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Scoop Feedback: Back The KiwiBank

In this edition: Kiwi Bank – The Gravy Train - Tell It To The Marines

Kiwi Bank

Dear Sir ,

I read your web page with interest and enjoy it . Some of the more extreme views and commentaries are wonderfully thought provoking and on occasion bring a wry smile . I have worked in some of the more confused parts of the world and recognize the thoughts aired in your emag from the cafes and bars we visited ( that is an accolade by the by !)

I am now returned to NZ permanently and trying to relax back into the home life .

Please tell me why your articles now attack the proposed Kiwibank?

Banks are such evil institutions in general it would seem that any attempt to improve them can only be good ( Taranaki bank and PSIS are shining examples already ). Also I would imagine that the contrary view to anything shouted by the roundtable barking dogs at the ACT party absolutely MUST be right .

The crisis in Argentina shows us exactly what 'one way swimmers ' banks are , and do not forget the Govt. bail out of the BNZ .

There are many illustrations of the duplicity and moral vacuum existent in the majority of businesses operating globally today ( the rip of of the US GOV and tax payers by the airlines following the events of Sept 11 is one of the most recent and gross )........, why not give the kiwibank a bit of a shove in the hope that it may give a little relief to a few hard working Kiwis at the very least ?

Yours and thanks for your time

Sandy Wells


The Gravy Train

Dear Editor,

I have been reading with considerable interest the debate and letters surrounding the issues of ACC payments for sexual abuse, non-payment of fines and loans for prison inmates.

However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that both this government and the ideologists behind it have great difficulty distinguishing between an ideal world and the realities of life in the realms of humankind (how is that for my contribution to being PC in this New Year).

There is no doubt the 3 issues being debated are each in their own separate ways, complex, compelling and worthy of consideration, particularly sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, enacting and implementing legislation which provides the opportunity for open abuse of both the system and funding, shows a distinct lack of understanding of human nature, and an inability to even attempt to recognise and safeguard against the potential pitfalls.

It is such a pity that because of these failings, so many genuine cases will ultimately miss out because of the actions of those who are out for the easy pickings being encouraged by all this politically correct claptrap.

Mirek Marcanik


Tell It To The Marines

Dear Editor,

Green Party Disarmament spokesperson Keith Locke is calling on the Government to "be wasting no time telling the United States that any resumption of nuclear tests is unacceptable".

Have the Green Party not noticed that despite the end of the Cold War a decade ago and the nuclear missile reduction treaty carried out by the US and Russia, there remain a number of other countries actively expanding or developing their own nuclear (as well as long range air and sea) capabilities?

Foremost in these are China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran with Russia continuing to support a very significant nuclear capability.

While the US development of it missile defence system is to continue, it is already recognised it is unlikely to be able to counteract anything significantly more than the 20 or so nuclear missiles Chine is known to have.

China is also known to be developing three new nuclear capable missile systems along with purchasing new type "stealth" nuclear attack submarines. Some, if not all, of the missile systems are capable of carrying multiple independently targeted warheads.

In the light of what is happening, what is America supposed to do. Turn the other cheek and await Armageddon. I think not.

Mirek Marcanik

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