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Scoop Feedback: Opinion Grab-bag

In This Edition: Holocausts we never are allowed to hear about - Chaplains A Go Go - paulo politico - Chaplains A Go Go - I live in Florida hell... - Out of hand nits

Holocausts we never are allowed to hear about

Dear Sir,

Germany in World War Two ignored the wise injunction "It takes a village to make a child." By not caring for all of her children, especially little jewish children, Germany soon suffered dreadful breakdown..

Pakeha are not looking after all of New Zealand's children today as we did of old. Pakeha today meekly pay their taxes and expect their government and their television loud speakers to do all the caring. But this powerful duo has little heart, pity, or conscience and has become stupid, dangerous and ridiculously expensive compared with the proper management enjoyed by our healthy villages of old.

We pakeha now keep to our little individual boxes, caring for ourselves, our car, our rugby religion and the lawn and deny the shocking effects media-driven consumerism is having on our endangered polynesian brothers and sisters. Our sturdy denial of consumerism's many pitfalls and sly traps has become an unchristian racist collusion of neurotic closed little minds, that underpins New Zealand's one in five mental illness rate.

To actually work in the sick machine that delivers poor nutrition and the dreadful immoral 'entertainment' that tries to ensnare our children soon seems quite nazi when the untimely deaths, drug taking and other grievous harm that results always gets ignored.

If there is nothing wrong with the system, then why else would an academy award movie (Network) have been made that strongly criticised the system. Here, the film media for once, left its mean profit-driven format and allowed Peter Finch and others to loudly scream "I have had enough!"

The six o'clock news on TV One last Saturday in reporting the pacific islanders' festival Pasifika, made it into a promotion for a high fat, high sugar and high salt product that is decimating island folk. No media person has since copied Peter Finch.

The increasing kiwi holocaust of diabetes and other unnecessary diseases is scandalous and the United Nations should inspect and censure us for our disease ghettos, our 'she'll be right' final solutions.

Kindest Regards, Brian John Evans, Auckland.


paulo politico

What/ who is that shit you have been publishing by 'paulo politico'? It is the most sycophantic and banal rubbish I have read in a long time. Why do you bother publishing it? Who wants to read the ejaculations of some tosser wanking over the Labour party??

Scoop is a great website but petty stuff like that belongs on a young labour site. Opinion pieces should at least be interesting, well written, and have party affiliations recognised.

yours sincerely
Phil Rennie


Chaplains A Go Go


The Government, through Mrs King, have unilaterally declared hospital chaplains to be redundant.

The reasoning, "The chaplaincy service was not a priority for the Government when compared with the other health initiatives" and " The length of stay in hospital was shortening as people spent more time in the community".

Under what mandate do they now declare our hospital chaplains to be surplus to requirements. The Government, remember, is supposed to be there to respond to the will of the people not tell them what that will should be.

Just how out of touch is this Government?

Whom do they talk to before making decisions that run roughshod over all and sundry; obviously nobody whose families have been comforted by a hospital chaplain.

If The Hon Mark Burton gets wind of this, one can only wonder at the fate of those chaplains in the employ of the Army, Navy and Airforce. After all, where do they fit in the "other defence initiatives".

Mirek Marcanik


I live in Florida hell...

The interview with Palast exposing the World Bank was excellent.

I live in Florida where governor jeb is currently "relaxing" water safety measures. He also was working with Enron to "deregulate" Florida's water and give them first dibs on a water desalinenating plant.

I have known this for some time now, but the interesting thing is what happened to my private well on my property.

My neighbor and I wanted our water wells' quality tested by the state. After the tests, they called me back and asked for permission to get global positioning on my well.

I could not - and still don't understand why a state needs global positioning on my private well (especially seeing how my water was supposedly fine).

One things for sure, it's not a good sign. Is this world dictatorship?

Sincerely, DB


Out of hand nits


Recent reports indicate that "nits" (or head lice if you prefer) are
rampant in our schools and homes and have reached near epidemic
proportions in Wellington.

These little beasties have long been a scourge, but have generally been
well contained with the judicious use of the appropriate medication and
reasonable personal hygiene in the home.

So what has changed.

The experts suggest that much of the medication has become less than
effective against these little parasites. A stock phrase and excuse these

What is more telling in the reports coming out is that parents/caregivers
are saying:

- they can not afford the high cost of treatment;
- they do not have the time to undertake the necessary treatment.
- it is the responsibility of the schools to ensure a clean environment;


Recent figures from Statistics New Zealand have us believe there are more
double income families than ever and the personal wealth of New Zealanders
is increasing.

This being the case, how come we are not able to afford the relatively
small cost of treatment for head lice. What is all this wealth being
spent on and where are the priorities. I have some ideas but will leave it
to readers to think about it.

Yes, there are many who struggle to find the spare money for this sort of
unexpected cost of living but the reports indicate the problem is
widespread and not isolated to any particular group.

To bleat about not having the time is indicative of a very "self" attitude
and to suggest it is the responsibility of schools is symptomatic of the
"It is not my responsibility" syndrome currently plaguing the country.

The problem is not the head lice, it is the nits letting them get out of

Mirek Marcanik

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