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Feedback 1 - Tell Us: How Can This Be Liberation?

Letters To The Editor

Scoop Feedback 1 - Tell Us: How Can This Be Liberation?

The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera, and other sources showing the true horror of war.

Scoop Editorial - Scoop Continues To Publish Reality Of War Images.

Photos - War Images Feature Page (WARNING. GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY DISTURB).

Scoop welcomes reader feedback. Please send your news and views to or via Scoops ‘mail the editors’ form…



Let the truth be told

Dear Scoop,

I am an Iraqi born British citizen. Watching my adopted country taking part in the rape and pillage of my country of birth is destroying me. The british and Iraqi people really deserve better than this.

Having been a citizen of both countries (Iraq and Britain), and knowing how both peoples share the same values of decency, justice, respect for others, and most importantly, the preciousness of human life, it makes this horrific slaughter all the more devastating for me.

I have noticed that some people think that publishing the pictures of innocent victims is distasteful. These pictures must be published to expose the ugly truth of how the “coalition of the willing” is “liberating” the Iraqis, and show that even Iraqis have children. I assure you that many of the children whose pictures are shown here had posters of Brittney Spears and David Beckham on their bedroom walls.

These pictures show the difference between the “official” truth propagated by the authority-obedient media outlets and the real truth as experienced by the people of Iraq. Who knows, we might save the lives of Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian children, who may be next on the liberation list.

Thank you Scoop …….

Zaid Al-Kindi


photo essays

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. People can rail all they want to against showing pictures of the reality of warfare in Iraq, whether because of guilt or a desire to remain blind and righteous, but the fact remains that our WMDs are doing these things to people and the American public should see the proof.

Michael Botzemayer



I appreciate seeing the hard-core pics of the carnage of war. We need to be reminded of where we are in collective consciousness as human beings. However, all the death and destruction that has come of this war looks "rosey" compared to the carnage and destruction that have come under the Saddam regime over the past 20 years, nay 5 years. And the majority of Iraqis are happy to be rid of the true monster.

Mike Allen


Images of injured

It is very good that you are publishing images of the victims in Iraq.

These images would be even more effective if you could for each one print details of when, where and how the person was injured - if that's not possible then at least when and where the photograph was taken.

Stephen Hewitt – England


Pictures in SCOOP

I am a Londoner, passionately anti this unjust and insane and illegal war. It is good that there are sites like yours that tell the truth. The BBC is I fear toeing the party line and not giving the public the truth about this carnage. The BBC should be renamed the Bush and Blair Cprporation. Please continue your work and don't let the censors stop you telling the truth. Anti war protesters must now work even harder to expose the vile and inhumane acts of war criminals like Bush and Blair.

Naomi Sachs


graphic images of the reality of war

a resounding 'thank you' for having the courage to present the reality of war and modern technological destruction. Unfortunately the mainstream media in the US has opted to drape itself with the American flag and blinded its coverage of the atrocity. I am a card carrying Republican but have become discouraged by the domination of the Grand Old Party by the fanatics who feel they have been annointed by the Almighty to wage this war and have done everything possible to make it as antiseptic as possible so as not to inflame the American public. Again thanks



Thank you for the truth

I have looked at some of the photo gallery you have of pictures from Iraq. I am nauseated, but at the same time, I am glad that someone is showing the world the truth of what is happening in Iraq. Here in the USA, few people are aware of the people hurt and killed other than what they get from the propaganda mills at CNN and Fox.

I pray that the day will come soon when Mr. Bush, Mr. Chenney, Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr. Perle, et. al. are held accountable for the carnage they have brought to countless innocent people in the name of "Regime change."

Robert Getsla


bring the war back to their frontdoors

for much more than a hundred years there hasn't been war on American soil. Obviously this was by far too long. If they don't see themselves how it is they won't care. The only thing they care about is enough cheap gas, even if it has to be distilled from some "raghead's" blood!

horst hartmann


Iraq pictures

Thank You for showing the pictures of Iraq. Although gruesome they have to be shown. People need to be aware of what is happenning in the war not just glossed over images that we have been shown. Which brings me to say we also need to be shown pictures of what Saddam and his followers have done to innocent people for years. Recently I heard over the radio here in Australia of an incident, one of many, of Saddam Hussein's son carrying out a death sentence on one of their own people where if the crime they committed was not too extreme they were put into a huge plastic shredder head first if they wanted to make the person suffer they were lowered into the shredder feet first. While I am sorry and sickened at the site of the images of the war I think we also need to be fully aware of what the Saddam and followers government are capable of.They are capable of far worse atrocities than

Rachael Holland



You are truley sycophantic, and replusive. Photos may speak a thousand words, but chosing to blatantly publish them speaks a thousand words about your lack of respect for mankind and those people who have suffered. I stumbled onto your photoessay page whilst looking for seomthing else and can honestly say that you have no respect for the dead and wounded and anything you do from now on will be a complete waste of time because you have given up all your dignity. If that was your daughter with blown up legs, I don't think you would be so smug about some pathetic little link to your page from San Francisco. Have some self respect and lose the photos.

Anna Patten


Re: Thanks

Thanks for showing what others refuse to show.


Jonathan, USA


War Pictures

You are doing a service to the general public of USA & UK showing them the true face of their leaders by inflicting such cruelty on people in the name of democracy. keep up the good work.

A B Arshad



This is just a quick note of appreciation from this American living in the New Mexican deserts - that must go elsewhere to find the important news effecting me and my nation.

You have published what we do not get in most of our newspapers and tv news channels.. and have shown yourself accurate after I've researched your articles - For this I thank you, sincerely...

Please - Continue the good works! Trully yours, ~Martha Nelson...


True face of war

To answer your questions in Photo essay 3: Yes. Yes. And Yes. No sanitized news. No sanitized views. Tell the "true story" the "true stories" *all* the stories, since no one story is the "true story".

Gilda – Canada


war photos--This is Liberation?

Thank you for not being afraid to publish what war really looks like. I only wish more Americans would see these. It is a shame that virtually the entire U.S. media won't report on this side of the story.

Nancy Braun


Protest websites.....

Well, here is yet another website that says its against war but uses images that show death and suffering to promote its own onesided interests...not yet have I found one that shows the pain and suffering that Saddam inflicted on his own come you dont show this? where are those pictures? where is your website protesting Osama Bin Ladin?, where is your website protesting the Bali bombing scumbag, you know, that laughing jovial little fucking prick that killed all those Ozzies and a couple of Kiwis, same with the Twin Towers, ....nothing....strange that dont you think?...wheres the pictures of our New Zealand dead cause by these slimebags.....what a joke.....




thank you for making these pictures available. In the United States, images of the war that might make television viewers change the channel simply aren't shown. Therefore we've seen none of the truth of the destruction. Many of us in the United States are quite ashamed and horrified at our country's actions. For those of us who are powerless to stop this, we apologize to the human race for our non-elected leaders crimes.

Phillip Badger



Congratulations on your coverage of the Iraq invasion. Both the stories and photos are excellent. But thank God you're base in NZ, not the US. Your site would have been shut down long ago.

Lance Broughton


who is responsible?

Odd that I must access a foreign newspaper for realistic images of war. Thank you, Scoop, for revealing the heartlessness of this war. The major U.S. networks have unending coverage of the war which they seem to think is some sort of Fourth of July Day parade or public relations event. War is indeed a horror and the American people have been misled by their terribly misguided leader.

Gina Cappello


thank you

Thank you for showing what has to be shown, just like the Nazi attrocities had to be exposed. Besides making me sick in the pit of my stomach, looking at these horrific images, I can't help but consider how much more hate and anger must be coming to a boil throughout the world against the "coalition". If my family or hometown were on the receiving end of this slaughter, I could only seeth so long. And all the while, CNNBCABCBSFOX continues to bathe the willfully ignorant U.S. masses in the sanitized 'embedded' propaganda that 'we are liberators'. I hope I live to see the day that George Bush is called to account for his despicable mis-administration's inhumanities.



War Victim Photos

Thank you. The coverage in the U. S. is completely sanitized, lending credence to the Rumsfeld view of high-tech, sterile, bloodless war. Everyone knows different.

I found your site through a reference in Mark Morford's column in the SF Chronicle web site at

Thanks again

Jim Hill


photos essays

We need these photographs desperately. The mainstream media is guilty of news cleansing: these images of suffering are essential to our understanding of the invasion and its aftermath. This is not war: this is murder.

Pat Duggleby



Thank you for doing what so few others dare to: show us what happens when the bombs land. I wish I could somehow force everyone who supports this war to look at these pictures so that they would have to take a more personal form of responsibility for their positions. As it is, I can only thank you for your brave truth telling and beg you not to listen to the ignorants who think that it is better to tell a pretty lie than expose an ugly truth.

Caitlin Rooney - Michigan, USA


Dead Iraqi's

They are only Iraqi's. Who cares if a few get killed? They started the damn war by their actions and they deserve to die. They had ample opportunity to disarm or leave & the didn't. Serves them right.

William Ruben - Romania



congratulations, suggest, scoop, sends these photos to all aussi politicians particularly the government ,thanks, jim.

jim – Australia


no better

you fucks ain,t no better than any of the fucks here in the USA reporting the news ,,,,,,,,,,,,have fun with your news of the bullshit too.......

brewmiester - USA



There is death when it comes to freedom. If the Iraqi government ws so concerned for it's citizens, it would have chosen a different path.

Al Bennet


More Pictures

Good Work! It is important that people see these pictures so that they realize just how horrible war is. Of course, the right would argue that some things are worse than war. So please, in the interest of journalistic balance and to show we are not biased, please show some comparably gruesome images of 9/11 and maybe victims of Hussein's rule or his wars. I am on your side, but we must not appear too much in favor of one side, as it hurts our credibility. Please print this, thank you and Peace be upon you.

Chris Stanley


good reporting

good reporting needs to inform us where these pictures are being taken, by who if safe for them and other details that make them creidable,, who knows when and where these were from, and WHY do so many people have one eye messd up. peace, sarah



Your Website and Photos

New Zealand, Where is that? Do need some attention from the world or what? You're a bunch of pseudo-parasitic sissys, feeding off the reality of war to boost your website hits. What exactly has your country and people ever contributed to the world? I don't even remember seeing New Zealand in the world history books. That's because you are insignificant.

Your Photos? Gee, big stretch--There's a war, people get killed. You don't have to worry about Terrorism or someone trying to evade your country, nobody wants to go there. I don't see anyone rushing to New Zealand to immigrate, yet that happens every day in the United States. If we are so horrible and bad, why do people risk their lives to come here? They come here because they have a dream of freedom. They come here because they can speak their minds. They come here for a better life. They come here because we welcome them with open arms. They come here, because THEY DON'T WANT TO GO TO NEW ZEALAND

Do you honestly think that the American people are not aware of the unintentional, unfortunate killing of innocent people in Iraq? Are you so ignorant that you think that your photos are going to make Americans drop to their knees and beg for forgiveness? We didn't become a super-power by having weak stomachs. Grow up! If you are such humanitarians, why didn't you spread your love and concern in Iraq while Saddam Hussein was brutalizing his people. Where were you in 1991 when he evaded Kuwait and killed innocent Kuwatis? Your SPECIAL type of love is similar to the Germans, during World War II, that turned their heads while 6 million Jews were killed.

So go ahead, show your photos, spread your SPECIAL love, while you watch a country that has the balls to defend the rights of others. You have rights too---The right to stay in New Zealand. Dr. Yvonne Vosburgh

Dr. Yvonne Vosburgh


Thank you

Thank you for your testimony and raising your voice against war. People must make this shift to stop all war or we will destroy ourselves. Yes, we are one. And it hurts when it could be joy to be one. We have the choice to make our world a harmonious home or the cruel reality you've exposed here.

Ariel Ky – California USA



These Photos Of The Iraqi Citizens Is Gut Wretching, The Children Wounded Is Enough To Sicken Me For Days.... It Isn't Sanitary, It Is Grotesque. But Hey, Long As Oil Prices Are Stable, Right? All In A Days Work... What A Crock Of Shit...

Michele Dangiello


war images

the world should be shown the true reality of warware. my heart is bleeding tears of blood at the pain, death and suffering caused to innocent Iraqi people. why can these pictures not be splashed on newspapers and our tv screens? it is not a clean, glorious war as most of the brain dead world think and they should see the evidence....




I support you. Picture = 1000 words = 100,000 dialogue.

Joseph – Australia


Thanks, Scoop

Many thanks for showing the reality of war. The mainstream media in the U.S. might well be named 'Bush Administration Ministry of Propanganda'. Please know that not all Americans support the war. Please continue to inform without censorship. We need to know.

Michael Eldridge






Photos of the dead

I want to thank you for going to the trouble and risk of posting these photos of the dead and wounded online. While I was indeed disturbed, I also became hardened in my resolve that this illegitimate war should not go unopposed and under-reported.

These photos would probably never make it into American main-stream media. This underscores a very interesting phenomenon in American journalism; that the public should not be reminded or even know that people actually DIE in war.

The talking heads and pundits seem to understand this (albeit on a decidedly abstract level) when talking about Iraqi soldiers, but our own troops are supposed to be invincible and civilians aren't *really* at risk because of the exacting nature of modern, technologically advanced warfare. This, of course, is part of what Chris Hedges refers to as the "myth of war." Debunking that myth and reminding ourselves that war is, essentially, organised murder is, in time of war, a key function of journalism. To blindly gloss over (and indeed commercialise) war's ugliness is a dereliction of journalistic duty.

Anyway, I have rambled quite long enough. Thank you for your brazen disregard for the tender sensibilites of Americans everywhere, I really appreciate it!

Ben - ps - please pardon my run-ons and intermittently poor spelling.


See also… Feedback 3 and Feedback 2.

Scoop welcomes reader feedback. Please send your news and views to or via Scoops ‘mail the editors’ form…

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