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In This Edition: Incorrect Headline - David Millar Offline - Try Living In Israel - Bill English Criticises Fathers - Think Again Bill And Co – Bill English Needs Educating


Incorrect Headline

The headline "No Evidence Of Viable Seed" At GE Corn Site concerning the latest possible GM corn scare is incorrect. The actual article states, in part

“The three Gisborne sites were cultivated in the autumn. Although some maize stubble remains, no evidence was found of viable seed.

Eleven of the 13 Pukekohe fields contain maize stubble and some have evidence of uncovered viable seed, etc etc.”

Comment Some sloppy speed reading may be at fault, but disappointing to see an incorrect (more than misleading) header from Scoop.

Stephen Owen


David Millar Offline

Congratulations on providing a great web site. The vast majority of your content is intelligently written and thought provoking. It seems however, that there is an exception to the rule.

I am, of course, referring to David Miller. I am at a loss to explain why you would bother publishing his articles.

Where is the depth, facts, evidence, insight or quality in the slew of articles that he publishes? What are your standards to regularly publish articles by the same author? OK, you don't have any - freedom of expression and all.

Here are some gems from Mr Miller's latest offering: 'What Will the Earth Summit Deliver?'

'The statistics are there that show' - what statistics, who's statistics? 'There is a strong argument' - great. If it is so strong, why don't you directly refer to any of it? 'Especially when there is a view' - who's view? 'There is no desire' - who has no desire?

I have rewritten his latest article using these and other mind numbingly generalistic statements that he offers us:

What Will David Miller Deliver?

'It is unfortunate, but not surprising' that David Millar has been voted the worst writer in the history of internet publishing.

'The statistics are there that show' that his articles are more likely to cause the reader to lose the will to live than a Barry Manelow concert. 'In other words' he needs to be removed from society.

'There is a strong argument' for the imprisonment of Mr Miller for crimes against humanity.

'At the end of the day' he is likely to be given 50 lashes, and a punch in the throat.

'We may not like this scenario and it may not be fair but it is the reality.' 'Especially when there is a view' that poor writing should be punished by death.

It would be a shame to spoil an otherwise great website by continuing to allow these factually deficient, overwhelmingly generalised articles to be published.

Greg Hubbard


Try Living In Israel


Our perceived problems in New Zealand pale into insignificance when we consider the situation of daily living in Israel at this time.

Suicide bombing by Islamic militants terrorized the Sudan under the umbrella of the British long before it came to Israel. Being at the time, THE world power they were not concerned about "World Opinion" and just concentrated on dealing with the situation.

Israel, (who is not strong enough not to factor in "World Opinion") would be loathe to use the method that the Brit's used i.e., wrapping the suicide bomber's body parts in pigskin to assure that no ceremonially proper Islamic burial could take place. This ensured the assassin would miss his trip to Paradise. (Today there would be no payoff or free family trip to Mecca either) This practice was credited with bringing suicide terrorism to a halt in the Sudan under British colonial government.

Giving land to the Palestinian (a British/Roman name, coined to disenfranchise the Jewish people) will not put a stop to the slaughter of innocent non-combatants.

Yours faithfully

Peter Parr


Bill English Criticises Fathers

Bill English chooses the saddest day of the year to criticise fathers. This is the man who has just resoundingly lost a General Election. His is the party which desperately needed the 8 seats which were rewarded to United Futures just for quoting some policies from the Father's movement.

Mr English and his party, Helen and hers too, have yet to understand that the country is tired of Governments which attack the family. Bill English would do well to cultivate the Father's vote. There are enough familyless fathers out there to give any party a majority in Parliament.

John Brett Secretary


Think Again Bill And Co

The Hon Bill English and Co

You Sir wonder why so many have lost faith in National. Many of your deliberations are close to correct but you miss the most important one. Your Speech below confirms my reasons to vote you and yours out.

FATHERS have been taken out of FAMILIES by law and Social Policy. Much of it put in place by NATIONAL.

Think again Bill, Wayne, and Bob.

There are thousands of Fathers more than willing to Father their Kids. They are either oppressed by anti Family Social Policy that does little to encourage "Equal Parenting" of Children in healthy Families let alone the destruction of Paternal relationships that Judiciary and bureaucracy instigate once those struggling Families actually fall apart.

My personal experience of Fathering my Son after his Mother decided while pregnant that we would not be Family has confirmed this evil.

Today I am reduced to an Invalids Benefit and no Capital because of the oppressive system. Now that I have the time to Father my Son WINZ refuses to honour my "Equal Parenting" agreement. They fund his Mother in full while expecting me to fund my share from a single persons invalids benefit & 1/2 the Family care which does not even cover his school bus fares when he is with me. Thus denying me proper medical care and my Son the healthiest Father I can be because those funds for my care are spent to do my best for my Son.

Think again Bill and Co


Bill English Needs educating....

One of New Zealand's best-known dads is calling on all fathers to recognise their responsibilities to their children on Father's Day on Sunday. National Party leader Bill English said frequent cases of abuse and neglect and young people going wrong made him think some fathers were letting their children down. "There has to be some change in this country. The place to make that change is in the family and families begin with fathers," the father of six said in a statement. The buck had to stop somewhere, he said, and that meant it stopped with the fathers of New Zealand. "And what better day to take a long hard look at our responsibilities - and at the job we are doing for our kids - than Sunday." Mr English said being a father was an important job and one that had serious obligations. "Being a father is a life-long commitment. Children need their fathers, they need good role models in their lives. This Father's Day, I urge men to stop and think about their children and the responsibilities they have to them." It was not too late to make a change for the better, he said.


Jim Bailey

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