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Scoop Feedback: Jihad Anyone?

EDITORS NOTE: The following extensive speculation on what comes next in the “War Against Terror” was submitted to Scoop (and many other publications around the world) as a letter to the editor by a clearly enthusiastic news user from Indiana. It is republished here in the expectation that it is unlikely to be republished elsewhere, and because it is a good read, albeit a somewhat sobering one.

October 21, 2001


R-1 Taliban announce move of Capital from Kabul to point further South and East.

R-2 Taliban display mangled and burnt bodies of civilians (including UN and/or other aid workers) killed by Northern Alliance shelling and US bombing. Accuse USA/Britain of using Northern Alliance as puppets.

R-3 Osama bin Laden, preceded by lieutenants, removes secretly to Pakistan. Then by plane to a Hezbollah-controlled area of Lebanon.

R-4 Taliban on TV call for emergency UN General Assembly session. Announce that Bin laden is no longer in the country. Cite winter, civilian hardships. Call for Pan -Islamic Peace-Keeping Force in Afghanistan--under UN auspices.

R-5 Taliban display mangled and burnt bodies of men, women and children-- and the 8 Christians on trial.for evangelizing. Blame USA/Britain/Northern alliance. Repeat charge that the USA/Britain are using the Northern Alliance as puppets. Call for Pan- Islamic Peace-Keeping force in Afghanistan.

R-6 Osama bin Laden emerges dramatically on TV. Calls for Islamic unity. Anti- Zionism. USA out. Jihad. Promises War to the End.

R-7 Muslims from Kashmir make new and more serious attempts to assassinate Indian leaders in New Delhi.

R-8 Process of seriously arming the over 1 million pro-Taliban young men in the 10,000 religious acadamies (Madrases) in Pakistan begins.

R-9 Serious attempts to assassinate pro-USA president of Pakistan. Followed by appropriate announcements/rhetoric.

R-10 Osama bin Laden secretly convenes a conclave of all the leaders of the major Islamic terrorist groups. To lay out how they may better unify and co-ordinate their future activities. And work together for the common cause. Forms social/political arm (Following the historical organizational models of the Communist Party, IRA-- and so forth.)

R-11 Taliban dramatically come on TV-with fresh film. Blame USA/Britain/Jews for de-stabilizing World and the entire region around Afghanistan and producing terrible present and future hardships among the peoples. Accuse the USA/Britain/Northern Alliance of atrocities. Reiterate charge that USA/Britain have made puppets of Northern Alliance. Call for Pan-Islamic Peace-Keeping force in Afghanistan. Announce that they will even consider such a force under NATO auspices.

R-12 Osama bin Laden comes on TV. Praises Taliban. Calls for Islamic unity/anti- Zionism/USA Out/Jihad. Promises war to the end.

R-13 Serious attempt(s) to assassinate Sharon in Israel. Followed by appropriate announcements/rhetoric/saber rattling..

R-14 Serious (Big time) hit on Tel Aviv. Followed by appropriate announcements/rhetoric/saber-rattling.

R-15 Serious attempt(s) to assassinate Arafat. (This is already obviously being set-up: They should be able to get him.). Make it appear that Jews have done it.

R-16 Osama bin Laden (This time with chief lieutenants). Accuses Israel of the Ultimate Criminal Act in the attack on Arafat. Rehearses all of Zionisms "Sins". Condemns Zionism/USA. Blames Jews/USA for everything. Renews call for Holy War against Zionist/ American imperialism.

R-17 Beginning of serious attempt to arm Palistinians.

R-18 Major "Hit" on some site particularly esteemed in India.

R-19 Serious attempts to assassinate anti-Taliban military corps commanders in Pakistan.

R-20 Major attempt(s) to "Hit" George W. Bush in USA and Tony Blair in England. (Should be able to get Blair.)

R-21 (If fail to get Blair - "Hit" Buckingham Palace?)

R-22 Osama bin Laden on TV with usual messages.

R-23 Taliban on TV with more film. Repeat calls for assistance. This time ask China for help.

R-24 (Make a serious attempt to assassinate Putin in Russia.)

R-25 One or more of the following
A> "Nuke" Washington DC.
B> Major "Hit" on Super Bowl (Using stolen or "mock-up" Fed Ex plane laden with explosives?)
C> Plane laden with explosives into Three Mile Island (or any like Nuclear Energy Plant in the USA-There are so many).
D> Major microbe "Hit" on the Mall of the Americas.
E> Blow-up/Topple the Statue of Liberty.
F> In the smog of Greater LA and/or the fog of Greater London - using a spray plane - Spread as much "cheer" over as much area as possible (A biological "Soup"?)

R-26 All while step-up the germ warfare through the mails. Spread attacks to all kinds Of shipments to "target areas" (Seek maximum diversity and/or impact).

R-27 Osama bin Laden appears once more on TV. Claims that Zionism/America and those supporting them have been actually responsible for all the disruption and misery. That he and those supporting him have been waging a "Just War" by the only means which might bring success. That if he, personally, must pay the price for daring to spearhead such a conflict against such formidible opposition, that he hopes and prays that others will display the fortitude to carry on. ( Allah Akbar. And so forth.)

Again: Jihad anyone?

Of course-All this is purely speculative. Much of it would depend on Osama bin Laden remaining at large and effective. He has believed that Allah is on his side. What do You believe?

Submitted by "PawPaw"
James Partello Chandler,
Indiana USA


For accountability's sake I include my fax no: 1-812-925-9980. It would be better that you do not publish my mail address for fear of endangering the sweet and innocent ladies who work in our small local Post Office.

I have a phone-but am currently not often available to answer it. I do not have voice mail.

There will be a serious question as to how you should treat this interruption into your routines. But I suspect that no matter what you do - in the present circumstances - these routines - and all our lives - are now likely to be seriously disrupted, anyway.

We are well on our way to All End to "Business as Usual"-To a World-Wide Economic Depression (Not incidentally-Including a complete collapse of oil prices) - And to a situation where the USA, in particular, is quickly going to find it incumbent to hold the entire Islamic World responsible for and accountable for their own : And to proceed - for better or for worse - accordingly.

This is all - let me repeat - If Osama bin Laden continues to hold forth. We who survive will have the privilege of observing - and of taking part in - the outcome.


Would you be so kind as to print-out and fax back to me (filled-out) the checklist on the Page 5 following?

Inventory Checklist: USA Fax 1-812-925-9980

______________ We think you are crazier than bin Laden and are not going to print this.

______________We think you are crazier than bin Laden but we are going to print this.

______________We think that you are crazier than bin Laden but we may print this. ______________We think you should be arrested.

______________We think you probably will be arrested.

______________Who in Hell do you think you are?!-And what the Hell do think you are trying to do?!

_____________ We are going to print this:

____________With commentary.

____________Without commentary.

______________We are sending you a complimentary copy--without anthrax.

______________We are sending you a complimentary copy-with anthrax.

______________We are sending you a complimentary copy with something worse than anthrax.

______________You are an infidel bastard!

______________Our dog ate your letter.

______________ Despite great difficulty, we have attempted to translate your letter into_______________________________________.



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