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Scoop Feedback: Divergent Views On The War

In This Edition: Ali Baba And The 200 Million Thieves - Treason - Please Keep Up Your Great Coverage Of The Iraq Situation – GSA Replies To C.D.Sludge

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Ali Baba And The 200 Million Thieves

Once upon a time there was a band of thieves.

These were not ordinary thieves, they were democratically elected thieves.

These democratically elected thieves were in dire straits because they had lived it up hard, and not only had they lived it up hard, but they had done so on borrowed money.

And now the money-lenders were threatening to take the democratically elected thieves and sell them off as slaves.

So the only way out the democratically elected thieves thought, would be to rob Ali Baba of his black jewels.

Ali Baba had more black jewels than anybody in the whole world, bar one of his neighbours.

However the thieves had decided they could not get at the neighbour’s jewels.

So they first got Ali Baba to have a war with his neighbour hoping that would kill him.

But that did not work.

So they tried the same thing again with another neighbour, but that did not kill him either.

The democratically elected thieves were now getting really anxious.

The money-lenders started to get noisy, as the interest on the money borrowed accumulated.

So the thieves now tried to convince Ali Baba that they only wanted to look after his black jewels and that they had great concern for Ali Baba’s family.

Of course as soon as they would get their hands on the black jewels they would never let go again.

Everybody new that.

So the democratically elected thieves borrowed more money to buy planes and ships and camels to travel to the land of Ali Baba.

But Ali Baba not stupid, saw them for what they were, just democratically elected thieves.

Therefore they never got their hands on the black jewels.

So the thieves were taken by the money-lenders and sold as slaves and Ali Baba retained his black jewels.

And from then on he kept a close-eye on the jewels.

Yours sincerely,





You Marxist bitches might as well come out of the closet and declare your true colors. You are a source of communists that are waiting to undermine freedom. You spout shit that only serves fidel castro , your pimp , and other elements facing the US to destroy our nation and the free world. Be careful because we will deal with you and your communist propaganda. Scoop is nothing more than stinking dog POOP. I hope each one of you traitors gets cancer of the rectum. You don't fool anyone. One day you will get your just desert! Fidel will soon be dead .

jack Yourheadoff


Please Keep Up Your Great Coverage Of The Iraq Situation

Please keep up your great coverage of the Iraq situation. Unfortunately it appears the US will have to go the whole hog, largely because of its strategic need for oil (being the world's largest daily consumer by far). There will be many countries that have no choice but to support the US, overtly or otherwise, such as Britain, Japan and others dependent on imported oil at a reasonable price long term, in order to keep their economies afloat. Anyway, on other matters:



GSA Replies To C.D.Sludge

In Sludge Report #147: Sludge Gets Psy-oped! Scoop columnist raised some questions about crypto fascist bullshit published on a .GOV domain. The following is a response from the GSA, the organisation responsible for organising the .GOV domain name space.

Dear Scoop,

In response to your question, I can tell you the following:

There is question about the authenticity of the the web site that include the AONN name. Until the situation is resolved, we have eliminated the URL from the dot gov directory name server.

You can attribute this statement to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

GSA Office of Communications

******* ENDS *******

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