but it could be sea louse - a marine isopod! Isopods are a type of crustacean, ..... More >>

56. Acute toxoplasmosis impairs memory and concentration

29 January 2013 11:51am | University of Auckland

Acute toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease carried by cats, may be a much more severe illness than previously understood. .. More >>

57. New partnership to house Gillies McIndoe Research Institute

29 May 2013 11:13am | Gillies McIndoe

After a tireless 15-year campaign, Professor Swee Tan can hardly believe his original vision is about to be fulfilled - a research institute with its own premises, laboratory and staff dedicated to finding more effective treatment for disfiguring and life-threatening ..... More >>

58. Modern uses for ancient Māori knowledge

17 June 2013 1:21pm | Victoria University of Wellington

Identifying modern-day uses for ancient Māori knowledge of the sun, moon and stars is one goal of research led by Victoria University astrophysicist Dr Pauline Harris. .. More >>

59. Hamish Fagg to be first Kiwi in Space

16 December 2013 11:40am | LYNX Space Academy

LYNX has chosen one lucky Kiwi to go where only an elite few in the world have gone before; sub-orbital space. 21-year-old Hamish Fagg has just returned from the LYNX Space Academy Camp in Orlando, Florida where he was selected from two Kiwi finalists ..... More >>

60. Waikato science students tackle cancer and memory research

25 February 2014 12:27pm | Waikato University

Preventing breast cancer, reducing the toxicity of radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, and analysing memory function during anaesthesia, were the topics for three students from the University of Waikato, who have just completed summer studentships... More >>

61. Auckland scientists discover new stem cell in human skin

12 March 2014 11:33am | University of Auckland

Auckland scientists have discovered new cells with stem cell properties in human skin, opening the door to a range of new treatments for skin diseases and unhealed wounds... More >>

62. NZ company finds major error with cold and flu products

20 March 2014 11:27am | AFT Pharmaceuticals

New Zealand company finds major formulation error with cold and flu products worth NZ$1.4 billion worldwide .. More >>

63. Naverisk Powers up Security and Authentication

16 April 2014 1:12pm | Naverisk

Naverisk, the market leading unified RMM and Service Desk platform for MSP's and IT service providers, Powers up Security and Authentication with Scorpion Software's AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth and Single Sign On. .. More >>

64. Ancient Forest Emerges From Beneath Takapuna Beach

26 May 2014 9:22am | Dr Bruce Hayward

In recent days the sand near low water in the middle of Takapuna Beach, Auckland, has shifted and exposed the long buried remains of an ancient forest. .. More >>

65. New Zealand taking the lead with 3D scanner

23 June 2014 9:43am | University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury and New Zealand is leading the world's pre-clinical imaging market with research work on its commercial 3D scanner improving the treatment of diseases... More >>

66. Huawei Ascend P7 - Now available in New Zealand

23 September 2014 2:04pm | Huawei Technologies

New Zealand, September 23: Huawei's newest flagship smartphone, the Ascend P7, which combines stunning form with seamless function, is now available in New Zealand. .. More >>

67. Large flocks of kererū show up in annual survey

05 October 2014 2:50pm | Forest And Bird

The independent conservation organisation Forest & Bird says a kererū (wood pigeon) survey that has received reports of flocks of as many as 170 birds, could indicate the kererū population is recovering - thanks to good predator control... More >>

68. Canon launches new compact cameras

06 January 2015 9:50am | Canon

PowerShot SX710 HS and PowerShot SX610 HS offer the ultimate flexibility, ensuring you can record everything, from family summer holidays to weekends away, in great quality... More >>

69. Samsung Revolutionises the Viewing Experience with SUHD TV

06 January 2015 1:09pm | Samsung

SUHD TV dictates a new era for TV with proprietary Samsung display technology, SUHD re-mastering engine and Smart TV functions powered by Tizen .. More >>

70. NIWA Seasonal Climate Outlook February-April 2015

30 January 2015 5:09pm | NIWA

Sea surface temperatures across the equatorial Pacific Ocean are borderline between neutral and weak El Niño conditions. However -- as was the case over the past few months - the atmospheric circulation in the Pacifc is still inconsistent with ..... More >>

71. NASA to launch scientific space balloon from Wanaka NZ

02 March 2015 11:04am | Queenstown Airport

Residents in the Southern Hemisphere's mid-latitudes, such as Argentina and South Africa, may catch a glimpse of a large NASA heavy-lift scientific balloon as it travels around the globe on a potentially record-breaking flight. .. More >>

72. Sony sets the new mid-range standard with Xperia[TM] M4 Aqua

03 March 2015 11:07am | Sony Mobile Communications

o Capture more - just point and shoot, with a powerful13MP camera, F2.0 aperture and Sony's intelligent Superior Auto mode .. More >>

73. Bid to protect morepork on Banks Peninsula

16 March 2015 1:07pm | Lincoln University

Carina Pohnke (left) and DoC science advisor Moira Pryde hold a female morepork that was caught by DoC in Kaituna Valley last year. A transmitter was attached to the bird and will stay in place for 18 months so the morepork's home range can ..... More >>

74. Savvy tech companies join forces in global healthcare market

16 March 2015 4:45pm | Kinross Group

Dynamic mobile software company Kinross Group Ltd and leading digital healthcare business Netsoft, have formed a partnership; one which will spearhead a new gold standard in healthcare and increase their global footprint. Both companies are already ..... More >>

75. Research into Nelson Lakes National Park methane discharge

21 April 2015 2:01pm | University of Canterbury

A University of Canterbury postgraduate geology student has been exploring Red Hills in the Nelson Lakes National Park for groundwater springs where a significant amount of methane is being released to the atmosphere. .. More >>

76. Humates are handy - but save your money

21 April 2015 3:59pm | Ballance Agri-Nutrients

International research shows they can improve soil stability, help retain water and contribute to plant health. But spending money on commercial preparations of humates for agricultural soil and plant health is like investing in the latest anti-wrinkle ..... More >>

77. Invaluable recipes for today's health needs

22 April 2015 9:46am | University of Canterbury

The School of Health Sciences at the University of Canterbury is conducting ground-breaking research into a Renaissance medico-pharmaceutical text that could hold invaluable recipes for today's health needs... More >>

78. Ensuring There Are Always Enough Fish In The Sea

22 April 2015 4:53pm | BayTrust

Kimberley Maxwell grew up fishing for kahawai with her family at the mouth of the Mōtū River in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Now, with the support of the inaugural Bruce Cronin BayTrust scholarship, she's working hard to preserve that experience ..... More >>

79. Ocean wealth valued at US$24 trillion, but sinking fast

23 April 2015 10:31am | WWF

The value of the ocean's riches rivals the size of the world's leading economies, but its resources are rapidly eroding, according to a report released by WWF today. The report, Reviving the Ocean Economy: The case for action - 2015, analyses the ..... More >>

80. This Week in Sci-Tech

24 April 2015 3:51pm | Science Media Centre

In an unexpected - and potentially unwelcome - world first, Chinese researchers have tweaked the genomes of human embryos. .. More >>


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