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Petroleum Data for the Week Ending March 21

Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week Ending March 21, 2003

U.S. crude oil refinery inputs fell slightly to 14.7 million barrels per day during the week ending March 21. Despite crude oil input to refineries remaining relatively flat, there were changes in the level of refinery production by product. Jet fuel production increased by about 100,000 barrels per day, while distillate fuel production fell by more than 200,000 barrels per day. Motor gasoline production remained relatively flat.

U.S. crude oil imports (including imports going into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) averaged nearly 9.7 million barrels per day last week, the largest amount since the week ending December 6, 2002 and the first week the average has exceeded 9 million barrels per day since the week ending December 20, 2002. Crude oil imports have averaged 8.7 million barrels per day over the last four weeks, which is barely above the level averaged over the same period last year. Although the origins of weekly crude oil imports are very preliminary and thus not published, imports from Venezuela last week seemed to have returned to normal levels for the first time since the week ending December 6, 2002. Total motor gasoline imports (including both finished gasoline and gasoline blending components) averaged 1 million barrels per day last week, while distillate fuel imports averaged 500,000 barrels per day.

With the high level of imports, U.S. commercial crude oil inventories (excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) increased by 3.7 million barrels. However, with crude oil refinery inputs relatively unchanged, inventories for both major petroleum products were mixed last week. Distillate fuel inventories increased by 2.3 million barrels, with almost all of the increase in low-sulfur distillate fuel (diesel fuel). But, motor gasoline inventories fell by 2.1 million barrels last week and remain below the low end of the normal range. As of March 21, total commercial petroleum inventories are 124.9 million barrels less than last year at this time.

Total product supplied over the last four-week period averaged 20.1 million barrels per day, or about 3.1 percent more than the same period last year. Over the last four weeks, motor gasoline demand is up 0.3 percent, and distillate fuel demand is up 11.9 percent compared to the same period last year. Kerosene- type jet fuel demand is 1.4 percent greater than last year over the latest four- week period.

The tables that follow display the latest U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet and the most recent 4 weeks of Weekly Petroleum Status Report data.

Table 1. U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet, 4 Weeks Ending 03/21/03

::::::::: Four Week Averages::Daily Averages
Petroleum Supply:::::::::::: %::----------------::%
(Thousand Barrels per Day)::03/21/03 03/21/02::Chg::2003::2002::Chg


Crude Oil Supply
Domestic Production (1) :::. E5,891::5,921::-0.5
Net Imports (Incl SPR) (2) :: 8,652::8,641::0.1
Gross Imports (Excl SPR) :: 8,662::8,631::0.4
SPR Imports ::::::::::0::17::--
Exports :::::::::.::E10::7::42.9
SPR Stocks W/D or Added :::.::0::-90::--
Other Stocks W/D or Added :::::-74::-173::--
Product Supplied and Losses ::::E0::0::--
Unaccounted-for Crude Oil (3)::::101::102::--

Crude Oil Input to Refineries:: 14,571 14,401::1.2

Other Supply
Natural Gas Liquids Prod. (6):: E2,127::2,149::-1.0 Cumulative daily
Other Liquids New Supply :::::E105::103::1.9 averages will be shown
Crude Oil Product Supplied ::::E0::0::0.0 beginning with the week
Processing Gain ::::::..::E932::968::-3.7 ending April 4, 2003,
Net Product Imports (4) :::. 1,903::1,333::42.8 issue when Petroleum
Gross Product Imports (4) :: 2,855::2,256::26.6 Supply Monthly data for
Product Exports (4) :::::::E952::923::3.1 January 2003 become
Prod Stocks W/D or Added (5)(11)::472::551::-- available.

Tot Prod Supplied for Domestic.. 20,108 19,504::3.1

Products Supplied
Finished Motor Gasoline (6) :: 8,676::8,648::0.3
Naphtha-Type Jet Fuel :::::::0::0::0.0
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel :::.. 1,574::1,553::1.4
Distillate Fuel Oil ::::: 4,181::3,735::11.9
Residual Fuel Oil ::::::::965::728::32.6
Other Oils (7) :::::::: 4,713::4,841::-2.6

Total Products Supplied :::. 20,108 19,504::3.1

Total Net Imports :::::: 10,555::9,974::5.8


Petroleum Stocks:::::::::::::::Percent Chg from
(Million Barrels):::::03/21/03 03/14/03 03/21/02 Prev Wk::Yr Ago

Crude Oil (Excluding SPR) (8) ..::273.9::270.2::329.8::1.4::-16.9
Total Motor Gasoline :::::::199.0::201.1::215.1::-1.0::-7.5
::Reformulated ::::::..::33.2::34.3::44.4::-3.2::-25.2
::Oxygenated ::::::::::0.2::0.3::0.3::-33.3::-33.3
::Other Finished ::::::::111.4::112.5::117.7::-1.0::-5.4
::Blending Components :::..::54.1::54.0::52.7::0.2::2.7
Naphtha-Type Jet Fuel :::::::0.0::0.0::0.1::0.0::-100.0
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel :::..::38.2::39.5::41.4::-3.3::-7.7
Distillate Fuel Oil (11):::.::99.5::97.2::125.5::2.4::-20.7
::0.05% Sulfur and under :::::62.8::60.6::75.5::3.6::-16.8
::Greater than 0.05% Sulfur ::::36.7::36.6::50.0::0.3::-26.6
Residual Fuel Oil ::::::::32.1::31.7::36.1::1.3::-11.1
Unfinished Oils ::::::..::82.5::81.3::92.6::1.5::-10.9
Other Oils (9) :::::::: E161.7::E161.1::171.2::0.4::-5.5

Total Stocks (Excluding SPR)(11)::886.8::882.2::1,011.7::0.5::-12.3
Crude Oil in SPR (10):::::::599.2::599.2::560.9::0.0::6.8
Total Stocks (Including SPR)(11) 1,486.1::1,481.4::1,572.7::0.3::-5.5


E = Estimate based on data published for the most recent month in the "Petroleum Supply Monthly," except for exports,crude oil production and other oil stocks. Weekly estimates of exports are forecast using an autoregressive integrated moving average procedure. The most recent 5 years of data are used to obtain the forecasts. Crude oil production estimates are based on historical production patterns. Cumulative crude oil production values shown in the U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet include revised estimates published in the "Petroleum Supply Monthly". Other oils stocks data are derived by (1) computing an average daily rate of stock change for the minor products for each month based on monthly data for the past 6 years; (2) using this daily rate and the minor stock levels from the most recent monthly publication to estimate the minor product stock level for the current period. Year ago data are interpolated from published monthly stock levels.

1 Includes lease condensate.

2 Net Imports = Gross Imports + Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Imports :::::: - Exports

3 Unaccounted-for crude oil is a balancing item which is used to balance ::data (or estimates) about supply with data (or estimates) about ::disposition.

4 Includes finished petroleum products, unfinished oils, gasoline blending ::components, and natural gas plant liquids.

5 Includes an estimate of minor product stock change based on monthly data

6 Includes field production of fuel ethanol and an adjustment for motor ::gasoline blending components.

7 Includes crude oil product supplied, natural gas liquids, liquefied ::refinery gases (LRGs), other liquids, and all finished petroleum products ::except motor gasoline, jet fuels, and distillate and residual fuel oils.

8 Includes domestic and Customs-cleared foreign crude oil in transit to ::refineries.

9 Included are stocks of all other oils such as aviation gasoline, ::kerosene, natural gas liquids and LRGs, other hydrocarbons and ::oxygenates, aviation gasoline blending components, naphtha and other ::oils for petrochemical feedstock use, special naphthas, lube oils, ::waxes, coke, asphalt, road oil, and miscellaneous oils.

10 Crude oil stocks in the SPR include Non-US stocks held under foreign or ::commercial storage agreements.

11 Distillate fuel oil stocks located in "Northeast Heating Oil Reserve" are ::not included. For details see Appendix D, page 53, in the WPSR.

Note: Due to independent rounding, individual product detail may not add to

Sources: -- Current Year Monthly Data: EIA, "Petroleum Supply Monthly"
::: and "Petroleum Supply Weekly".
::-- Previous Year Data: EIA, "Petroleum Supply Annual".

::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Domestic Production::::::::: E5,901::E5,872::E5,886::E5,906
Domestic Production 4-WK AVG::::: E5,901::E5,894::E5,889::E5,891

Crude Oil Inputs::::::::::: 14,182::14,598::14,770::14,732
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 1::::::::::1,347::1,512::1,636::1,613
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 2::::::::::3,011::3,026::3,073::3,078
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 3::::::::::6,937::7,020::7,059::7,023
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 4::::::::::535::548::490::477
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 5::::::::::2,352::2,492::2,512::2,541
Crude Oil Inputs 4-WK AVG::::::. 14,230::14,386::14,502::14,571
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::.::1,519::1,499::1,501::1,527
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::.::3,095::3,089::3,068::3,047
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::.::6,725::6,848::6,967::7,010
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::.::518::527::527::513
Crude Oil Inputs PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::.::2,373::2,422::2,439::2,474
Gross Inputs:::::::::::: 14,369::14,756::14,921::14,861
Gross Inputs PADD 1:::::::::::1,361::1,523::1,651::1,624
Gross Inputs PADD 2:::::::::::3,040::3,055::3,113::3,118
Gross Inputs PADD 3:::::::::::6,972::7,022::7,006::6,979
Gross Inputs PADD 4:::::::::::534::551::496::476
Gross Inputs PADD 5:::::::::::2,462::2,605::2,655::2,664
Gross Inputs 4-WK AVG:::::::: 14,407::14,557::14,654::14,727
Gross Inputs PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::::1,529::1,508::1,507::1,540
Gross Inputs PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::::3,133::3,125::3,101::3,082
Gross Inputs PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::::6,738::6,859::6,960::6,995
Gross Inputs PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::::519::529::530::514
Gross Inputs PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::::2,490::2,538::2,556::2,597
Operable Capacity (MBD)::::::::::16.8::16.8::16.8::16.8
Operable Capacity (MBD) 4-WK AVG:::.::16.8::16.8::16.8::16.8
Percent Utilization:::::::::::85.6::87.9::88.8::88.5
Percent Utilization 4-WK AVG:::::::85.8::86.7::87.3::87.7
Operating Capacity (MBD)::::::..::16.4::16.3::16.3::16.3
Operating Capacity (MBD) 4-WK AVG:::::16.4::16.4::16.4::16.3
Percent Utilization:::::::::::87.8::90.3::91.3::91.0
Percent Utilization 4-WK AVG:::::::88.0::89.0::89.6::90.1

Finished MOGAS:::::::::::::7,978::8,008::8,034::7,980
Finished MOGAS PADD 1::::::::::1,146::1,139::1,120::1,094
Finished MOGAS PADD 2::::::::::1,890::1,925::1,896::1,926
Finished MOGAS PADD 3::::::::::3,357::3,279::3,304::3,303
Finished MOGAS PADD 4::::::::::265::278::281::267
Finished MOGAS PADD 5::::::::::1,320::1,388::1,434::1,391
Finished MOGAS 4-WK AVG::::::::::8,034::7,996::7,979::8,000
Finished MOGAS PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::::1,167::1,144::1,120::1,125
Finished MOGAS PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::::1,919::1,917::1,900::1,909
Finished MOGAS PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::::3,344::3,318::3,322::3,311
Finished MOGAS PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::::271::270::273::273
Finished MOGAS PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::::1,334::1,347::1,365::1,383.
::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Reformulated MOGAS:::::::::.::2,605::2,639::2,532::2,648
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 1::::::.::639::725::671::645
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 2::::::.::337::331::329::350
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 3::::::.::672::571::466::577
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 4::::::.::0::0::0::0
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 5::::::.::957::1,012::1,066::1,076
Reformulated MOGAS 4-WK AVG::::::::2,601::2,599::2,562::2,606
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::678::677::653::670
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::330::333::333::337
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::621::607::576::572
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::0::0::0::0
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::972::983::1,001::1,028
Oxygenated MOGAS:::::::::::::1,237::1,187::1,137::978
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 1::::::::::98::105::104::65
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 2::::::::::853::861::823::700
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 3::::::::::63::44::65::65
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 4::::::::::63::60::62::62
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 5::::::::::160::117::83::86
Oxygenated MOGAS 4-WK AVG::::::.::1,242::1,233::1,203::1,135
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::.::102::102::102::93
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::.::830::844::842::809
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::.::75::65::63::59
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::.::73::70::65::62
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::.::163::151::131::112
Other Finished MOGAS:::::::::::4,136::4,182::4,365::4,354
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 1::::::::409::309::345::384
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 2::::::::700::733::744::876
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 3::::::::2,622::2,664::2,773::2,661
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 4::::::::202::218::219::205
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 5::::::::203::259::285::229
Other Finished MOGAS 4-WK AVG:::::::4,192::4,164::4,214::4,259
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 1 4-WK AVG::::387::366::365::362
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 2 4-WK AVG::::759::740::726::763
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 3 4-WK AVG::::2,648::2,646::2,684::2,680
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 4 4-WK AVG::::198::200::208::211
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 5 4-WK AVG::::199::212::233::244
Jet Fuel::::::::::::::::1,410::1,402::1,351::1,443
Jet Fuel 4-WK AVG:::::::::..::1,433::1,429::1,416::1,402
Naphtha-Type 4-WK AVG::::::::::0::0::0::0
Kerosene-Type PADD 1:::::::::::72::79::67::72
Kerosene-Type PADD 2:::::::::::219::192::172::198
Kerosene-Type PADD 3:::::::::::738::722::717::772
Kerosene-Type PADD 4:::::::::::23::28::20::17
Kerosene-Type PADD 5:::::::::::358::380::375::384
Kerosene-Type 4-WK AVG::::::::::1,433::1,429::1,415::1,401
Kerosene-Type PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::::79::72::71::73
Kerosene-Type PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::::214::212::204::195
Kerosene-Type PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::::733::734::737::737
Kerosene-Type PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::::27::28::25::22
Kerosene-Type PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::::380::383::379::374.
::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Commercial Jet Fuel:::::::::::1,224::1,223::1,179::1,332
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 1::::::::71::78::66::72
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 2::::::::197::176::160::186
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 3::::::::619::598::597::695
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 4::::::::19::21::17::12
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 5::::::::318::350::339::367
Commercial Jet Fuel 4-WK AVG:::::::1,270::1,257::1,239::1,240
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 1 4-WK AVG::::79::72::71::72
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 2 4-WK AVG::::201::197::190::180
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 3 4-WK AVG::::626::618::616::627
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 4 4-WK AVG::::22::22::20::17
Commercial Jet Fuel PADD 5 4-WK AVG::::343::349::344::344
Military Jet Fuel:::::::::..::186::178::172::111
Military Jet Fuel PADD 1::::::..::1::1::1::0
Military Jet Fuel PADD 2::::::..::22::16::12::12
Military Jet Fuel PADD 3::::::..::119::124::120::77
Military Jet Fuel PADD 4::::::..::4::7::3::5
Military Jet Fuel PADD 5::::::..::40::30::36::17
Military Jet Fuel 4-WK AVG::::::::163::172::176::162
Military Jet Fuel PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::1::1::1::1
Military Jet Fuel PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::14::15::14::16
Military Jet Fuel PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::107::116::121::110
Military Jet Fuel PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::6::6::5::5
Military Jet Fuel PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::37::34::35::31
Distillate Fuel Oil:::::::::::3,460::3,747::3,922::3,701
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 1::::::::373::430::497::472
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 2::::::::785::775::892::886
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 3::::::::1,721::1,890::1,854::1,666
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 4::::::::154::163::163::140
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 5::::::::427::489::516::537
Distillate Fuel Oil 4-WK AVG:::::::3,414::3,551::3,667::3,708
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 1 4-WK AVG::::450::454::450::443
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 2 4-WK AVG::::798::794::808::835
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 3 4-WK AVG::::1,592::1,702::1,784::1,783
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 4 4-WK AVG::::143::151::156::155
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 5 4-WK AVG::::431::450::469::492
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur::::::::2,402::2,675::2,626::2,608
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1:::::138::198::197::220
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 2:::::595::603::656::658
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 3:::::1,240::1,382::1,262::1,185
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 4:::::129::136::137::127
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 5:::::300::356::374::418
Distillate <= 0.05% 4-WK AVG:::::::2,334::2,461::2,537::2,578
Distillate <= 0.05% PADD 1 4-WK AVG::::171::188::188::188
Distillate <= 0.05% PADD 2 4-WK AVG::::597::596::605::628
Distillate <= 0.05% PADD 3 4-WK AVG::::1,116::1,215::1,272::1,267
Distillate <= 0.05% PADD 4 4-WK AVG::::119::127::131::132
Distillate <= 0.05% PADD 5 4-WK AVG::::331::336::342::362.
::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur::::::::1,058::1,072::1,296::1,093
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1:::::235::232::300::252
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 2:::::190::172::236::228
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 3:::::481::508::592::481
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 4:::::25::27::26::13
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 5:::::127::133::142::119
Distillate > 0.05% 4-WK AVG:::::::1,079::1,089::1,130::1,130
Distillate > 0.05% PADD 1 4-WK AVG::::278::266::262::255
Distillate > 0.05% PADD 2 4-WK AVG::::201::199::203::207
Distillate > 0.05% PADD 3 4-WK AVG::::476::487::512::516
Distillate > 0.05% PADD 4 4-WK AVG::::24::24::25::23
Distillate > 0.05% PADD 5 4-WK AVG::::100::114::128::130
Residual Fuel Oil:::::::::..::715::612::668::653
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 1::::::..::144::145::142::171
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 2::::::..::43::52::55::58
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 3::::::..::368::280::272::264
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 4::::::..::10::13::9::13
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 5::::::..::150::122::190::147
Residual Fuel Oil 4-WK AVG::::::::702::690::683::662
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::132::136::139::151
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::58::57::51::52
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::335::327::317::296
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::11::11::11::11
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::167::160::165::152

Crude Oil::::::::::::::::273.6::269.8::270.2::273.9
Crude Oil PADD 1:::::::::::::13.1::13.1::14.0::12.8
Crude Oil PADD 2:::::::::::::50.7::50.2::51.8::51.5
Crude Oil PADD 3:::::::::::::145.2::138.6::140.9::145.0
Crude Oil PADD 4:::::::::::::12.1::11.7::11.5::11.8
Crude Oil PADD 5:::::::::::::52.5::56.2::52.0::52.8
SPR (1)::::::::::::::::599.2::599.2::599.2::599.2
Total MOGAS::::::::::::.::206.1::202.0::201.1::199.0
Total MOGAS PADD 1:::::::::.::55.6::53.3::51.2::50.2
Total MOGAS PADD 1X:::::::::::3.9::4.4::3.9::4.1
Total MOGAS PADD 1Y:::::::::::28.5::27.6::27.7::27.3
Total MOGAS PADD 1Z:::::::::::23.1::21.3::19.6::18.8
Total MOGAS PADD 2:::::::::.::50.1::50.9::50.1::49.4
Total MOGAS PADD 3:::::::::.::62.9::60.8::61.2::61.4
Total MOGAS PADD 4:::::::::.::8.3::8.4::8.1::8.2
Total MOGAS PADD 5:::::::::.::29.2::28.6::30.5::29.7
Finished MOGAS:::::::::::::153.2::148.3::147.1::144.9
Reformulated MOGAS:::::::::.::34.6::34.4::34.3::33.2
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 1::::::.::17.8::19.8::18.4::17.0
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 2::::::.::0.5::0.7::0.6::0.7
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 3::::::.::9.9::7.8::7.5::8.4
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 4::::::.::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0
Reformulated MOGAS PADD 5::::::.::6.4::6.1::7.8::7.2.
::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Oxygenated MOGAS:::::::::::::0.3::0.3::0.3::0.2
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 1::::::::::0.1::0.1::0.1::0.1
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 2::::::::::0.2::0.2::0.2::0.2
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 3::::::::::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 4::::::::::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0
Oxygenated MOGAS PADD 5::::::::::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0
Other Finished MOGAS:::::::::::118.4::113.6::112.5::111.4
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 1::::::::30.2::26.0::24.6::24.8
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 2::::::::37.9::38.0::37.1::36.4
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 3::::::::36.6::35.6::36.4::35.6
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 4::::::::6.0::6.0::5.9::6.1
Other Finished MOGAS PADD 5::::::::7.7::7.9::8.5::8.4
Blending Components:::::::::::52.8::53.7::54.0::54.1
Jet Fuel::::::::::::::::39.4::39.0::39.5::38.2
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel PADD 1:::::::8.7::10.1::10.3::9.1
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel PADD 2:::::::7.5::7.4::7.0::7.0
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel PADD 3:::::::13.2::12.3::13.3::13.8
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel PADD 4:::::::1.0::0.9::1.0::0.9
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel PADD 5:::::::9.1::8.3::8.0::7.3
Distillate Fuel Oil (2)::::::::::96.5::98.3::97.2::99.5
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 1::::::::29.5::27.5::26.8::28.1
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 1X::::::::4.3::4.2::4.4::4.5
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 1Y::::::::15.2::14.5::14.2::13.5
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 1Z::::::::10.0::8.8::8.2::10.1
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 2::::::::27.3::26.9::26.8::27.7
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 3::::::::26.1::30.3::29.3::28.2
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 4::::::::3.3::3.4::3.5::3.7
Distillate Fuel Oil PADD 5::::::::10.3::10.3::10.8::11.8
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur::::::::61.0::61.0::60.6::62.8 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1:::::12.4::11.3::11.0::12.3 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1X:::::1.1::1.2::1.2::1.1 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1Y:::::5.0::4.9::4.6::4.7 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1Z:::::6.2::5.2::5.2::6.5 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 2:::::20.2::19.7::19.0::19.9 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 3:::::17.1::19.1::19.1::18.6 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 4:::::2.9::2.9::3.0::3.1 Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur PADD 5:::::8.3::8.0::8.4::8.9 Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur::::::::35.6::37.3::36.6::36.7
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1:::::17.1::16.1::15.8::15.9
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1X:::::3.2::2.9::3.1::3.5
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1Y:::::10.2::9.6::9.6::8.8
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 1Z:::::3.8::3.6::3.1::3.6
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 2:::::7.0::7.2::7.7::7.8
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 3:::::9.0::11.2::10.2::9.6
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 4:::::0.4::0.5::0.5::0.5
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur PADD 5:::::2.0::2.3::2.5::2.9.
::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Residual Fuel Oil:::::::::..::31.4::31.2::31.7::32.1
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 1::::::..::9.1::9.6::8.6::9.6
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 1X::::::.::0.6::0.5::0.7::0.8
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 1Y::::::.::6.3::6.3::5.6::6.6
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 1Z::::::.::2.2::2.8::2.3::2.2
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 2::::::..::2.2::2.3::2.3::2.2
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 3::::::..::13.9::13.5::14.4::14.3
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 4::::::..::0.3::0.3::0.3::0.3
Residual Fuel Oil PADD 5::::::..::5.9::5.6::6.1::5.7
Unfinished Oils:::::::::::::83.1::84.1::81.3::82.5
Other Oils::::::::::::.. E165.0::E160.5::E161.1::E161.7
Total Stocks Excl SPR (2)::::::.::895.0::884.8::882.2::886.8
Total Stocks Incl SPR (2)::::::. 1,494.3::1,484.1::1,481.4::1,486.1

Total Crude Oil Incl SPR::::::..::8,679::7,621::8,693::9,655
Total Crude Oil Incl SPR 4-WK AVG:::::8,241::8,347::8,330::8,662
Crude Oil Excl SPR:::::::::.::8,679::7,621::8,693::9,655
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 1::::::.::1,653::1,294::1,242::1,454
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 2::::::.::888::897::1,277::715
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 3::::::.::5,558::4,489::5,313::6,457
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 4::::::.::256::301::274::267
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 5::::::.::324::640::587::762
Crude Oil Excl SPR 4-WK AVG::::::::8,241::8,347::8,330::8,662
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 1 4-WK AVG:::::1,396::1,337::1,349::1,411
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 2 4-WK AVG:::::848::913::997::944
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 3 4-WK AVG:::::5,172::5,292::5,158::5,454
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 4 4-WK AVG:::::273::276::276::275
Crude Oil Excl SPR PADD 5 4-WK AVG:::::553::529::551::578
SPR 4-WK AVG::::::::::::::0::0::0::0
Total MOGAS::::::::::::.::678::783::1,002::988
Total MOGAS 4-WK AVG:::::::::::726::703::769::863
Reformulated MOGAS:::::::::.::254::197::185::259
Reformulated MOGAS 4-WK AVG::::::::183::189::178::224
Oxygenated MOGAS:::::::::::::0::0::0::0
Oxygenated MOGAS 4-WK AVG::::::.::0::0::0::0
Other Finished MOGAS:::::::::::248::321::420::325
Other Finished MOGAS 4-WK AVG:::::::274::256::317::329
Blending Components:::::::::::176::265::397::404
Blending Components 4-WK AVG:::::::269::258::275::311
Jet Fuel::::::::::::::::107::67::164::118
Jet Fuel 4-WK AVG:::::::::..::87::83::112::114
Naphtha-Type 4-WK AVG::::::::::0::0::0::0
Kerosene-Type 4-WK AVG::::::::::87::83::112::114
Distillate Fuel Oil:::::::::::632::594::486::489
Distillate Fuel Oil 4-WK AVG:::::::525::551::522::550
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur::::::::73::214::112::60
Distillate <= 0.05% Sulfur 4-WK AVG::::99::110::116::115.
::::::::::::::::::AUTOMATED DATALOG

::PRODUCT::::::::02/28/03 03/07/03 03/14/03 03/21/03

Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur::::::::559::380::374::429
Distillate > 0.05% Sulfur 4-WK AVG::::425::440::406::436
Residual Fuel Oil:::::::::..::355::110::450::523
Residual Fuel Oil 4-WK AVG::::::::303::283::330::360
Other 4-WK AVG:::::::::::::862::792::838::968
Total Products Imports::::::::::2,871::2,219::2,920::3,409
Total Products Imports 4-WK AVG:::..::2,501::2,411::2,572::2,855
Gross Imports (Incl SPR)::::::.. 11,550::9,840::11,613::13,064
Gross Imports (Incl SPR) 4-WK AVG::: 10,742::10,758::10,901::11,517
Net Imports (Incl SPR):::::::: 10,647::8,857::10,632::12,083
Net Imports (Incl SPR) 4-WK AVG:::..::9,839::9,835::9,959::10,555

Total 4-WK AVG:::::::::::::E903::E923::E943::E962
Crude Oil::::::::::::::::E10::E10::E10::E10
Crude Oil 4-WK AVG:::::::::.::E10::E10::E10::E10
Products 4-WK AVG:::::::::..::E893::E913::E933::E952

Finished MOGAS:::::::::::::8,421::9,020::8,596::8,666
Finished MOGAS 4-WK AVG::::::::::8,400::8,629::8,664::8,676
Jet Fuel::::::::::::::::1,651::1,504::1,415::1,724
Jet Fuel 4-WK AVG:::::::::..::1,549::1,541::1,472::1,574
Naphtha-Type 4-WK AVG::::::::::0::0::0::0
Kerosene-Type 4-WK AVG::::::::::1,549::1,541::1,473::1,574
Distillate Fuel Oil:::::::::::4,319::4,049::4,526::3,830
Distillate Fuel Oil 4-WK AVG:::::::4,398::4,371::4,343::4,181
Residual Fuel Oil:::::::::..::994::735::1,021::1,108
Residual Fuel Oil 4-WK AVG::::::::942::911::950::965
Other Oils::::::::::::..::4,692::4,580::4,743::4,836
Other Oils 4-WK AVG:::::::::::4,623::4,645::4,654::4,713
Total Products Supplied:::::::: 20,078::19,887::20,301::20,164
Total Products Supplied 4-WK AVG:::. 19,912::20,096::20,083::20,108

1 Crude oil stocks in the SPR include non-U.S. stocks held under foreign or
commercial storage agreements.

2 Distillate fuel oil stocks located in the "Northeast Heating Oil Reserve"
are not included. For details see Appendix D, page 53, in the WPSR.

E = Estimated Data

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