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Behind The Veil: Who Really Attacked The WTC?


Beliefs That the Tragic Acts Committed in America Were NOT done by Muslims

By Baseera Al-Saraha

Many people here in the Middle East believe that behind the acts of hijacking and building destructions and the murdering of innocents were non-Muslim encouragement or assistance.

Apparently there is a serious campaign in the US media to convince people it is the work of Muslims, to discredit Islam and to remove the world’s attention from the current human rights abuses in Palestine.

First and foremost, the identification of most of those suspected were stolen Saudi passports. These passports may have been specifically targeted to be stolen by unscrupulous persons for use in certain crimes, political and or otherwise.

Many of the names on the list of suspects were actually alive and well, with one deceased previously, and in places other than where the attack occured, which leads us to the question of who provided the lists of names of suspects originally.

The fact that the flight attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney called Boston and reported the hijackers seat numbers, but yet the US media hid the fact.They were actually not the same seat numbers as the FBI said were responsible for the hijacking. It may well have been staged to make it appear as though it was Arabs or Muslims, for the previously mentioned political motives.

In a nornal situation, terrorists cannot wait to take credit for an attack, or to make their demands. Why were none made on the flights?

Even Osama bin Laden, when making his two statements denying involvement after the tragedies, whole body language looked resigned to the fact, not boastful or proud as he was expected to look if he had been responsible.

Since the United States had been planning an invasion of Afghanistan, we wonder if the sabotage in the US was known before hand, or allowed, and used as a cover (excuse) for the invasion or alternately to the benefit of those who would like world attention to be distracted from the invasions in the autonomous territories in Palestine.

The nineteen names of the hijackers released by the FBI don't reveal Afghanistani citizenship at all. Even the FBI admits that these nationalities were probably forged.

Saudi Arabia Prince Saud Al-Faisal reported that the investigation in Saudi Arabia showed that the 5 Saudi men first accused were not even aboard the crashed airliners. A sixth man is alive and well studying in Tunisia, and a seventh died two years ago.

The fact that the hijackers had shaved all their body hair before the hijacking appears to us Muslims as to be more of a cult than Islam.

FBI chief Robert Mueller admitted on September 20 that the FBI had no legal proof to prove the true identities of the suicidal hijackers. Yet, in the haste to move forward on the planned Afghanistan war, probably for the ultimate aim of an oil pipeline through Afganistan, the FBI has been observed rigging lab tests, manufacturing testimony, (the Vincent Foster affair,) and illegally withholding/destroying evidence (in the Oklahoma bombing,) and are not taking too close a look when evidence points AWAY from the designated suspect (Osama bin Laden.)

The motive of oil is strong in the west. If one looks at a map of Eurasia, the US military depots march in a straight line through Eurasia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenia,Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. This might further the aim of controlling transport routes from China and India into the Middle East.

There has been long reported a spy in the Whitehouse, and leaks in high technology often flow overseas, and the FBI has ignored willfully the implications of some vital pieces of information.

The hotel located where the terrorists supposedly stayed in is so overloaded with "evidence" that it appears to be more like the set for a film than a terrorist hideout.

Since we have learned of Operation Northwoods, where false terror attacks against SAmerican citizens were staged to gain support for a second invasion of Cuba, we put nothing past governmental manipulation. Even Franklin Roosevelt manuevered Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, and there are still some alive today those who remember that well.

It is also not beyond the realm of possibility that the US is being maneuvered itself by a third party into triggering a war, such as when Mossad , the Israeli secret service decided to mount a false-flag operation designed to discredit Libya and provoke the US into attacking an Arab nation.

A transmitter loaded with prerecorded messages about supposed planned bombings was planted in Tripoli and soon intercepted by US electronic monitoring. This convinced them that Libya was responsible for the l986 bombing of a Berlin disco in which a US soldier died. Due to these planted false messages on the transmitter, President Reagaan ordered massive air attacks on Libya, including an illegal attempt to assasinate Qadaffi, and killing his two year old daughter instead. Libyan officials didn't realize at the time why they were being attacked!

Israel has definately benefitted from the current political climate, perhaps more than any other nation. It is worth remembering that Mossad's motto is, "By way of deception thou shalt do war."

The highjackers’ very actions themselves seem strange and unlike Islam to most Muslims.

First, good muslims who are planning a major operation would never spend the night before drinking in a strip bar, no less; adding two big sins to their book right before they might die to keep themselves out of Paradise.

Not only the drinking in strip bars does not fit the profile of fanatically religious muslims willing to die for what they believe, but witnesses reported that the men were waving their identification cards (which were forged) and even quarelling over bill charges, which is another thing most devout Muslims would never do - they would rather take reward for being generous and giving, and often compete among themselves as to who would pay.

Let us now not be decieved and the object in someones manipulation for their gain. It is the time for all citizens of all countries to watch, read well from many sources, and to decide on their own who is to be believed.

We stand for truth and justice, not subterfuge. Possibly these hijackers and that includes the REAL hijackers in the seat numbers given by Ms Sweeney were misguided or bribed by certain parties who have the most to gain from the situation.

Because of these components we believe it extemely unlikely that it was Muslims behind these attacks at all, or, if in the small chance that it was, they were misguided by dominant political motives of those who have most to gain from the situation, and that is certainly not Muslims. They have definately had little to gain from making themselves targets of hate crimes in the US, but other groups had a much stronger motive.

- Baseera Al-Saraha is a Saudi citizen and occasional Scoop columnist who provides an insight into the views of an Islamic woman living in the war zone.

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