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What The World Needs Now…

What The World Needs Now…

By Selwyn Manning – Scoop Deputy Editor

In Remembrance of Martin Luther King: What the world needs now… is a visionary, a guide who through moral and ethical soundness can lead this world’s peoples to a higher place, a place of justice, of reason, a place of human-kindness, a place where the regard from one person to another is exchanged irrespective of his or her race, country of origin, political persuasion, or indeed religion.

Here is Chapter 5 of a continuing series… Click here for links to earlier Chapters…

Without such a living visionary, and indeed it is difficult to identify one at this time, perhaps it is sound to remind ourselves of those ideals we embraced when young, those wants for the world that we held close as a goal worth pursuing in our lives. And therefore within, we discover the courage to stand, unified as individuals who have come together to change the world as it is today into the place our ideals discovered when in our most bright days.

Martin Luther King’s speeches provide a vision retrospectively to the time of his delivery. Martin Luther King’s words were delivered in clarity, a timeless message to humanity, strong in reason and logic for his time, but equally his speeches are as pertinent for today. Hope is embraced with particular regard for the means on how to achieve a more just society, for a movement that carries all peoples to a place of hope through challenging us all to embrace the courage of a peaceful non-violent conviction, and to stand up and be proud to say this planet’s most powerful leaders are wrong, unjust, and aspiring to create a world in ruin.

We ought not allow this to go unchallenged. We do have a moral obligation to oppose those who through design or the arrogance of their life’s experience, determine to enforce injustice upon others for reasons of greed, ignorance, material and territorial wealth. Their most powerful weapons are the deceit of spin and the lies of rhetoric, engineered to appease and confuse those who would normally discover a moral indignation that would compel each to stand up, unify, mobilise and prevent those leaders who have become detached from the wrongness of their actions from continuing unhindered by public perception.

It is right to seek collective groups of peoples who share the values of determination as you do, and to demonstrate for what is ours, indeed our children’s rights, to live without bigotry, in a world where the strength of one’s moral standing is judged on how we seek the betterment of not merely ourselves but that of our community and the livelihood of our families and neighbours, whether they be close by or on the far side of this global community.

Today is a time not of militancy, but a day to mobilization. Certainly the challenge has been cast. Now it is our time to act.

Speeches Of One Who Dared: Here courtesy of are streaming copies of two most inspiring speeches delivered by Martin Luther King Junior.

Why I Oppose The War In Vietnam (32k mp3, 5.4 megs, 23.30 minutes) Streaming Version Download Version

I Have A Dream (32k mp3, 3.7 megs, 16:14 minutes) Streaming Version Download Version

I Have Been to the Mountaintop MLK’s last speech on the evening before he was murdered Streaming Version

Meanwhile: In Washington tonight top officials of the Bush administration rejected calls for a prolonged inspections process in Iraq, asserting that the moment of decision was fast approaching on whether Saddam Hussein's regime had complied with UN resolutions to declare all weapons of mass destruction.

Hans Blix, the chief UN weapons inspector, had earlier on preparing for a trip to Iraq, expressed concern that the momentum of a US military build-up in the Gulf could overwhelm his disarmament efforts. However, he said he would still operatr according to his own timetable, which included giving Iraq key remaining disarmament tasks at the end of March.


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