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Guest Opinion: Anti-Smoking Hysteria

Anti-Smoking Hysteria & Private Property Rights

To all Business leaders & owners, Employers, Directors, Entrepreneurs and self employed.

Enough is enough. When are you all going to stand up to the government and reclaim your property rights? Why do you, in effect, let the government run your business? Worse still, just think of all the imposed compliance costs, red tape, unpaid tax collection and taxation you must manage on the governments behalf - who do you actually work for?

Who owns your business? Who owns your intellectual property? Who owns your individual lives? If your answer to these questions is “I do”, then read on.

This Smoke-Free legislation is just another nail in the coffin of private property rights, it is just a smoke screen for an invasion of power-hungry leviathan statists. They care not for your health or your safety, they care only for your vote and your wallet.

It is time to stand up to the Molesworth Mafia and tell them to F*** off, this is my business/property/land and I shall run it in my own rational self interest, the best way I can.

When will you realise the governments are not the solution to this country's ills, they are and always have been the actual problem itself. Why is it that half the businesses in this country spend all their time trying to curry favour and win privilege with government, while the other half are too apathetic or scared to do anything? To be fair to business, the rest of the voting public falls into either category as well.

All it takes is for one person or business to stand up and say “no more, I will not comply with your bullshit anymore”. Then another person will stand up, then another and another... until we rid ourselves of this parasitic statist collectivist madness. Who will go first then???


The hideous sight of politicians and health zealots, falling over their forked tongues, blinded by their own inconsistencies and compromised by their contradictions, trying to justify exemptions to the Smoke Free Amendment Act, is sickening enough, especially considering such an Act is itself, a complete anathema to the concept of private property rights.

How can they exempt clubs and casinos (private property), on the one hand; but not bars, pubs and restaurants (private property as well), on the other. All these businesses admit the public on certain terms of trade, but this does not give the public automatic right of entry. They are not public places because they are not public property. (the Œpublic¹ cannot actually Œown¹ property). These businesses are private property and as such, it is up to the owner to set the terms of trade and rules of entry, NOT meddling politicians or bossy bureaucrats.

The point is, that just like your home, a business is private property and as such, the owner makes the rules for his property. You have the choice to accept the rules and enter, or not accept and leave. You would not accept the Government dictating smoke free areas in your home, although your guests must accept your smoking rules or not visit. It is therefore just as unacceptable for the Government to violate your property rights, by dictating smoking rules for your business, pub, club etc.

If you do not want to eat, drink or socialise in a smokey bar, then do not patronise that bar; find a non smoking bar or establish one yourself. You do not have the right to force the bar owner to make his business smoking or non smoking, nor does the Government, and to do so is immoral.

If you do not want to work in a smokey bar, then don¹t. Quit the job. You are not forced to work there and equally, you should not force your anti smoking views on the bar or its owner, nor should the Government.

This Government (and previous ones) has in effect nationalised all private property with laws like this Smoke Free Act and the RMA. They did this by stealth, gradually and incrementally, with your sanctioning apathy, with your consent, with your connivance, with your collaboration and with not a dancing Cossack in sight.

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