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Sludge Report #129 – Great Pics, But No Flight 77

Sludge Report #129 – Great Pics, But No Flight 77

In This Edition: OK MSNBC, Great Pics, But No Flight 77 - The Hunt For Flight 77, As Viewed By A 747 Pilot - You Be The Judge

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Sludge Report #129

OK MSNBC, Great Pics, But No Flight 77

Sludge Report #127 (Sludge Report #127 - The Hunt For Flight 77) today requires a follow-up thanks to - of all people - the folk over at MSNBC.

“Moment of impact at Pentagon” screams the headline.

And startling new pictures all right (Why haven’t we seen these before!). But hold it a second. There is still no plane!

See for yourself…

Here is the MSNBC Link

And here are the still photos, frame by frame.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

It appears to be easier to view them this way as the Flash Animation version put out by MSNBC looks deceptively like video footage when it isn’t.

It is interesting that a Flash Animation version of this has been posted, one might have thought pictures that actually showed the plane would have been a little more convincing.

The breathless commentary accompanying the pictures is also fairly extraordinary.

“WASHINGTON, March 7 — Never-before-seen photos obtained by NBC News show American Airlines Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on Sept. 11. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski explains that the sequence of five photos, taken from a Department of Defense security camera, shows the Boeing 757 hitting the ground an instant before it plows into the building and explodes in a deadly fireball. The crash left 189 people dead, including 59 victims and five hijackers who were aboard the aircraft.

Hey! Hold up a second there Jim. Where’s The plane.

And the fact these photos have emerged hot on the heels of the phenomena recorded in…
Sludge Report #127 - The Hunt For Flight 77

… is surely more than coincidence.

The plot thickens.


The Hunt For Flight 77, As Viewed By A 747 Pilot

from… A posting today on the APFN noticeboard…


From: Deleted for Privacy

I flew the Boeing 747 JUMBO Jet., but not this 757. I retired before this came into service. But, from what I see (or don't see) looking at these pictures; its hard to pick out aircraft parts.

The wingtips alone would have sheared off and bounced back into the street, the engines (2) would have penetrated deeper into the wall and framing structure further than any other part making a definite hole.

The belly of the aircraft contains, fuel tanks, baggage, mail bags, and cargo; none of this type debris can be seen. Assuming 8600 gallons of kerosene fuel @ specific gravity of approx 6.9 lbs/gal (temperature considered) weight of the fuel would be close to 60,000 lbs and would splatter everywhere.

Where are the seats, those with passengers buckled in would be ripped our of the floor, for that matter, where are the passengers? I have never seen an aircraft accident where the aircraft evaporated upon impact, water, land or buildings.

If these pictures were taken within 3 days after 9/11, there would have been definite remains of parts. I don't see any. However, digital computer photos can be doctored up to suit any lawyers cause.

But from the photos shown, there ain't no fly in this pudding.


You Be The Judge

See the French Scoop that started this all off…

Google Translation Of The Main French Based Photo Gallery…

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