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Katya Rivas: Need for Human Respect

The Medallion of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization

Selected Extracts From Katya Rivas's Writings

From Advent 2002 through to Lent 2003 Scoop will be publishing selected extracts from Katya Rivas’s writings, extracts will be taken from each of the four books so far translated into English.

Selected Extract No. 43

Need for Human Respect

From Door To Heaven - Introduction

“At Jesus’ request, the "Prayer Groups" of Cochabamba and La Paz were to join forces and work together. The people responsible for the group… received a great and wonderful surprise when Jesus announced to Catalina that He would dictate the subject matter and context of the Retreat… The Messages in DH-38 correspond to the aforementioned experience. No one could have expected such a Grace.”

From The Door to Heaven Extract #38.1
22-Sep-96 (at midnight)
The Lord

I want to talk to you about the need for human respect. I said to My Apostles that they should continue to be faithful during all persecution; that the time would come when those who kill them would be persuaded to give a present to the Lord. That is how it was: the enemies of the faith thought they would offer Me a great gift by killing the Christians. That is what many so-called Christians are doing today; they kill their souls, losing the grace of human decency in their efforts to satisfy their friends of this world. How many unfortunate souls have been sent to Hell by their need for human respect, the greatest enemy of salvation! That is why I am going to tell you now how important it is to despise the need for human respect; how you must put yourselves above it.

Truthfully, how much damage does scandal cause the world? The poor world is plagued by scandal! I have already said that scandal is a necessary evil because of man’s innate vice; therefore, how could we live in a world without scandal? Indeed, it is impossible to conceive of a world without scandal. However, it is possible to avoid any association with scandal, in order to oppose its evil habits and depraved advice. If for human respect you do not do this, then you will be unable to contradict them and would have to imitate their bad example.

Listen, My children. These so-called lovers of the world are not only proud of their wickedness, but, even worse, they want to mix with people who make fun of those who live as true Christians and who try to keep away from the temptations that offend Me. This is a sin that hurts Me very much, and I very specifically forbid it. In Ecclesiasticus [Sirach] 8,6 [verse 5 in more recent English Bible translations], you will find that I tell you not to despise the man who runs away from sin, not to make fun of him in an effort to drag him down so that he will imitate your disordered life. The terrible judgements of God are ready to punish those who mock His word; the hammers are ready to pulverize the bodies of those who are so insensitive, in this life and in the next. They mock My children, but I will mock them for the whole of eternity in Hell. They try to shame the saints in front of men, but I will make them die in shame and then send them to live among the condemned, fenced in by eternal ignominy and interminable torment.

They are doing great wickedness; it is not just sufficient for them to offend Me, they want every one else to offend Me. Very often they achieve their evil designs, because they can find a great number of lazy, weak souls who abandon good and embrace evil in order to ensure that they do not become objects of the mockery of the wicked ones.

How many of My children imitate the vices and disorder of such people just to be sure that they are not the object of comments such as "Look at the little saint!", or other similar expressions that are used between evil friends! How many of My children when insulted in such a way decide to take vengeance, not just because of the passion of their anger, but to ensure that they maintain their position of human respect, in other words, to make sure that they are not classified as foolish or weak! How many of My children, when some inappropriate comment slips out of their mouths, refuse to backtrack, as they should, so as not to loose their status before others! How many of My children, for fear of losing favor with some friend, sell their souls to the devil – just like Pontius Pilate, who condemned Me to death because he was afraid to lose his friendship with Caesar.

You should know, My dear children, that if you wish to be saved, you should despise the respect of humans and the shame that you feel when My enemies mock you. Because, as it is said in the Holy Writings, there is shame that leads to sin, but there is also shame that leads to My glory and grace. Read Ecclesiasticus [Sirach] 4,25 [verse 26 in more recent English Bible translations]. If you do not suffer with patience, you will be lead to the abyss of sin; but if you suffer for Me, you will be rewarded with My Divine Love and then eternal glory in Paradise.

Some of you may ask: Why, for wanting to save my soul, should it be that people persecute me? I would answer: That is the way of things and there is no solution. Those who serve Me will always be persecuted because the impious hate of those who follow the path of salvation. Those who lead a licentious life hate those who live a moral one, because the lives of good people are a living condemnation of those who live immorally.

Pride - that wishes vengeance for the least little thing - wants everyone to take vengeance for every little affront. The avaricious, who increase their money at the expense of justice, want everyone to earn a little bit more; drinkers want everyone to get drunk like them; the lustful, who boast about their obscenities and whose words are full of filth, would like everyone else to act and talk like them. All of these disorderly beings classify all those who do not act as they do as unsociable, rude, and lacking in honor and credibility. The men of the world are only able to talk in the language of the world. They are poor and blind; they are blinded by sin and bad habits that make them talk in the language of the devil.

Thus, it is not necessary to build up illusions on the matter. All of those who wish to live virtuously have to suffer the persecution of the world; all of the saints were persecuted.

Perhaps some might say: I am not doing anything wrong to anyone; why can I not be left in peace? Who did the saints and martyrs upset? They were full of charity and loved all men. Despite all of this, no one can deny just how badly they were treated by the world: they were ripped apart with iron nails; they were mistreated with chains; and, finally, they were killed in pain. And I, whom have I ever hurt? Despite the fact that I have consoled, healed, revived the dead and redeemed everyone at the expense of My Blood and My life, the world has mistreated Me; it has slandered Me; it has followed Me until My death in agony on the most infamous and ignominious gallows, fit only for slaves and the worst of men.

Little child, learn the lesson... The maxims of the world are always diametrically opposed to Mine. What the world appreciates is stupidity to Me, and the world views as stupidity what I appreciate: work, the sick, persecution, suffering and ignominy. I would say to whosoever feels ashamed of Me in the world: now I am ashamed; leave Me, evil one, go to Hell and join the others who are also ashamed to follow My doctrine. To these children I say: You do not want to be mocked by your companions but does it not matter to you if you are hated by Me?

You must be aware that if you do not despise the world, the world will despise and vilify your souls. But what is the world and all of the goods that it has to offer? Everything in the world is lust of the flesh and vain desire. What are expensive clothes but mud? What are honors but smoke? What are carnal delights but lust? And then, what good are all these things if they only lead to condemnation? Those who love Me and want to save Me should despise the world and all need for human respect. Each one must make every effort to work to this objective. Many need to debase themselves. For Mary Magdalene, to overcome the respect of the world, threw herself at My feet and, in the presence of a large number of people, washed My feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. That is how she became a saint and, as a result, I forgave her sins and praised the great love she had for Me (Luke 7, 47).

One day, a great saint had under his cape a pot of food for poor prisoners; on his way, he met his son pompously mounted on a horse in the company of others. The saint felt a little ashamed about them seeing what he had hidden under his cape, but what do you think he did to overcome his need for human respect? He took the pot and put it on his head so all could see, thus making himself a mockery before the world. How much mockery did I receive? On the Cross, I was mocked by the soldiers, who said: If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross. The priests also mocked Me, saying to each other: He has saved others but he can not save himself. But, despite this mockery and that I could have confused them by doing a miracle, I wanted to finish My life on the Cross, showing them how to conquer the need for human respect.

My Children, console yourselves, because when men speak ill of you and censure you, that is when I praise and bless you. Is it not enough to be praised by Me, by the Queen of Heaven, by all of the angels, by the saints and by all those who are just? And if you decide that is enough for you, let those of the world say what they will, continue to work for Me. I will reward you much more in the other life if you have suffered in face of the mockery and insults of men. Everyone should behave in this world as if they and I were the only spectators. When the impious mock you, commend to Me these poor blind ones who wander the world miserably lost, and be thankful that I will give them the light that I usually refuse to give to such people so that they may follow the path of salvation.

Now, so that you may conquer your desire for human respect, you need to fix in your heart the holy resolution to prefer My Grace to all the goods and favors of the world. You need to say, as Saint Paul did: Neither death, nor life, nor the angels, nor principalities... nor any other creature may separate us from God’s love. I beg you not to fear those who may take away your life on earth, rather fear the one who can throw your body and soul into Hell. There are only two options: to follow Me or to follow the world. If you follow Me, you must abandon the world and its vanities; that is what Elias said to his people.

My real sons and daughters feel true pleasure when they are despised and mistreated for their love of Me. Just think: it would have been very easy for Moses to have escaped the Pharaoh’s wrath, allowing the rumor that he was the Pharaoh’s grandson to spread; but Moses denied it publicly and chose to be persecuted along with the other Jews, judging that My approval was a treasure that was far greater than all the riches of Egypt.

Sometimes you will be faced with so-called friends who say: What extravagances, how ridiculous they are! Why do you not do what others do? Then you would reply: Not everyone behaves just like everybody else; some people lead a holy life, but these people are few and far between, and not you. Reply with satisfaction: I want to follow these few, because the Scriptures say: Many are called, but few are chosen. Your false friends will also say: Do you not see that everybody is talking about you and mocking you? Then you will reply: If God does not mock me, then I am happy.

When it is necessary to scold these satellites of the devil, it is very important to have the courage to scold them without any further consideration. Because, when My honor is at stake, the quality and status of whoever commits the sin is irrelevant; you should just be courageous and say: That is a sin and you should not say it.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Through the rest of 2002, Scoop will be publishing a series of daily reflections on spiritual matters from Bolivian author Katya Rivas. Rivas, has received an official imprimatur from the Catholic Church for several books she says she was instructed to write by Jesus Christ, Mary and various Angels. Scoop’s extract, above, comes from Rivas’s book “The Door to Heaven”. In 1999 Katya Rivas was the subject of a top-rating documentary show hosted by Mike Willessee (see Scoop TV review - Jesus Christ Tells FOXNews He Wants To Hug World and Scoop Images ). More recently Rivas says she was instructed by Jesus to have her books translated and published on the internet with the intention of having the books distributed to as wide an audience as possible. Several of the books can now be read online at, and more are coming soon. In August 2002 Rivas visited Wellington New Zealand and met with Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson. See… Scoop Feature: Jesus's Secretary Visits Wellington

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: “Copyright© 2000 by The Great Crusade of Love and Mercy. All rights reserved. This book is published in coordination with The Apostolate of the New Evangelization. Permission is granted to reproduce this book as a whole in its entirety with no changes or additions and as long as the reproduction and distribution is done solely on a non-profit basis. This document is available at no cost online and can be downloaded and printed from the following Web Sites: in English at: and Spanish at: http://www.grancruzada.orgPlease copy and distribute this book”.

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