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Scoop Feedback 3: War Images The US Wants Censored

Scoop Feedback 3: Images The US Govt Does Not Want You To See

The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera, and other sources showing the true horror of war.

Scoop Editorial - Scoop Continues To Publish Reality Of War Images.

Photos - War Images Feature Page (WARNING. GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY DISTURB).

Scoop welcomes reader feedback. Please send your news and views to mailto: or via Scoops ‘mail the editors’ form…


war pictures

We seem concerned about what to tell our children about the war and how. What they should see and shouldn't. What about the children in Iraq? If photos are that bad then what does it say about the reality of war they are seeing. I pray for peace but if there is no peace then of course I want our troops to be victorious. I will say this though "May the blood of those sent in harms way,and the innocent be on their heads!"



Press freedom & the Bush 'Junta'

Please keep delivering the truth about this war and don't shy from showing the real images of the reality of war.

In a time when the mainstream media, and the Murdoch media in particular, are delivering only what Bush's pupeteers Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld want them to, Scoop is one place we can escape such propoganda.

Keep up the great work. Tell the truth like it is.

Grant Cairncross Lecturer - Coffs Harbour AUSTRALIA


Not All Americans for War

Just as in most other countries, many,many Americans are against this war. Bush and his henchmen have continually lied to us but people don't want to think their leaders lie.

I wonder if the rest of the world knows that all of America's media is owned by only 6 conglomerates and they all have right-leaning owners with ties to the administration in some way. Therefore, what we are seeing and hearing in the name of news is censored and controlled. I don't know how to say it any other way. Couple that with the fact that so many Americans don't have computers available to them to be able to surf the net and read/see things the rest of the world sees and hears.

Because of the horiffic events of 9/11, I think our administration is going too far in the name of "security." I feel that what they are doing, on so many levels, is creating any but security.

The freedoms that made us great are being horribly eroded. George Washington and our founding fathers must be spinning so in their graves I don't know why it's not creating an earthquake!

Annette Carman, USA


Yes we want pictures

Hello Scoop, As a British citizen I have been concerned not only by my Government's illigitimate attack on the people of Iraq, but also recent attempts to sanitise the reporting of the war. There has been condemnation of Al Jazeera's video of British and American POWs, saying this breaks the Geneva Convention. If this is so then surely the American media has done exactly the same by showing footage of the prisoners illegally held at Guantanamo Bay.

We do need to see what killing is taking place, we need to see the results of war, and the people who called for this slaughter have to be confronted with those images.

Therefore I praise Scoop and I praise Al Jazeera for sticking to the journalists' code. Don't be corrupted.

Dave Gorman, York, England.


Photos of war dead

I believe that journalistic integrity requires the showing of the horrific photos on your web site. As an American, I am saddened greatly by seeing the dead soldiers as well as the dead civilians. Your photos truly show the horrors of war.

Al Wiederer



Bravo Scoop, Bravo. I am an American, and not a proud one I might add. If America spent even half of we spend on defence on education, we wouldn't have so many stupid people in this country supporting a jackass lunatic like bush. God save the planet from America.

Scared American



I am an american citizen, but would like to become a citizen of New Zealand. The USA is nothing but a lie. Nazi's have taken over this country. There is no freedom of speech, no privacy, no protection from prosecution. The government is spying on everyone. Books that this administration does not approve of are removed from book stores. The police throw you in jail for any reason and then call you anti-american. I have never been so ashamed of being american as I am now. all of the news in this country is 100% propaganda. Thank god for scoop and several other news organizations around the globe. The corporate pigs in this country are taking control of everything. At the moment there is no oversight for large corporations and the mega-rich fucks, but the oversight on individuals is so oppressive we can hardly breath. Please send me an application for citizenship. New Zealand is one o God save us all from america!

Mr Follie


Thank you for your policy regarding the war

I wish to thank you for your policy regarding the war. It is _very_ nice to see that there are still news agencies who prefer to show the truth instead of hiding it.

I read your column "Scoop Continues To Publish Reality Of War Images", and I couldn't agree more.

Good work! Keep it up!

Jens Rydholm Swedish undergraduate Masters student (computer science/technology)



I would like to view the pow's held by the IRAQ's forces/




Do not be censored, never, ever. Show the world the atrocities upon the children and the adults of Iraq in this unjust war by Rumsfeld and his cronies. He does not want the people of the world to see his carnage. Keep up your exposure since the US news is controlled so the true facts of the Bush Blair war are never shown to the people in the US.

Tomaso Bertinelli


keep the faith

Keep up the good fight. Despite what you may hear in the Bushista controlled U.S. media and "polls", most Americans do not support the invasion of Iraq or the mass murder of Irai civilians. I have yet to see in this country people by the millions mobilizing to support this war. I feel as if I am in Nazi Germany in the '30s. Please contact me with any updates you may have concerning this dire situation or if you may be in need of a article of dissenting opinion from an American viewopoint, our organization would be more than happy to arrange this.

Ryan Patterson, my real name


War Coverage

Although I do support your freedom to post the pictures of the horror of war, I also believe that you are only telling half of the story if you don't show the actions that led to the military action. Have you shown pictures of the murdering, torturing, maming, raping, and atrocities that Saddam has inflicted upon his own people? Or the result of Saddam's aggression against his neighbors in Iran or Kuwait?

It is easy to point the finger at the U.S. as the cause of this war, but it is Saddam who caused the situation we are now in. Saddam is the aggressor. He is the one who is a threat to his own citizens, his neighbors, and the world. And anyone who believes he will change his methods or tactics without being forced is simply delusional.

Living in a post 9-11 world is going to require a proactive stance against the forces that threaten freedom and liberty around the world. We can no longer hide from the truth and hope for the best. If a rogue regime, such as Saddam's, were allowed to develop nuclear weapons no country would be safe. And I, for one, simply have no confidence in the ability of the UN inspectors to locate anything. The only weapons the UN have found are the ones Saddam wanted them to find so he may delay the start of the war.

I believe that countries, such as France and Russia, who are against the action in Iraq are looking to further there financial status at the expense of the Iraqi citizens. I am glad to see that the U.S. and its true allies have enough backbone to stand up for what is a just cause at considerable cost in both money and the life of their soldiers. Although initially the horrors of war seem shocking, I believe that in the long run much suffering and many lives will be saved.

Al Roscioli


Portrayal of War Images

Hi You are quite right to publish these images. The UK govermentv id forever trying to dumb down the press

Ron Shiel


Gringo sugar coating the War

I am so glad to be in Europe wher I can see the images and the real news unlike in the States. I am glad that Al-Jazeera showed the true images of the War. It is to bad that we can't smell it. Maybe this would change the ignorant opinions in the States



War on Iraq

I utterly agree with your publishing of graphic images of the harm and destruction war causes, and your reasons for doing it. Please continue to show what the cluster bombs and cruise missiles are doing to human bodies and to people's houses.

As an ex-pat Kiwi living in the UK, I'm appalled and sickened by the immoral, illegal actions of the British Government, which is functioning as the Republican Party administration of the 51st state of the USA.

My disappointment proud to see from our statement to the UNSC that my country is not joining Australia in its rush to clutch onto Dubbya's coattails; that the government, unlike the government in this and many other European countries, actually seems to be listening to the voices of ordinary Kiwis.

Anselm Kersten



Dear sirs: I live in a small island in the Caribbean - Puerto Rico. We are parte of the USA, because we are one of their territories. I just wanted you to know that a large amount of our people do not approve this war on Iraq. We are praying and doing peace demonstrations, not as large as in your country or others, but I am sure the majority of puertorricans are against it. Because we are part of the USA, we have troops there, too, because our kids are enlisted in the US Army Corps and the National Guard. So, imagine, how we feel watching these young kids sent to a country far away and knowing nothing about it. In the meantime, I want to congratulate your website, because it brings another side of the story and we as human beings should be able to have access to all news - regardless of the impact it may cause. "The truth shall make us free" JESUS May the Lord send all His blessings to the people of Irak and to all the soldiers that have to fight in this illegal war. Sincerely,

Carmen M. Mendez


War Photos

Thanks a lot for running the war photos which where banned in the U.S.

As an American citizen, I am very grateful to you that you had the courage to present these pictures.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Peter Guss


Iraq pictures

I think publishing the pictures reminds us of how horrible war is and thus is justified. Bush's agenda is far more self-serving that freeing the Iraqi people. But what I wish is that the world had kicked up as big a stink about Saddam and his western supporters years ago as they are now about Bush. I flatted with people in London in 1989 who worked for a medical charity that helped treat torture victims who had escaped to the UK from, inter alia, Iraqi, Turkey (Kurds) and Iran. I met some of these torture victims and what Saddam's regime did on a routine basis to people was beyond belief.

David Smith



I agree with your view of posting the war pictures! I am an American who is fed up with the censoring of data in this supposedly "free" society. More and more those in power try to tell us what to think and how to feel. If people here want war, then they should have to see what it is really like.

Thanks! Wayne Moltz


reality reporting

Telling the truth about war horror is right. Being biased against Bush suggests your journalistic, religious, and political partiality. Were you critical of Clinton and the billions dollars pea shoot he engaged in against Iraq? The Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ,remembers evil that is done against Christians and against Humanity and He punishes, as well as, protects.

Mr. Bennett


you say that you are a news organization but someone who says they are reporting news should not tell the news with a spin on it. I like the fack that you show the pics that they do not want us to see in the states but you should not give an opinion on the war. We as people of the world can make our own decision about if we agree with the war or not, we do not need the media to do it for us!

Alex Lamusga


Showing true pictures

I have just looked at your horrific pictures. You are quite right to show them. Freedom of speech and the free press appears to have abandoned the west and moved east! Well done!



The reality of the war in Iraq

Good article. The censorship by the US corporate media is disgusting, but typically American. We are seeing war presented as entertainment. You can see why many Americans really believe that Hollywood is real. But if we are brutally honest with ourselves we have to admit that much of the opposition to this war is an expression of antipathy to what has been described as American arrogance of power. Here endeth the lesson. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Bob McMurray


Exposure of THE REAL WAR

Dear Ed, Thanks you very much for showing images of the "real war" or as some would call it not what some would call war shown by CNN, NBC, BBC etc. as Michael Laws said on radio with his good mate Larry Williams on 1ZB, this is all exciting stuff which i enjoy seeing with my bag of chips and a diet Coke ! Is this what sanitised TV view is all about ?

Al-Jazeera site, Yellow-Times and all independent sites are being shut down to prevent truth from being seen, however those who are resourceful will always know where to go.

Keep up the Great Work




Dear Scoop, thank god for ballanced news. I appreciate you showing all sides of the story of whats going on in Iraq and around the world.

Unfortunately most people see the war in balck and white terms, "for or against", but its not like that, even if we dont want to admit it we are living the lifestyle that the US is fighting for, we drive to work and have many if not all the home comforts that people in the US do, and we want our way of life to continue as much as they do. If faced with the prospect of an erosion of lifestyle most people would want to do something about it and the problem with a lifestyle heavily based on oil (your car, the food delivery trucks, planes, the whole infastructure, plastics and the consumer culture that comes attached) is that there may not be enough to go around as demand goes up and supply gets harder to maintain and it will eventually run out. Yet the States and yes even here in NZ we are not making any serious plans to deal with this coming problem, just fill er up and keep on driving.

Its this kinda problem which leaves me feeling rather uneasy, because I dont like whats going on in Iraq or any other place in the world where people are being killed so it's "safe for bussiness", but I am not really willing to take the chance that my lifestyle will take a big step back because there is no alternative to the current situation in which we find ourselves.

So what to do. They say "hypocracy is the greatest luxury" (M.Firanti) and I feel like a hypocrite through and through, and I think that most people against the war are also, I see them get in their cars after the Demo and drive home with 'GE FREE NZ' on their car, not realising that its their lifestyle, built and paid for by the oil based culture and socity in which the live which has allowed them to express their opinions. I dont like the bastards dropping the bombs but I dont like the People doing the protesting either, and as for the Pro War people, the less said about those katamites the better.

My position is now that I am in a moral form of check, maybe even checkmate, our society, my society leaves me in this position, Stuck fast aware of the horror of war but also the hypocracy speaking out against it when we are indirectly responsible for it. How many of us have done our best to not drive, to not us our cars, to buy locally or grow our own, or not make use of one aspect or another of the system in which we inhabit? One which is driven by oil, one which has been driven by oil for a long time, one in which the electric car has been around since the early sixties but never quite seems to make it into the population at large, why?

They say our democracy is one in which we vote with our wallets now, and that really shows, no demand for the electric car and so we dont get one, no incentive for bussiness. We have been happy enough to have a life in which 'conveinience' is the watchword, never really aksing how it is so, never really looking under the floorboards to see what makes it tick, just count the easy costs, cheaper is better, never really ask if there is something further down the line, dont even bother to look.And now we want to say "Stop the War!" why? when its a cause celeb we do, we ignore so many things that are done in our name to make our lives easier, and now we dont want them to be done in our name, but we dont want to give up the lives we lead even though they are built on those foul deeds that are done in our name.

Hypocracy, hypocracy, hypocracy!

Anyway I really enjoy your site and once again I appreciate what you do, maybe if enough people see what you and others are doing we might just think about taking another look at our lives and our lifestyles. We had better do it while its still possible, the earth is a beautiful but finite thing.


Daniel Dominey


The Three Million People Saddam Hussein Killed


Why is your website so biased? What about the three million people Saddam Hussein killed? Why are these people never mentioned? Why weren't they mentioned when they were being killed and why isn't it mentioned that this war has probably saved many lives already by stopping Saddam and cohorts from killing more Iraqi civilians?

Mike Readman


graphic photos

i think it is important for people to see the reality. war should not be sanitized but revealed in its full ugliness. i hate the term "collateral damage"......thank you



Thanks for the reporting from the USA

The news media in the USA is in a lamentable state. Thanks for the reporting job you do. I have been coming here for a while now in search of news and have recommended your site to friends. Keep up the good work!

Aleida Leza


War Images

Thank goodness someone has the courage to try and get these images that show the brutal reality of this war, out into the public domain. I most sincerely believe that the only reason our governments do not want these images shown on general television is that so-called 'support' for this outrage would fade to nothing. What is truly digusting and an outrage in reporting is the use of terms such as 'collateral damage' when the reality is 'children with their heads blwon apart' . I am from Scotland and therefore British. I am ashamed to be British. I am also a Christrian and I wish Christians everywhere would stand right up to be counted and say how wrong this war is. If these images were available to everyone in the US and the UK there would be such a public outcry.

Please try to find a way to make these images available in print. Not everyone has access to the internet.

I wish just one newspaper in the UK would show this. Could you persuade one to do that?

Yours sincerely Mrs Donna Cunningham


images of war

I am a United States citizen. I thank you for showing the reality of war that the U.S. media will not. I think it honors the individuals potrayed by revealing the reality of their experience, rather than reducing them to a faceless statistic that denies their suffering. The citizens of every nation truly need to feel the horror of the wars supposedly fought on their behalf. Perhaps then they will hold their leaders accountable to the United Nations and its principles rather than giving uninformed consent to war.

john girard


Link added to Worldseye

This is just to inform that your website has been added to Worldseye at

I would also like permission to reproduce articles from your websites, always citing original source name and link to your website.

Moreover, I wish to say I fully support your policy to publish photos US Govt wouldn't like to see. Though horribles, that's the real truth of war and I wonder how hypocrit they can be by thinking that if people won't see such photos, they will keep on supporting it.

keep up the good work.

The Bitland Prince ------------------ Worldseye Webmaster (


Death and Casualty From Iraq

[From a Scoop reader to his contacts] Hi, I am sending you this mail with an EXTREME WARNING attached. It is from a news service I subscribe too and IS NOT an effort to glorify nor vilify war (in any country). More to give an alternative perspective (and hopefully some reality on what is going on in Iraq) away from the propaganda media we read and watch everyday. If you question this stance I advise you read the editors comments and/or visit and read their justification.

The images depicted are of both sides and the questions they ask is not which side are you on, but should this type of information available for us so we can make a valued decision on what we think? I think it should.

I am already tired of watching the news each night and seeing extremely earnest news readers and reporters justifying why death is good for humanity. If you disagree with me then I suggest you don't look at the following.

Regards, Dave "On his Soapbox' Shearer


POW images the new front

In WWII the US government. had camera men "embedded." They were solders and provided photos that to this day stun the viewer with the shock and horror of modern warfare. The only difference is that most of those photos were not available during much of the war (let us remember Life magazine showed United States dead and caused a great controversy). Today, the war is fought on a new front – the “real time” photo/video/digital TV and the Internet (a tool I had no access to 12 years ago) make the images no longer documentation or propaganda in the old sense, these images have become weapons for each side, and for every point of view on the current hostilities. These images are no more than a new “thought bomb” the force of which each side hopes to harness.

This is the new front of the forth estate and a battlefield governed not by the conventions of the past, but by the chaos and destruction of war itself. We must publish these pictures, and fight this front straight on or eventually this battle will be lost not to might or right, but an inability to “fight” against a non-traditional force. This happened to the British did in 1776, the Soviets in 1980, and the United States in 1974.

Mr. P. C. Griffin



Great site!! The TRUTH is the first to die in ALL wars...thanks for keeping it alive.

George and Carla Fry


Showing Photos

Though I could not look at all of them...I feel it is just to show them, and put them out to view. This IS the truth of WAR. This is what happens. It is not the affects of Sadaam - they are the affects of the good ole USA. In the words of Michael Moore, "Shame on you Mr. Bush, Shame on you!"

Jane Murray, NY USA.


Photo-Essay X: Death and Casualty From Iraq

Similar grim images could be the result of traffic accidents. What is significant is the narrative which takes us on the shocking journey. Your online presentation is near pristine. Al Jezeera's on the otherhand is dripping slant and hate. One serves truth, the other? I'm not sure, but it is not truth.

Bill Macaulay



I agree that the US has become desensetized by the coporate media's view of Bush's 'clean' war. WHile the photos are very disturbing, they are reality. Maybe some of the people who see them will realize the horror the US government is visiting on the soverign nation of Iraq. It is time the people of this country see the truth about the so called freedom we are invading Iraq to procure for their people, the freedom of death.



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