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Israel, Wants Palestine Without Palestinians

Sharon, Israel, Wants Palestine Without The Palestinians – Which Is Genocide!!

By Deepak Sarkar

Deepak Sarkar, is a writer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

As an Indian, experienced with British Occupation and British imposed partition and son of a refugee from then East Bengal (now Bangladesh), I always wondered why Israel doesn’t either Annex Palestine or give them freedom? I found the answer after coming to North America and living in Canada and US for twenty years! The following conclusion is based on my conversation with many Jewish friends and media coverage in Israel, Europe and North America!

Unlike any other occupier Israel has been treating the Palestinians like people in concentration camps without giving them the same human rights and opportunity like the Israelis!

So the question is why Israel doesn’t just Annex Palestine which is the desire for many Palestinians who want to get out of the circle of violence and humiliation? The answer is, Israel thinks that the Palestinians may form majority winning election and running the country!

Then the idea comes, well, if Israel doesn’t want to Annex Palestine why don’t they let the Palestinians be free and run their own country? The fact is while most Israelis want peace and are ready to live side by side with the Palestinians, most North American and European Jews feel that Israel need more land and must keep Palestine!

In other words, Indicted War Criminal Ariel Sharon and his right wing regime along with many North American and European Jews want Palestinians to leave Palestine out of fear for life and unbearable hardship! The occupied land is a very lucrative Real Estate for North American investors! The only problem is the unwanted Palestinians living there!

That is the only reason for so much death and destruction inflicted by Israel in Palestine! Nothing justified the overwhelming destruction of homes, offices and the overall infrastructure in mere search for the virtual terrorists, the Palestinian freedom fighters!

Make no mistake, under UN charter, Palestinians have every right to bear arms and defend their territory irrespective of how war criminal Sharon and current US President, non-democratically installed, try to label them!

Once again, the fact is that Sharon wants the Palestinians to leave Palestine or experience violent death and destruction as well as suffer from unbearable pain and humiliation! That is what is called ethnic cleansing or genocide!

God helps the wonderful people of the Palestine who gave the Jews their much needed home and Israel!

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