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CAANZ announces 23rd AXIS Awards finalists

The results are in and a full list of AXIS finalists can be found at (and attached below).

This year the 23rd AXIS Awards attracted over 800 entries with a total of 285 finalists. Chairman of judges was Craig Davis (Saatchi & Saatchi – Hong Kong) while Andrew Tinning (Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand) took on the role of judging convenor.

A full list of judges can be found here:

The award show is on the 24th July at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama.

2003 AXIS Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists of the 23rd AXIS Awards.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Awards Show on Thursday 24th July at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama.


Albedo Limited--->

TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->Mizone 'Ravine'

Clemenger BBDO--->

Art Direction & Typography--->Postcards from Prison
--->Art Direction & Typography--->Belted
--->Cinema--->Dave Likes Art
--->Copywriting--->Dave Likes Art
--->Copywriting--->World Press Frogs Metrolite
--->Copywriting--->Dangerous Liaisons
--->Direct Print Campaign--->Hell Pizza Postcards
--->Direct Print Campaign--->World Press Photo Inserts
--->Emerging Talent--->Mark Forgan & Jamie Standen
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Student Diary
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Taxi Window
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Postcards from Prison
--->Guerilla Advertising--->RUOK2DRV
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Licences
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Lift Doors
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Pissed Test
--->Guerilla Advertising--->World Press Photos
--->Image--->Cigarette Burns
--->Mixed Media Campaign--->World Press Photo Exhibition
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->Women Are Drink Drivers Too
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->Postcards from Prison
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->DARE
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->ThinkSafe
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Falls
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Disgusting
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Let's Go See Daddy
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Trips
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->I'll Be Home For Christmas
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Dangerous Liaisons
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Belted
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Braille
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Tissues
--->Public Service/Char Print Unpd--->Cigarett Burns
--->Radio Single--->Mastermind
--->TV Consumer Products--->Mainland Port Cheddar

Colenso BBDO--->

Copywriting--->Letter of Complaint
--->Copywriting--->Picnic Table
--->Copywriting--->Cosy Push & Ride
--->Direct Print Individual--->Letter of Complaint
--->Emerging Talent--->"Gena Tuffery, Daniel Lunn"
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Simon Brown
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Music Single
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Clare Harvey
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Landfill Trolley
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Towels
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Jane Myles
--->International Print--->Face
--->International Print--->Shoulder
--->International Print--->LEG
--->Magazine Campaign--->Little Tikes
--->Magazine Consumer Durables--->Playhouse
--->Magazine Consumer Durables--->Cosy Push & Ride
--->Magazine Consumer Durables--->Picnic Table
--->Magazine Consumer Products--->Butcher
--->Magazine Leisure--->Field
--->Mixed Media Campaign--->TV3 Jaws
--->mpegs single--->Reptile
--->mpegs single--->BMX XXX Lawn Bowls
--->mpegs single--->Jax & Johnny
--->mpegs single--->BMX XXX Tennis
--->mpegs single--->BMX XXX Golf
--->Newspaper Consumer Products--->Prime Minister
--->Newspaper Consumer Services--->Luggage
--->Outdoor Campaign--->BACON
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->Litter Magazine
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->Litter Ambient
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Crab
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Smokers
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Book
--->Public Service/Char Elec Unpd--->Confession
--->Public Service/Char Elec Unpd--->Do Gooder
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Litter - Chips
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Litter - Cigarette
--->Public Service/Char Print Pd--->Litter - Gum
--->Radio Campaign--->Mortal Campaign
--->Radio Single--->Toilet Seat
--->Radio Single--->Gangster Rapper
--->Radio Single--->JAWS
--->Radio Single--->Milk
--->Radio Single--->Silence of the Lambs
--->Radio Single--->Terminator
--->Radio Single--->Interview
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->Shirt Collar
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->BACON NO. 8
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->BACON NO 11
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->BACON NO 74
--->TV Campaign--->Starburst
--->TV Consumer Products--->Ravine Pt1 & Pt2
--->TV Consumer Products--->Lucky - Zoo
--->TV Consumer Products--->Cleaner
--->TV Consumer Products--->Melon
--->TV Consumer Products--->Apple
--->TV Consumer Products--->Orange
--->TV Consumer Products--->Cow
--->TV Consumer Products--->Waterhold
--->TV Consumer Services--->Grandparents

Curious Films Limited--->

TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->People/Totally Media
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->Smoking
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->Wolf Whistle
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Clowns
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Joseph
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Smoking
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Waterfight
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->People/Totally Mobile
--->TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->People/Totally Media


Direct Print Individual--->Piece of Wood
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Lips
--->mpegs single--->Reindeer
--->Newspaper Consumer Durables--->Model Kit
--->Newspaper Consumer Durables--->Longer
--->Newspaper Consumer Products--->Bunny Ears
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Sunset
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Carrot Fries
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Tomato Burger
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Model Kit
--->Outdoor Campaign--->Super 12 Time
--->Outdoor Campaign--->Salads
--->Radio Campaign--->42 Below
--->Radio Single--->Beer
--->Radio Single--->Prostate
--->Radio Single--->Retail
--->TV Leisure--->Lions
--->TV Leisure--->Cliché Cricket

Exile Films--->

TV/Cinema - Direction--->Kiwi Bacon - Vegetarian

FAT Wellington--->

TV/Cinema - Animation--->Diet Coke with Lemon Flavour 'Meant to Be'
--->TV/Cinema - Animation--->KiwiBank 'Brand/Fees'
--->TV/Cinema - Animation--->Sunsmart Tiger Prawn 'Snags'

FCB New Zealand--->

Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Chicken
--->TV Campaign--->New World - Fresh
--->TV Consumer Products--->Fish
--->TV Consumer Products--->Potatoes
--->TV Consumer Products--->Chicken

Film Construction--->

TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->Farmer
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->New World 'Fresh Seafood'
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->New World 'Fresh Meat'
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->America's Cup 'Loyal'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->LTSA Let's Go See Daddy
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->LTSA 'Phonecalls'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->"America's Cup 'Loyal"""
--->TV/Cinema - Editing--->Farmer
--->TV/Cinema - Editing--->America's Cup 'Loyal'

Flux Animation--->

TV/Cinema - Animation--->COG
--->TV/Cinema - Animation--->Welcome to Anchorville

Flying Fish--->

TV/Cinema - Direction--->Women's Refuge 'Day After Day'


Guerilla Advertising--->

Sony Cinema Remote
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Firestone Direct - Mag wheel stickers
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Sony Net MD - Download
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Woman with Sony MV Camcorder (Park)
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Man with Sony MV camcorder (Street)
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Yellow Boat Company - Swimming Platform
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Yellow Boat Company - Beach Poster
--->Magazine Consumer Durables--->Woman with Sony MV Camcorder (Park)
--->Magazine Consumer Durables--->Man with Sony MV Camcorder (Street)
--->Mixed Media Campaign--->Yellow Boat Company
--->mpegs single--->Sony MV Camcorder: Billy
--->mpegs single--->Sony MV Camcorder: Accident
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->BMW Compact - Advertising Photographer
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Unpd--->Amnesty International
--->Public Service/Char Elec Unpd--->Mortician
--->Soundtrack--->Sony Singapore - Break'n
--->TV Consumer Services--->Mermaid

Grey Worldwide--->

Direct Print Individual--->The Hungary Caterpillar
--->Magazine Campaign--->No Bugs Kiwicare
--->Magazine Consumer Products--->Fly
--->Magazine Consumer Products--->Mosquito
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Fishing Hands
--->Outdoor Campaign--->No Bugs Kiwicare
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->Mosquito

Level 7 Visual Communications Ltd--->

Interactive Media--->

Liquid Studios--->

--->Soundtrack--->The Band L.A


Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Vodafone 'PXT Camera'

M&C Saatchi--->

Public Service/Char Elec Unpd--->2002 Annual Appeal
--->Public Service/Char Print Unpd--->Actual size of problem
--->TV Liquor--->Wish


Magazine Consumer Services--->Sally

Motion Pictures--->

TV/Cinema - Direction--->Holden Astra 'Woman'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->AMP - Reina Webster Scholarship


TV/Cinema - Animation--->De Winkel 'Inner Beauty'
--->TV/Cinema - Animation--->Mizone 'Street Figher 2'
--->TV/Cinema - Animation--->World Press Photo
--->TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->Women's Refuge 'Day After Day'
--->TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->Waterplus 'Launch'
--->TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->Care NZ 'No Brainer'
--->TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->National Bank 'Home Loans'
--->TV/Cinema - Special Effects--->National Bank 'Rural'

Plaza Films--->

International Electronic--->Strongest Man
--->International Electronic--->Depressed Geeza
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Deerstalker's Ball


Magazine Retail Promotional--->Steak
--->Radio Single--->Plants
--->TV Consumer Finance--->Drive
--->TV Retail Promotional--->Tom Cat
--->TV Retail Promotional--->Bionic
--->TV Retail Promotional--->Babies

Saatchi & Saatchi--->

Art Direction & Typography--->Scurrilous Deeds
--->Art Direction & Typography--->Lenticular Type
--->Copywriting--->The Pledge Card
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Bruised Ambassadors
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Bruised Mannequins
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Kidzfirst - Incubator
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Kidzfirst - Phonebox
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Big Brother - Bathtub
--->Guerilla Advertising--->Big Brother - Toilet
--->Image--->Bone Tissue
--->Image--->Blood Cells
--->Image--->Rose Petal
--->Image--->Kidzfirst - Baby Face
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Commonwealth Games - Hurdles
--->Indoor/Outdoor Posters--->Commonwealth Games - Glove
--->Interactive Media--->
--->Interactive Media--->World Cup Football Fever Game
--->Magazine Campaign--->De Winkel - Inner Beauty
--->Magazine Campaign--->TVNZ Commonwealth Games
--->Magazine Leisure--->America's Cup Shark
--->Magazine Leisure--->Commonwealth Games - Hurdles
--->Magazine Leisure--->Commonwealth Games - Glove
--->Mixed Media Campaign--->Blind Week 2002
--->Mixed Media Campaign--->Women's Refuge Annual Appeal 2002
--->mpegs single--->No Brainer
--->Newspaper Consumer Products--->H Clark
--->Online Ads--->Jetstream - Hopper
--->Online Ads--->Jestream - Star Defender
--->On-line Campaign--->
--->On-line Campaign--->Jetstream
--->On-line Campaign--->Totally Mobile
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Guaranteed Millionaire Wonderbra
--->Outdoor Campaign--->Commonwealth Games
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Pd--->Women's Refuge Annual Appeal 2002
--->Public Service/Char Cmpgn Unpd--->Kidzfirst
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Day After Day
--->Public Service/Char Elec Pd--->Speed of Fire
--->Public Service/Char Elec Unpd--->No Brainer
--->Public Service/Char Print Unpd--->Scarred
--->Public Service/Char Print Unpd--->Kidzfirst - Baby Face
--->Rich media ads--->Totally Mobile - Tiny Movies
--->Rich media ads--->Invasion
--->Rich media ads--->Camry Microsite
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->Lenticular Type
--->Transit Advertising - Single--->Big Brother - Street
--->TV Campaign--->Avezzo
--->TV Campaign--->Talk A Loada Football
--->TV Consumer Finance--->Guitar
--->Website Design--->Innovation In Communication Award
--->Website Design--->Institute For The Study of Footballitis
--->Website Design--->

Silverscreen Productions Limited--->

International Electronic--->Mars 'Swimming Pool'
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->Rural
--->TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->Home Loans
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->National Bank 'Rural'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Toyota Corolla 'Release Me'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->DB Tui 'Wish'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->World Press Photo Exhibition
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Care NZ 'No Brainer'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Westpac 'Knowledge'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->National Bank 'Home Loans'
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Mizone 'Streetfighter'

Soundtrax/James Hall Productions--->

Soundtrack--->Sky Men
--->Soundtrack--->Fresh Up 'Piggy Bank'
--->Soundtrack--->AMP 'Reina Webster'
--->Soundtrack--->VW Polo 'Tune Up'

Sydney Film Company--->

TV/Cinema - Direction--->The New Avezzos
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Band
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Fishing
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Grandparents
--->TV/Cinema - Editing--->Fishing

The Department of Doing--->

Art Direction & Typography--->Butchers

The Original Cut Limited--->

Soundtrack--->No Brainer

The Sweet Shop - NZ--->

TV/Cinema - Cinematography--->World At Your Feet
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->World At Your Feet
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Speed of Fire

Tim Capper--->

TV/Cinema - Animation--->Dave Likes Art
--->TV/Cinema - Direction--->Dave Likes Art

Whybin TBWA--->

TV Retail Promotional--->D.I.Y


Direct Print Individual--->Sharp Focus
--->Direct Print Individual--->Wet Letter

Young & Rubicam Advertising--->

Magazine Liquor--->Win a Date
--->Newspaper Campaign--->Bluff Oysters
--->Outdoor Billboard Advertising--->Blocks
--->Public Service/Char Elec Unpd--->Watch Your Kids
--->TV Consumer Products--->Cat

Yukfoo Limited--->

TV/Cinema - Animation--->I Dream of Booty
--->TV/Cinema - Animation--->Mitre 10 - The Cold War is Over

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