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Guest Opinion: Storm of the Zephyr

By Balin Dharma

My Dear World,

The time has long gone when we should have stopped for a moment and adjusted our way of thinking.

We have not only set in motion the wheels of our own destruction but have already destroyed and lost too much of our universe to stuff around any longer.

Races are being wiped out, species are becoming extinct, cultures lost. Nature is claiming back a lot of it as we continue to rape the land for our selfish needs and destroy the fabric of our universe to aid our comforts.

The governments must now follow the people rather than the people blindly following the governments. The governments have for centuries been given enough chances, now we need to let them know what needs to be done and what will no longer be tolerated. My plea to the governments and ruling parties of the countries of the world is cease all military aggression, religious supremacy, and capital greed. Bond together, as an alliance of earth to protect mankind, nature, and all living beings.

There have always been those opposed to peace but there has always been so many more that desire it with all their heart. We who desire peace so much have only to stop at once, as one, with one objective to speak out and make a stand.

To end all suffering, to end all destruction, to end all supremacy. Many ideals have been created towards a Nirvana where the universe and all living can exist together in a state of pure harmony Balanced and perfect. These ideals are forever created, many aeons old providing religiously disciplined lifestyles towards idealistic destinations. Influenced by the many opinions, beliefs and convictions of old and new ideas towards better living.

But how do we know that our convictions are the right ones and that because a family have for generations lived by the conviction of Christ are they right? Maybe the nature of ‚Buddha the kingdom of‚ Jehovah‚ or the way the cavemen lived Perhaps the harsh romanticism of Prairie Indians who follow the stars weaved by the mother spider to guide us own our journey. Maybe they are right or maybe we are all wrong but does it really matter.

We all believe in our convictions and should not feel threatened to gladly share our opinions on these beliefs with others. So we may create a common understanding and bond as a human race. Imagine harmony being built from the multitudes of varying philosophies and beliefs of others.

It doesn’t really sound to hard for us to all stop and realize that the opinions and beliefs of every race and religion should be shared for a common purpose of peace. Maybe then we would finally stop fighting like global children for the supremacy of our convictions.

We are in need of help all around the world as this is a global problem with the only solution being a global agreement of non-negotiable peace and understanding to create a common goal so all may live with happiness and simplicity.

Just think about what could be achieved towards the improvement of all mankind if all mankind was understanding of each other and worked towards that common goal. Because nobody can really deny that if we all got together there would be plenty for everyone. I mean what the hell have we really been fighting for over the centuries.

If we are the most intelligent race on earth then why the hell do we act so foolishly in the face of our children’s‚ destiny. How many times are we going to try to find peace with war and violence? The only way violence can be quelled once and for all is for every peace loving nation and every peace loving person to create such a powerful feeling of peace & compassion strong enough to create such an overwhelming resistance to a violent minority.

Rise up good folk of the world help us all to guide our leaders through this new millennium.

© Scoop Media

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