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Scoop Feedback 1 – War Coverage

Scoop Feedback 1 – War Coverage

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scoop/ syria

comment: I only found Scoop recently and BRAVO! You don't pull punches. I have emailed your domain to everyone I know. I am an Australian who has been living in the USA for the past five years, almost inexpressibly appalled at what the USA has done in Iraq - and the gutless Australian govt's decision to go along with it, against the will of the majority of Australian's will. Desperate for real info, not American propaganda, I turned to online sources as my regular news and info diet quite some time ago. You stand firmly among my clutch of favourites (e.g. commondreams org. and a few others), equal in strength and preparedness not to toe the U.S. line.

Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan – USA


Your articles on Iraq/Syria/Iran and Lebanon

comment: Thank you for your articles and your analysis, excellent and informative. I wish the facts you show could be more widely known!

Debbie Kean


War Photos

Clearly your site and the pictures you display come with a message. By showing children killed in the actions of war would clearly stir most people. The fact still remains that this action is done for self preservation. I am so tired of the goldfish mentality when it comes to world events. On 9-11 the people of the US were blood thirsty for revenge, but as you read these responses you will see the trend of the responses is "this is terrible, who are we to do such horrific things. STOP! ENOUGH! I have had it. It is ok to be on the winning team. We are the almighty punching bag for the rest of the world. We bail out everybody and get criticism in return. Canada..shut up, are irrelevant.


war photos and coverage

comment: Keep it up! Here in the US we are rapidly coming under a police state. We need outside media to help. Our mainstream media either has no guts or has a gun to their heads. They could blow this entire phony administration and their corporate cronies wide open, yet they sit silenly. God help us all.

Dave Cohen


US soldiers

comment: Keep showing our U.S. soldiers photos. We need for people to see what is happening to them and realize they are fighting for freedom not only for us to continue, but for some others also. It is unconditional love for all americans.

a. atkins



You show those pictures to make people feel that this war is nothing but brutal killing from our troops.I guess the fathers that are there in this war just love to see children hurt or dead.But, it is ok for the dictator to kill entire villages of the same people but you said nothing about that.You kind of communist sympathisers make me sick.Have you not thought of what it will be like after the war is done???NO YOU HAVE NOT YOU BIGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!People there will live better than they are now BUT YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You traitors disgust me and all Americans.Live in your selfish pitifull lives...

Mike Simon - American


Thank the 2 Bs for me.

Thank the 2 Bs for me. This boy has lost his two arms, his parents, his brother and his family. Can you thanks the two Bs ( Blair and Bush ) for me ? I wish that one day B or B wake up and find one of their kids with two arms off and the other kid one arm off and one leg off,and so on..., then they would feel what it means to say : " unfortunately there is always civilians causalities ".

Jim from London.


Please continue with pictures

comment: You are providing a valuable service. These images are not available in the USA; all we get is sanitized coverage on all the major TV and radio channels, with a few notable exceptions. I wish my colleagues at work would force themselves to view them as I just did.

Barbara Dietrich


war photos

comment: I am one of many Americans that DOES NOT support the war in Iraq. I would like to start a web site to show the American public the atrocities that the civilian population in Iraq is enduring at the hands of the U.S. and Britain. My question is how do I go about getting authorization to download and use the photos you display? I believe that if the citizens of the U.S. see these photos - that public opinion would force this government to stop the unnecessary killing. Thank you for your time. May peace prevail.

Ray Albrecht


Keep it up guys. Respect.

comment: Thanks for having the courage to show what the servile and contemptible US media will not. My friends and I have been wondering what happened to the principles and honour of the US (and much of the major western) media. Slowly but surely I am finding courageous journalists on the web. You guys are on the list. Well done.

Ken Crossman - San Francisco



comment: for keeping us informed of what the rest of the world is thinking of this invasion -- our US press is so biased and not showing the real picture(s) of this tragic action.




comment: It may sound strange, but am feeling relieved to have found your site and the images provided of war and cruelty. The dominant representations of a seemingly smooth and clean war waged by Bush Lite on Iraq have bothered me greatly. Your photographs from the ground re-frame the high-tech. spectacle consumed in the US in an important way. Thanks. Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson



comment: Of course warfare is cruel and horrific. Is it your contention, though, that the cruelties perpertrated were done so by the United States? While our soldiers and marines are feeding their E.P.W's with food and water, the Iraqi's would brutally execute un-armed United States soldiers? And you call what the United States has done brutal? While our forces have located actual weapons of mass destruction, of such capacity that may even give your cold heart a chill, you would call our cause unjust? While we seek to liberate a people, you would call us imperialists? Is it imperialistic to FINALLY liberate a people from brutal control? Would you prefer all your dictatorship's remain as they are, in the middle east? Quick acknowledgement to Iran, for being the most Democratic establishment in the WHOLE of the middle east, exempting Turkey, which does not count simply because it was your dom

curtis quebec


Thank You for your Courage

comment: Thank you for having the courage to show the human side of this disastrous war.

I am appalled at the US actions. A little reading (Chomsky, Vidal) quickly shows that our foreign policy since WWII has been just terrible.

I believe it is critical that the US public is woken up to the reality of what we are doing as soon as possible. But the US press is in-bedded with the gov't and the public happily sleep-walks; as long as our economy is good, then we can continue to feel we are squeeky-clean 'God-Bless us' liberating, freedom-loving Americans.

The only hope for this country, and possibly for the world - in my opinion - is if the reality of war is thrust into the faces of the public so we can see what we are doing to other countries, and hopefully wake up from whatever dream we are walking around in.

Anonymous - I'm afraid to supply this because of the Patriot Act.


photos of dead US GI's

comment: Cheap shot journalism. Obviously you have no respect for American soldiers or their families. Up yours.

mike hale


Dead Soldiers

comment: Payback is coming for these prisoner shooting bastards. I hope Iraq soldiers know that what goes around ,comes around. Also, you sorry bastards at scoop could have blanked out the faces of the dead so some loved one wouldn't have seen their son or daughter or spouse laying there with their guts blown out. Honest reporting is one thing but consideration is more noble..Shitheads!!

Doc Meeks,HMC,USN,ret.


Your Wrong

comment: First of all, it's people like you who abuse your freedom of speech. Sure, you can show the casualties of war, all the pictures of the innocent children. It saddens me too. But why don't you try to look up some pictures of where saddam is torturing women and children? You say how the people of Iraq did not want this "liberation". The people of Germany did not want it either, but look how they ultimately benefited. Of course, noone in Iraq goes against saddams ways because they are afraid, kind of like when Hitler was over Germany. Anti-war folks are very un-American. I think you could break them down into two groups. First, it's the idiots who want to re-live the 60's era, or you can say, the wanna-be hippies. Or second, they just don't like Bush. When Clinton bombed Somalia, no marches, if any, were held. It's because the liberals were behind Clinton. And last, George W. Bush is very intelligent, check his resume' if need be, he was elected Pres. He knows more about whats going on overseas than any of you ass-clowns could possibly imagine. That's why he is the Pres. I am behind him 100% and think that they should ship antiwar, anti-American, people like yourselves over there to be used as human decoys. Your all a disgrace to this country!



Images From Iraq War

comment: I believe Scoop is acting responsibly and honestly in publishing these images. War is horrible people die innocents die. All those who support this war should at least have the have the guts to look at what they are supporting. And we should all see what we are paying for.

Instead you'll probably find most of the complaints about the publishing of them come from those delicate supporters. Let me tell you if these were pictures of US and UK children blown apart how long would we stand for it?



Photos and news

comment: We here in the US no longer have a free press, so thanks for providing this forum and these photos. By far and large, we have no conception of what our state is doing.

Henry Bono


Thank you...

comment: I am glad that some people in this world have the decency to show the true horrors of war. It breaks my heart to see these innocent people suffer so much at the hands of my own government. What also breaks my heart is the ignorance of my fellow Americans who refuse to see the truth, those who take the American corporate media at their word. People who think that "they deserve it" in a way because, "well, they were warned to leave" because the military was going to invade. It is sad how much people judge others by our priviledged American standards, as though the Iraqi's could hop in their SUV's and head to their summer house. What else can anyone do to help those blinded by the sugar-coated, pro-war/pro-forced "democracy" (ha!) lies that the U.S. government tells? People should be forced to see these images. Those who are so easily offended are often those who are most vocally FOR



Photo essay - half the story

comment: Your photo essay shows only half the story. I'm sorry, but as I peruse your site, I can't seem to find any of the pictures of the horror that Saddam Hussein caused. He must be either very good man or your "news" organization prefers to only provide one-sided "news". Pathetic. Take care of the few, and damned the millions. Is that your cause?



The Bush led war in Iraq

comment: I live in California, USA. Protests having been going on on a daily basis here in the Bay area (San Francisco). The protesters here have not even been acknowledged on TV except for the local channels here. The conclusion I have come to here, is that people here in the US have to be brainwashed by the current President in order to support this blood bath. If people here in the US were given the chance to view these photos submitted to you by Aljazeera I believe it would open more than a few important eyes. Trying to make sense of this literally makes me sick.

Molly Inglemon – USA


pictures of war

comment: You guys are so one-sided! There are two sides to the war and a real journalist would show both. Yes I certainly feel for the families of the innocent civilians...the americans are there to help them, not hurt them. They were given specific precautions to take to limit the human destruction. No war is a clean war, but in the end the Iraqis will certainly benefit from what is going on right now. For all of you oppose to the selfish pigs. What if your family was getting tortured and slaughtered and no one would come to help you??? In this case I hope no one would ever come help you!



War Pictures CNN won't show

comment: It breaks my heart to see such suffering but felt I needed to see them as one small part of "humanity" who actually cares. Maybe if those who are so anxious to go to war were forced to send their own children to take part, they wouldn't be quite so ready to sacrifice the innocent. No-one loves a dictator, but who's the dictator when a superpower can so callously attack and destroy so many innocent lives to get rid of a dictator that was put in power by that very superpower? May God forgive Bush....I can't...

Pat – Canada



comment: George Bush is an obsessed individual without a conscience and should be impeached




comment: I just wonder why these photos are not credited by the photographer? how do we know when these were taken?

Jeannette Kravitz


You wanted Feedback?

comment: After surfing the net looking for stories of the on-going war in Iraq, I stumbled across your site. Interesting... to say the least.

However, I have one simple question for you... WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE OVER THERE??!

Do you really think posting pictures of the tragedies of war, especially pictures given to you buy (for lack of a better word) the enemy, are really going to make anyone feel differently about the war? For instance, how can you be sure that the little boy you showed with his head blown apart, didn't get that way from his own sick government? Saddam, his sons and that entire regime committed acts to their OWN people that would make that picture of the little boy seem tame on a weekly basis. As you proved with the pictures taken of OUR POW's. Oh, but the Iraqi media didn't give you THOSE pictures, did they. No, of course they didn't, because then it would just be proof for the world to see what our government has seen for the past decade and more.

War is a horrible consequence of failed diplomacy, it really is. You people need to grasp to the idea that we were not the ones who failed in diplomacy! Iraq was! For 12 years, they jacked the UN off, and continued to build up their WMD's and their military, against the very sanctions that the UN put against it. And look now at what we are discovering over there. The very countries that were against the Coalition are the countries who were suppling Saddam and his henchmen with technology and the abilities to produce weapons they themselves said Iraq could not have. The United States, U.K., Spain and Australia were the only countries to have the courage to tell the UN to go Fuck itself!

Nobody in this country wants a war! NOBODY! Yet, at the same time, we also don't want to see pictures like that of the little boy having his head blown apart by his own government. That is one of the many reasons we are over there, and for the life of me, I can not understand where you anti war people somehow think we should just let the Iraqi government continue on ruling their citizens like a herd of animals; to be taken to a slaughter whenever the mood strikes them. You people claim to be for peace and good will towards men, yet you conviently put blinders on when dispicable acts from people like Saddam get so bad, that military action becomes required to bring the very things you preach back to existance. Thats the funny thing about you liberals that I can't understand...You talk the talk, but when the time comes to really stand up for the core beliefs you say you have, you ns, chan ting stupid catch phrases, all so they can get coverage on the local T.V.. They go over seas to God foresaken lands, do what they are told when they are told to do it, and fight to maintain that idiots like you will always have the freedom and rights to do exactly that. And they don't complain about it, except to themselves. All you people do is hurt the soldiers that give you freedoms that no other society in the world has. YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS!!!!

Patrick Ryan


casualty pictures

comment: i have great respect for you and your work. thank you for the chink in the armour of censorship.



reply to tina

comment: Thank you for your web site. At least it shows that still their is some one on this earth can say the truth and dosomething to display it to others. May be,may be they wake up and stop this war. Also,I am surprised for tina who is asking about the story of the kid who died. May be before killing kids and women, soldier should interview them. Anyway, thank you for your effort in doing this web site.



caption info

comment: I find it troubling that these photos come without captions. From what I can tell, there is nothing telling when they were taken, who took them, or the details behind the images. Is there a possibility of this being done, why hasn't it been done already, and if there isn't this possibility - why? Thank you - I would appreciate a response.

M Lohmann


Propaganda What liberal propaganda crap.

You know Liberals are supposed to stand for peace and love.. they always preach PEACE PEACE PEACE.. then they go and destroy a 911 memorial .. they lay in front of traffic.. cause civil disobedience.. throw moltolv cocktails at police trying to keep the crowd under control. Liberals arent for peace, they are only for hate and violence. I saw those war pictures.. did you ever realize that those were pictures from other wars and crap that were broght on to those people NOT by the U.S. Does your staff ever watch the REAL NEWS? DO YOU NOT SEE THE PEOPLE IN IRAQ JUMPING FOR JOY, HUGGINE THE TROOPS, asking WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!? YOu are filled with so much hate in your black hearts.. you get a clouded judgement... you have tunnel vision allowing your hate to guide you, and that's just weak.

Monkey Nuggets

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