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More Scoop War Coverage Feedback

More Scoop War Coverage Feedback

During the military invasion of Iraq by the USA-UK-Australia Scoop published images that displayed the true reality of war. Our decision attracted must attention. Scoop also has received over 400 letters to the editor on this subject. Here are the latest received…

The Scoop editors welcome your feedback. Click here to send your feedback and views…


Your web site with pictures

Thank you for showing the world the other side of the war in Iraq. The pictures are horrible, but so is war. Some things that most people never see,are shown to them on your web site.Some won't like it and lash out with anger.Most of the American people

don't realize what's going on in our government,some don't want to know. That's the way some of us Americans are, we don't like to be shown are dark side. We need a reality check once in awhile, your site sure does that. I have to admit, when I first saw the Al Jazeera web site showing of the dead American soldiers my blood was boiling, some of them were obviously executed. I can't imagine the horror and pain those pictures must have brought to the fathers,mothers,relatives or friends of those slain. Terrible. I am sorry that they had to see those tragic pictures.

The truth of the matter is that none of this should have happened. The present administration, I like to refer to them as the lil goosestepper and his corporate pimps, have been in bed with saddam and company for decades. They gave him his power and his WMD, stood by while he committed his crimes against humanity, even helped him all along the way. It's documented and will be brought before the American people in due time. Greatly aided by people like you, I'd like to add.

The lil goosestepper and his corporate pimps violated the Constitution of the United States of America when they stole the election. They have violated the Constitution on a daily basis ever since and will be charged with treason accordingly, under the rights given to we the people of the United States of America under the Constitution of the United States of America, so help us God.

Thank you and keep up the good fight.

Raymond A. McPherson - American Patriot WA USA.


Gulf war

War is a tragedy! However, when faced with WMD and a rouge like Saddam. Do you think that it could have been avoided? Would Saddam read your articles with the conviction you wrote them. I do not think so, nor did President Bush. I do believe that President Bush look for every alternative and found none. It took courage to comment the armed forces to remove such a government. President Bush unstood and felt very much the same as you about war and its waste. But left without any other direction he stood up not just for the USA but the world. Rest assure that Saddam would not let you exist with your feelings. Maybe some day there will be leaders in the rest of the world that will have the compasion and courage as President Bush and then maybe what you feel and write about will be taken seriously enough for peace among all nations will become a reality. Until then let us hope that some

Forrest Jenkins


Guts needed

It takes guts to go ahead and publish images of atrocities US and British sources have tried their hardest to hide. These pictures obviously show the campaign was not as "clean" as our governments insist. Hats of off to you for your honesty.

Ali - UK


One Would Think

Greetings, One would think, you would have something better to do with your time than put together BS about other people in other countries.

Unless you were there or can provide proof of this, I don't see how or why you would print this rag trash on the Internet. Plus I don't think Saddum would be an outstanding citizen of any country in the entire world. Maybe what Bush should have done is move Saddum and his sons to New Zealand. Then we would see how wonderful & comical paradise New Zealand would be in a few short years. How's that for a scoop? The USA does not want to be the global police department, but who do the idiots of the world go after, the people they don't understand. I mean we have enough of our own problems without going out looking to settle someone else's. By the way, who provides more humanitarian support than any 150 other countries put together? In this world. Most of this support (food & medical supplies) is ripped off by the military to feed it's fighting men. Take the blinders off and look at the real world.

Rick Jorgensen



How is it that you do not post graphic photos of those millions murdered by Hussein and Bin Ladin? How is it they get a pass from you, as the American Military is slammed for trying to put a stop to such wanton murder?

God Bless America and her President. Finally we have a leader that takes a stand against such evil.

Now is the Time

Hello, You all have been doing a wonderful job to now. However, now is the time when real photographs and stories from the gound in Iraq are critical. The dominant representation of a clean, quick, and glorious war needs to be countered. Thanks. Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson


your website and pictures

It is good that you show the pictures of war casualties. I read articles acusing you of being biassed and asking about the millions Saddam has killed, I feel that it is important to remember that Saddam was in US terms a cruel dictator, installed by and backed by the US, but still a cruel dictator, who was added to the terrorist list in 1975 when he nationalised Iraqi oil instead of letting Britain and the US "RUN" it. A cruel dictator who was led to believe by the US that an invasion of disputed territory in Kuwait would be overlooked. Who Did not throw babies out of incubators. That was pure propoganda. The US Government doesn't mind cruel dictators as long as follow US policy, SO in the dark at the start of the ground war in gulf war 1, the Liberating civilised US led troops using ploughs and bulldozers, buried 70 kilometers of Iraqi trenches soldiers and all, some trying to surrender, some wounded, and nearly all, teenage conscripts. Yes Saddam was very bad, what are WE.

Ian McKenzie (Scotland)


War Photos

I am a disabled Vietnam veteran and a 22 year career military veteran having served in enlisted and commissioned positions.

Vietnam veterans are especially sensitive to the dishonesty and propaganda that is routinely purveyed by the Government. I recall that during Vietnam the government told us that Ho Chi Minh was a monsterous despot. In reality he was a nationalistic zealot who cared a great deal about the fate of his country and his people. The US government told us that if we didn't fight communism in Vietnam the infamous "domino theory" would cause all the countries in Souith East Asia to fall to communist dictators. That turned out to be a lie too. They lied about the puppet regiemes they installed in the South who all turned out to be greedy despots. The US Governemt lied about the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident. Later we found out that the incident was a fabrication and it never happened. They lied about CIA involvement in the war and about having troops in Laos and Cambodia. The Governement

Most patriotic US Citizens can now clearly see that the same condidtions now exist again. We are first told that we must attack Iraq in the war on terrorism. Then we are told that we are fighting for to eliminate weapons of mass destruction (that have never been found). Then we are told that we are going to war to free the Iraqi people. It is increasingly obvious to any thinking human that the Iraqi's don't want the US there... the intervention is being viewed as another crusade. But the short sighted administration is imposing their own desires on iraq, instigating conditions for hundreds more "Bin Ladens" while the rich get richer and the poor go to war and die. So Cheney's "Haliburton Company" gets awarded a non-competitive bid to rebuild the country and Bechtel, a large Bush contributor, gets another.

All but the unthinking "Limbaugh Lemming" conservatives can plainly see the facts and the truth. Those that must tune into the radio to discover what political opinion they should have or which right wing propaganda must be regurgitated will continue to remain deluded. They will continue to wave their flags in a hollow gesture of patriotism criticising the paficists while our corporate press marches the government propaganda line.

Thanks for the web site and a view of the truth from an objective source.

Aaron – USA



Your photos are eloquent testimony to the warped brains and weasel words of Bush and his henchmen and henchwomen.

Thank you.

Phil, College Park, MD


Feedback on U.S. War in Iraq

I can´t believe that the U.S. Government, who once liberated germany and europe from the nazi´s, now uses the same term to justify their war in iraq. There is no doubt that this war was about oil. Just take a look at Bush´s Gouverment and how parts of their election campaign were financed. By the oil industry. then take a look on the media campaign in the U.S. More then 2/3 of the american people didn´t know that the Iraq is the country with the 2nd worlds largest oil resources when the war started. why was this fact concealed? A German politician compared G.W. Bush jun. with Hitler. I wouldn´t go this far, but there is a sentence from Hermann Göring, one of the Nazi leaders:

During the Nuremberg Trials he said(approximately):

"To get your country behind you for a war, you just have to say your country is attacked, tell them who´s the enemy and judge everyone who´s against the war as not patriotic and against your country. This works at any time, in any country."

I think there´s nothing more to be said about this.

I once liked America, i was even thinking about moving there, but this war has changed my mind. We germans already had our war, and I´m proud of our Gouverment, who stood firm against the war. I´m a peace-loving man, but the pictures of the wounded and killed iraqi civilians made me angry. on our tv-stations i saw a man who needs a coagulate-restraining medicine. to heal him, it would take medicine worth 300$. but these were not included in the 80 billions for the war. if this war had really been for the iraqi people, then why are the same people dying?

Thank you, for giving me a possibility to say what i feel and think.

P.S. No war is good, and there will never be a surgical war, no matter how far we improve our weapons. The Iraqi people know that.

Thomas Gottwald


President George bush is now the Baghdad Bomber!

Thank you for putting the information out there for the public. The jewish masters of the American media would have us all in the dark. President G. W. Bush is forevermore to be labeled as the Baghdad bomber! I am shocked and apalled at the civilians we have killed. Several thousand between Afghanastan, and Iraq. He never proved his case for the war on terrorism. Obviously he dosent have to? Why were Donald Rumsfield, and Joint Chief Meyers not fired for the NORAD failure on 9-11? Why did M. Chertof (asst atty justice-Jewish American) allow all of those Israeli intelligence officers to go back to israel? They were only filming and hi fiving the world trade ctr disaster! Why was the role of the FBI covered up in the first attempt to blow up the world trade towers? When will tyrany visit our doors?

Jim Deshler - Sunnysouth, Alabama.


Remote Detonation

Our news (public radio and public television included) in United States does not cover Rachel Corrie, Ben Artzi and similar stories. The guy who worked as a free agent after Mossad career and told reporters about covert operations including remote detonation of explosives to appear as suicide bombings was barely mentioned. News just said, "More on that story coming up." That was it. Any info on who the agent was or if he has written a book or what became of the news story? Thanks, Nona

Victoria J Reeder


Your Outstanding War Coverage

It's actually humorous to read the comments from the pro vs. anti war supporters. The pro war comments are typically littered with profanity and anger while the anti war comments support their stance with reason and calm. The "pro war" needs to understand that freedom of speech applies to ALL speech, even if the opinion differs from theirs. If they're so supportive of the war, then they should grab a gun and buy a ticket to Iraq. The American public wants a "Hollywood War" where there are no close ups of the dead, dying and wounded. Time to pull your head out of the sand, People! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU GO TO WAR. Take some RESPONSIBILITY for your actions and realize that your actions have CONSEQUENCES. A little ACCOUNTABILITY would go a long way here. Leaders are not Gods hence there is no need for the subservient attitude and blind faith from the American Public.

Name: Not Willing To Disclose


Question: Is Al Jazeera Down Again?

I have had problems getting Al Jazeera website for 2 days now - do you know if hackers have killed it again ? I have read Al Jazeera a lot - and I´m sorry to see its no longer possible now. Do you have any ideas ?? Like your paper - read it all the time !

Angela – Europe



I think you showing these pictures does nothing but make me angry but not at the US but at your lack of class. Do people need to see these pictures to see that innocent people get killed in war? Why not play Saving Private Ryan over and over again. The US doesnt use these kind of pictures because everyone has an imagination and can figure out that war is ugly and cruel. We didnt show dead bodies in the twin towers, we didnt show people jumping out of the windows so the world could see how horrible the tragedy was. We all know those people suffered without having those pictures. We were praying that the people of Iraq would be safe, we didnt want civilian casualties and we pray for all innocent lives lost..You know Iraqi Freedom is not the first war ever fought in the world. Why now are we publishing these kind of pictures? Have we become so de-sensatized that it takes pictures like

Edy Wheeler


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