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Deadly Medicine - Balancing the Picture

Deadly Medicine

Balancing the Picture

By Pam Blowers


The following article was originally commissioned for publication in Organic NZ magazine’s July edition. However, the scale of reaction to deficiencies at Pan Pharmaceuticals has generated so much confusion and unease over the safety of commonly available health remedies and supplements we have decided it needs to be released now.

Organic NZ is the publication of the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, the country’s oldest publication dedicated to sustainable and organic production. (Established 1941)


The Pan Pharmaceutical debacle has brought home once again to me that the time has really come when we can no longer rely on other people and in particular any Government Health Department, no matter who is in power, to look after our health.

It seems "Travacalm", a synthetic medicine caused some pretty nasty side effects. But instead of recalling all synthetic medicines the TGA put out a recall on all dietary supplements!

Considering around 80 people a week die from prescription medicines here in New Zealand and not one death is recorded from any dietary supplement is it any wonder some people 'smell a rat"!

One case of measles and the medical hierarchy has everyone running around hysterically screaming 'epidemic' with full support from the media. Yet 80 deaths a week (government statistics) from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs don't even warrant a mention! Why do people accept so many deaths or being maimed by pharmaceutical drugs without a murmur?

Powerful pharmaceutical companies are not keeping secret any longer their goal of world control of all herbs, vitamins, minerals and other therapeutic products. So you can expect more and more attempts to undermine public confidence in any 'natural product' or process.

The unwarranted SARS scare, hyped up by a frenzied media, even has mothers worrying about sending their children to school, yet we don't even have one confirmed case here. Advertising of the Flu vaccine has soared even though it can have no affect on the SARS virus but will undermine the immune system, according to Dr Mercola and many others in the field.

China lost 4000 people in a 1996 Flu epidemic and it hardly made a ripple over here. The most disconcerting aspect I find is how the media can panic and frighten people beyond belief. Now that really is POWER!

You will see the pattern evident over and over, whether measles, meningitis, SARS, Flu, whenever there are drugs or vaccines to be sold.

People are being turned into sick dependants at the mercy of and indirectly controlled by their governments, and don't even realise it is happening.

Governments themselves are slowly signing away the rights to govern their own country in the small print of agreements, such as Codex and World Trade Organisation treaties.

There is NO money to be made and NO control to be had over healthy people.

People must become ill or be made fearful enough to become dependant. It starts with the first scan on a pregnant woman, a procedure once only used if a problem was envisaged, but now accepted as normal procedure. Tell someone you are pregnant and the response is "Oh how lovely. Have you had your scan yet"?

Mum-to-be can proudly display pictures of their unborn baby having his first dose of radiation.

Then for baby, with his immature immune system, comes vaccines that carry aluminium, formaldehyde, and enough mercury or its derivatives to be way above the WHO own limits set for adults, let alone infants. These are all substances well documented to cause neurological problems or damage to cells, so the stage is now set for future sickness or disease, and drug dependency is thus created! Not only created but blindly accepted.

As drugs only treat or suppress symptoms and side effects can be worse than the original problem the number of people seeking more natural treatment grows steadily, hence the inroad into pharmaceutical profits and control.


Look through some Health Shop doors and you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps you were looking into a Chemist shop.

For years the Natural or Alternative Health Profession has decried the medical practitioners use of a pill for every symptom or ailment one can suffer from. But one has to ask are they now any different? Look again through that Health shop door and you will also see a pill for every symptom or ailment that one can suffer from, it is indeed an extremely lucrative business, so it is small wonder the Pharmaceutical Companies want total control and to grab the profits generated.

I personally applaud those Health Shops, now leading the way, stocking organic foods and giving advice on diet and lifestyle instead of just pushing pills. Sure the customer is not always happy about this and is it any wonder. A few days ago I was listening to a Naturopath on the radio debating poor digestion, only the appropriate pills for different symptoms were discussed.

The “pill for every ill” mentality is going to take some rocking to knock it off it's perch - but it can be done.

Maybe the 'Pan' debacle will make us all have a good rethink on the issue of how we keep ourselves healthy today without relying on companies making pills for us, natural or synthetic.

Cynical I most certainly may seem to be on this issue, but I do not believe there are many manufacturers out there that one can trust to turn out a trustworthy consumable product. The one exception I believe is the Organic manufacturer or producer because many of them have ended up owning and running their own business through frustration (just as I did) that if you want something you can trust then you are going to have to make it yourself.

If you want to take Bee Pollen, Kelp powder, Herbs, Vitamin C etc don't pay a factory to churn it out in pills or capsules when it can be taken just as it is.

Mixed into food or whizzed into drinks. Sea-water taken from rock pools on an ocean beach just after the tide goes out is a rich source of minerals. As is the liquid from a washed, organic eggshell steeped in water or apple cider vinegar for 24 hours.

Don't ever fall for the old "health today has improved thanks to modern medicine". Longevity has improved mainly due to water uncontaminated by sewage, refrigeration and personal hygiene.

Healthy bodies can only come from Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean food.

This article may be used freely in whole or in part. Appropriate acknowledgement of Organic NZ magazine, Soil & Health Association of NZ, and the author would be appreciated.

For further information contact: Pam Blowers: "Pam Blowers" Allan Baddock, Editor, Organic NZ Simon Browne, Soil and Health Association of NZ (Inc.) A fuller version of this article will be published in the July edition of Organic NZ.

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