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Guest Opinion: Indifference And Earthquakes

By Ali Ayaz Syed

Asalam o Alikum All

Once again, South Asian nations have shown their extreme insensitivity towards fellow beings. We so called hospitable people are not bothering ourselves to help earthquake victims. In Pakistan, Some areas in interior Sindh and Baluchistan are badly affected. Over 36 people died and casualties are also recorded. But we can't see any support for them in the country.

No relief funds or social welfare teams are interested in collecting some goods and funds to support troubled people. Least should one expect from Government which is paying no attention at all. As usual, Pakistan Army is trying to get things back to normal over there. No NGO or advocate of human rights like Asma Jahangir and stuff is interested to help the humanity.

Islam and human values of all religious groups are enjoying slumber who didn't even give a single statement of sympathies in this direction. Only Abdussattar Edhi and his organisation has joint hands with Army teams in Badin and other areas. No other social group is bothering to do anything at all. No relief funds movement in Punjab, NWFP, Islamabad and even in Sindh or Baluchistan can be seen. How insensitive people we are. Had it been an issue of blasphemy or sectarian clashes, we might had been ready to commit suicides.

Religious groups would had been marching towards troubled area with bombs installed and human rights lover NGOs would had been yelling human rights human rights on their throats. But these earthquake victims have no rights, either human or moral. The reason is that they are victims of natural disaster and nobody is interested in protesting against Nature since it won't bring any political benefit. Had there been some beneficial point, all these organisations would be running towards Badin.

Then people like Qazi Hussain Ahmed will say that why don't people give us vote and support us for Shariat? God bless him with wisdom that it was time for him and his "practising Muslim community" to, at least, say a few words of sympathies for the troubled people. They were required to show some hospitality as per Islamic teachings and there might had been lots of respect for them across the country. No Imran Khan, no Farooq Leghari, No PPP, no religious gang and no suicidal gang of Akram Awan can be seen now. Perhaps all are waiting to come in power first so that they might help. And those in power are busy in enjoying the protocols.

Pity on the Pakistani nation which is sitting silent and by its indifferent attitude, proving that it is not interested in problems of fellow beings and country mates. Everyone will start fasting if tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan and after a month, every one will proudly acknowledge himself/herself for observing holy month and saying prayers, hence becoming champion of performing Islamic duties.

Indian nation is also showing its insensitive attitude. In fact Indians are the worst who are not only ignoring state of people in Gujrat but are also holding beauty contests like Femina Miss India 2001. Heights of shameless insensitivity.

Over 30,000 people have died in earthquake and over 70,000 are injured in Gujrat and across. Earthquakes are still in progress but rest of the Indian States are least interested. No crazy fanatic Hindus of VHP RSS are interested. There religious norms are limited to demonstrate on river Ganges in "Kumbh ka mela" and to demolish Mosques and Churches.

There is no support from Federal Government and even provincial government except that they are holding meetings and press conferences in this direction. People were giving interviews to news channels like Zee News etc., and were updating about attitude of Government and agencies. Thousands of people lost their lives yesterday but the whole nation of over 90 million was busy in enjoying beauty contest live from Mumbai.

I personally believe that this earthquake is a clear warning from Nature. We are required to keep our deeds straight otherwise it could be the beginning only. Atrocities against Muslims, Christians and in short, humanity in India and Shia Sunni riots in Pakistan (situation in Karachi is once again getting serious); this earthquake is a warning for the sub continent.

May Allah help us to behave and realise our duties towards fellow beings. A minor warning was no rain in, almost the whole sub continent in last season which affected crops, environment and health etc. No point was taken from this no rain policy and on the democracy day of India 26th of January, a killing earthquake shook two "nuclear powers" who failed to stop the earthquake with all nuclear missiles and trained armed forces.

May Allah forgive us for our sins and may we learn to respect each other. We are still showing insensitivity towards troubled people in Pakistan and in India and God only knows what would happen to us. Our emotions, our sentiments, our hospitality and our humanity is limited to destructive minded negative political or religious affairs. It is easy to blame USA or anyone else for our pathetic state but we ourselves are responsible for our dying state. May God direct us.

Allah hafiz and best regards

Ali Syed

Say (O Muhammad): "We believe in Allâh and in what has been sent down to us, and what was sent down to Ibrâhim (Abraham), Ismâ'il (Ishmael), Ishâque (Isaac), Ya'qûb (Jacob) and Al-Asbât and what was given to Mûsa (Moses), 'Iesa (Jesus) and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between one another among them and to Him (Allâh) we have submitted (in Islâm)." - (3:84, The Noble Quran)

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