Scoop Services

Scoop Services


Scoop is New Zealand’s leading Independent News source. Publishing the raw content of democracy, with editorial from Scoop, columnists and other opinion on key issues.

Scoop provides both free and premium services. Subscriptions to Scoop’s premium services provide the funding which enables Scoop to continue as an independent publisher and enables access to to be provided for free to the public.

While Scoop is free for the public to access, Scoop’s terms of use state that professional at work users of Scoop are required to have an organisation licence to use Scoop.

What We Do

Scoop has been publishing the news – in real time – since 1999. All content sent to our editorial team in Wellington is reviewed against our editorial policy, tagged and formatted, then published under the byline of the contributor. Press releases published to Scoop receive high public, business, and media visibility, as well as exposure to Government decision makers.

Scoop provides an invaluable portal for anyone who wants to access reliable and trustworthy information about current news and cultural events in News Zealand. Scoop’s highly-informed readership numbers over 500,000 monthly visitors (with more than 60% from within NZ).

Scoop provides access from one central online independent website – Our database has more than 800,000 accessible items, with content from over 25,000 sources. It is fully searchable with our news archives dating back to 1999, including Press Releases, Editorial Content, Multimedia, and much more.

Building A Sustainable Independent News Platform

In the current disrupted media environment Scoop has been transitioning to a new Ethical Paywall model. The Ethical Paywall – where organisations who use Scoop purchase an annual licence to accredit their staff in accordance with our terms of use – has meant Scoop can become a sustainable independent publisher based on being a valued and useful service.

At Scoop under this new model we're committed to being freely accessible to the public but in order to continue to offer our service, organisations where staff use Scoop professionally need to obtain a licence to do so.

Scoop’s publishing and open access website are more valuable to organisations if they are accessible:
• Scoop’s open publishing means we have the widest possible range of content especially on key issues – from a range of viewpoints – so our readers can be better informed and make their own decisions.
• Scoop’s open access contributes to a healthy democracy and means content published has high visibility with over 500,000 monthly readers.