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ZZZzzzttt Feedback

In This Edition: GOD Bless Scoop – My Oath - Maree Howard article, re: ACCountability - Kiwi Speak


GOD Bless Scoop

I have just been "turned-on" to your website

I find SCOOP to be the most informative, best constructed, with excellent format presentation , and wide spectrum of coverage.

Far and away, Numero Uno news site out there. PERIOD!!!!

Keep up the good work and don't be threatened, intimidated or controlled by any ...... as the controlled media is here in the US.


My Oath

All this fuss from Winston Peters, David McGee, and Brian Rudman regarding the swearing of an oath prior to people taking official office in New Zealand.

Be you Christian, Muslim, New Age or atheist, Jesus Christ seems to say it best: "Do not swear any oath. Let your "Yes" be Yes, and your "No" be No. To strengthen your promise with the swearing of an oath shows that something is wrong".

If our elected officials are committed to telling the truth all of the time, what need do they have to back up their words with an oath or a promise?

Books don't make us tell the truth - character, integrity and personal choice do.

Yours faithfully

Steve Taylor


Maree Howard article, re: ACCountability

Dear Sir/Madam;

I am writing this in reference to Maree Howard’s article on the disturbing antics of the ACC's directorship and their apparent disregard for the use of public money.

I amm an ACC Beneficiary, and have been through the griss-mill and back many times. This article just skims the surface of a corrupt organisation, publicly funded, but bent on criminalising those who need rehabilitation.

Maree has done a wonderful job so far, but hopefully she will get the opportunities to expose the lies and deceit that have plagued me for the last five years.

Why should a department get a bonus for removing a sick and disabled claimant from their rightful entitlements.

ACC case-managers qualify for all sorts of bonus' and gratuities for their callous disregard for the rights of fellow New Zealanders. I applaud the work of SCOOP in bringing this out into the gaze of fellow Kiwi's.... I am.



Kiwi Speak


First there were "Trough Trotters" (accommodating the parliamentary elite) Then came "Chair Chars" (MP's seating squabbles). This was followed by "Lolly Dollies" (free lollies for ACC).

Seems to me we have a whole new edition of "Kiwi Speak" in the making that reflects the dissappointingly new lows in the way in which we perceive the establishment.

Mirek Marcanik

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