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Philip J. Rappa: Peace for Peace Sake

Peace for Peace Sake

Speech By Philip J. Rappa
Delivered at a peace rally in St. Augustine On January 18th.

Friends, neighbors, fellow citizens, on this day we congregate in hope and in prayer, but more importantly fully aware and in total control of our mental faculties. We join together for all the world to bear witness that we the people demand peace.

We join together to remind this president, and this congress, that we the people shall hold them accountable for what is done in our name.

We gather here today, Mr. President, because of our love of country. We gather here today, Mr. President, because we honor the men and women in our armed forces. Mr. President, because we honor their sacrifice and dedication to duty.

Mr. President, because they are our sons, and our daughters, our fathers, and our mothers,

Mr. President, in their stead, and in their honor we join together in peace, for peace.

Mr. President, Mr. Ashcroft, we gather here today because it has become obvious that we the people inform you that protest and descent is patriotic.

Mr. President, we gather here today because it seems necessary for we the people to remind you that the presidency of the United States is a temporary job.

We gather here today, Mr. President, because we the people so love this nation -

Mr. President, because of our belief in the principles of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

We gather here today, Mr. President, because we the people believe in our hearts, and in our minds.and to our very marrow, that we are a nation of laws, not men.

We gather here today, Mr. President, because the soul of the world can only be saved when each of us believe the truths that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Not just for America, Mr. President, but a guarantee for all the world's citizens.

We gather here today, Mr. President, because of all your talk of unilateral, pre-emptive strike, regime change, or your plans for as you would say, new-cle-ur first strike.

Mr. President, we gather here today, because we the people are aware these ideas are not new. These ideas are the ways of kings, and dictators. These ideas are ravings of a madman or lunatic.

Mr. President, this course of action shows a lack of wisdom and a lack of vision.

The mere suggestion is un-American and inhumane.

Mr. President, we gather here today, because we the people believe - and are certain of this, without proof of a clear and imminent threat - should this administration attack Iraq, or any other sovereign nation, we the people will come to realize that America, on that day, in that hour, from that moment on will be nothing more than a rogue nation.

Mr. President, we gather here today, because we can be as certain as tomorrow's sunrise - if you take us down this path other nations will emulate your policies, other nations will disregard international treaties and laws. The final result will be international anarchy.

Your legacy, Mr. President, will be entering a new century taking us from the cold war to a nuclear winter of our discontent. Mr. President, we gather here today, because we the people believe the world cannot survive your version of enduring freedom.

Mr. President, we gather here today, because we the people suggest that you fulfill FDR's promise to the world - A call to arms for enduring peace encompassing four freedoms:

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear, and freedom from want.

A foundation built on right, not might with the knowledge that the world cannot be right until all its people live free from hunger, censorship, and the dread of bombs.

Mr. President, we gather here today, because my fellow American's understand our children and future generations will judge us by our words - and our actions, but mostly by our decisions.

I believe if we the people just allow this to happen that our collective consciousness and our collective soul will be irreparably damaged because we the people still have the right to choose our fate and our future..Peace be to all - and blessed are the peacemakers.


Philip J. Rappa is an award winning writer, documentarian, filmmaker and gifted lecturer. To his credits are: a United Nations Award, 8 gubernatorial awards, and an Emmy nomination. His writings have appeared in numerous publications. Contact info:

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