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Scoop Feedback: Readers Riff On The Conspiracies

In This Edition: From An Ex-Pat Yank - Re: Scoop Feedback & Response On Conspiracy Theories - No Time For Grace Or Toast

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From An Ex-Pat Yank

To the Editor,

I too have been reading and trying to folow the conspiracy theorists with regard to September 11. Your one respondent, Anasiri, I think stretches credibility past the breaking point, trying to tie in the events of this day in with momentous days in history, particularly those of the Nazis. If I am not mistaken, the terrorists planned the day, not the US government or anyone in the Bush administration. Ergo, if there is some sort of correlation, it would seem to be between the terrorists and the Nazis. Suitablly so, I think.

I have not immersed myself totally in the events of that sad day nor in the aftermath, but from what I seem to recall, there were two problems with attempting to bring down those airliners. Make that three. The first was that no one knew the exact intent of the hijackers until too late. A second lay with trying to scramble fighter jets aloft in time to do any good. Finally, where exactly would have been a "good place" to blow them out of the sky? More to the point, where in the northeast United States or along the east coast could wreckage from an airliner come down where it might conceivably do less damage than was wrought?

To me, the whole thing hinges on whether anyone had specific, prior knowledge and could have moved to cut off the hijacker/terrorists before they even boarded the planes and I have yet to read or hear convincing evidence of that.

Steve Fay


Re: Scoop Feedback & Response On Conspiracy Theories


Can I presume that you will give equal prominence to my forthcoming theory for Scoop that Margaret Wilson is Adolf Hitlers daughter because she is blonde and must be aryan and she has facist anti democratic tendencies. She is planning to establish a National Socialist ( with a different name) government. I will also theorise that Maharey rapes sheep because he is from Palmerston North and it is well known that men from that city have had sex with sheep.

Will that rank alongside the postings from Labour/National Rankin et al?

In response to Anasiri who is so complimentary about your website and who sees something sinister in the date. Does he not give people with the intelligence to plan and flawlessly execute such a terrorist attack the credit for having a sense of irony.

Phil Sage

No Time For Grace Or Toast


No Grace and no Loyal Toast at the Queen's State dinner.

Adding to the woes were the Prime Minister not being in the country to welcome Her Majesty, wearing "evening attire" more at home in an Auckland Hero Parade and to add insult to injury, she was to be seen rushing to "be seated" before Her Majesty at dinner.

Five blunders that should never have happened.

What do the Protocols Section of the Visits and Ceremonial Office of the Department of Internal Affairs do these days.

If our Prime Minister was "advised" of the correct procedures, did she choose to ignore all the advice and deliberately set out to compromise the dignity of the visit and function.

If she was not advised, what point in having a Protocols Section.

Either way, what a debacle and welcome to the World of Helen, Pretender to the Throne of the Great Republic.

Mirek Marcanik

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