Scoop has been publishing the news – in real time – since 1999. In 2015 Scoop undertook a move to transform into a non-profit new media organisation under the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism, a move which has been gathering support from Organisations and Individuals. Thanks for your support and words of encouragement - The Scoop Team.


"In 2011 the government adopted a goal of making New Zealand an essentially smoke-free nation by 2025. Achieving this goal will require ongoing and broad political support. Hence, part of our work focusses on understanding and monitoring how the goal, and tobacco control in general, features in political discourse.

"Scoop.co.nz has been an exceptionally useful research tool for us. As the most comprehensive single source of press releases and speeches by the country's policy makers, it has helped us undertake automated phrase and frequency analysis on public statements by MPs over time. Insights we've gained from this analysis are being communicated throughout the tobacco control community and helping move New Zealand toward a smoke-free future."
Richard Edwards and Janet Hoek, Co-directors, Aspire2025, 11 Jan 2016

Iron Road

"The intersection between content marketing, or corporate journalism, and public interest journalism is muddying the waters for many, and fundamentally changing the media landscape. Both have a place, but defining what that is – while ensuring that the public interest is always first and foremost – is actually critical for both the media and marketers.

"Scoop.co.nz are, as far as I am aware, the only New Zealand media outlet that is looking for common ground between business and independent media in a way that both protects the public interest while ensuring that they, and the media, can still benefit from the thought leadership and expertise that business brings to the table. It's a cause worth supporting and Scoop should be commended for their pro-active and worthy stance."
Colin Kennedy - Iron Road, 13 Nov 2015

Intelligent Ink

"Scoop has offered our clients immense value for a number of years, covering their events, achievements, developments and campaigns. Here at Intelligent Ink, we work with a wide variety of businesses and not-for-profit organisations, so it’s important to us to be able to access a news source that reports on a variety of issues, from a variety of perspectives.

"We believe that Scoop’s recent shift to a not-for-profit model is a positive step for independent journalism – being a go-to in the media world, many agencies and news sites turn to Scoop to find out what’s happening. Without a financial imperative, this new model ensures that what’s reported on is truly newsworthy, relevant and presents a diversity of opinion.

"News offers people a great source of information on politics, events, New Zealand life and culture. We’re pleased to be part of Scoop’s new developments, and we look forward to reading (and creating) more independent news that truly is “for the people.” "
Marieke Esveld - Intelligent Ink, 19 Oct 2015