Scoops Most Read

Scoops Most Read

1. The Beginning and the End of the TPPA

03 August 2015 10:04am | Jordan McCluskey

We are a nation of traders. New Zealand is a country that has, since its colonisation, been dependent on foreign trade to support our economy. Extractive industries came first for the Kauri, then gold, then whale oil, and finally seal furs. Following ..... More >>

2. Scoop's #FutureOfNews Challenge & Solution - A ''New Scoop''

03 August 2015 10:06am | Alastair Thompson

A Speech by Scoop Editor & Publisher Alastair Thompson backgrounding the development of Scoop's new "Ethical Paywall" approach to licensing commercial use of its news content and addressing the current State of the NZ News Media and the challenges ..... More >>

3. Images: Views And Counter Views At Destiny Protest

24 August 2004 4:52pm | Derek Cheng

About 5000 protesters were met by counter-rallies when they marched to Parliament yesterday in opposition to the proposed Civil Union Bill. Auckland-based Destiny church organised the protest. Leader Brian Tamaki had said they were marching for ..... More >>

4. Not-so-solid future for Solid Energy

03 August 2015 5:21pm | Jeremy Wilkinson

The fate of Solid Energy was the focus for this afternoon's Post-Cabinet press conference in Wellington. .. More >>

5. God Defend the National Anthem

31 July 2015 4:21pm | Lyndon Hood

Earlier in the week Labour leader Andrew Little said - deliberately, I think - that he didn't like New Zealand's national anthem and many New Zealanders preferred to sing along to the Australian one... More >>

6. Gordon Campbell on opposing investor-state dispute measures

03 August 2015 11:27am | Gordon Campbell

Even in this dark hour for the TPP, the secrecy farce continues. On RNZ this morning, Trade Minister Tim Groser said he looks forward to the day when he can take the covers off , and show New Zealand what a good deal we've won. Oh, good grief. What is ..... More >>

7. Post-cabinet: TPP, Family Violence and Solid Energy

03 August 2015 5:35pm | Megan Gattey

Prime Minister John Key discussed the current situation on the TPP, Solid Energy and the upcoming discussion document on family violence in a post-cabinet press conference today... More >>

8. Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox, Neon: An interim market

09 April 2015 9:24am | Digitl

After years of waiting New Zealanders are now spoilt for choice with streaming TV. Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox and Neon each offer a decent local catalogues at reasonable prices... More >>

9. Scoop Coverage: TPP Maui Negotiations and Revelations

31 July 2015 11:45am | Scoop Full Coverage

Scoop coverage of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Maui, leaked documents and NZ admissions on medicine costs and dairy... More >>

10. The US-led Coalition's Human Rights Record in Iraq

03 August 2015 3:55pm | Harmeet Sooden

Human rights violations committed by ISIS are condemned the world over - rightly so - whereas those committed by the US-led coalition fighting ISIS are under-reported, particularly in the West. .. More >>

11. TPPA progress harder from now on - Jan Rivers

03 August 2015 3:47pm | Jan Rivers

With the failure of the Maui TPPA round to make a deal the next round of TPPA negotiations is going to be much more difficult for the government domestically as well as internationally . Despite the secrecy of the last seven years of negotiations media coverage in the ..... More >>

12. TPPA progress harder from now on

03 August 2015 2:20pm | Public Good

With the failure of the Hawaii TPPA round to make a deal, the next round of TPPA negotiations is going to be more difficult , as well as more risky for the government. Internationally the Canadian government has been dissolved pending an election in ..... More >>

13. Gordon Campbell on the NZ Herald's attack on Jane Kelsey

29 November 2012 3:03pm | Gordon Campbell

The best way of appreciating Fran O'Sullivan's attack on Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey in the NZ Herald yesterday is to read it aloud as if you're actually Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey. In which case the general content of O'Sullivan's ..... More >>

14. Centenary of the Battle for Chunuk Bair

03 August 2015 9:25am | Keith Rankin

Keith Rankin, 3 August 2015 This coming weekend marks the centenary of the Battle for Chunuk Bair. This battle is often regarded, as in the overview to the 1991 movie Chunuk Bair, as "a formative NZ nationhood moment". Indeed it was the principal ..... More >>

15. The FIRE Economy: New Zealand's Reckoning - By Jane Kelsey

17 July 2015 4:30pm | Professor Jane Kelsey

The global economy imploded in 2008 and confirmed a stark reality. Entire nations and billions of people are captives of an unstable and amoral economic system powered by finance , insurance and real estate - FIRE. [1] New Zealand included... More >>

16. Residential Property - We need to talk about Auckland

31 July 2015 12:00pm | Bradley Nuttall

In the first of a series of updates about residential property in Auckland and New Zealand we discuss the recent announcement by Prime Minister John Key on changes to the way gains on residential property are taxed... More >>

17. Front line police to carry Tasers on their person

31 July 2015 12:22pm | Jeremy Wilkinson

Lef to right: Police Association President Greg O'Connor and Police Commissioner Mike Bush. Photo: Jeremy Wilkinson .. More >>

18. Huawei P8 review: Flagship phone, midrange price

14 June 2015 1:49pm | Digitl

Don't worry if you haven't heard of Huawei . Soon the brand will be as well-known and the name as easy to pronounce as Nokia or Samsung. .. More >>

19. Album Review and rap beefs: Tame Impala, Currents.

31 July 2015 2:56pm | Francis Cook

Tame Impala's new album Currents has one of the hallmarks of an enduring album. At first listen it seems like good, if somewhat ordinary, pop but as you go back more and more layers unravel revealing deeply rich, expertly crafted songs... More >>

20. Top Of The Morning News Digest

03 August 2015 8:53am | NewsRoom_Plus

1. Police shot and killed a man last night in Myers Park in Auckland. A large marquee has been put up to protect the scene which remains cordoned off. The Independent Police Conduct Authority has been notified and the police will be revealing more ..... More >>

21. One Law For All - The Steven Wallace Killing

23 May 2001 11:39am | Dermot Nottingham

The background contents of this report titled 'One law for all' was compiled by Advantage Advocacy and appears at on the Internet. The reports author is DERMOT GREGORY NOTTINGHAM. The report was ..... More >>

22. Igniting the Spark - Why Telecom Wanted To Change

08 August 2014 9:48am | Igniting the Spark by Scoop Amplifier

The mobile and digital revolution is rapidly changing how we interact with companies and brands. If a smartphone is regarded as a weapon of personal empowerment, as Kit Yarrow [*] explains in a recent book, then organisations who don't change, do so ..... More >>

23. New Zealand's Fastest ISPs 2014

21 August 2014 3:13pm | Digitl

PC Magazine asked me to write about New Zealand's fastest ISPs as part of a series looking an online speeds in countries around the world. .. More >>

24. Dell XPS 13 review: 2015's best Ultrabook

08 July 2015 5:07pm | Digitl

Dell designed the XPS 13 as a premium Ultrabook to show off what it can do with the format. It does that with style. You won't find a better Windows 8.1 clamshell laptop. This is the first Dell PC I've been excited about in a long time. .. More >>

25. Gordon Campbell on Tim Groser missing in action on the TPP

31 July 2015 11:16am | Gordon Campbell

While rapid change is always possibl e in trade talks as they approach the deadline, lets assume that the offers on the table for dairy at the TPP talks in Maui won't improve much beyond the "appallingly bad" level currently being lamented by New ..... More >>

26. Jon Stewart Blew Last Chance to Ask Obama a Question

01 August 2015 12:08pm | David Swanson

Jon Stewart interviewed President Obama for the last time and told jokes instead of asking questions. .. More >>

27. The dangers of deep sea oil drilling

01 October 2013 4:44pm | Byron Clark

Last month the government announced that nearly 434,000 square kilometres of land and ocean floor in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone would be opened up for oil and gas exploration. The areas in include onshore areas in Taranaki, the East ..... More >>

28. Women's Debate on Productivity and Domestic Violence

22 July 2015 1:44pm | Francis Cook

The Annual Women's Debate took place on Tuesday evening at the Royal Society of New Zealand. The topic was "the economic impact of domestic violence", following from a recent report and recommendation from economist Suzanne Snively. The debate was presented by the Zonta Club of Wellington, Graduate Women Wellington and the National Council of Women Wellington... More >>

29. Post Capitalism - Why it's time to think utopian

25 July 2015 11:23am | Tim Campion

Paul Mason from the Guardian newspaper, may have just penned one of the most influential pieces of our time. .. More >>

30. The Unsettling, Anti-Science Certitude on Global Warming

01 August 2015 12:49pm | John Steele Gordon

Climate-change 'deniers' are accused of heresy by true believers. That doesn't sound like science to me .. More >>

31. Scoop Images: Air New Zealand's All Black Plane

21 September 1999 9:29am | Alastair Thompson

Air New Zealand has added the All Blacks front row to the side of their newest Boeing 747 which will take Taine Randell and the All Blacks to the World Cup... More >>

32. Abbott Murder Trial: Constable Abbott Takes The Stand

28 November 2002 2:07pm | Alastair Thompson

Constable Keith Abbott turned from the jury and wiped away tears while giving evidence in his defence on charges of murder in the High Court in Wellington this morning... More >>

33. Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush

07 February 2005 10:01am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

New Zealand's meningococcal disease story, as unravelled through analysis of previously secret documents obtained under the Official Information Act, reveals that the New Zealand government, media and public have been mislead and manipulated by officials, ..... More >>

34. NZ retail sales fall on auto sales slump

12 December 2008 1:04pm |

Dec. 12 - New Zealand retail sales unexpectedly fell in October, reflecting a slump in auto sales and a decline for grocery stores and supermarkets. .. More >>

35. Gordon Campbell on D-Day for dairy at the TPP

30 July 2015 9:57am | Gordon Campbell

While New Zealand may feel flattered at being called "the Saudi Arabia of milk" it would be more accurate to regard us as the suicide bombers of free trade. Ever since the Uruguay Round kicked off in the 1980s New Zealand has set a socially self ..... More >>

36. Obituary for Private Leonard Manning

28 July 2000 4:50pm | New Zealand Defence Force

Written by his friends in Bravo Company, 2nd 1st Battalion. A997234 Pte Leonard William Manning 15 August 1975 - 24 July 2000 (aged 24 years).. More >>

37. Abbott Murder Trial: Further Police Evidence

22 November 2002 9:23am | Richard Scott

The jury in the murder trial of Senior Constable Keith Abbott heard evidence from three more prosecution witnesses today, all police personnel... More >>

38. Tim Rossiter: Olympia

11 February 2010 1:34pm | Tim Rossiter

I arrived into Olympia ready for some relaxation after an early morning bus ride from Athens. It hadn't been the easiest morning. As anyone who has travelled on intercity buses from Athens will tell you, it's not the most user-friendly set ..... More >>

39. Occupy Aotearoa: A brief summary

18 October 2011 5:07pm | Anne Russell

Occupy movements around the country entered their fourth day today. The occupations of public space, inspired by Occupy Wall Street, began on October 15th in cities around New Zeland as part of the global Occupy Together movement... More >>

40. Popular Sleeping Pill Linked to Accidents and Violence

26 November 2012 12:54pm | Martha Rosenberg

Many first heard of the uber sleeping pill, Ambien, in 2006 when former Rhode Island representative Patrick Kennedy drove to Capitol Hill under its influence to "vote" at 2:45 a.m., crashing his car. He had also been taking Phenergan, a gastroenteritis ..... More >>

41. How does New Zealand UFB compare with Google fibre?

20 February 2014 5:40pm | Digitl

Search giant Google operates a fibre network in Kansas City. Yesterday the company said it plans to roll out fibre in an  additional 34 US cities . .. More >>

42. Venezuela: The right-wing on the streets

28 February 2014 11:23am | Fightback

Venezuela has experienced a wave of protests over the past few weeks. Demonstrations against the government, largely by university students, began after the hard-line opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez called for supporters to go onto the streets and ..... More >>

43. Reinventing News As A Public Right - A Public Conversation

16 January 2015 12:02pm | The State of NZ News Media

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once journalism was possibly a noble profession, though that is certainly now, to quote our Prime Minister, a "contestable" notion. It certainly seemed at least a little noble when I joined the ranks of reporters in 1989 . But ..... More >>

44. Six months with iPhone 6, 6 Plus

15 March 2015 3:39pm | Digitl

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus landed in New Zealand six months ago. At the time I posted  my first impressions . Here's a more reflective review of what the phones are like to use... More >>

45. The Devil in the TPPA - Investor State Dispute Settlement

22 March 2015 5:30pm | Bianca Mueller

The Trans-Pacific Partnership TPPA is a free trade agreement that has been negotiated by Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Mexico, United States, and Canada since 2010. If signed, the TPPA will cover a about ..... More >>

46. What an Australian Netflix tax means for New Zealand

12 April 2015 5:48pm | Digitl

Australia plans to make Netflix and other overseas-based online sellers of 'intangible services' pay GST (Good and Services tax). .. More >>

47. Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War - Review

21 April 2015 12:33pm | Francis Cook

Te Papa and Weta Workshop have worked together to create an impressive exhibition which skirts the edges of glorification and commemoration to deliver an experience both moving and disorienting. Thoughts and images below... More >>

48. World War 1 - what's changed 100 years on?

24 April 2015 2:45pm | Don Franks

16,697 New Zealanders were killed and 41,317 were wounded during World war I. Around another thousand men died within five years of the war's end, as a result of injuries sustained. The lives of countless other men and women were blighted by the conflict. ..... More >>

49. Book Launch: The FIRE Economy by Jane Kelsey

15 July 2015 2:28pm | Francis Cook

Professor Jane Kelsey held a discussion with Carol Hershfeld on her new book The FIRE Economy: New Zealand's Reckoning . Last night marked to official launch of the work, published by Bridget Williams Books. The FIRE Economy is an investigation into ..... More >>

50. Scoop's Alastair Thompson Interview: Journalism And Paywalls

18 July 2015 10:19pm | Radio New Zealand

Alastair Thompson is Editor and Publisher of Scoop Media and runs the independent news source as a free service for the public. Scoop is supported by a range of premium services and a new "Ethical Paywall" commercial licensing model. ..... More >>

51. Iran nuclear deal ignores human rights abuses by Tehran

01 August 2015 12:12pm | Peter Tatchell

Amid huge fanfare and relief, last week a long-negotiated deal was announced to lift sanctions against Iran in exchange for international monitoring and verification to ensure that Tehran does not develop nuclear weapons. It was lauded as a success ..... More >>

52. Italian Premier Renzi gets his facts wrong on Israel

01 August 2015 12:15pm | Redress Information

Italian Premier Renzi gets his facts and priorities wrong on Israel and the Palestinian struggle .. More >>

53. Fracked-gas pipeline through mountains and farms of Virginia

01 August 2015 12:18pm | David Swanson

Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia campaigned on green energy (and I hear some people may have believed him, though I haven't met one) and then immediately backed the proposed construction of a giant fracked-gas pipeline through the mountains and ..... More >>

54. Naked in Nuhaka: Wairoa Star

21 February 2003 9:45am | Leo Koziol - Naked in Nuhaka

Well, another summer has passed on the sunny east coast, though frankly I find it difficult to ascertain whether its all about to end or its actually just beginning... More >>

55. Skull & Bones & John Kerry & President Bush

29 January 2004 3:29pm | Democracy Now

A little-known fact unites Democratic frontrunner John Kerry and President Bush: they are both members of Yale's secret society Skull and Bones. We speak with the author of "Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths ..... More >>

56. Scoop Feedback: Meningococcal Vaccine Controversy

01 September 2004 9:15am | Scoop Feedback

I tend to agree with Dr O'Hallahan that amateur interpretation of complex scientific data is dangerous. So if she wants to insult our intelligence with claims the Meningococcal vaccine is safe and rigorously tested, yet has no meaningful follow up on adverse ..... More >>

57. Zaoui: Religious Extremism and Our Response

08 July 2005 11:29am | Ahmed Zaoui

IN these troubled times, understanding the roots of religious extremism is central to understanding modern socio-political realities. The task is an important one because a commitment to such understanding is a precondition to formulating a rational and ..... More >>

58. Datacraft Celebrates 30 Years Of Innovation In NZ

28 November 2008 4:29pm | Datacraft

Datacraft New Zealand hosted an executive client function on the 13th of November to celebrate its 30 years anniversary and innovation in New Zealand. .. More >>

59. These are sad times for the people of Waikato-Tainui

09 December 2010 2:06pm | Tom Roa

The decision by King Tuheitia earlier this week to sack the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui o Waikato-Tainui, Tania Martin, was extremely ill-advised and has the potential to cause further acute embarassment not just to the King, and the KÄ«ngitanga, but more, ..... More >>

60. Are Māori Nazis ruining NZ? 1Law4All's racism

12 June 2013 12:37pm | T.K Lewis

"OMG. I've been hoping someone would compare this to the Nazis. I tried to put an advert in the Herald in the late 90s saying just so...but they refused saying it was inflammatory. I was refused for trying to tell the truth! We are at battle ..... More >>

61. PM's Press Conference Audio: Meridian, Spying and Fonterra

29 October 2013 5:55pm | Scoop Audio

Prime Minister John Key answers questions on the Meridian float, the GCSB and its relationship to recent revelations of NSA spying on world leaders, the board report into the Fonterra botulism scare, political polls and possible post-election coalitions, ..... More >>

62. Peace On Earth - An Interview With Daisaku Ikeda

16 March 2014 10:38am | Alastair Thompson

The role of human dignity , passive violence , religious cooperation , the internet and the water hemisphere in the path to global harmony - An interview by Scoop's Alastair Thompson with Soka Gakkai International (SGI) President Daisaku Ikeda.. More >>

63. Cognitive Dissonance, BigPharma and the Psychiatric Industry

04 June 2014 1:47pm | Gary G. Kohls

In my weekly Duty to Warn column, which I have been writing for Duluth's Reader since 2009, I have written a number of essays about issues that should be of serious concern for mental health practitioners whose practices rely on the heavy use of ..... More >>

64. Addressing the skills gap for high growth companies

25 August 2014 7:15pm | Digitl

Tomorrow night I'm chairing an interactive panel discussion on the skills challenge facing New Zealand technology companies. It's part of Massey University's ecentre cloud series.   The session starts at 5:30 at the Sir Neil Waters Building, Massey ..... More >>

65. New Zealand iPhone 6 Plus plans compared

14 October 2014 12:28pm | Digitl

Buy an  Apple iPhone 6 Plus   outright and you'll pay $1150 for the 16GB model. Move up to the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus and the price rises to $1300.  The 128GB model is $1450. I recommend buying at least 64GB, you'll soon bump against the limits of ..... More >>

66. Are kids these days too spoiled?

20 February 2015 12:15pm | Chantal Kayem

As a child psychologist, I spend a lot of time observing parents and children, without judgment, simply as an observation. And time and time again I see parents today overindulging and overprotecting their children. Parents do for their children what they are capable ..... More >>

67. Scoop Coverage: Announcement Of NZ Iraq Deployment

26 February 2015 9:49am | Scoop Full Coverage

Coverage and reaction to the announcement of NZ's deployment of army trainers to help support the Iraqi army against ISIL, and the leadup... More >>

68. Gold Bounces As NZ Dollar Picks Up On RBNZ OCR Decision

13 March 2015 2:57pm | Kiara Medhurst

The New Zealand dollar made a comeback against the major currencies in the Asian session on Thursday, after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand declared that it was going to hold its OCR (Official Cash Ready) steady, which was forecasted by several economists... More >>

69. Peter Jackson's exhibit at Old Dominion Museum Disappoints

22 April 2015 12:20pm | Francis Cook

Is Peter Jackson incapable of removing his own personal brand of twee novelty even when it comes to war commemoration? The new exhibition at the Old Dominion Building, costing an estimated $10 million, will charm and delight but ultimately leave you ..... More >>

70. Spark Fibre Landline may solve old folk telephone woes

14 May 2015 6:51pm | Digitl

From today Spark fibre customers wanting a voice telephone service no longer need to buy a separate copper line as well as fibre. And people living in fibre-only places can now get the closest thing to an old-school telephone... More >>

71. NZ Budget 2015 - A Budget With Poverty At Its Heart

21 May 2015 2:05pm | Alastair Thompson

Poverty of imagination. Poverty of opportunity. Poverty of ambition. Nothing has changed, really, since 2014. The fiscal stratagem remains fixed. Surpluses at all costs. Then spending restraints remain and any "fiscal headroom" is to be applied ..... More >>

72. White Man Behind a Desk on Social Bonds, Media, Iraq

15 June 2015 2:50pm | White Man Behind a Desk

Is White Man Behind a Desk the fastest-growing New Zealand news satire outlet never to have been issued with a legal threat from Colin Craig? You be the judge!.. More >>

73. Top Of The Morning News Digest

09 July 2015 8:58am | NewsRoom_Plus

* NewsRoom_Digest from 8 July 2015 available at - see .. More >>

74. The Flag and the 'Waste of Money' Syndrome

09 July 2015 12:12pm | Keith Rankin

The new flag consultation 'road show' publicity process is drawing to an end. The whole exercise of trying to choose a flag that appropriately represents New Zealand to the world has been fraught with much cynicism; indeed with so much cynicism that ..... More >>

75. White Man Behind A Desk: Climate Change, 5 Things

09 July 2015 3:30pm | White Man Behind a Desk

Well, it finally happened. We moved so slowly on Climate Change that we were overtaken by the Catholic Church & Five Things You Need To Know About 'White Man Behind A Desk' .. More >>

76. Miguel - Wildheart and Albums of 2015 so far

10 July 2015 3:45pm | Francis Cook

Miguel is an anachronistic character. His music is grounded somewhere between 1970s Prince-esque power ballads and the early 2000s sensuality of Aaliyah and Usher. He represents a return to an era of R&B less abashed, less shrouded in mystery and ..... More >>

77. Auckland Housing: What's in a Name?

21 July 2015 9:03am | Keith Rankin

What would economic historians 50 years' hence think of the Auckland housing market in the 2010s? Possibly not much; there may be bigger issues to investigate. But how would they deal with the lack of official data about property ownership? They would ..... More >>

78. Speed Limit Validation Bill Completes First Reading

21 July 2015 4:59pm |

A bill retrospectively validating speed limits set by local councils has completed its first reading. .. More >>

79. Maori Purposes Bill Introduced

22 July 2015 2:09pm |

When Parliament sat at 2pm a petition was presented asked for after hours medical care to be reinstated in Kerikeri and Whangaroa. .. More >>

80. The Balance of Payments and the Housing Market

30 July 2015 9:50am | Keith Rankin

On Morning Report on Friday (24 July), I heard the following exchange between Guyon Espiner and Finance Minister, Bill English. .. More >>

81. Health And Safety Bill Progresses

30 July 2015 4:55pm |

The second reading of new health and safety legislation has been completed with Labour withdrawing its support for the reform .. More >>

82. When Will the Rogue Resign? Blatter and FIFA

01 August 2015 12:16pm | Binoy Kampmark

Even he admitted it. Having ridden roughshod over those who questioned his authority to be at the helm of the world's most famed sports mafia enterprise, Sepp Blatter decided to resign from his position as FIFA head. Only, he hasn't... More >>

83. Suicide Is Painless? - The Craccum Articles

07 March 2000 5:22pm | Unknown

Craccum Magazine makes no apologies for this article. We know that suicide is one of the few taboo subjects still left in society. We know that New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the world... More >>

84. Media Flash - Jan. 29, 2001

29 January 2001 10:31am | Media Flash

* JOHN HARTIGAN'S bold move, as Australian News Limited chief, to give the multi-million dollar go-ahead to free afternoon tabloid commuter newspapers in Melbourne and possibly Sydney, is a stunning commercial attack against rival John Fairfax Holdings, and ..... More >>

85. Scoop Images: Paws In The Snow

08 June 2001 9:40am | Norman Mackay

More photos from Norm Mackay of Ohau Village, this time of a sojourn up the mountainside in the company of "Jade"...... More >>

86. Scoop Images: Glen Mary

08 October 2001 9:43am | Norman Mackay

More images of the environs of the most photogenic mountain village in the world taken by Norman Mackay ... More >>

87. Judicial Net Porn Viewing Investigation Widens

19 February 2002 10:56am | Guy MacGibbon

Five District court judges have been found to have been viewing pornographic websites on work computers, as the Attorney General investigates the viewing of sex-sites by High Court Judge Robert Fisher... More >>

88. Porsche's Compliment Racing At Manfeild

25 March 2002 3:21pm | Motorsport News

Picking perfect weather for the final round of the Bridgestone Porsche Cup - part of the 9 race programme at Manfeild over the weekend... More >>

89. UQ Wire: What's Up With the Black Budget?

23 September 2002 3:02pm |

The $64 Question: What's Up With the Black Budget? The Real Deal with Catherine Austin Fitts.. More >>

90. How to Score Ritalin - NZ Follows US Trend

02 October 2002 12:07am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

So the kids have wised up and following the US trend, have started dealing their Ritalin in the schoolyard. In New Zealand Ritalin retails for around $5 a tablet while in the States the street value is considerably higher - the equivalent of nearly ..... More >>

91. Abbott Murder Trial: Wallace Possessed - Constable

20 November 2002 8:55pm | Richard Scott

The High Court today heard evidence from Constable Jason Dombroski, the police officer who was with Constable Keith Abbott during the 60 to 90 second period before Steven Wallace slumped to the ground on Waitara's main street, felled by a fatal volley ..... More >>

92. Howard's End: How To Have An Indoor Hangi

30 June 2003 10:39am | Maree Howard

As winter sets in who can resist the wafting aroma of fresh baked bread or the anticipation of eating a casserole which is quietly bubbling away in the oven. But what about the smokey aroma and sensational taste of an indoor hangi without the hole. Maree ..... More >>

93. Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics

11 September 2003 4:19pm | Alastair Thompson

Scoop Is In The House - Professor Kelsey Reports From Cancun On WTO Negotiations - Also In Cancun.... - Police Appeal For Help To Find Six Year Old Coral Burrows - North Korea Vows To Increase Nuclear Arsenal - Killing Spree Continues In Middle ..... More >>

94. UQ Wire: JFK, 9/11 and Conspiracy Theories

19 November 2003 1:10pm |

Last January, Mike Ward compared the post-9/11 conspiracy frenzy to what occurred in the aftermath of JFK's murder... More >>

95. MOTORNET: Honda's Accord Euro Is That Good!

13 February 2004 11:53am | Karl Ferguson

As a motoring writer, I have a problem with Honda's new Accord Euro. I knew I had a problem a mere five minutes after getting behind the wheel. You see, it's so impressive that my overwhelming tendency - rather than to write a considered, well researched ..... More >>

96. MOH: Meningitis Commentary Is Inaccurate Dangerous

24 August 2004 2:02pm | The Scoop Editor

Yesterday Auckland-based journalist Jon Eisen issued Scoop with an article examining the safety of New Zealand's Meningococcal vaccine. Scoop approached the Ministry of Health to comment on the findings. It has done so and refutes Eisen's claims. ..... More >>

97. Someone Else's Country & Land of Plenty Broadasts

14 October 2004 1:03pm | Alister Barry

TWO STUNNING DOCUMENTARIES TO BE FINALLY BROADCAST Someone Else's Country & In A Land of Plenty Sunday and Monday of Labour weekend on TV One (12 Noon 24th and 10.05pm 25th Oct).. More >>

98. Who Is Responsible For The Cost Of BMR?

08 February 2005 10:11am | No Right Turn

Who's responsible for the illegal and inhumane imprisonment scheme which has so far cost us over a million dollars..... More >>

99. MOTORNET: Diesel Delights - Peugeot 407 & 307

02 June 2005 11:44am | Karl Ferguson

There are plenty of reasons why punters are attracted to French vehicles, and in particular, the offerings of Peugeot. Flair, original design, plush interiors and an almost guaranteed comfortable ride are some. Now there's a couple more... More >>

100. Rural Protest leads To Opposition Bickering

23 June 2005 3:55pm | Kevin List

Farmers up and down the country have been protesting against the Government's proposal to have a five-metre walking accessway along significant waterways. Today Federated Farmers launched its Visitor Access Protocol and handed over a petition protesting ..... More >>