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Friend's email: Stateside with Rosalea: Election Miscellany Monday, 8 November 2004, 1:07 pm Article: Rosalea Barker Stateside with Rosalea Election Miscellany **Is God a cartoonist?** Far from being the even sunnier, even warmer day predicted by the weather folks, the day after the election was gloomy, dank, and grey here in the Bay Area. It certainly seemed to fit the mood of the BART commuters I went to work with, who all looked like their dog had died. The counties bordering the San Francisco Bay are bluer than blue, most voting more than 70 percent for Kerry, the City itself voting 83 percent that way. So was it divine retribution that on 3 November there was a sudden thunderstorm and lightning in the North Bay? And hailstones falling so hard that they broke people's windscreens as they drove along the edge of the East Bay? [....]

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