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Scoop Feedback: Readers’ Opinions

In This Edition: Feedback For Anne Else - 500 Years History So Easily Forgotten - RE: Is The Father Of Jesus The God Of Islam - Where Is NATO Now?

Feedback For Anne Else

Dear Editor

Isn't it a little simplistic to blame an ideological and economic problem on sexism? Anne Else, in "Bang, Bang, You're Dead" blames our present shortage of nurses on the reforming National government's sexist attitudes to women.

Since the seventies successive governments have bent over backwards to accommodate feminist advocates. The result being that we now have over 200,000 working age women on benefits. As we spend more and more on benefits, less is left for health.

The 'dedicated health tax' Anne Else suggests would reveal just how little (around 17c in each tax dollar paid) is actually going into health. Taxpayers would then be disturbed to know, and in turn, reluctant to pay, the 37c that goes into welfare.

Anne Else is a staunch proponent of benefits for women because they provide a form of 'independence' from men. Why doesn't she move into the new century and be honest about what women actually take out of the economy? Feminism has far more to do with the plight of our nurses than sexism.

Lindsay Mitchell


500 Years History So Easily Forgotten


I just read Mr. Butler's "500 years" commentary in your paper this morning. I came across it while " surfing the net". The commentary is very interesting and informative. Much of the "old" history part in Mr. Butler's article agrees with what I learned as a student in a Christian Brothers high school in California during the late 40's and the Moro warrior part agrees with I learned with what I learned while in US Marine Corps officer's school in the mid-50s. I especially appreciate the information in the article that informs me about events in the last 50 years. I'll send Mr. Baker's article on to two of my sons: one who spent 20 years in US Army special forces and is a military historian in addition to being a police officer and the other who met his wife, who is from Leyte, while serving as a USMC officer in the Philippines nearly 20 years ago.


Sauerkraut, SASS #14407
"Camp Cook Extraordinaire"
"Shooter of guns formerly owned by folks who complained about my cooking"
"An accurate and half-fast cowboy action shooter" Proprietor of - The web site for Sacramento/San Joaquin Region Cowboy Action Shooting
aka Frank Herzog
Placerville, CA


RE: Is The Father Of Jesus The God Of Islam?

I was shocked to see such a badly researched article. It showed a complete lack of understanding of Islam.

Among the incorrect statements:

"Muslims do not accept the divinity of God" - This line was the first clue that the author didn't have a clue.

"Muslims believe Allah is the author of evil" - Wrong again.

"Christians, on the other hand, believe God loves and seeks a personal relationship with every human, while abhorring and punishing evil."

So do Muslims. In fact a personal relationship with God is emphasized in Islam, which is why it has no formal Church. Such an institution was regarded as an obstacle to that personal relationship.

"For a Muslim sin is a private matter and of no bearing on the afterlife." - While sin is private, it most definitely has abearing on the afterlife.

I felt much more forgiving of the author's mistakes after reading this moronic passage. What else can you expect after reading such a brilliant analysis as this"

"There is more opposition to Islam by Christians than opposition to the Christian faith by Muslims, especially in the United States. However only 0.5 percent of Americans are Muslims whereas the Christian population is approaching 85 percent, so the opposition is greater."


Where Is NATO Now?

A Poem By Deepak Sarkar Deicated To The Palestinian Cause

Where is NATO now ?

I am a Palestinian mother -

Just lost my son

When Israeli bullets

Ripped through his heart and brain!

Where is NATO now ?

I am a Palestinian father -

Just became homeless

When Israeli missiles

Destroyed our home and all belongings!

Where is NATO now ?

I am a Palestinian farmer -

Just became deceased

When Israeli military tanks

Killed me while olive picking!

Where is NATO now ?

Palestine is still an occupied land -

After 35 years of UN, US and NATO diplomacy

Leaving peace loving Palestinians -

At the mercy of Israeli terrorism and humiliation!

Where is NATO now ?

We may not be of strategic super power interest -

We don't have vast oil reserve either!

Our freedom fighters are often labeled as terrorists!

But, we really need help stopping Palestinian Holocaust -

In our homeland by Israeli military and state terrorists!!

Author: Deepak Sarkar, Trans Canada Highway, Victoria, BC Canada.

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