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Scoop Feedback 3 – War Coverage

Scoop Feedback 3 – War Coverage

Scoop welcomes your feedback. Click here to send your views to the Scoop editors.


Your commentary

comment: What are you going to report when the coalition forces do find all of the WMD's, chem labs, etc. and prove unequivocally that the regime was up to everything that was claimed? Are you going to suggest it's all a fabrication to justify the "invasion", or are you going to have the balls to admit that you're wrong and should shut your stupid mouths? You do realize that after kicking out weapons inspectors for four years, (definitely the behavior of a government with honest intentions) that would give them ample time to become mighty good at hiding this stuff. Why can't you just pull your heads out of your asses long enough to look at something honestly, even if just for a second? And you consider yourselves journalists? Please... chronic bedwetters maybe, but not journalists. You're a f###ing disgrace. By the way, it's on the news right now. Mobile chem lab found. I'm sure you'll repo

Scott Humphrey



so where are the pictures of the thousands of dead Kurds that Saddam had killed? Or how about the thousands of Shiites he had burned to death? Or is that all American propaganda as well?! You rant about how biased American journalism is, I don't see you being any different.

Yes, the Iragis have payed a heavy price for their freedom, but they would have payed ten-fold for your liberal complacency leaving them under Saddam's regime.


Bo Jones


Iraq casualties

comment: All war is horiffic and anyone seeking graphic or highly emotional photos will have no difficulty in finding subjects, but have those same photographers got photographs of the thousands tortured and/or murdered by Saddam and his henchmen? Will there be publication of any of those, even if for simply news 'balance'?

Errol Taylor – NZ


Thank you

comment: It seems impossible to me that you are coming through SFGate. I am so grateful for your sarcastic but always informed view of what is going on in the world. Keep it up

nila stone



comment: holas

Eduardo Ricoveri


Thank you for this website

comment: These pictures need to be on the network news, but never will be. Thank you so much. For the Bush regime to ignore this and to bomb press offices who don't ignore this to keep it quiet is sinister. I'd like to print some off to send to the Pretender and Theif of America.

B Ferrell


NZ boycott sites

Dear Editor,

First, let me congratulate you on a fantastic site! I'm going to put a link to Scoop from my sites.

Have you covered any of the growing boycott of US companies on Scoop yet? There are two NZ sites and my site

We are both part of the Global Boycott for Peace (GBP) which formed last week - an international alliance of the global boycotts.

Thanks Sharyn Clarkson


Oh God/dess, I am so sorry

comment: I have seen many of these pictures, but everytime I do, I want to scream. . .to hit something. . .to make them stop. I print these out and I give them away. I beg people to look at them. . but our government is just hushing it up, saying that these are old pictures.

I am so so very sorry. I wish I could change any of this. I wish there was SOMETHING I could do besides hold up my signs as I have for a year and beg people to listen. ::sob::

Gwen Todd – USA


Images of War

comment: Please send these brutal images to the likes of John Howard, Tony Blair and Bush and his gang......maybe these pictures will give them the daily nightmares they deserve.

Hans-Heinrich Boeker - Australia



comment: The Only People That Are Sick Is The People That Killed The Pows And All The Other Innocent People Saddam And His Men Killed. War Is Needed For People Like Him



Thank You

comment: I've been in search of an uncensored news source since this crime began. Thanks for ending that search. T


foto iraq

comment: vorrei avere piu informazioni sulla guerra in iraq

di berardino giuseppe - Italy


War Photos

comment: Just as disturbing as some of the grisly pictures depicted are some of the sanitized images we've seen on TV. Tanks and vehicles blown up and burned, and not a body in sight. The military had to remove the remains, and the journalist had to provide a description of "carnage." As a triage medic in Vietnam, I know what carnage is. While I do not believe that an embedded photographer would always have provided anything more than gruesome images, maybe the people at home needed to see them once in awhile to remind them that war was not such a tidy affair. Both the military and news organizations learned from Vietnam, although I'm not sure the lessons were always translated into effective reporting in the current conflict

Michael Sadler


Does the end justify the means?

comment: You're right on the money about what you say about the "rhetorical niceties belching from this current United States Administration". Ask an Irqai civilian who's lost some loved ones in this *attack* and see how liberated they feel. By the same token, how many Americans would feel good if they were told by someone from Afghanishan that it was a good thing that the WTC attack did happen on Sept. 11th 2001? If not for that, they wouldn't have been "liberated" from Osama bin Laden - someone who was supported by the US not too long ago. Just as Saddam Hussein was not too long ago.

Siva Kumar



comment: 9/11 was the eruption of decades of anger due to Israel's occupation of Palestine - helped largely by America. Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem, the U.S. under Bush has now exacerbated the problem by the unprovoked war on Iraq and antagonized the entire world. Sharon's fingerprints are all over Iraq.



Is this Liberation

comment: Thank god you are there. All intelligent people know that this has to be the way it is. You can`t drop bombs in a city and not kill people. The sick bastards who do this to the innocents of the world are criminals. They can act sophisticated and you can dress them in the trappings of wealth and priviledge but they are still criminals.They could never be anything else.

T.Daniel Kuhn


Is this liberation?

comment: I say a resounding YES!!!.

Iraqi citizens have said over and over that they would rather die than spend any more time under Sadams rule. Why you ask? Maybe it's because in the 25 years he has ruled over 2 Million of his own people were killed by Him, his Sons, and his Henchmen.

Loss of life is sad, but freedom is not without a price. How many American lives were lost saving Europe in WWII? How many countries in Europe owe their Freedom to the United States? What if the United States turned the other cheek in the 1940's and allowed Hitler to conquer Europe? The world would be a different place and you wouldn't have the opportunity to spit out your anti-war garbage the way you do.

Proportionately the loss of Iraqi lives, military included, to Coalition forces pales in comparison to the amount of American lives lost liberating Europe. By the way, just how many countries in Europe does the United States own? Is France ours? Germany? Belgium?

The sheer might of the United States Military brought down the Berlin wall without a shot fired, and that was the beginning of the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

I bet if I were to do some research I would find that this site is financed by the likes of Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, and the rest of the Left Coast Limousine Liberals.

Keep publishing your garbage; I need to line the bottom of my birdcages.

The United States will leave Iraq when a Government elected by the Citizens of Iraq is in control. We will not take their oil; we have no use for it. Even at the height of importing oil from Iraq, the US only imported 10% of our oil from them. The problem is you know in your hearts what the US is doing is right, but you can’t admit it so you look for another excuse to belittle us.

Proud to be and American!! That’s what I am. Cold Hearted One.

Cold Hearted One


war pics

comment: I am concerned that these photos could have come from anywhere. What evidence do you have that they are authentic? Al Jazeera is hardly an unbiased source. What credibility can you hope to have. I am against the war, but with unsubstantiated reports such as this, your creating soldiers for the other side.

Clark Orwick


bless you....

comment: Please don't stop telling the truth, showing the truth. The damned 'football game' reporting going on in USA sickens me - this is people, Iraqi or American or British, and they all suffer and bleed red. The saddest truth - we have taught another generation to kill and hate. God* have mercy, God* give you all strength. - Elaine Kain *God: Allah, Hu, Universal Creator, Great Spirit, all faiths, all time, all love; as in "Thou shalt not kill." I'm kind of mixed-up faiths, raised by the trees & sky & nature. :)

Elaine Kain


The Real Truth

comment: Thank you for showing the real war images. I am ashamed to say I am an American. I did not vote for the murderer Bush. I do not support him or his evil war on Iraq. Keep telling the truth. The world needs to know.



antiwar photos

comment: These photos show horrible acts committed against innocent people. Can someone tell me why their suffering is somehow worse than the suffering inflicted by Saddam Hussein and his sons? For over 20 years, they gassed, raped, murdered, tortured and robbed the iraqi people blind. Where are your photos of those events? Why don't you ask al jazeera, arab tv and "independent sources" for those shots. Shall we never stand up and fight against those who murder whole populations? How in God's name do you call that humanitarian? I suspect that if you (the editors of scoop) were confronted with the cruelty that so many millions have faced over the years, you would feel differently than you do. How fortunate for you that you don't. - Cheers!

s star


dead Iraqi civilians

comment: the people of Iraq had ample time to leave the war zone--they chose to stay--they should have taken their families out of harms way--is it a wonder civilians got killed--how dumb can they be--bombs and guns kill



u.s.a. style democracy

comment: the usa preaches democracy yet flaunts the basics of democracy ie. free speech,free press,instead the yanks practice democracy usa style ie,gagging,bullying,bribing,threatening,attacking,their democracy is do as we say or your in trouble and to rub it in they in so many words say this on national tv.the usa is too powerful for the worlds good and we now need a strong united europe in league with a stong asia to pressure america from running roughshod over any country they care to,i am suprised at the people of the usa for allowing bush to have the power he has,their civil rights and constitution are being gradually eroded and if nothing is done soon they will learn how it is to live in a dictatorship,as for our man "here boy blair"his days in power are numbered by the time he has got of his silver clad horse took the usa flag out of his arse he will no longer be the leader of the l

god bless you all. yours, john kitson.


American World Empire

comment: The world should stop buying American products! That will bring this country to its knees! I live in Seattle, Wa. USA

Jack Weldon


thanks for the photos

comment: Thank you so much for showing the facts of the war that we don't get to see in the U.S. I suggest that everyone pick their favorite photo and send it to President Bush.

Miranda Rensberger


TV news bias

comment: I guess to you left-wing loonies the statements made by Iraq's (mysteriously disappeared) Information Minister must have seemed believable right up to the last. Oh dear it seems that your castle has come crumbling down and 'reality TV' has come knocking to tell you to wake up from your dope-induced dreams of American defeat!! Get a life LOSERS!! Preferably get a life somewhere other than NZ where your activism would not be Egypt or Syria or Iran or Zimbabwe or North Korea or China or Libya!!!



Protests against pro-coalition media coverage.

comment: I find it strange there would be a protest against a so-called pro-coalition bias in the NZ media when everytime we saw (no longer seeing as he's run off) the Iraqi Information Minister lie to the media at his own press conferences. No the US militiary were nowhere near Baghdad, No they hadn't taken the airport. No they were not operating in the city. Liars loose the right to be heard by their own actions.

Simon Aiken


War Coverage

are there any images of the anti-USA iraqis crowd of today in Baghdad? nobody has showed anything about this news



War & Peace

comment: Fine lookin bunch o' folks ya got there carryin signs, layin about in the street, burnin flags, & all. I check your site regularly, so-as-to balance my intake. All the KIWIs I've met have been a fine lot, as it's always when there wasn't a conflict in progress. I've a greater amount of respect for Aussies when it comes to real life though. This website below says more than I can begin to convey to you folks in my words. 'Read-em-and-weep'.

Steve R. DeFrange Krebs OKlahoma USA U.S. Army 1967-1972 ( Five miles from McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, where all of the non-nuke stuff is made ).


Re: Scoop Daily Ratings


Can you believe this lot ­ and remember this claims to be a New Zealand news room. It makes the Baghdad Herald look like the Bush fan club. THis posting is in my message box this morning (Monday) so they have not changed their mind at all - if anything they are now even more hysterically anti American.

Owen McShane – NZ


Scoop’s Coverage

comment: Dear Selwyn, Well done "Scoops" coverage of the War and the rest. I don't watch TVNZ or TV3, I get my propaganda from DW TV. I would like to send a donation to Scoop but phobic about doing so over the internet. Can you let me know a snailmail address I can send it to. Cheers Matthew

Matthew Fitzsimons


The Truth?

comment: I notice that it states all over your site that you are reporting the truth on this site. This site is just as bad as the U.S. media that you are slamming and painting to be evil. You have loaded this site full of photos of the "truthful" photos of civilians being hurt and killed. However I haven't been able to find any photos of the attrocities perpetrated by Sadaam Hussein's regime. Where are the photos of the Iraqi civilians and soldiers that are ecstatic to see the Coalition troops come to their rescue. Obviously war is ugly! Casualties will happen! If you claim to print the truth on your site I suggest you post both sides of the coin. Of course the American media will portray the situation in their best interest as do the Arab media. You claim again and again to display the truth, now lets see you do it!!!!

Paul Filjeski – Proud Canadian



comment: It took the reality of war through the pictures of the My Lai massacre published in Life magazine to finally awaken the American public to the truth of war, and thus stimulated the massive public antiwar protests that eventually brought down the war machine. It is the responsibility of the press to tell this truth, and equally the responsibility of the American people to face it, however painful or guilt-ridden that might make them feel. Face it, then stop it.

Mary Quijano


"Shroud of Shame"

comment: War is a terrible thing; it brings out the worst in humanity. As an American, this war has caused me much anguish. I agreed with many of the things you said; our media is also feeding people a steady diet of pure propaganda. However, I take strong exception to your use of the phrase "shroud of shame" I am proud of my flag, and I love my country. My president is an idiot. But that does not change that my country is an exceptional place, with many wonderful people. The shame belongs to George Bush, not the American flag.




Good work,

The photos need to be seen.

Kryss Katsiavriades


Çáí åÐÇ ÇáÍÏ íÕá ÇáÛá æÇáÍÞÏ Úáí ÇáãÓáãíä

comment: Ýáíåäà æáíäÚã ÈÏäíÇå ßá ãä ÔÇÑß Çæ ÓÇÚÏ Úáí ÍÏæË åÐå ÇáãÌÒÑÉ ÇáíåæÏíÉ ááãÓáãíä æáßä íÌÈ Çä íÚáã Çäå Çä ÔÇÁ Çááå ÓíÑí Ýí ÏäíÇå æÂÎÑÊå ãÇ áã íÎØÑ áå Úáí ÈÇá



Sadness and Relief

Dear Editor: How difficult and how important it was for me to view your internet Iraqi Invasion shots at the Scoop website. Mark Morford from the San Francisco Gate recommended you for some honest shots and commentary. The tears came, then the relief, to know that what I am protesting against, the immoral war, really exists and is desperately important. May we each seek enough truth to work wisely toward justice for all the world's people and for the future of our increasingly fragile planet. Thank you for your journalistic integrity.

Appreciatively, Karen Peter


propaganda is worse in us.

comment: Every night, FOX news is covering the war, which it dubbed, "operation iraqi freedom" which is a sick name for an operation that was everything except about freedom. I'm an american citizen living in nyc, and there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of americans who were and still are against us occupation and the war against iraq. there was no proof or connection made between the terrorist activities of 9/11 (that affected me deeply since i reside in nyc), with saddam hussein. It was blatant bs from the start that was poured into our ears and phrases like "weapons of mass destruction" became a slogan. more like "weapons of mass deception" in my mind. I was actually considering moving next year out of the us, and i was thinking about going to new zealand. i hope that the government of new zealand doesn't represent what was occuring on that radio station. i want to move to somewhere where us imperialism is not supported.

theresa bouchard


USA marching into Iraq & Syria

comment: Bush reminds me of Hitler. Hitler marched into the Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia), then he marched into Austria, and nooone did anything. It was only when he marched into Poland, that war was declared. IF USA marches into first Iraq, and then Syria and Lebanon, where will they turn to next? Turkey? Jordan, perhaps they will turn against Saudi Arabia for "breeding" terrorists? I see Bush as another Hitler and we are headed for World War Three.

Robynne Lozier


I wish my compatriots would see these

comment: In death, we all look alike. The young U.S. soldiers, sent to kill and be killed; the children, women, and men who were their victims; (men are always the last mentioned, though it hurts the worst to see the children); all of us. That picture of that women who is disfigured for life, who has 200 stitches in what is left of her face, really brings home this all to me. She'll face daily physical pain and psychological torture due to my nation's idolatry of violence, worship of brutality, celebration of hatred, and ultra-racism against third world peoples. These pictures are awful. I wish the cowardly media here in the land of the free would show these images to the people of our country. I don't know who you are or what you're about but thanks for showing us the reality of the hell/shit that is war. Humanity may have had excuses for the past 5000 years to do this kind of crap to each other, but there's no fucking way in 2003 that this is excusable. As Dr. King said, our Gov't. is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, and the choices for the human race are pretty clear: nonviolence or nonexistence. I wish to God that my compatriots can see these grotesque images of what we're paying for with our precious allmightly dollars. yes, I'm angry. Any sane, conscientious, awake/aware human being would be. Spiro Anton

Spiro Anton



comment: It's a great pity that no media (that I know of) in my country, Australia, had the courage to show the reality of war, instead of the remorseless propaganda we've been fed for months. Thankyou and continue your great work.

Kane Murdoch - N.S.W. Australia


Shroud of Shame?

comment: You talk about unbiased reporting and then you call the US flag the shroud of shame? Maybe that's what a loser piece of shit from a low-life third world country (yeah, NZ) calls it, but I'm so proud of my country and flag, and yes president that I have to speak up. If it weren't for the US, Europe would be speaking German, more likely Russian. Everyone wants to sit back and do nothing, we see what happens when you do that. So you just keep on bad-mouthing America and calling my flag the shroud of shame. Do that in my country, and you'll probably get your ass kicked.

Best of Luck to you and have a great day!

Steve Cooke


Love The Pictures

comment: I love the pictures of you all burning the American Flag. Do you even have a flag, does it mean anything to you? Has anyone ever died protecting what it stands for? That's what I thought.

I just hope nobody ever attacks your nation (if you can call it that) or threatens you all. But then again if they do, I'm sure you'll come begging for help, crying and screaming that you can't protect yourselves.

That's OK, just like for the French and Germans, we're always here when you need us!

You all are some poor excuses for human beings.

Best of Luck and have a great day!!

Steve Cooke


War is a reality

comment: I am guessing by the tone of this webiste that none of your editors have ever been part of the US military. I am also assuming that no one has ever lived under a regime other than that of the US government. Do you not realize that whether or not we went into Iraq, many of its people would have died by Saddam's evil regime. When a regime such as his is in power, the people of the country are meaningless to the authority. Many of the spoiled American brats who think that they are saving the world by protesting, need to wake up and experience life under a tyrannical leader or dictatorship. The problem is that many people who have lived their entire lives here are under the misconception that all people have the carefree day to day lives that we lead. Wake up people. I am so sick of you whining clueless pussies who think that we are so evil. If you hate US policy so much then GE

Julie Stivers



comment: Im not sure i understand this correctly. Under your caption iraqi soldiers we see dead iraqi soldiers covered in theyre own blood but under the caption united states soldiers we see POWs who are in fairly good shape. Is that supposed to imply that american soldiers are treated humane by theyre iraqi captors but iraqi soldiers are not treated likewise by the United States? Also, the pictures of dead iraqi children are terribly horrible, havent the iraqi people been tortured and abused at the hands of the iraqi goverment for years? To the best of my knowledge less than 1000 innocent civilians were killed in this conflict to date. If it could potentially save the lives of 100,000 others do you not see the long term benefits? do not get me wrong, im not trivializing the deaths that have occured but i do think the final outcome outweighs the alternatives. I am not a crazed right wing lu



thank you

comment: those are discusting photo's...but I am glad that you are showing them, it really shows what this war is doing to the PEOPLE! of Ira

q Ciaran


Photos Of Dead Coalition Troops

comment: If you really believe you have the right to publish these types of photos, then where are the photo's of the 2 Britons they also think were executed? A little discrimination there? A US Citizen.

Renee' Brown


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