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Norma Sherry: It's a Wonderful New World

It's a Wonderful New World

Norma Sherry

"Doc, I have this searing pain in my neck, my eyes are burning and my gums are bleeding. I'm afraid of the dark - I feel as if there is always someone lurking around the corner."

"Hmm", replied the doctor as he fingered his beard, "Anything else?"

"Well, doc, now that you've asked, I'm nauseous and I break out in a cold sweat when anyone disagrees with me. Calico cats scare the living hell out of me, those demon-little creatures and nakedness, any kind of nakedness throws me into a thither, especially when those artist types carve naked women's breasts and, God-forbid, men's you know what."

"Hmm", the doctor interjects quizzically once again.

"Doc, can I tell you something?"

"Of course, that's what I'm here for, you can tell me anything."

"I've been havin' this dream, doc. It's really quite beautiful. Idyllic, I think. There are fields and fields of flowers. Daisies actually. And far off in the distance, hardly even visible to the naked eye are rows upon rows of concrete buildings. Windowless buildings, but handsome buildings just the same. Single level buildings - tan, brown, beige, maroon. You can't see any people, but you know just by looking that you're safe being far from these buildings and the people in them.

"When I look really close I can see it's a gated community: A camp actually. It's a dream come true, doc."

"Hmm", says the doctor.

"I'm overcome with the sense of love, doc. Good Christian love, doc. Then in my dream, there are hundreds, no thousands, no, actually, millions of people walking in the direction of the church of Jesus! The men are all wearing brown business suits, white shirts, and brown ties. Even the boy children are adorned in brown suits. And the women, doc, they're walking proud, with their heads up, holdin' on to the little ones, all the women together, way behind the men. Oh, doc, this dream feels so good.

"The women and the girls are wearing brown too. Dresses almost to the ankle, not a naked piece of flesh displayed anywhere. Brown hose, brown socks, brown oxford shoes. And none of that wild hair, everything is in its place and tied tight. Everyone is walking meaningfully in the same direction. Everyone, doc, is going to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour! Damnit doc, this is the best dream I've ever had and I dream a lot."

"Um hmm" retorts the doctor. "Is there more to this dream?"

"Oh, yes, doc, there is. I'm overcome with this feeling of love. Sweet adoring love. Love for a perfect world. Love for love's sake. In my dream, in this perfect world, there are no gays or lesbians. Only God's perfection exists. The streets are safe; the streets are brand-spanking sparklin' clean; there's just one newspaper, government sponsored and government printed. No more radical thinkers. None that would ever dare speak. No siree, we've done away with all that. Right wing radicals are safely tucked away where we can monitor their every movement. Hell, we even know what they're thinking before they think it, doc!

"No more crime. Certainly no more riff raff. We've takin' care of that too. Utilized that ole' electric chair till it sizzled. No more of that silly DNA stuff neither. All that hooey, 'tell them before you get there stuff' is no more. If we suspect you're up to somethin', we come in and take care of it. The entire family is vanquished. No if, ands, or buts about it.

"Oh, doc, this is a splendid new world indeed.

"Then I wake up and I'm twitchin' and thrashin' in my bed, I'm drenched in sweat. So I get up, I turn on the television and it's all a damn awful dream. Dan Rather is on TV, so is that Bob Schieffer guy, when I turn the channels it doesn't get any better, there's Brokaw and that Jenson or Jansen or whatever the hell his name is guy. When I open my front door there's that commie paper The New York Times and that Jew paper The Washington Post! And Doc, I'm in a sweat all over again."

"Well, sir, take two of these pills every time you get this awful gnawing feeling and I think you should see me in another week, Mr. Ashcroft."


Bio: Norma Sherry is an award-winning writer. The recipient of The Clarion Award for Women in Communications, A United Nations Award, A Silver Quill Award, and an Emmy-nominated writer. Her writings have appeared in many newspapers, magazines, and e-zines. She is also V.P. of the Civil Liberties Defense Committee and Together Forever Changing. In this capacity she has joined a coalition of concerned individuals to educate and stimulate an awareness of the attack upon our civil liberties within the U.S. Patriot Act and the impending U.S. Patriot Act 2.



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