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Kavkaz News: Captured Russian General Alive

Note: The following transcript is taken from the website of the official Chechen rebels website and reports a Chechen view of the war in the Caucasus.


January 24, 2000

Kavkaz-Tsentr reports:

Despite the Kremlin's propaganda the Russian General Malofeyev is living, says the Chechen General Baudi Bakuyev. Malofeyev has been captured by the Chechens on January 19 and was brought to the mountains. But indeed he was wounded yesterday: The village he has been brought to was attacked by the Russians with bomber-planes. During the bombardment Malofeyev has been wounded heavily, the Russian colonel captured together with him died. Malofeyev's medical state is critical, medicaments are lacking. In the attack 3 Chechen fighters have been killed, too, 5 people were wounded.

The Russians continue their daily efforts to storm Dzhokhar. The bitter fights in the Chechen capital are going on. Every day the Russians try to move towards the centre of the town and to gain a footing in different blocks captured by them. In some quarters of the town they managed to do so. But these attacks proof pointless because the Russians are regularly forced out of the positions they captured by the Chechen rebel fighters and are suffering heavy casualties.
During the last 48 hours up to 500 Russians have been killed, 24 armoured vehicles have been knocked out. An airplane and a helicopter were shot down.
The most severe fights take place in Khankala and Michurina, two suburbs of Dzhokhar. The Russians for a time had captured 4 blocks in Michurina but where forced out by the Chechens.
According to the Chechen commander Supyan Abdulayev the streets of Michurina are covered with the corpses of Russian soldiers.
The Russians are attacking in the area of the tinning factory and near the bridge over the Sunzha. This bridge, despite the Russian propaganda, is in control of the Chechen fighters.

Two Russian officers have been taken POW. Chechen units succeeded in this while performing a raid into to Russians' hinterland in the northern suburbs of Dzhokhar. Furthermore 50 Russian soldiers have been killed during this attack.
The names of the officers are: Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Georgievich Sudarkin (Volgograd Region, Sovetsky District) and Captain Valery Petrovich Nachalnik (Mordoviya, v/ch 65349).
They have been interrogated by the Special Administration of the Chechen forces.
They confirmed that due to the critical situation of the Russian troops Russian generals have taken command of battalion and even of companies.
The two officers have confirmed the information on mass-executions in the occupied territories. According to them, in December 1999 Shamanov gave order to execute 93 young Chechens in the Naursky Rayon and took active part in the shooting.

Kavkaz-Tsentr sums up the daily specifications on the number of "annihilated Chechen fighters" in Dzhokhar as communicated by the Russian army to the press. As a result they get 6,000 during the last month. They compare this figure to the total of "700-3000 fighters" in Dzhokhar that is also being published by the Russians. This makes Kavkaz-Tsentr draw the conclusion that there are no living Mujahideen left in Dzhokhar.

The Russians continue to use chemical weapons in Dzhokhar. According to the mayor of the Chechen capital, Lechi Dudayev, during the last 24 hours more than 350 civilians have been killed or wounded by chemical warfare agents after the Russians had dropped bombs with this onto the town. There were the highest casualties in the 3rd and in the 4th micro-rayon. During the last week about 2,500 people died of Russian chemical warfare.

The information on the concentration camps in the occupied territories becomes more distinct. According to inhabitants of Naursky Rayon more than 200 boys of the age of 10 to 15 years have been arrested during the last week and have been brought to a camp. Hundreds of women assembled in front of the camp and claimed the liberation of their children. The Russians opened fire on them. As a result 23 women have been killed, 45 were wounded.
There are rumours that the children are tortured and even shot in the camp.
The Russians justify these measures with the military purpose of keeping the land behind the front quiet.

The Operative Defence Staff of the ChRI announces that in contrast to Russian reports president Maskhadov has not been wounded.

January 23, 2000

No fresh news from

January 22, 2000

Kavkaz-Tsentr reports:

The Chechens today, 16.00 p.m., shot down a Russian airplane using a "stinger".
It is unknown if the pilot survived – probably not because the plane exploded in the air after having been hit by the rocket.
The Russians resumed their efforts to assault the Chechen positions in Dzhokhar but have been repulsed.
According to the Chechen command the Russians today lost 250 men and 11 armoured vehicles.
On the Chechen side 3 men have been killed, 15 have been wounded.

The Russian assault on Dzhokhar has failed. After five days of bitter fights the situation in the Chechen capital has stabilized. No Russian efforts to advance during the last 24 hours. Still massive shelling of different quarters of the town.
The 3rd Micro-Rayon is under control of the government forces – 8 of Gantamirov's men have been captured there. Combat actions take place at the fringes of Staraya Sunzha.
The intensity of the fighting has decreased during the last day. The Chechens lost 3 men in this period, the Russians 70-100. One tank and 3 BMPs have been knocked out.

At the mouth of Argun Valley position warfare continues. After successful counter-attacks of the Chechens the Russian don't continue their efforts to regain control of their lost positions.
The villages in the Argun Valley are being bombarded – the Russian use vacuum bombs and napalm. Many victims among the civilian population.
The Chechens performed attacks on the flanks of the Russian troops near Starye Atagi.
This morning they attacked a tank column near Goyti and knocked out 3 armoured vehicles. Several Russian soldiers have been killed.

Khattab gave an interview to the TV of Qatar. Asked by the journalists for how long the Mujahideen would be able to resist the Russians, Khattab answered a more fitting question would be for how long the Russians would be able to resist the Mujahideen.
Khattab strictly denied any Chechen responsibility for the blasts in Russia and accused Putin of being responsible for these acts of terrorism in Russia.
Concerning the possibilities for negotiations with Russia Khattab says that after the first Chechen war Chechen leaders had engaged in negiotiations with Russia for three years - but Russia simply was needing a break to prepare for its second onslaught on Chechnya. Nowadays any negotiations with Russian are impossible. But if there are any in the future, they are to be conducted only on the base of the Sharia, Khattab says.

In the mountains it is snowing. A captured Russian paratrooper told that 3 Russians have frozen to death near the Deaths' Village. According to him the situation for the Russians is critical – the bad moral and physical shape of the Russian soldiers makes their officers to claim the evacuation of the Russian positions there.
A week ago scuffles and a shooting took place among the Russian – 2 men died, 7 were wounded.

According to Chechnya's ex-president Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev Afghanistan has promised Chechnya every possible help. This has been confirmed by the Afghan foreign minister Akhmad Muttavakil. During there meeting the two politicians had a telephone call with Movladi Udugov in Chechnya.


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