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In This Edition: Child Crims - A Blue Ribbon On Your Vest - A Question Of Solvency


Child Crims


Reports of 10-year olds watching pornographic movies and smoking cannabis while home alone after school, 14-year old boys raping 6-7 year old girls, pre-teen children being encouraged to shoplift from stores and 10-14 year old children binge drinking and peddling dope are now common place.

All this has to raise serious questions surrounding the lack of responsibility many of our parents/caregivers are displaying in their approach to child rearing.

Responsibilities that have largely been abrogated in the mistaken belief that children have the right to be given free reign to determine their own path without the understanding, let alone guidelines or boundaries, which enable them to do so.

Many factors have contributed to this abrogation, not the least of which are self-interest brought about by 15-20 years of pandering to the highly suspect attitudes of the liberal left.

In anticipation of the howls of anguish and protest I say, "You protesteth too much - look at the results"

No one wants to see a return to the "children should be seen but not heard" attitudes that seek blind obedience.

But we adults and parents/care givers must return to accepting full responsibiity for nurturing our children through the developing years in a way that provides them with solid foundations upon which to develop and build their own futures as well as that of our nation. Not look to the State, schools, creches or any one else in order to absolve ourselves of any blame.

Mirek Marcanik


This 11 Sept 02 Coming, Show Your Solidarity With The Murdered 911 American, Afghan ... Citizens, By Putting A Blue Ribbon On Your Vest.

Herblay FRANCE
20 August 2002

Here in France, the mainstream media give just a one sided official Bush version of the 11 sept 2001 events. Some french citizens like me are working hard to understand what happened and bring out the truth. The french man Thierry Meyssan , author of the "L'Effroyable imposture", has helped to make a large number of french see more clearly on this affaire but it is not easy for him. He still has not been invited at a 20h television news program to explain his version.

Popular french newspaper journalists are succeeding to persuade a certain number of french people that Thierry Meyssan is a mad man making lots of money out of the stupid people who buy his book. Luckily we still have the internet by which we can use to discuss with others in the world and find complementary information.

The majority of french think that it is only the minority french anti-American who are asking questions on the 911 events and they are ready to blindly follow Bush in his next war against Iraq and Iran. If ever Saddam Hussein does anything really wicked in retaliation against Bush then Jacques Chirac will probably push France in the war as well.

In order to build the conditions for peace and prevent a future war, the AMERICAN opponents to Bush’s warmongering and conspiracy agitations will have to be more present and seen on our television . Then the french will realise that there are also Americans who do not agree with all that Bush does.

It is for that reason I suggest for the next 11 sept 2002 we honour the 911 dead and ask reparation by putting a discreet blue ribbon on our bouton hole. A blue ribbon to visibly show that we want a “Blue ribbon commission” (preferably United Nations) on the 911 events and the culprits brought to trial.

Please tell me what you think about this Blue ribbon idea. Thanks


Ps can anyone inform me how does a blue ribbon commission normally come around. I have started to put some original 911 photos on the net at (soon there will thirty more !)


A Question Of Solvency


We have a population approaching 4 million.

Of these, there is a workforce of 1.8 million with some 300,000 only working part-time. There are some 1,119,000 people of working age not in the labour force. Of these, 101,000 are unemployed. Of the remaining 1,018,000 people, there are 836,000 receiving welfare (including income tested benefits and superannuation).

Except for those in the workforce and unemployed (which are decreasing) all the other measures are increasing at a rate faster than our population growth.

Yet we have a government continuing to espouse a philosophy of wealth redistribution primarily through state intervention payments.

On the current run-rate, it is likely the number of people of working age and not in the labour force will match those in the workforce within 5-7 years.

Has anyone really contemplated what happens then?

Mirek Marcanik

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