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ScoopPro Licensing

Organisations whose staff use Scoop in a professional context need to be licensed as ScoopPro users. This keeps Scoop open, and ScoopPro users enjoy additional benefits.

Organisations can apply for a ScoopPro licence via the form below, a ScoopPro team member will respond during business hours to answer any questions and help process the application.

Apply for a licence

ScoopPro Background

Scoop has turned its news business on its head with a new Ethical Paywall model, and in September 2015 we became a social enterprise under our owner the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism (a not-for-profit foundation.)

The ScoopPro model means our sites are open for free public access to support an informed society. Professional users of Scoop (i.e. people who use Scoop at work) need to purchase a ScoopPro licence to become accredited to use our news services based on our terms of use*.

This new approach is in response to the news crisis, where traditional advertising revenues dried up, and publishers have been forced to dumb down or distort the news to keep their businesses alive; with adverts disguised as news, trivia masquerading as real content or important news simply missing from the news feed.

ScoopPro Professional News Tools

Scoop has been publishing breaking news every day for more than 18 years now, with around a thousand new stories each week. With so much news happening, and to help you and your team get the information needed for your work we’ve made our Broadcast service available for all staff in ScoopPro accredited organisations.

It delivers regular coverage updates: Choose from any of the 16 regions of NZ and a range of 20 sectors including Banking and Finance, Digital Communications, Education, Employment, Energy, Health Industry, Media Matters and more.

We know journalism matters. It’s the lifeblood of democracy. That’s why under this new model, profits are reinvested into investigative and public interest journalism through the Scoop Foundation.

ScoopPro - Added Benefits

ScoopPro licensed Organisations enjoy these benefits:

Open access and listed as a ScoopPro organisation for all staff, from all of your internet connected devices both inside your building and on the move (e.g. via a mobile network) with no special passwords or logins required.

A reliable and authoritative information source with ‘human curation’ which ensures complete clarity and transparency - and no ‘spin factor’.

Scoop content may be circulated within the organisation, copied, used for internal reports, downloaded, or stored on the organisation’s computers for the duration of the licence.

Broadcast email service gives access to regular coverage updates to all staff on each of the 16 regions of NZ and a wide range of sectors.

NZ’s most useful fully faceted research news database - With over 800,000 items from over 25,000 sources dating back to 1999 - all in one place.

We're committed to being freely accessible to the public but in order to continue to offer our service, organisations who use Scoop in a professional context need to obtain a ScoopPro licence to do so. Our Ethical Paywall model is building on the traditions of journalism and is creating a better future for independent news.

Apply for a licence

*A ScoopPro Professional Use Licence is required for any organisation (public or private) to access, read, or circulate Scoop content where it is being used professionally – i.e. for commercial purposes.

Commercial purposes are defined as when people in the organisation routinely use Scoop as part of their work - e.g.: Accessing the Scoop.co.nz website and it’s subsites, downloading, sharing, e-mailing, direct linking, copying, reading, extracting, part/full texts of Scoop content to a device to colleagues or others. Receiving Scoop links and content via a 3rd party service (e.g. Google, alerts, other media monitoring services) is included.

For more detail please refer to our terms of use.

Syndication and Other Licences

ScoopPro also delivers other options and more customised services and tailored News Feeds to media, websites, intranets in a variety of formats. These news feeds for commercial publishing to websites, blogs and intranets are available with a range of options for small to large requirements; each feed has customised content tailored for your audience.

For more information or offline publishing options contact the ScoopPro team on pro@scoop.co.nz.