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Media Flash and Australian Media Job Directory

Monday, November 20, 2000

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Flash Points

a.. SHOCK JOCK ROCKED: Stan Zemanek Flicked From The 2GB Dial

b.. 'SOFT MARKET': Age Publisher Blames Economy, As Herald-Sun Rises

c.. WILD CARD IN FOOTBALL RIGHTS: A Forgotten Network Could Be Player

d.. RIC BIRCH TO BE SUED: Gold Coast Stampede Fight Goes To Court

e.. MEDIA FLASH SAYS THANKS: An Inspirational Wrap-Up To An Amazing Week

f.. ALL THE AFI WINNERS: We List Saturday Night's Winners

g.. READERSHIP FIGURES: Morgan Figures, State-By-State

h.. LATEST RADIO RATINGS: Each Capital City, Each Station

Regular Features

a.. ASIA-PACIFIC: Rabuka's Breakfast Invitation Withdrawn

b.. YOUR ABC: Now, It's The Shier-ABC Credit Card

c.. AIR WAVES: 4BC Makes A $200,000 'Cash Donation' For Land

d.. GLASS HOUSE: Kerry Stokes' Network Queries Eddie McGuire's Role

e.. STIX AND STONES: How Long Does It Take To Celebrate A 50th Birthday?

f.. MOVERS AND SHAKERS: News About Fast-Moving Media People

g.. LONG SHOTS: Salvation Army Makes A Request Of "Media Flash'

h.. GOING RATES: Find Out How Much They're Paying

i.. A LONG STORY: Part 12 - Going Bush


Our Growing List Of Advertisers

a.. COURIER NEWSPAPERS: Unzip Sydney's Money Belt

b.. VOODOO SOFTWARE: So You're Sick Of Software

c.. BYRON SHIRE ECHO: 'Australia's Most Sophisticated Market'

d.. FAIRFAX COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS (VIC.): 20 Vibrant Melb. Newspapers

e.. FAST BOOKS: Getting Started

f.. FORMAT: Monthly Newsletter For Publishers of Formatted Publications

g.. JOB DIRECTORY: Take Your Choice Of Australian Media Jobs

h.. NEWS LIMITED SUBURBANS: More Than 90 Titles Around Australia

i.. PRESSPASS: Now There's A Way To Get The Information You Want

j.. Quadrant MAGAZINE - Australia's Leading Independent Review of Controversy

k.. SUBS PLUS - The Subscriptions Management System

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Peso Power

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Many In Similar Boat

* C.S. writes: "Ash Long, I do hope you can reach your personal and professional goals in finding financial assistance. I wish I was able to assist you in a practical way, but the story of our business is very similar in many respects to yours - I hope it will help you to know that there are many people in a similar boat, all struggling on together. If good wishes can help, you have mine."

Pig Is Empty

* J.F. writes: "My poor pig is pretty empty so the best I could do was $10 (in your account today) - at least it's a cup of coffee for you and your wife! Good luck and thanks."

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'Needed Service'

* A. writes: "I was glad to receive this copy of Media Flash. How did the open-hearted appeal go? I hope you are now in a position to continue. I cannot make a direct contribuition to your rescue fund but I would like to explore opportunities with you. I own a small business that specialises in the creative industries. I believe that the Australian Media Job Directory is a needed service and would like to see it grow (online only?) employment facility."

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'Serial Entrepreneur'

* P.S. writes: "Ash, I want to praise your courage in this matter. As one whose life story isn't too far different from the one you outlined in your e-mail - that of a 'Serial Entrepreneur' :) - I can understand the struggles. It must be very hard for both you and your family to carry on. Particularly in a society (Australian) that often doesn't support the entrepreneurial spirit as much as it should. Good luck!"

Forthright And Honest

* R.W. writes: "To say I was impressed by your forthright and honest approach to the problem really doesn't do justice to the admiration I feel ... I've been in a similar situation and have a completely different, but no less distressing crisis going on right now - your approach to your problems, and the uncritical and generous feedback from people, gives me hope that the same spirit of support and decency will come through in people, and maybe get me through my problems as well."

Fingers Crossed

* G.A. writes: "Hi Ash ... Have been doing my own e-mag for a little over a year and understand much of what you're going through. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you."

Speedy Resolution

* J.B. writes: "Hi Ash, Everyone at our newspaper here wishes you the best of luck in dealing with your current situation. We have happily handed over credit card details to pay the $50 subscription fee and look forward to future issues of Media Flash. Here's hoping you have a speedy resolution to your difficulties."

The Boot

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Valuable Resource

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Every Strength

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This Week's Media Flash Confidential Examines:

a.. FACE THE F- FACTS FRED: Hilmer's $40 Million Fairfax F-Up

b.. JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME: Peter Costello's 'Time Machine' Radar

c.. THEY SAY: AFL 'Underdog' Kerry Stokes Has A Secret Plan B

d.. WHISPERS: Rozzi's CD, Bruce is RS, and Peter has an NB

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Stan Signed Off

* JOHN SINGLETON'S 2GB sacked STAN ZEMANEK from his morning shift program, on Friday afternoon. ZEMANEK, who also hosts Beauty And The Beast on Foxtel and Ten, was only able to secure a rating of 3.8. He knocked back a four-year contract in May. He says the station plans to have a greater focus on news and current affairs in 2001. BARCLAY CRAWFORD of The Australian says the Z-contract concludes on December 15. Zemanek will go on a road tour of NSW country towns early next year, and plans to finish his next book.

Hun Up, Age Down

* STEVE HARRIS, Age Publisher, is blaming 'market softening', 'employment tightening' and 'economic downturn' for his Melbourne broadsheet losing readership in the September quarter, compared with ROY MORGAN June survey figures. On the other hand, PETER BLUNDEN'S Herald Sun weekday readership rose from 1.498 million to 1.515 million; Saturday Hun stats rose from 1.375 million to 1.399 million. The Age weekday readership fell from 680,000 to 674,000; Saturday edition numbers are a real problem: 1.103 million to 1.065 million.

* NIGEL HENHAM, Age Communications Director, released a Media Release on Friday, quoting HARRIS to say: 'The figures reflect shifts in the patterns of media consumption during the Sydney Olympics ... minor readership gains for the Herald Sun for the quarter can be attributed to the disproportionate effect of heavy promotional activity during the Olympic Games.'

Official Readership Figures: NSW

* ROY MORGAN Readership Survey, September 2000

* SMH (M-F). Sep. 00, 875. Jun. 00, 882. Sep. 99, 846. % Change last quarter, -0.8. % Change last year, 3.4.

* SMH (Sat.). Sep. 00, 1312. Jun. 00, 1311. Sep. 99, 1310. % Change last quarter, 0.1. % Change last year, 0.2.

* SUN-HERALD. Sep. 00, 1526. Jun. 00, 1527. Sep. 99, 1587. % Change last quarter, -0.1. % Change last year, -3.9.

* TELEGRAPH. (M-F) Sep. 00, 1186. Jun. 00, 1196. Sep. 99, 1216. % Change last quarter, -0.8. % Change last year, -2.5.

* TELEGRAPH. (Sat.) Sep. 00, 987. Jun. 00, 988. Sep. 99, 997. % Change last quarter, -0.8. % Change last year, 3.4.

* TELEGRAPH (Sun.) Sep. 00, 1898. Jun. 00, 1902. Sep. 99, 1936. % Change last quarter, -0.2. % Change last year, -2.0.

* NEWCASTLE HERALD (M-F) Sep. 00, 148. Jun. 00, 146. Sep. 99, 132. % Change last quarter, 1.4. % Change last year, 11.9.

* NEWCASTLE HERALD (Sat) Sep. 00, 209. Jun. 00, 206. Sep. 99, 211. % Change last quarter, 1.5. % Change last year, -1.1.

* ILLAWARRA MERCURY (M-F) Sep. 00, 94. Jun. 00, 97. Sep. 99, 95. % Change last quarter, -3.1. % Change last year, -1.5.

* ILLAWARRA MERCURY (Sat.) Sep. 00, 115. Jun. 00, 121. Sep. 99, 113. % Change last quarter, -5.0. % Change last year, 1.6.

Readership Figures: Vic.

* THE AGE (M-F) Sep. 00, 669. Jun. 00, 680. Sep. 99, 669. % Change last quarter, -1.6. % Change last year, -0.1.

* THE AGE (Sat) Sep. 00, 1065. Jun. 00, 1103. Sep. 99, 1128. % Change last quarter, -3.4. % Change last year, -5.6.

* THE SUNDAY AGE Sep. 00, 674. Jun. 00, 689. Sep. 99, 684. % Change last quarter, -2.2. % Change last year, -1.4.

* THE HERALD SUN (M-F) Sep. 00, 1515. Jun. 00, 1498. Sep. 99, 1487. % Change last quarter, 1.1. % Change last year, 1.9.

* THE HERALD SUN (Sat) Sep. 00, 1399. Jun. 00, 1375. Sep. 99, 1381. % Change last quarter, 1.7. % Change last year, 1.3.

* THE SUNDAY HERALD SUN (M-F) Sep. 00, 1475. Jun. 00, 1436. Sep. 99, 1424. % Change last quarter, 2.7. % Change last year, 3.6.

Readership Figures: National

* FINANCIAL REVIEW (M-F) Sep. 00, 339. Jun. 00, 338. Sep. 99, 304. % Change last quarter, 0.3. % Change last year, 11.6.

* WEEKEND FINANCIAL REVIEW Sep. 00, 204. Jun. 00, 198. Sep. 99, 181. % Change last quarter, 3.0. % Change last year, 12.5.

* AFR (MAGAZINE) Sep. 00, 282. Jun. 00, 289. Sep. 99, 158. % Change last quarter, -2.4. % Change last year, 78.1.

* AUSTRALIAN (M-F) Sep. 00, 441. Jun. 00, 438. Sep. 99, 414. % Change last quarter, 0.7. % Change last year, 6.5.

* WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN Sep. 00, 952. Jun. 00, 965. Sep. 99, 912. % Change last quarter, -1.3. % Change last year, 4.4.

Readership: National Magazines

* BRW. Sep. 00, 298. Jun. 00, 335. Sep. 99, 360. % Change last quarter, -11.0. % Change last year, -17.1.

* PERSONAL INVESTOR Sep. 00, 173. Jun. 00, 178. Sep. 99, 178. % Change last quarter, -7.8. % Change last year, -7.6.

* SHARES Sep. 00, 287. Jun. 00, 282. Sep. 99, 207. % Change last quarter, 1.8. % Change last year, 39.0.

* BULLETIN Sep. 00, 339. Jun. 00, 363. Sep. 99, 365. % Change last quarter, -6.6. % Change last year, -7.1.

* TIME Sep. 00, 383. Jun. 00, 407. Sep. 99, 400. % Change last quarter, -5.9. % Change last year, -4.3.

* GOOD MAGAZINE (HOST) Sep. 00, 2377. Jun. 00, 2414. Sep. 99, 2438. % Change last quarter, -1.5. % Change last year, -2.5.

* SUNDAY LIFE (HOST) Sep. 00, 2200. Jun. 00, 2216. Sep. 99, 2271. % Change last quarter, -0.7. % Change last year, -3.1.

* SUNDAY MAGAZINE (HOST) Sep. 00, 3373. Jun. 00, 3383. Sep. 99, 3360. % Change last quarter, 1.0. % Change last year, 0.4.

Latest Radio Ratings

* AC NEILSEN Ratings, Survey 7/00:

* SYDNEY: 2UE, 14.2 (last survey, 13.8). MMM, 13.0 (10.4). 2DAY, 12.7 (13.8). MIX, 8.9 (8.3). 2WSFM, 7.4 (7.4). 2JJJ, 6.9 (5.9). ABC702, 6.8 (7.9). 2CH, 6.8 (7.2). 2GB, 4.5 (4.1). 2KY, 1.7 (1.7). ABC-FM, 2.7 (2.7). 2SM, 1.1 (1.6). 2NEWS, 1.3 (1.3). 2RN, 1.5 (1.4).

* MELBOURNE: 3AW, 14.5 (14.6). FOX-FM, 13.4 (14.2). TTFM, 11.2 (11.6). 3MMM, 10.4 (9.7). ABC774, 10.2 (10.4). MAGIC, 7.0 (6.8). GOLD, 6.5 (6.7). 3JJJ, 4.6 (5.0). 3MP, 2.7 (2.3). SPORT, 2.8 (2.2). ABC-FM, 2.6 (2.2). 3RN, 2.7 (2.6). 3NEWS, 1.4 (1.3). 3AK, 1.2 (1.4).

* BRISBANE: B105, 23.4 (22.7). FM104MMM, 11.3 (11.2). 4KQ, 11.3 (11.2). 4BC, 8.2 (9.8). 4JJJ, 8.2 (6.7). 4BH, 7.8 (71.). ABC612, 7.3 (8.3). ABCFM, 2.8 (2.8). 4RN, 1.9 (2.0). 4NEWS, 0.9 (1.2).

* ADELAIDE: SAFM, 25.2 (23.0). 5ADFM, 19.4 (171.). 5AA, 12.4 (15.0). 5MMM, 11.0 (12.2). 5JJJ, 8.7 (7.6). ABC891, 6.6 (7.0). 5DN, 6.6 (6.4). ABC-FM, 3.1 (3.4). 5RN, 1.3 (1.5). 5NEWS, 0.7 (0.8).

* PERTH: MIX94.5, 18.6 (17.6). PMFM, 16.0 (16.0). 96FM, 14.9 (15.7). 6JJJ, 11.2 (7.6). ABC720, 9.8 (10.4). 6PR, 8.6 (9.2). 6IX, 7.9 (8.3). ABCFM, 2.2 (3.6). 6RN, 1.6 (1.8). 6NEWS, 1.0 (1.0).

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Client Tells All:

Media Flash Ads Work

"Ash, we have had at least 10 responses to ads in Media Flash, from wise publishers who have decided they need a professional Subscriptions Management System - Subs Plus. The investment in the ad on Media Flash has paid off exceptionally well."

- Derek Holt, DCA Sydney.

You can have an ad like this

in the next Media Flash - for just $110

Simply E-mail the copy to us at

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Wild Card In Football Rights

* KERRY PACKER'S Nine Network has re-appeared as a player in the AFL TV broadcasting rights, with submissions expected to be assessed over the next two weeks. The other Kerry - STOKES - is cleverly crafting an 'underdog' image for his Seven Network. And the Victorian press is taking every media morsel.

* RUPERT MURDOCH'S Herald Sun is talking up Nine's chances, even though News Ltd is a business partner with KERRY STOKES at Docklands Stadium, where Stokes' Seven Network is to be soon housed, alongside neighbor AFL. Stokes has paid a $20 million premium for the right to make the last offer. Meanwhile, Stokes is saying Seven may sue Foxtel ... even before the rights are decided.

* Interestingly, the AFL under the leadership of CEO WAYNE JACKSON, has chosen to release figures of a financial loss, as these negotiations approach. Likewise, the League is maintaining a 'cry poor' status, floating the idea of a $2 levy for adult spectators at next year's games.

* EDDIE McGUIRE, TV host and Collingwood FC President, is becoming the public face of Nine's bid, which may seek to include Channel 10 broadcasting those games which Nine cannot put to air because of other programming commitments such as Rugby League. The AFL wants four to five matches live to air.

* TOM SALOM, Herald Sun sports business reporter, says Ten's poor reputation with sport eight years ago is scorned by Seven. CAROLINE WILSON of The Age also runs this line. Yesterday's Bathurst 1000 coverage shows JOHN McALPINE'S Ten is every bit the production match for the other networks.

* THE WILD CARD for football broadcasting rights could strangely be the community Channel 31 stations in mainland capitals. Although possessing little in the way of production facilities, the Channel 31 signals could be used to broadcast a Network-produced coverage of 'leftover' games.

* JOHN STAR is Administrator of Sydney's Channel 31, which claims 240,000 viewers weekly in the Sydney and metropolitan area, according to AC NEILSEN surveys. RICHARD HODGMAN was Station Manager at Melbourne's 31, and briefly in Perth; the Saturday night harness racing in Victoria attracted up to 200,000 viewers, Richard claimed. Likewise, the Briz-31 and Access stations in Brisbane and Adelaide respectively could become important chess pieces for Seven to match the ante. Equally, Channel 31 stations could become important to Nine, if they counter opposition to 'leftover' games only being available on Foxtel, Optus and Austar pay-TV stations.

* BREAKING NEWS: ROBERT WALLS, 3AW and C7 football commentator, has been snared from Channel 9 by Channel 7, to assist BRUCE McAVANEY on Friday night broadcasts ... if they have them!

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Fairfax Community Newspapers

Victorian Head Office: 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong, 3175.

Phone: (03) 9238 7777. Fax: (03) 9238 7682.

Publishers of: Dandenong Journal, Monash Journal, Knox Journal, Maroondah Journal, Yarra Ranges Journal, Whitehorse Journal, Footscray Mail, Altona-Laverton Mail, Williamstown Advertiser, Brimbank Advocate, Melton Express-Telegraph, Bacchus Marsh Express-Telegraph, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, Sunbury Telegraph, Werribee Banner, Community News - Moonee Valley, Community News - Moreland, Frankston-Longbeach Flier, Mornington Peninsula Flier, House & Land, New Homes & Land

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Asia-Pacific Wire

* GENERAL SITIVENI RABUKA'S alleged involvement in the recent Fijian after-coup incident were reported in Fiji's Daily Post ... ythen the Australian Financial Review ... then leading to his cancellation at an anti-suicide fund-raising breakfast to be held on Wednesday at Melbourne's Carlton Crest Hotel by the Here For Life organisation. Its Executive Director ANDREW KAY told STEPHEN CAUCHI of The Age that the General's presence is now 'not appropriate'.

Overseas Desk

* JEAN-LUC ROMERO, regional councillor from the Ile-de-France region, says he is suing the gay magazine, e.male, for reporting that he is gay. Capital Q Weekly, the Sydney pink paper edited by MARTIN DE COURTENAY, quotes the politician to say: 'I am not ashamed of who I am but it's up to me, and me alone, to decide whether to reveal my homosexuality. This is unheard of in this country. I had planned to come out but on my own terms and after having informed my family.'

* WALTER ISAACSON, Time's Managing Editor for the past four years, has been promoted to Managing Editor, succeeding HENRY MULLER, who becomes Editor-at-Large. Doesn't The Sydney Morning Herald also have an Editor-at-Large - PAUL McGEOUGH - in New York?

Sydney Siders

* SALLY EDGAR, senior journalist at The Land, has won the major media prize in the National Ssfety Council of Australia safety awards of excellence. Sally won a trophy and $5000 for a study tour. She started work on the Dalby Herald, before joining Queensland Country Life.

* IAN CROWTHER'S Fairfax Community Newspapers (NSW) is advertising for staff, noting the head office at Condell Park will be relocating to Liverpool CBD in January 2001. LINDA BRETTELL, Credit Control Manager, is appointing an Accounts Receivable/Credit Officer.

* JEFF McGILL, Editor of the 60,000-circulation Penrith City Star, notes the paper's forthcoming 31st birthday. The paper was launched in 1969 by BOB PAUPACH, who used $300 holiday pay to establish the District Star. A sister St Marys Star was launched earlier this year, and its circulation is now 44,000.

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In November's Quadrant magazine: Keith Windschuttle continues his exposure of the falsification of numbers of Aborigines killed in the few frontier massacres of Aborigines - Doug Meagher QC and David Bennett QC on the meaning of the Cubillo-Gunner case on non-stolen children - Ken Maddock on why the anthropologists never wrote about "stolen generations" or "genocide" before it was fashionable (they didn't see much of it happening) - Gray Connolly criticises Bill Hayden on Interfet in East Timor - Gary Catalano on Bernard O'Dowd - and new poetry. Quadrant is not a journal of record for the establishment but, rather, a journal which is devoted to making the establishment - the new establishment of this present confused age - accountable. - Jeff Shaw QC, former NSW Attorney General. Quadrant is prepared to buck the newest fads and is not at all afraid to point out, when appropriate, that the new would-be rulers of intellectual fashion have garments not of brocades and silks, but of sackcloth. - former Governor General Bill Hayden. Quadrant Magazine - Australia's leading independent review of controversy, ideas, literature, poetry and the arts. Ten issues a year, $59.40 (inc. GST), US$80 overseas. PO Box 82, Balmain, Sydney 2041, Australia. Telephone (02) 98181155; fax (02) 98181422. Email . Editor P.P.McGuinness; literary editor Les Murray.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Melbourne Memo

* EVAN PLUMRIDGE has taken over as Editor and Advertising Manager for the 25,000-circulation Banyule Observer fortnightly. ANDREW BAMBROOK manages distribution, after being listed in October as Office Manager and Editor. SARAH TURNER listed as Editor when the paper started in September. ROSIE BRAY, a long-time Diamond Valley News (Leader) local correspondent has been recruited as a local feature writer.

* RON COLEMAN, Western Times Editor, has paid an in-paper tribute to senior photographer CAMERON TANDY, who is moving on from the 90,000-circulation weekly, now based at the Newport Power Station.

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Does Someone Forward Media Flash to You? Get your own, free copy first thing every Monday morning: send your name, company name, title and email address to: And consider a $50 subscription, which includes Media Flash Confidential. Pay now by credit card at

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Adelaide Desk

* BRENTON ALPIN, Messenger Newspapers executive, features in a full-page campaign for inserts and plastic bags. 'One of the growth trends in Adelaide suburbia is the prevalence of 'No Junk Mail' stickers,' according to the copy being promoted in TOM MILOSEVIC'S group, which has a weekly circulation of more than 500,000.

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Long Shots

The Dynamite Book That Will Blow

The Lid On Australia's Media.

Ash Long takes you on a real behind-the-scenes exposé: The real story behind the cash for comment enquiry. The petty jealousies that rule Australia's media. Who really runs the nation's TV, radio and press. Plus the rubbery figures.

Priority delivery orders being taken this week. $50 per copy, including GST.

Or free to Media Flash paid subscribers. Express delivery in December 2000.

Send your cheque to PO Box 1014, Research, Vic. 3095.

Orders being taken until this Friday - print numbers strictly to order.

Secure your copy, with your $50 credit card subscription payment today at

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Queensland Quips

* BARRY GREEN has joined Quest Newspapers as a motoring writer. He is a journalist of 13 years standing, and has contributed to more than 20 Australian and British motoring and motorcycle publications. Barry has written two motor sport books.

* TOM O'NEIL'S work in helping to establish Logan City's own radio station, 101 FM, has been remembered this month as the station celebrates its 12th birthday. First President KEN ASHBOLT bought 4KQ's OB van, which became the station's first studio. First signals emanated from the home of Technical Director JOHN HORROCKS.

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This Week In Byron Bay

* BYRON BAY FOLLIES: THE BYRON SHIRE ECHO is an independent locally-owned free weekly covering Australia's most sophisticated rural market.

Check it out on Advertising enquiries to or ring (02) 6684 1777.

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Press Gang

* MARSHA THOMSON, Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister, used BOB MUSCAT'S PMP Print and Distribution rather than Australia Post, to deliver a personally addressed 100-page Victorian Renters Magazine this month. CASA FORTE completed the design, with cover photography by JOHN TSIAVIS.

* PETER COLEMAN'S GX Report magazine reports on BOB HOWORTH, Queensland Newspaper Editorial Technology Manager, who has been helping to get East Timor's free press - Timor Post - on its feet. The article traces Bob's career including that as Chief Sub at the Sydney Morning Herald and NT News, after starting as a cadet at The Courier-Mail.

* STEVE HARRIS'S Age Education Unit is conducting a Journalism Seminar this Thursday and Friday (Nov. 23-34) at the State Library of Victoria. $10 per student. Applications close 5pm tonight (Monday).

PR Department

* MICHAEL LEUNIG, social conscience (and cartoonist), has featured in a Melbourne Weekly Magazine interview with LYNDA EDWARDS, and a 3AK chat with DOUG AITON. It must be Christmas book time. He listed his dislikes as running out of milk and toilet paper.

* BOB AITKEN, Chief Executive Officer at Rotary Down Under, carries advertisements for the organisation's online merchandise operation: This month's front cover of the widely-distributed magazine highlights LISA AKEROYD, recently featured in The Advertiser, Adelaide (SA). The magazine's management committee has a new chairman, BILL BOYD, of Pakuranga (NZ), succeeding BARRY THOMPSON of Padstow (NSW).


* VANESSA WILLIAMS, Herald Sun, reports seven new web suffixes have been approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers: biz, businesses; .name, individuals; .museum, museums; .pro, professionals; .aero, aviation; .coop, co-operatives; .info, general information.

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Fast Books: Getting Started

Fast Books launches its new series of Getting Started booklets: 9 brief but informative guides which can help you take the first steps to preparing a book which will be economical, attractive and professional. These booklets are about fonts, type sizes and page layouts: poetry, family history, memoirs, children's books, non-fiction, fiction. These booklets cover relevant issues such as good design and layout, copyright, etc: cover layouts, photographs, copyright & ISBN.

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Air Waves

* 4BC, Brisbane radio station, is being granted a long-term lease over Brisbane City Council at Queens Road, Nudgee, conditional upon a $200,000 cash donation to the council for use on environmental projects. The Northern News reports the ground-water level of the land, which floods to a depth of 75cm every three years, provides adequate conductivity for the purpose of radio masts.

* ANNA PINKUS, co-host of 3AK's increasingly-crowded breakfast program with JOHN BLACKMAN and DENNIS DONOGHUE, describes herself as a 'poodle-headed robot', in a Melbourne Weekly Magazine feature compiled by STEPHEN McKENZIE.

Community Broadcasting

* DAVE DALY and STEVE JOHN of Brisbane's 106.9FM have won valuable publicity in the local Albert and Logan News, edited by RAY GOODEY, for the station's part in a campaign to create $1 million worth of jobs. They have teamed with Logan City Council and Centacare Employment.

* BRETT RAMSEY, producer-host of In Pit Lane (Channel 31, Melb.), has introduced ROB NAIRN, General Manager, RMIT-TV Student Television, as a Media Flash subscriber. The organisation is the country's oldest community television group, producing shows including The Loft - Live, Newsline and Who's Shout?

* RHEMA and other community stations ran a Compassion Day on November 9 to raise sponsorship funds for 300 children in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

* 3RUM - Radio Upper Murray - Corryong (Vic.) is back on air after 10 days broadcast failure due to primary equipment breakdowns.

So, This Is Show Business

* JO PEARSON, one-time TV newsreader, hosted The Spirit of Christmas 2000 CD for Myer-Grace Bros and The Salvation Army. Sharing performing duties were singers DEBORAH CONWAY, BARRY CROCKER and GLENN SHORROCK.

* PETER BROCK, media darling and fast driver, appears in an SBS-TV commercial with a creature called 'Giddy', to give the message: 'Yes Giddy, family road safety is vital'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Your ABC

* JONATHAN SHIER, ABC MD, has commissioned a report by marketer KEITH BAYLES which recommendes Disney-style merchandising, according to a front-page Weekend Australian report by AMANDA MEADE. A credit card with ABC branding has already been approved by the Board, Amanda reports.

* BREAKING NEWS: A report today (Monday) says SHIER awarded a security purchase with a company associated with BAYLES.

* JOHN WESTLAND, ABC Adelaide, is advertising a Reporter/Producer's job for the Pacific Beat - Radio Australia, offering $33,000 - $51,000. Shift work is required. Reference Number: AVR045023.

* DAVID WATERS, Media Entertainment and Alliance Alliance Industrial Officer, has taken the ABC funding issue locally, with comments to the Westside News, edited by DENISE PICKERING. He says staff at the Toowong operation are being expected to 'bear a disproportionate burden of the cuts'.

All The AFI Winners

* BEST FILM: Looking for Alibrandi. Producer, ROBYN KERSHAW. Director, KATE WOODS. Screenwriter, MELINA MARCHETTA.















* BEST FOREIGN FILM: American Beauty. Producers BRUCE COHEN, DAN JINKS. Director, SAM MENDES. Screenwriter, ALAN BALL.

* BRYON KENNEDY AWARD: MATT WHEELDON and GARY DOUST, Popcorn Taxi (Founders). STEPHEN JENNER and DAVID BARDA, if Magazine, Publishers.


Non-Feature Awards


* BEST SHORT FICTION FILM: Confessions Of A Headhunter. Director SALLY RILEY. producer, KATH SHELPER. Screenwriters SALLY RILEY, ARCHIE WELLER.

* BEST SHORT ANIMATION: Brother. Director, ADAM ELLIOT. Producer, ADAM ELLIOT. Screenwriter, ADAM ELLIOT.







Television Awards

* BEST EPISODE IN A TV DRAMA SERIES: Grass Roots - 'The Whole Year'. ABC television and Eastway Communication, Producer, JOHN EASTWAY. Director, PETER ANDRIKIS. Screenwriter, GEOFFREY ATHERDEN.

* BEST EPISODE IN A TV DRAMA SERIES (LONG): All Saints - 'Valley Of The Shadow (Part 1)'. Seven Network Australia. Producer, JO PORTER. Director, MARK PIPER. Screenwriter, DAVID PHILLIPS.

* BEST MINI-SERIES OR TELEFEATURE: On The Beach. Southern Star John Edwards in association with Coote/Hayes. Producers, JOHN EDWARDS, ERROL SULLIVAN, JEFF HAYES, GREG COOTE. Director, RUSSELL MULCAHY. Screenwriters, DAVID WILLIAMSON, BILL KERBY.

* BEST CHILDREN'S TV DRAMA: Eugenie Sandlier P.I. - Episode 2. Burberry Productions. Producer, MARGOT McDONALD. Director, ANA KOKKINOS. Screenwriter, DAVID McROBBIE.










-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------


Subs Plus -

The Subscription Management System

Are you a publisher who values your subscribers?

Do you want a Subscription System that is designed to handle all your subscriptions queries, reports, and marketing?

Subs Plus is an Industrial Strength Subscription Management System used by over 80 publishers (and over 500 titles) in Australia and New Zealand. We also handle the outsourcing of the Subscription Customer Services role for some of Australia's leading publishers.

Whether you have one publication with 500 subscribers or 50 titles with 500,000 subscribers, Subs Plus makes circulation management easy, efficient and highly effective.

Developed by Database Consultants Australia, leaders in database solutions for the publishing and direct marketing industries.

If you want to build and cultivate your subscriber base call DEREK HOLT on (02) 9817 1044 or email at

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Big Names Dept.

* TONY O'REILLY JNR has been made Deputy Chief Executive of Waterford Wedgewood, according to NIGEL DEMPSTER'S Daily Telegraph column in London.

* RICHARD SPROULL, 32, is new Business Editor at The Australian, taking over from MICHAEL STUTCHBURY who moves to revamp The Weekend Austrlian. CLARA PIRANI, 32, becomes Deputy Business Editor: she was once Managing Editor of Business Sydney. TRACEY GRAYSON, 32, becomes Assistant Editor, once enjoying a stint at The Independent, London.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------



A monthly email newsletter for those involved in the production of formatted print publications -- newsletters, magazines, newspapers etc. Includes news and hints involving QXP, InDesign, PageMaker etc. See back issues at or subscribe with a message of "subscribe" to

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Court News

* RIC BIRCH, Olympics ceremonies director, is being sued by Aussie Stampede proponent LLOYD BOND, according to NATALIE McINTOSH of the Gold Coast Sun. The paper says there was a bitter partnership scuffle with Birch withdrawing from the $25 million Aussie Stampede horse-themed project, based on DOLLY PARTON'S Dixie Stampede concept.

* GERARD RYLE, Sydney Morning Herald journo, had an intervention order application against him withdrawn at the last minute by DR SONG LIM (aka MR Y of the PETER REITH Telecard affair). The case was due to go to the Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

The Local Report

* JULIA IRWIN and TIM ENNIS are new names at The Nillumbik Mail (Vic.) reporting table. LAUREN SAUNDRY has joined the ad sales team.

Glass House

* KERRY STOKES' Seven Network ran a Today Tonight piece on Friday to investigate any 'conflict of interest' of Channel Nine's EDDIE McGUIRE in regard to Australian Football League broadcasting rights. The insight even included a NAOMI ROBSON raised eyebrow to back announce the segment.

* RUSSELL BROCK, Editor of the Drummoyne - Five Dock & District News, had his paper have the mild embarrassment of announcing that a reader giveaway could not be drawn 'due to the sudden closure of Sega World'.

* MARK KIRKLAND, Editor of the Auburn Review Pictorial, has his paper running sideways ads on the front-page. Not the best look.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------


Now there's a way to get the information you want, how you want it, and its FREE!

PressPass Gives You Back Control

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Stix And Stones

* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily, is on leave.

Long Shots

By Ash Long, Publisher, Media Flash

* JOHN DALZIEL, Salvation Army Communications Director, might not know the irony of last week sending a request to Media Flash for help 'to support those who are living below the poverty line'. See the bottom of this Media Flash for a wrap-up of our appeal.

* WILBUR WILDE, GOLD-FM lunch-time host and superstar: Thanks for the nice thoughts! On Friday ... and Saturday!

* LAWRENCE GIBBONS and Editor NIGEL BOWEN of Sydney City Hub are planning coverage of the Media Flash story this week ... that's unless JEFF McMULLIN (formerly) of 60 Minutes comes good with an interview!

* AFI AWARDS were SBS-broadcast on Saturday night from the Fox Studios. That's where they belonged. Woefully bad television.

* MEDIA FLASH quickly snooped around the ASIC and ABN registers on the search for a business name that might indicate a KERRY STOKES rival football competition - a la World Series Cricket - in the wings. The adrenalin pumped when we found World Football Com.Au Pty Ltd in Melbourne, which had even registered an Australian Business Number for tax purposes. Our 'rush' was soon over ... congratulations to ETTORE FLACCO who runs a soccer web page from Carlton South.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------


VOODOO SOFTWARE So you've tried all the software so why not VOODOO to protect your computer system from electronic glitches and viruses.

We paid a Kenyan witchdoctor, Ndungi Gitare to put a charm on a traditional doll which gives 100% protection for your computer against electronic bugger ups. WHAT YOU GET. Authentic traditional, African doll (not made in Taiwan) approx 4" with a peel tab so that it can attach on the surround by your monitor. FREE colour photo of our witchdoctor putting charm and the guarantee including text `....charms essentially work on the basis of faith and belief. If you have sufficient faith this voodoo doll will totally protect your computer. On the other hand, should your computer still be effected by glitches, virus or any type of malfunction then it is quite clear the operator has insufficient faith in the protective powers of the doll and the doll suppliers cannot be held in any way responsible.' Nonetheless, there is still a FULL ... MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In the event of the user being struck by lightning return the doll and we will give you a full refund.' Ideal novelty gift for the computer geek who has everything. $15 plus $5 for post and registration. Forward Money order or $20 note to The African Bazaar / P.O. Box 1094 Byron Bay 2481. Or place order with credit card number by e mailing to:

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Going Rates

* $43,953 - $50,490 is offered for a Senior Publications Officer to work at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. A 'non-ongoing' Publications Officer position is offered for 18 months, and will pay $37,058 - $39,615.

* $120,000 max is offered for an online trading exchange Marketing Manager position offered by MICHAEL PAGE INTERNATIONAL.

* $115,000 for the Strategy Manager, and $80,000 for the PR Manager.

Media Money

* $60 MILLION: Expected losses, by analysts, of Seven's Internet arm, i7. The company has listed a $40 million loss as its expectation.

The Last Word

* ANDREW DENTON'S summary of the ANDREW OLLE Media Lecture: 'It doesn't have the intellectual credibility of the Logies, but it does have better dresses."


* MARK HINES, DJ at Liverpool (NSW) 96.1 FM, the one who walked out on a Bardot interview, is described in an AARON PARNELL Liverpool City Champion interview as 'still having the energy of a three-year-old on red cordial'.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

A Long Story - Part 12

* ASH LONG reflects on the various people who have influenced his media career.

* My purchase of The Yea Chronicle, one of Victoria's smallest remaining country newspapers, in April 1984 held some surprises for me. * TOM DIGNAM, had started at the paper as a Printer's Devil, aged 13, in 1927 He was a son of a district pioneer, attending local school, marrying locally, and raising nine children locally. And, remember, I had had the job of announcing the redundancy of his son, VINCENT DIGNAM, with the Syme-Crisp Mail-Express joint venture at Bacchus Marsh, just one year earlier. * TOM DIGNAM was the local; I was not. He was generally loved by the town; I was the brash newcomer with no cash. He was the classic writer; I was tabloid. * As local pharmacist GARY POLLARD later wrote: "Tom is a journalist of the old school. He was obviously taught as a youngster that if you can't sasy something nice about someone don't say anything at all.' * Conversely, I was schooled by MAXWELL NEWTON: "There are only two types of journalism - dull journalism and exciting journalism. The true journalism is exciting and decidedly unobjective. True journalism, in my view, is devoted entirely to the revelation of facts which someone does not want revealed. That is the high point of journalism; it is the real meaning of being a journalist; it is also exciting and is interesting to read." * My first Yea Chronicle was printed web-offset from DERN LANGLANDS' press on April 4, 1984. It had crisp computer production with photographs ... producing complaints from long-time Chronicle readers that the illustrations were only there to take up space! * As an agent-of-change, I faced Yea's old guard, which put up an admirable defence over the next decade, even including an opposition printing and publishing company for a time. However, generally speaking, Yea welcomed a new forthright voice. The paper quickly grew from its four-page broadsheet format to weekly editions as large as 48 pages, with full-color photographs. My largest issue was an 80-page Centenary 'special'. Circulation climbed from 1100, to an all-time high of 10,000 copies, embracing the Kinglake, Flowerdale and Whittlesea areas to the south. It also gave birth to new weekly papers, today still continuing under the proprietorship of KEITH PEPLAR, as the Seymour-Nagambie Advertiser.

Fair Dinkum Reporting * If I had a trademark it is 'fair dinkum' reporting. Fair dinkum Council reporting saw me at odds with the Yea Council. When Councillor STEVE FLEMING was caught taking gravel from a Shire stack, that ended in his own driveway, it made front-page. When Shire Engineer STAN KISLER bitumenised his own street, despite it not being in the Council schedule, we broke the news. When Shire President ARNIE EXTON produced election material on the Council photo-copier, we exposed it.

* When the farmer-led Council tried to rush through a secret rate rise for township residents, but judged as Winner of the Westpac Award for Local Reporting. Judge PATRICK TENNISON said: "Very vigorous, but always fair and balanced account of a sudden contentious local issue. All aspects and views were presented clearly and precisely. This paper displayed verve in publishing a special rush-print edition to inform readers, and faced a ban on it proposed by some councillors. Lively, informative journalism at its best."

* At Yea, I tried hard to keep city newspaper links. I authored the 'Bush Telegraph' in the nationally-distributed Ink magazine published by BILL MINNIS. For a short while, I was also Editor of The Western Times, a 110,000-circulation weekly experiment by RICK EDWARDS, with JOHN and ERIC KONTEK of the Sunshine-based real estate network in Melbourne's outer suburbs. The Court reports from the West made those from the country towns look like the Mickey Mouse Club. * In 1987, I asked HOWARD BULL of United Communications Services if I could tag along as an observer in a Media Awareness Plan for Victoria's senior business executives. The course was designed to give a media savvy to CEOs, and included briefings by people of the calibre of pollster GARY MORGAN of the Roy Morgan Research Institute; Canberra lobbyist PETER CULLEN; publisher PETER ISAACSON; TREVOR SYKES of Australian Business Magazines; economist DR NEVILLE NORMAN; and personality MICHAEL SCHILDBERGER. * Practical workshops were conducted by GEOFF McCOMAS and ALAN STOKES, coaching the management participants in television interviewing techniques and handling press interviews. * Others to help were the ABC Senior Industrial Reporter JOCK RANKIN; GTV-9's DAVID BROADBENT; Nine's Director of News JOHN SORELL; Herald & Weekly Times Ltd Circulation Manager DARRYL FEDDEN; Australian Associated Press Group Manager ROBIN STRATHDEE; Herald Associate Editor TERRY McCRANN; JEFFERSON PENBERTHY of Time; columnist LAWRENCE MONEY; and Herald Editor-in-Chief ERIC BEECHER. I was unable to remove the big league from my mind ... and Mr Beecher and I were to soon meet again.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------


News Limited Suburbans

News Limited Suburban Newspapers

With more than 90 titles around Australia you can reach over 6 Million people every week with just one number.

Telephone 13 NEWS, that's 13 63 97

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Australian Media Job Directory


* BELINDA MORIESON, Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch), is advertising for a Media and Public Relations officer, for a 12 months fixed-term maternity leave position. $60,621 pro-rata. PO Box 12600 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne 8006.

* CLIFF STONEMAN and GENINE MARTIN of Dunhill, Melbourne, are hiring a Business Development and Sales Manager for a media and advertising company.

* PETER FRENCH, secretary of the Melbourne Cricket Club, is hiring an Events Manager. CLAIRE FERGUS at MICHAEL PAGE SALES & MARKETING is taking applications.

* TOM VALENTA, Managing Director at Michaels Warren Valenta, Melbourne PR firm, wants a consultant with 'proven knowledge and credentials in corporate and investor relations, issues and crisis management and strategic communication'.

* STEVE WEST, MATP Human Resources, seeks an Advertising Sales Executive for The Australian's Higher Education Supplement.

* DOUG HOGAN, News Editor at prime Local News, wants a Grade 4 Journalist to join his Wagga operation. (02) 6921 1222.

* HOWARD HOFFMAN, Managing Editor, International of The Asian Wall Street Journail is advertising in Australia for experienced Copy Editors to work in Hong Kong.

* AUSTEREO requires a Journalist to work at SA-FM and Triple M, Adelaide.

* MICHAEL AUGUSTUS, Operations Supervisor at QTQ-9, seeks an Audio Supervisor to work at Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane.

* SIMON WHIPP at the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance seeks a Sydney-based National Industrial Officer for Performers. We guess award rates would apply.

* DOUG ROBERTSON, ABC, has a vacancy for TV News Journalist job at Alice Springs, NT. (08) 8943 3170. DREW RADFORD advertises for an Adelaide-based Online Education Producer for Learn Online. (08) 8343 4426.

Work Wanted

* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. During November and December, we'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at

* JOURNALIST with across the board skills (editing, subbing, writing, proofreading) seeks freelance, casual and/or part time work. Extensive experience writing news, features, profiles, opinion columns and reviews for business, community, internal and mainstream titles (newspapers, newsletters, magazines and websites). CV, portfolio and references available upon request. Email: Phone: 0409 607 703

* STEVE HAYDON - AVID & Final Cut Pro Freelancer. If anyone is seeking a freelance video editor in metro Melbourne, contact me on 0412 443 446. I'm an experienced Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro Online and Offline Editor. With significant skills in Photoshop, ImageStyler, Infini-D, After Effects and Pro Tools. 0412 443 446. Anytime.

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Even More Letters

* MEDIA FLASH'S E-Mail box has been super-active during the past week. The first Voluntary Subscription arrived from Washington, then Singapore, next the UK ... then the Australian avalanche. We will personally reply to everyone over the coming week. Thank you.

'Needed Service'

* B.E. writes: "Have been out of the office for most of this week and only just catching up on my emails this afternoon. I'm sorry my financial position doesn't allow me to contribute to your 'fighting fund', but, like so many others, please accept my moral support and best wishes in your attempt to right the ship. Receiving Media Flash remains one of my e-mail highlights of the week. Hope you keep going strong."

'Credibility And Support'

* D. writes: "Perhaps once solvent, some of your new friends might assist with other aspects of Media Flash to ensure longevity financially, through building on-going revenue streams and 'membership' in media, marketing and advertising newsgroups or whatever. Creating a powerfully Australian network. The niche employment, skill share, news and accountability role Media Flash has in part developed could be marketable - but perhaps subscribers could help decide where they want the e-zine to go. This likely bail-out demonstrates your credibility and support, but miracles do still happen in Australia - but they're like lightning, rarely, if never striking the same place twice.'

'Helped Launch My Business'

* L. writes: "I've happily paid my $50 subscription via Internet (first time I've used Internet banking, so I'm putting a lot of faith in you!). Apart from being a great read every week, Media Flash helped me launch my business. I've had some very valuable leads from the ads you've run for me. So thank you and good luck.'

'Fantastic Publication'

* P.A. writes: "Great job and fantastic publication Ash. Very sorry to hear your predicament. As I'm away, I can't get to the Bank today, but I'm happy to pay $50 a year subscription. Can I send you a credit card number? Sorry this e-mail is so short, but all good wishes for personal and business happiness go with this!'

G'day From The UK

* B.H. writes: "G'day from the United Kingdom. I'm happy to oblige with $50 which, with the time difference, I'll arrange through a third party to pay into your account Friday your time. Good luck!"

Fighting Hard

* C.O. writes: "Sounds like you're fighting hard. Good on you. Can't afford the full slog today, but I've dropped $20 into your account as the first instalment. Hopes everyone does."

Welcomed Interest

* C.L. writes: "Count me in for a pissy little $20 - I'm young and can't quite afford $50, but I reckon you're worth as much I can afford right now, which is a mere $20. I went to the site, but it only gave me the option of charging $50 - respond to this here e-mail and you're welcome to charge $20 to my Visa Card."

Difficult Times

* S.A. writes: "I'm sorry but I don't have any money to offer you. Just good wishes and best of luck in your difficult time. Keep your chin up."

Happy To Help

* R.D. writes: "Hi Ash, am happy to help, but at this point, am not able to afford the full $50. Am happy to offer a smaller donation, if acceptable, to help you reach your target. If so, please advise and I will follow up. All the best with your campaign."

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Sydney's money belt is best unzipped

via Courier Newspapers. Here's how ... Wentworth Courier - circulation 45,479, readership 131,000. Across the eastern suburbs lucrative blue ribbon area, the Wentworth is the unrivalled market leader of the east.

Inner Western Suburbs Courier - circulation 71,593, readership 180,000 (yes, up again...from 161,000). Covering the well populated and growing market that is the Inner West, from Glebe and Balmain, to Burwood and Homebush....the Inner West is the essential read.

Southern Courier - circulation 44,739, readership 96,000. Reaching into a heavy populated and rapidly growing area (Clovelly to Mascot, La Perouse to Maroubra, Waterloo to Coogee), the Southern Courier is the undisputed market leader.

Sydney Weekly - circulation 90,500*, readership 181,000* * Publisher's Claim. The north shore corridor from the harbour through Hunters Hill, Chatswood and Mosman to leafy Wahroonga, is covered by the this premier lifestyle magazine

City Weekly - circulation 60,000*, readership 120,000*. * Publisher's Claim. Recognised for it's vibrant lifestyle and entertainment content and authoritative employment section, City Weekly covers the CBD and North Sydney.

wM (Weekly Messenger) - circulation 51,000*, readership 89,000. * Publisher's Claim. The new baby on the block...wM is a brand new lifestyle publication covering the key areas of Sydney's south eastern suburbs.

9 to 5 - circulation 60,000, readership 250,000*. * Publisher's Claim. Full of Sydney's best jobs, news updates and entertainment/lifestyle information... - a great start to the working week. Free of charge every week at railway stations and busy thoroughfares around the CBD.

CV - circulation 20,000. * Publisher's Claim. A unique recruitment magazine distributed at major train's about jobs, it's about time!!

Loosen the Sunshine Coast purse strings via Courier Newspapers......

Weekender - circulation 40,550, readership 120,000*. * Publisher's Claim. The fastest growing news magazine on the Sunshine Coast. An informative lifestyle publication, offering comprehensive news, real estate, classifieds, entertainment and much more.

Try a little surfing via......

Visit for your ultimate guide to entertainment in and around Sydney. Everything to do in regard to Food & Drink, the Arts, Film, Music, Outdoor and Instore.

And, of course, offering links to offering all your classifieds online and the most tailored way to search for property.

For further details phone: 9353 9999

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