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General News

While Net entrepreneurs call for government(s) to stay out of the Internet and to refrain from regulating it or taxing it, they are boasting about their patent protections. Go

[in the Fiji block] Updates on University of South Pacific Journalism Student’s site Go

Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association Go

Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) Go

The Green Left Perspective on the ‘coup’ Go

The soldiers who showed their support for George Speights are believed to be from the Kubuna confederacy, which includes Speight's home province of Tailevu. Go

A map of the Fiji Parliament Go

The NZ Herald’s opinion of our Govt’s stand.

Participatory Democracy

People frequently criticise the Third Way for being fuzzy and vague. (surely not) Go

World Affairs

Lebanon-Israel- Robert Fisk of South Lebanon -

The last Israeli tank rolled through the Fatima Gate crossing at 6:41 a.m. May 24th and then Israeli soldiers padlocked the metal barrier behind them. Go

The electric leads for the little dynamo which had the inmates shrieking with pain when the electrodes touched their fingers or penises. Go

For more detail, if that is not enough Go

The Guardian Special Reports on Lebanon/Israel Go

An opportunity to make the most of their abilities, in safety and in dignity. Go

A senior Solomon Islands official revealed yesterday that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was finalising formalities for the new diplomatic relationship with Cuba. Go

Nine Central and East European countries pledged Friday (May 19) to work together in preparing a ''big bang'' approach to the next phase of NATO enlargement. Go

The Reith Lectures 2000 Go

Under a recent decree by President Vladimir Putin, Russian schoolboys age 15 and up will be given mandatory military training classes. Go

When Pentagon officials first sat down last year to update the core planning document of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they listed China as a potential future adversary. Go

The Washington Post on current world terrorism Go

[in the Ethiopia block] The Guardian Special Report on Ethiopia/Eritrea Go

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

12 myths about Hunger Go

Monsanto's Roundup Ready Soybeans, the most prevalent GE crop, use 2-5 times more herbicides than non-GE soybean varieties. Go

Sixty-two nations signed a deal on May 24th, brokered by the United Nations that will mandate labels for any genetically modified organism traded over international boundaries. Go

Seeds of Resistance: Grassroots Activism vs. Biotech Agriculture. Go

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has decided that the crops with genetically modified oil seed rape shall be destroyed. Go

A day of action against Monsanto. Go



Conservatives and liberals disagree, even among themselves, over whether increased trade with China will effect improvements in its human rights record, religious freedom, fair labor practices, or security concerns. (The Heritage Think Tank) Go

Chomsky interview (audio) on the Washington May Day demos Go

Defence Policy

Nearly six months after the general election, there is a clearer impression of the foreign policy issues that the Government wishes to pursue. Go

Sierra Leone

The RUF ordered entire villages emptied, and villagers were murdered at random to speed up the exodus. Go

The 14-year-old, Abu Kamara, said of his rifle: "It is a good gun, a British gun and it fires accurately." Go

BRITAIN significantly increased its firepower in Sierra Leone by supplying the first 105mm artillery pieces to the battle group based around Lungi airport. Go

The UK defence Secretary ordered SAS troops to hand the captured Sierra Leonean rebel leader, Foday Sankoh, to Sierra Leonese authorities after seeking legal advice. Go

Human Rights Watch on Sierra Leone Go

Sri Lanka

A CHRONIC shortage of equipment and ammunition blamed on corruption and inept administration lies behind the humiliation of Sri Lanka's army. Go

A Israel/USA connection in the conflict. Go

Eelamweb Go

The Daily News, Colombo. Go

The Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister will be visiting Sri Lanka Go

Public & Mental Health

Brazil has caught world health authorities by surprise by asking them to set up a database of prices of all anti-AIDS drugs, to allow poor countries to shop for the best deal worldwide. Go

Ultimately, it is about determining the balance between the public interest and the rights of individuals to privacy. Go


As an old farmer pointed out, even the trees have stopped bearing fruit because heavy use of pesticides have killed the pollinators - the bees and butterflies. Go

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