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Scoop Feedback: ZZZzzztt…

In This Edition: Prebble Peddles Pork Pies! - White hats for G8 - I See Red - 1080 All Over Taranaki

Prebble Peddles Pork Pies!

I recently attended a public meeting of the ACT party, at which Richard Prebble when asked “what is ACT's policy concerning the RMA “ stated emphatically that they would abolish it.

A colleague questioned him on this saying that in the past ACT had said they would only make adjustments to it, instead of abolishing the abomination altogether.

He denied this completely. Mr Prebble must have either a short memory, or else he was telling pork pies to win votes, because - and I quote from the ACT website, dated 7th November, 2001:

"We (ACT) would look to a fundamental re-write of the RMA retaining all that is good, but replacing all that is not. . . . and on it goes.

Now I happen to agree with much of the ACT party philosophy, (it was written by a Libertarian by the way!) but they will never be worth voting for for one reason. They do not hold to their principles. This means that just like all other parties (excluding Libertarianz) they say one thing, but it can mean or turn into something else. They are NOT a party of principle - they are just another party of compromised (read that as no) principles.

For example, ACT say they advocate individual freedom, and personal responsibility - that is except in matters of health, education, tax, the right to defend yourself with a firearm, anything an individual decides to do with his own body ie smoke cannabis, or - the list goes on and on. They say one thing, but it really means something else, which I am sure we all agree seems to sum up bureaucrats in general.

A principle is something that can not be compromised. If you compromise a principle, it becomes something else, so something you agree with can turn into something you would never agree with! How can you vote for that?

Libertarianz are the ONLY party whose principles can not be compromised, for the simple reason that this is exactly what makes them Libertarian.

A is A; A is not B or C!

Graham Clark (Tauranga)


White hats for G8


I'm assuming that the white hats have something to do with the Calgary Stampede, a 'world famous' rodeo, that calgary claims puts them on the map. Though I think it is kinda like the whole nzers thinking nz is famous of its americas cup victory and this supposed 'clean green' image, both of which I would say very few people in the world have heard of. Anyway, that's what I would say the hat is about.


I See Red

A new spin on an old song - and it was NZ music month in May too.

Split Frenz - I See Red

When my logo’s getting so like theirs
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I’m so important but no-one cares
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I see red... I see red (red), I see red...

How could good lefties make so much noise
I see red, I see red, I see red.
You cannot copy me or I’ll biff my toys
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I see red... I see red (red), I see red...

The centre left is getting crowded,
And the voters are so stupid.
Two ticks is too hard for a simple mind,
Worse if you’re red-green colour blind.
Stop ripping off each other,
Keep me in the pink brother,
Now taxpayers are payin’ payin’ payin’...

When my logo’s getting so like theirs
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I’m so important but no-one cares
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I see red... I see red (red), I see red...

How could good lefties make so much noise
I see red, I see red, I see red.
You cannot copy me or I’ll biff my toys
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I see red... I see red (red), I see red...

Barry Cole


1080 All Over Taranaki

Dear Editor, I wish to make the public of NZ aware that DOC are planning to drop the toxic chemical 1080 all over Mt Taranaki, as early as July 1.

There is great opposition to these plans. DOC are not willing to compromise and work with the community or even local hunters to get a better result, without endangering the people, the environment and the Native species of Taranaki.

There is substantial evidence that shows that 1080 is not actually designed as a ‘pest control’ device. The American Manufacturers, FIKE Enterprises, state that

“1080 was developed by the Germans in WW2 to kill the enemy by putting it in water supplies”

DOC’s claim that 1080 is safe in water is an outright lie. The 70,000 people resident in Taranaki face serious health risks, if the proposed drop is allowed to continue. As Taranaki the Mountain is uniquely a source of water for the entire region, and beyond.

DOC, has not compiled the Health Impact Assessment, required during the consultation process, which by the way, happened (via two newspaper adds) after the decision to drop had been made!

The reason for DOC’s excessive useage of 1080, even though it is banned from use world wide, seems to be the fact that the government brought the stuff from America, when it was banned there, now has a mountain of it somewhere, and needs to ‘use’ it to recover cost, and make profit, despite the reality that this is an extreamly detrimental action.

It is an extremely high effect, broad-based poison, that has high ‘secondary kill’ rates (many native birds, insects, wild and domestic animals), and should not be applied from the air.

We are facing one of the most basic forms of corruption known to man, the conflict of interest. Mean while it our environment that suffers. I belong to and organisation called the Taranaki Action Group (TAG), we have held a public forum on this issue, whereby the public were able to voice there concerns, and alternatives, to DOC (who attended). There was no indication of any acknowledgement of the validity of the concerns, or the alternatives presented. DOC is abusing it’s power as Kaitiaki (guardian) of the Mountain, and the rest of the country, and must be pulled into line. We hope to raise public awareness of the proposed drop, and stop it. We are planning a ‘sit-in’ at the DOC office in Stratford, on Friday, and on Saturday we will take control of access to the mountain. We hope that the Media will be present.

Yours Respectfully.
Chris Wilkes

Urenui Taranaki

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