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Bush To Iraqi People: Can You Feel the Love Yet?

Little Caesar to the Iraqi People: Can You Feel the Love Yet?

January 18, 2003


From a BuzzFlash Reader:

Dear Buzzflash:

Did I get this right?

So, then, it's because Saddam is somewhat inefficient in killing the Iraqi people, that we're going to go in and show him how killing Iraqis is really done.

And then, when he leaves the realm, the survivors will all love us. And everyone in the region will feel closer to us, thus stopping Al-Qaeda. It's so obvious, once you just let yourself believe...

Jim P

* * *

BuzzFlash Comment: Yes, after Iraqi men, women and children die in a pulverizing attack of 500 - 800 missiles the first day of the war, they will come to love us as liberators. The Bush Cartel certainly has an active fantasy life. The Israelis have been using overpowering force against the Palestinians for decades, and there's still no end of suicide bombers.

In fact, we need to recall that suicide hijackers killed more than 3,000 people on September 11th. How do you stop a person intent on committing a suicide mission? Threaten to kill them?

Why don't we also recall that the vast majority of the suicide hijackers came from where? Saudi Arabia? And where did Osama bin Laden come from: Saudi Arabia. And where did the money that financed Osama bin Laden come from: Saudi Arabia.

But, of course, the Saudis are old oil buddies of the Bush family, and you don't want to ruin a friendship, and Saddam Hussein has bad breath, so obliterate Iraq, the Bush Cartel thinking seems to go.

By the way, where did the weapons of mass destruction come from that were used to try and kill members of the media and Democratic leaders. We're talking about the anthrax. Did it come from Iraq? No, it was made in a U.S. Army or C.I.A. (contractor) lab. Where did the weapons of mass destruction (planes) the hijackers used come from? The planes were made in the U.S.A.

So, if you had to identify two of the clearest targets related to 9/11 and its aftermath, you'd have to say Saudi Arabia and our own WMD (Anthrax) research were the biggest contributors to that horrible tragedy and the follow-up biological weapons attack.

And, by the way, what ever happened to the anthrax terrorist? Did the Bush administration, who tells us what crackerjacks they are at keeping us secure, figure out who did it yet? And since Saudi Arabia appears to be the incubator and financier for most of the terrorists directly associated with 9/11, why is Little Caesar still inviting them down for those photo-op bar-b-cues in Texas? Just asking, folks.

Saddam's mistake was that he didn't learn how to play golf and troll for martinis in Kennebunkport. Of course, giving the U.S. the oil "concession" in Iraq might have helped Saddam out, too. The Bush Cartel long ago learned to love tyrants -- whatever their vices -- who paid their obeisance to the Bush dynasty. As long as you don't cross the Bush Cartel, an "evil doer" can do pretty much whatever he wants to do to his own people (remember, we turned a blind eye when Saddam gassed Kurds, maybe because we supplied the toxin), as long as he stays in line as far as the Bushes are concerned.

But cross the Bush family, and they'll cut you off cold, and suddenly get indignant about nefarious things that they knew you were up to all along. Just ask Manuel Noriega, he was Poppy Bush's puppet CIA agent -- dealing all the drugs he wanted -- until he got a little uppity and had the notion of becoming an "independent" operator. Then Poppy sent the armed forces down to Panama and hit Noriega upside the head so hard that his ears were flapping about like a toy terrier on speed. Now he's rotting in a jail cell in Florida.

Let that be a lesson to Saddam.

Bomb's Away!

Can you feel the love?


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