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Scoop Opinion: Wheelbarrows Of Hypocrisy

By Robert Rodvik

When considering the role of the British baby-killers of the Balkans, the totally overwhelming feature of hypocrisy-on-a-grand-scale comes through loud and clear. This historian has been attempting to determine which of the mass-murderers of the West is THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL, a task that is immensely difficult, given the many candidates for the position. In order to arrive at some semblance of qualitative results, I have concocted a Pinnochio scale; how many wheelbarrows it takes to carry the ever-lengthening nose of the liars and hypocrites, whose daily rhetoric seldom matches any semblance of reality. On a scale of one to ten wheelbarrows, the following are my interpretations of liars of the realm.


William Jefferson Clinton - 10 wheelbarrows. Clinton, by his own mouth, is an admitted perjurer. A man to whom lying is so ingrained that every time he launches another missile the civilized segment of society knows it is done for any number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with his reasons why. An unindicted mass-murderer who regularly attends church before and after his murderous forays.

William Cohen - 9 wheelbarrows. As the Secretary of Defense, a.k.a. the front man for the US merchants of death, anything Cohen says must be understood in the context of a salesman whose supplies must be sold and used in order that they not rust on the shelves or become obsolete over time. Lies and distortions are a necessity in this role. Cohen fills the bill perfectly well.

Sandy Berger - 9 wheelbarrows. As the National Security Adviser to the perjurer Clinton, Berger feeds whispered utterings into an ear that is as hollow inside as the Clinton nose is long. Also a spokeman for the US merchants of death, Berger looked like the buffoon he is when confronted by questions that hadn't been screened beforehand while the the three stooges of US policy were attempting to explain the reasons that bombing Iraq was "necessary" - at a "Town Hall" meeting at Ohio State University in Columbus. Without preparation ahead of time, as is the usual manner of the spin-doctors, Berger was left mumbling and stumbling as living proof of his stooge role.

Madeleine Albright - 10 wheelbarrows. Albright, a.k.a. "Mad Halfbright" was another of the troika of stooges at Ohio State University's "Town Hall" which got out of hand when some students managed to get to the microphones that CNN had planned to allow only those who had been vetted ahead of time. Albright too was unable to handle the hard questions posed to her, deflecting them with comments like: "Come see me afterwards and we'll talk," and if you believe that, then come see me soon because I have a few bridges I'd like to unload. Albright is a mass-murderer of biblical proportion who has no difficulty with killing kids around the world; a definite Hitler clone but of the opposite sex, as in a botched cloning operation.


Tony Blair - 10 wheelbarrows. Tony "boy" Blair, a Clinton-wannabe, is given to posturing and posing to a degree that emulates his idol, the perjurer "Billy-Bob" Clinton. Claiming to be a man of the people, Blair has shown that he will stand by the sales of arms to brutal dictatorships around the world. As a tool of the UK's merchants of death, anything "boy" Blair states about "humanitarianism" is worth the equivalent of a few tea leaves at the bottom of the cup - handy for predicting the amount of lies he will tell in the immediate future.

Robin Cook - 10 wheelbarrows. If ever anyone in public office deserved the term "weasel" it is surely Robin Cook. The litany of lies and distortions issued from his deceitful mouth is truly astounding. Having once condemned virtually all that he now represents, Cook's hypocrisy has lengthened his nose to the point that it threatens to override the 10th-in-the-chain of wheelbarrows that holds the overwhelming probiscus from furrowing a row in the ground.

George Robertson - 9 wheelbarrows. Robertson is living proof that thanks to a compliant media, unindicted war criminals can readily apoint their own to positions of Lordship - a.k.a. Peerage of the pawns. This wily liar and manipulator would be doing hard time alongside Albert Speer were there honesty in detailing who the real criminals actually are. Instead he gets to have a flunky from art school draw up a new emblem of "honour" for this baby-butcher of the Balkans.

Jack Straw - 9 wheelbarrows. Straw was caught blindsided in the arrest of the UK pal, torturer and mass-murderer Augusto Pinochet - who owes his role in terror thanks to his pals in the US and the UK who were so happy to engineer the coup that bombed the government of Salvador Allende Gossens into smithereens, those not killed outright being left to the degradation and torture of Pinochet and his thugs. When faced with actually doing something that would bring the head killer of Latin America to justice, Straw was told that it might lead in the direction of too many embarassing exposures of British and American complicity. Thus he helped to concoct the "mental senility" excuse that freed the thug from prosecution, but which exposed British rhetoric about "morality" and "humanitarian" application to foreign policy as the sham it always was from the world's leading colonizer, until the US supplanted it and forced the minions onto the always bended knees.

Margeret Thatcher - 10 wheelbarrows. The "iron-lady" of British politics, Maggie Thatcher led the British government while her arms-dealing son was earning a fortune as middle-man to dictators and thugs the world wide. For her role as arms merchant to terrorists and torturers across the planet, Thatcher received honour as a Baronness, and along with her merchant of death son, accumulated a small fortune. Understanding her role as war criminal alongside Pinochet, Maggie the Cruel asked quietly if she would risk the chance of being grabbed as a war criminal were she to step outside of England. Not being privy to the answer, one can only deduce that she will be wary of where she steps; one of the reasons Henry kissinger never leaves the US.


Jean Chretien - 10 wheelbarrows. This liar extraordinaire runs a virtual dictatorship of what passes for a "democratic" parliament. As a candidate for prime minister, Chretien pledged so many promises that a "Red Book" was needed to contain them all. Once elected, virtually every electoral promise was tossed into the garbage can of broken tales, and the true spokeman for Big Business emerged. In the race to diminish Canadian social programmes, Chretien expanded well beyond the unravelling of the social state begun by "Lying" Brian Mulroney, and has taken the process to new lows. This unindicted war criminal and baby killer of the Balkans stays in power because his Liberal Party backbenchers can be considered little else than a flock of emasculated sheep, ready to be shorn at request.

Arthur Eggleton - 9 wheelbarrows. As minister of defense Eggleton simply doesn't have the mental capacity to be dangerous on his own, inheriting the job by way of his pal Chretien. When the baby-killers were plotting strategy as to which civilian targets they would hit in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Eggleton was seen by the master plotters as being so insignificant that they simply didn't invite him to the meetings. A stooge of pitiful persuasion.

Lloyd Axworthy - 10 wheelbarrows. This disgusting perpetrator of falsehoods is certainly one of the greatest liars ever to assume a public position in Canada. There is little one can say of anything positive that Axworthy has done over the course of his miserable career, other than to jump on the "ban the landmines" bandwagon, for which he received undue attention, but the only "bright spot" of a wholly tarnished reign of error. Equals Chretien in lies and deceit.

As for the rest of the puppets, they all know that they must tow the line lest they too become targets for US cruise missiles. The only question left to be asked at the end of the day is: If Quebec extremists decide to unilaterally separate from Canada and employ the same tactics that the KLA did in Yugoslavia (even without receiving the covert training supplied by the neo-Nazi CIA and BND), would the US bomb Ottawa as it did to Belgrade when the Chretien baby-killers attempted to reign in the "terrorists"?

AUTHOR NOTE: Robert Rodvik is an internet activist and the Author of "The Balkans: US Covert Activity and American Media Complicity" (1995).

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