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1. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

2. Sophisticated cyber-espionage malware uncovered by Symantec

24 November 2014 1:41pm | Symantec

Symantec has uncovered a sophisticated new piece of malware-reminiscent of Stuxnet and Duqu-which bears the hallmarks of a state-sponsored operation and operates with a degree of technical competence rarely seen. The malware, dubbed "Regin," ..... More >>

3. Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

04 January 2011 11:09am | NIWA

Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! .. More >>

4. The pros and cons of using 1080

13 November 2009 4:34pm | science media center

Sunday will see a series of rallies held nationwide to protest aerial drops of 1080 poison to control pests that prey on native birds. .. More >>

5. Book your licence test on the phone or on-line

03 August 2004 7:36pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Driver licensing practical tests can now be booked and paid for by telephone and over the internet... More >>

6. Ancient Forest Emerges From Beneath Takapuna Beach

26 May 2014 9:22am | Dr Bruce Hayward

In recent days the sand near low water in the middle of Takapuna Beach, Auckland, has shifted and exposed the long buried remains of an ancient forest. .. More >>

7. The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific Answers

16 March 2011 2:36pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Canterbury region has had six months of unexpected and extremely difficult challenges as a result of a sequence of damaging and deadly earthquakes and the associated aftershocks. The result is significant uncertainty within the public about why the February 22 ..... More >>

8. Sensing Murder Strikes Out Again

25 June 2012 1:03pm | Skeptics

The discovery of the body of missing prostitute Jayne Furlong on the beach at Port Waikato directly contradicts the claims by the Sensing Murder exploitainment show that self-proclaimed psychics Deb Webber and Kelvin Cruickhank were able to "tune ..... More >>

9. Consumers Urged to Switch Smoke Alarms (Not Just Batteries)

25 September 2012 11:29am | Cavius

TAURANGA, Monday 24 September 2012 : Kiwis are being urged to replace not only their smoke alarm batteries but to consider switching to smoke detectors which are safer, stylish and more cost effective this daylight savings weekend (Sunday September 30)... More >>

10. SMC Heads-Up: Dawn whales, #shirtstorms and antibiotics

21 November 2014 3:02pm | Science Media Centre

Ancient NZ whale; Science radar; A 'shirty' situation; Antibiotic awareness; Friday video; Policy news; Quoted; New from the SMC; Sciblogs highlights; Research highlights; Sci-tech events.. More >>

11. Road Code now available free on-line

24 April 2003 1:02pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Need to brush up on the road rules but don't have a copy of the road code? Just visit the Land Transport Safety Authority website,, where an on-line version of the Official New Zealand Road Code for car drivers is now available at no charge... More >>

12. Paddle Crabs; Cannibals Of The Seashore

30 December 2009 10:33am | NIWA

This agile swimmer is found in the intertidal zone (between high and low tide marks) all around New Zealand and in southern Australia, down to depths of 100 metres. It's one of nine species of swimming crabs in New Zealand... More >>

13. NZ toxic contaminant levels halved - study shows

21 November 2013 12:37pm | Massey University

Blood samples taken by Massey researchers to measure the concentrations of toxic environmental contaminants, called persistent organic pollutants (or POPs), show their levels halved in the past 15 years among New Zealand's adult population... More >>

14. Scientists celebrate 60 years of radiocarbon measurements

21 November 2014 2:45pm | NIWA

Scientists will next month celebrate the diamond anniversary of the world's longest continuous record of atmospheric radiocarbon measurements. .. More >>

15. Blustery spring weather to continue

24 November 2014 1:17pm | MetService

The windy spring weather is set to continue this week, with several fronts bringing bouts of rain to western areas, and warm temperatures with blustery northwest winds in the east... More >>

16. Kiwi Companies at the Forefront of the SKA

24 September 2014 1:20pm | Open Parallel

Two New Zealand IT companies, Open Parallel and Catalyst, are at the forefront of the largest IT project in the world, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope. .. More >>

17. Innovative Technology Designed in the Hutt Valley

21 November 2014 10:14am | Weltec

Fraser Engineering in Lower Hutt is world famous for producing sophisticated yet rugged fire engines. .. More >>

18. Famous Tree Sparks Debate On Discovery Of NZ

21 September 2001 4:24pm | Landcare Research

A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British... More >>

19. Internet Pioneer In New Zealand

26 June 2002 11:30am | Mediacom press release distribution

Kiwis have the rare chance to hear Internet pioneer Paul Vixie when he visits New Zealand from July 11-14. "Paul Vixie is a key creator in the development of the modern Internet and he will be sharing his knowledge at UniForum NZ's annual ..... More >>

20. Second wave of shore plover to Mana Island

28 February 2008 4:50pm | Department of Conservation

Twenty more nationally-endangered shore plover took up residence on Mana Island near Wellington today as part of a Department of Conservation plan to ensure their long-term survival... More >>

21. The benefits of 1080 and why DOC uses it.

22 July 2008 12:23am | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation (DOC) uses aerial application of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) as a valuable biodiversity protection tool to control mammalian pests that threaten conservation values... More >>

22. At least 65 dogs in a year poisoned by 1080 in New Zealand

16 November 2011 11:02am | Dr Jo Pollard

Research by the National Poisons Centre and the Otago University's Pharmacy School which was presented at an International Poisons Congress in 2008 found that dogs across New Zealand are at extreme risk of poisoning from 1080 (1) ... More >>

23. Leap Motion 3D Controller Launches in NZ With Dick Smith

04 December 2013 12:58pm | Leap Motion

AUCKLAND, 4 December 2013 - Leap Motion[TM] today launched in New Zealand with Dick Smith, the company's exclusive retail launch partner, taking pre-orders for the innovative Leap Motion[TM] 3D Controller online at ..... More >>

24. Host proposals sought for Food Safety Science Centre

07 July 2014 3:00pm | New Zealand Government

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce and Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye today invited seven organisations to participate in a Request for Proposals (RfP) to host the Food Safety Science and Research Centre... More >>

25. Seasonal Climate Outlook - October-December 2014

02 October 2014 4:58pm | NIWA

During September 2014, borderline El Niño conditions returned in the Pacific: sea surface temperatures rose in the western-central Pacific, sub-surface heat content increased, and the Southern Oscillation Index persisted at about -0.7. Both atmospheric ..... More >>

26. Education essential to prevent antimicrobial resistance

19 November 2014 4:28pm | NZVA

Veterinarians say working closely with doctors and farmers is essential to address antimicrobial resistance - one of the greatest potential risks to animal and human health - and this week's Antimicrobial Awareness Week (17-21 November) is a timely ..... More >>

27. Innnovative Packaging Developed By Student

29 May 2000 10:00am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

Work done by a Massey University technology student, Gareth Hargreaves, has led to better protective shrink-wrap packaging on ovens made by one of New Zealand's biggest manufacturers... More >>

28. Communications Trumps Defamation Action Succeeds

11 December 2000 2:39pm | Communications Trumps

Judgement in the Communications Trumps - Rural News defamation case was released today with Rural News found liable for defaming Communications Trumps... More >>

29. Image: Giant Spanish Pohutukawa Sparks Debate

21 September 2001 11:50am | Landcare Research

A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British... More >>

30. Taking the Hassle out of the Kiwi 'Big OE'

04 November 2002 1:03pm | Unknown

Opening a bank account in the UK is a notoriously difficult procedure - now New Zealanders off on the 'Big OE' can avoid the hassles by opening a UK bank account before even leaving New Zealand... More >>

31. Dog deals blow to Kaweka kiwi population

16 April 2004 9:41am | Environment Conservation Outdoor Education Trust

A Hawkes Bay kiwi recovery programme is urging hunters to take proper care of their dogs in the bush after an adult female kiwi was killed by dogs in the Kaweka Ranges on Wednesday... More >>

32. Satellites To Track Car Thieves

02 November 2004 10:38am | Traking It

More car thieves may end up in court following the launch this week of a new vehicle tracking system... More >>

33. NZ's Stonehenge! - A major new tourist attraction

15 February 2005 9:49am | Awa Press

Stonehenge Aotearoa, an open-sky observatory, inspired by and built on a similar scale to the famous Stonehenge on England's Salisbury Plains has been built in the Wairarapa countryside (1.5 hours from Wellington). Unique in New Zealand and internationally ..... More >>

34. Woosh Wireless' Technology Partner Wins US Award

06 May 2005 4:13pm | Whoosh Wireless

Woosh's technology partner, IP Wireless, has won the Innovation Award in the wireless category of one of America's leading technology publications, Network Magazine... More >>

35. Honey Import Health Standard issued

11 July 2006 2:31pm | Biosecurity NZ

Biosecurity New Zealand (BNZ), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), today issued a new import health standard for honey and related bee products from Australia... More >>

36. New Chief Executive For EECA

21 December 2006 10:57am | Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

New Chief Executive for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has today announced the appointment of Mike Underhill as Chief Executive... More >>

37. Free Service Providing Skilled Workers To NZ

08 November 2007 10:02am |

The shortage of skilled workers continues to a major problem for many employers. Increasingly they have to compete in a global market place for some specific skills. The recent tax changes announced in Australia will make it even more difficult to ..... More >>

38. Experiment to put surf lifeguard in Raglan rips

18 January 2008 5:42pm | NIWA

Scientists from the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) are undertaking a unique experiment with Surf Life Saving New Zealand to investigate the behaviour of rips. The experiment, scheduled for 22 January, will follow a surf ..... More >>

39. Prue Williams appointed Foundation chief scientist

22 October 2008 11:47am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

Dr Prue Williams of Crop & Food Research has been appointed the chief science advisor of the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. .. More >>

40. On the lookout for lizards

11 November 2008 12:52pm | Department of Conservation

Conservation staff on the DOC Poneke area-managed Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour are preparing for an exciting arrival on Friday's 10 am ferry sailing. .. More >>

41. Rare beaked whale strands on Kapiti coast

29 January 2009 12:27pm | Department of Conservation

A rare Gray's beaked whale which stranded and subsequently died on a Kapiti beach this week may have been nursing a calf. .. More >>

42. Kakariki to be released at Tawharanui this Sunday

13 March 2009 5:21pm | Auckland Regional Council

Kakariki, or red-crowned parakeets, are the latest addition to the open sanctuary at Tawharanui Regional Park. These birds, which haven't been seen on the Auckland mainland for around a century, will be released on Sunday 15 March... More >>

43. Kaimanawa Horses Needing Homes

08 May 2009 2:26pm | Department of Conservation

Ever thought of adopting a Kaimanawa horse? If so, now is the time to get your application in, with the 2009 muster scheduled for early June. .. More >>

44. Malaghan Institute Receives Marsden Funds

13 October 2009 12:55pm | Malaghan Institute

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research cancer and infectious diseases scientists are the latest recipients of highly-contested Marsden Funds. Dr Ian Hermans, Dr Troels Petersen and Dr Joanna Kirman were awarded ~$800,000 of Marsden funding, administered ..... More >>

45. Port trials new lighting system to beat bugs

12 January 2010 4:00pm | Scion research

The Port of Tauranga is looking to fend off night raids by aerial attackers. The precious merchandise being protected from these invaders is sawn timber and logs destined for valuable overseas markets. .. More >>

46. New Pro-1080 Alliance Lacks Sustainability Vision

10 April 2010 10:36am | The Soil and Health Association of NZ

The new pro-1080 animal toxin alliance led by Forest & Bird and Federated Farmers lacks a vision of a truly sustainable clean green 100% Pure New Zealand according to the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand... More >>

47. Dr Tom Richardson appointed AgResearch CEO

18 June 2010 10:30am | AgResearch

The current head of the Rotorua-based CRI, New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd, trading as Scion, Dr Tom Richardson, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of AgResearch Ltd, after the resignation of Dr Andrew West... More >>

48. NIWA confirms collapse of undersea volcano

16 August 2010 10:03am | NIWA

The aptly named 'Rumble III' undersea volcano on the Kermadec Ridge, 200 km northeast of Auckland, has dropped in height by 120 metres in the last couple of years, pioneering research by NIWA has shown... More >>

49. Earthquake report: Mag 7.1 West of Christchurch

04 September 2010 9:15am | GNS Science

Widely felt throughout New Zealand. Note: the location, magnitude and depth have been revised. .. More >>

50. Nationwide science education week announced

01 December 2010 11:25am | NZ Society of Science Educators

Students, teachers and parents throughout New Zealand will be involved in a special week next year to emphasise the importance of science education in primary schools. This is the first time such a week has been held. .. More >>

51. Forgotten Ancient Eruptions In Auckland

05 April 2011 10:15am | GNS Science

New research on Auckland's volcanic field has uncovered a volcano which had been all but forgotten, and this work will better define what is most likely to happen when the next volcano forms in Auckland. The research is part of the Devora project, ..... More >>

52. Sociable Science Wins Top Prize

12 April 2011 9:24am | Comvita New Zealand

The winning Comvita Science Challenge YouTube video entry announced last night, Rust Proof Your Health, did what some would find surprising - it made an entertaining link between antioxidants, which foods contain them and why they're so important, ..... More >>

53. Ten Steps to Finding your Perfect 3PL Provider

08 June 2011 1:17pm | Transtore Ltd

Avoid the pitfalls of finding the perfect 3PL to meet your specific requirements, by heeding the following 3PL 'do's and don'ts'. By Anita Fleming - Transtore [Logistics] Ltd , East Tamaki, Auckland. .. More >>

54. Tangaroa's amazing voyage

18 July 2011 9:14am | NIWA

NIWA's research vessel Tangaroa has just completed a very successful voyage of habitats of significance for marine organisms and biodiversity. "We were amazed by what we saw," says NIWA's Dr Mark Morrison, programme leader... More >>

55. SMC Heads-Up to 27 October: MeNZB, warming confirmed, Rena

21 October 2011 3:57pm | Science Media Centre

Research led by Professor Diana Lennon, head of Clinical Paediatrics, School of Medicine, at Auckland University, claims a delay in creating and using a vaccine against the killer disease menigococcal B caused unnecessary and potentially avoidable deaths... More >>

56. Rena disaster - what does this mean for our environment?

08 November 2011 10:55am | Waikato University

A panel of Waikato University scientists will discuss the effects of the Rena oil spill on the environment at this year's last Hamilton Café Scientifique. Scientists from the departments of Earth & Ocean Sciences, Chemistry and Biological Sciences ..... More >>

57. Second White Kiwi Brings White Christmas To Pukaha

22 December 2011 11:45am | Pukaha Mount Bruce

It's a white Christmas at Pukaha Mount Bruce with the surprise hatching of a second rare white kiwi at the national wildlife centre. The chick hatched last Sunday in the centre's kiwi nursery, where Manukura, the world's first white kiwi hatched ..... More >>

58. New seafood research group for Plant & Food Research

13 February 2012 3:10pm | Plant and Food Research

New seafood research group for Plant & Food Research Auckland, New Zealand. 13 February 2012 ... Plant & Food Research, the Crown Research Institute tasked with innovation for the plant and seafood-based food industries, has strengthened ..... More >>

59. University deeply saddened by death of Paul Callaghan

24 March 2012 3:05pm | Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University is deeply saddened by the death of Professor Sir Paul Callaghan, one of New Zealand's most eminent scientists. .. More >>

60. Could NZ cherries be the secret to a good night's sleep?

14 April 2012 12:19pm | Moanui

Hamilton, New Zealand - Preliminary research results released today by Fruision Ltd show that sweet cherries grown in New Zealand's sun-rich Central Otago region are a natural source of melatonin at levels over 30 times higher than other cherry varieties ..... More >>

61. Tornadoes - how frequently do they hit New Zealand?

06 December 2012 5:05pm | NIWA

Tornadoes, like the one that hit Auckland's western suburbs today, are relatively rare events in New Zealand. On average there are around seven moderate to strong tornado events reported in New Zealand each year... More >>

62. New Zealand's Carbon Market Has Almost Collapsed

15 February 2013 3:02pm | Horizon Research Limited

Media release Carbon News 15 February 2013 New Zealand's Carbon Market Has Almost Collapsed .. More >>

63. Scientists Find Mysterious Giant Pockmarks on Chatham Rise

02 April 2013 12:02pm | GNS Science

MEDIA RELEASE from GNS Science, 2 APRIL 2013 Scientists Find Mysterious Giant Pockmarks on Chatham Rise .. More >>

64. Online racism an issue for New Zealanders

24 June 2013 9:16am | Steve Elers

There is a growing trend of "online Maori bashing" says an Auckland University of Technology lecturer and doctoral researcher. Steve Elers, of Ngati Kauwhata, Ngati Haua, Ngati Kahungunu and Ngai Tahu descent, discovered multiple websites that are ..... More >>

65. New Funding for Geothermal Energy Projects

29 August 2013 3:52pm | GNS Science

GNS Science has won new government funding for two innovative geothermal energy projects that will help to make geothermal energy developments more efficient and more attractive to investors. .. More >>

66. World class research into pancreatitis earns award

22 October 2013 10:20am | University of Auckland

Outstanding research into the management of acute pancreatitis by the Pancreas Research Group at the University of Auckland has earned the Royal Society's 2013 Hamilton Memorial Prize... More >>

67. New Zealand carbon emissions projected to climb

17 December 2013 3:26pm | Science Media Centre

An official report to the United Nations climate change body shows a widening gap between New Zealand's targets post-Kyoto and projected emissions in the next two decades... More >>

68. NZAS awards celebrate fundamental science

21 January 2014 11:41am | New Zealand Association of Scientists

The New Zealand Association of Scientists (NZAS) is pleased to announce its annual medals to New Zealand scientists for 2013. .. More >>

69. Young leaders set for major Sub-Antarctic mission

07 February 2014 12:53pm | Sir Peter Blake Trust

Twelve of the country's top young leaders are ready to depart on a major climate research expedition to the Sub-Antarctic, alongside a group of leading New Zealand marine scientists, environment and business leaders. Leaving from Auckland at 10am, ..... More >>

70. NZ company finds major error with cold and flu products

20 March 2014 11:27am | AFT Pharmaceuticals

New Zealand company finds major formulation error with cold and flu products worth NZ$1.4 billion worldwide .. More >>

71. UC researchers believe robots can persuade people to conform

24 March 2014 10:52am | University of Canterbury

A team of University of Canterbury (UC) researchers and scientists believe robots can persuade people to conform through group pressure. .. More >>

72. Green electricity utility appoints Gentrack as partner

16 April 2014 1:20pm | Gentrack

Gentrack, a global provider of specialist software solutions for energy utilities, water companies and airports, has made further inroads into the UK market by winning LoCO2 Energy as its newest customer, an independent and innovative low-carbon electricity ..... More >>

73. New Zealand needs IT Graduates

15 May 2014 12:28pm | Computer Power Plus

IT Graduates are in HOT DEMAND! This is no more evident than the fact that leading IT company XERO is currently looking to hire another 50 team members in NZ and is hoping todays budget announcement will deliver measures to send more IT graduates ..... More >>

74. IWC to consider imminent extinction of Maui's dolphins

16 May 2014 10:25am | NABU International - Foundation for Nature

New research confirms that New Zealand's Maui's dolphins could face extinction by 2031. In the past two years, the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) had issued urgent recommendations about the need to protect the ..... More >>

75. Agresearch Plans Must Not Compromise Sheep And Beef Research

29 May 2014 1:51pm | Beef And Lamb NZ

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) understands the strategic intent behind AgResearch's confirmed proposal to restructure, but is seeking assurance around research outcomes and future science capability for the sheep and beef sector, says B+LNZ chairman ..... More >>

76. AUT University partnering with leading diagnostic company

27 June 2014 10:52am | AUT University

AUT University is proud to announce the opening of the AUT Roche Diagnostics Laboratory. The laboratory collaboration is the first of its kind in New Zealand and will provide undergraduate and postgraduate students access to the latest scientific evaluations ..... More >>

77. Collaboration key to Deep South Science Challenge success

05 August 2014 12:40pm | NIWA

The Government's Deep South National Science Challenge provides an unprecedented opportunity for scientific collaboration that will ultimately improve the lives of all New Zealanders, according to Rob Murdoch, the challenge's interim director... More >>

78. World's First carboNZero certified battery released in NZ

18 August 2014 2:47pm | Enviro-Mark

Internationally recognised carboNZero CertTM product certification backs carbon neutral claims for LEI Electronics Inc.'s Eco Alkaline battery.. More >>

79. Explosive undersea mission for intrepid Kiwi

28 August 2014 12:48pm | Sir Peter Blake Trust

MEDIA RELEASE 28 August 2014 Explosive undersea mission for intrepid Kiwi Local schools and scientists will be able to join New Zealander, Hannah Prior, on a high-tech deep sea mission in September, as part of an expedition led by world-renowned explorer ..... More >>

80. Whitetail deer Under Threat

29 August 2014 11:03am | Game Animal Council

"The Game Animal Council, local hunters and landowners are concerned at a perceived decline in the number of Whitetail deer in the Glenorchy herd at the head of Lake Wakatipu" said Don Hammond Chairman of the Game Animal Council... More >>

81. Waikato Dean to lead Biological Heritage Science Challenge

02 September 2014 11:17am | Waikato University

Reversing the decline of New Zealand's biological heritage is the mission for a new multi-million dollar national research programme led by the University of Waikato's Professor Bruce Clarkson. .. More >>

82. Sporting Hunters Group Says Deer Repellent is a "Hoax"

04 September 2014 10:56am | Sporting Hunters' Outdoor Trust

Deer repellent used with 1080 poison to supposedly deter deer from eating the toxic baits is a hoax according to Laurie Collins of the Sporting Hunters' Outdoor Trust. .. More >>

83. Huawei Ascend P7 - Now available in New Zealand

23 September 2014 2:04pm | Huawei Technologies

New Zealand, September 23: Huawei's newest flagship smartphone, the Ascend P7, which combines stunning form with seamless function, is now available in New Zealand. .. More >>

84. Agriculture still a winner for economic growth

25 September 2014 10:27am | Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Outgoing Ballance Chief Executive Larry Bilodeau has questioned calls for New Zealand's economy to be less reliant on agriculture. .. More >>

85. Recovered little blue penguin released at Himatangi

01 October 2014 2:27pm | Wildbase

Ian McKelvie assists Wildbase Technicians with the release of the little blue penguin at Himatangi Beach Video: .. More >>

86. To seal or not to seal

01 October 2014 4:28pm | Downer

Should I Seal (SIS) is an innovative new online tool designed to provide clear advice to Downer's roading sector on when to spray bitumen emulsion. A collaborative journey between Road Science and MetService, the tool will revolutionise the chipsealing ..... More >>

87. Supreme award for innovation

16 October 2014 9:55am | Plant and Food Research

Plant & Food Research has been recognised for its innovation, winning the Supreme Innovator Award and the Sustainability & Cleantech category in this year's New Zealand Innovators Awards, for research that will change the way the world fishes... More >>

88. Fishing Innovation Recognised

16 October 2014 11:57am | Seafood New Zealand

Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH), a revolutionary fishing method, was presented with the Supreme New Zealand Innovator award, chosen from all categories and given to the best overall entry. PSH also won the Innovation in Sustainability and Clean ..... More >>

89. ESR Reports No Help to Gastro Bug Investigation

17 October 2014 2:33pm | Horticulture NZ

Horticulture New Zealand is not surprised the ESR reports released today into the recent outbreak of Yersinia pseudo tuberculosis do little to fur ther the discovery of the source of the illness... More >>

90. Top researchers and scholars elected as Fellows

29 October 2014 2:02pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

Twelve top New Zealand researchers and scholars in basic and applied science and the humanities have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society of New Zealand at the Annual General Meeting of the Society's Academy in Wellington today... More >>

91. Keeping crucial carbon in soils

14 November 2014 11:29am | Bala Tikkisetty

Recent research has been showing that some pastoral soils are losing more crucial carbon and nitrogen than others. .. More >>

92. SIT Hosts Lego Workshop

17 November 2014 2:46pm | Southern Institute Of Technology

The Southern Institute of Technology hosted Science and Technology teachers on Friday 14 November for the Introductory Lego Education EV3 Hands-On Workshop. The workshop was run by Joanna Burk Business Development Manager at Lego Education resources... More >>

93. More wind on the menu

20 November 2014 1:36pm | MetService

It has been a windy spring so far and it looks like there's more of the same on the menu for the next few days. MetService has issued a Severe Weather Watch for northwest gales in eastern parts of the South Island and lower North Island today and Friday. ..... More >>


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