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When Mounties Stormed The Melting Pot Café

When Mounties Stormed The Melting Pot Café

Nikki McGinn Writes

Nikki McGinn is a 33 year-old New Zealander who is fighting Canadian anti-marijuana laws in British Columbia

So, the news has hit the media "downunder", thanks to the marketing skills of Paul Hughes, strangely enough. Funny how things work out when we all step back, and look at the bigger picture. Paul came to our aid on Saturday by looking out for our best interests, and assisting with the move out of the Winlaw location for "The Melting Pot Cafe".

The cafe is being closed down as part of the "release terms", or "kidnapping release terms" by the Nelson RCMP, who literally stormed the small town cafe, in Winlaw, the Kootenay's, British Columbia, Canada!

Six burley men burst through the door waving their guns, yelling and screaming, on this last sunny Friday afternoon. I filmed the whole thing, but of course they have stolen all incriminating evidence against them, and locked it away, where the tape will probably get left next to a magnet in the evidence room.

My customers were given quite the afternoon of entertainment, but we all survived the incident relatively intact. I was physically removed from my premises, and handcuffed while still holding my digital video camera. They started their own film as they wrestled the camera out of my cuffed hands.

Although I have been in a great deal of communication with the RCMP since Feb 03, with regards to my rights as a natural flesh and blood sovereign corporate sole, the RCMP choose to use what could have potentially been deadly force against me on Friday.

They "allege", and remember it was still an allegation when they burst through my door brandishing their weapons, that I was "trafficking a controlled substance" (marijuana). I am a little confused about this, because I never took the pot anywhere! It just sat on the counter in a basket, and occasionally someone would like a bag, and compensate me fairly for my ability to share with them a little of the sacred herb.

I can't recall the last time I even had a school yard scrap, let a lone handcuffed someone, and kidnapped them, only releasing them on the terms: that they close down their place of business (also residence), stay out of the community they had been living, and give them an "order to appear" in a location where I would conduct a secret meeting with my friends in a language they could not understand, so I can decide what else I am going to extort from them. So I hope you all understand why I have chosen to take on the system in this manner.

The system is out of control; to restore peace and harmony we have to stand up for our RIGHTS when we have not caused loss or damage to anyone’s property or injury to anyone (probable cause, or corpus delecti.). My parents brought me up right, to live by the "Golden Rule". A system is out of control when a government (CANADA, US, NZ, AUSTRALIA, they’re all the same) hides the truth from the people to keep them enslaved.

We live in a corporate world and our right to live as freemen (and women) is being eroded daily. We are now governed by "POLOCY", "CODE", "STATUTE" and "LEGISTATE". God's Law - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", is obsolete in the "Commercial Justice Systems”, which control the WESTERN WORLD.

In this day and age, nobody has the right to use force against another, to enforce his or her reality. Justice and Law enforcement needs to calm, orderly, expressed clearly, investigative, and in the both the investigation and the justice demanded, morally and ethically, cannot be more then the "alleged" crime committed.

I was "rail-roaded" in the Castlegar Provincial Court yesterday when I “appeared” for the second first appearance. Take this all in loose terms, I turned up to make sure the Court had received my Affidavit of Denial of Corporate Existence, but that is another chapter for when we get back from a couple of days soaking in the wild Canadian hot springs, taking it easy. As you can imagine it has been a very busy few days for us, busted on Friday, packing up and moving out of the café and then court on Monday. Don’t for a minute think that wasn’t planned, they know what we are doing is valid, that is why they waited until Mike was away before they hit the café, and that’s why they had him removed from the court yesterday, he knows his stuff folks, but they got quite the surprise, it seems my homework is paying off too. We are ordering a transcript of the “appearance” because the judge didn’t answer many vital questions posed to him by me but used diversion and bluster tactics on me, but I did get many important things read into the court records that will help me down the road.

A special thanks also to Mike who knowing me well, walked into the café and got himself arrested to come get me out, I would have spent the weekend there in defiance, refusing to sign anything.

Back refreshed and ready to talk in a couple of days, in the meantime please feel free to talk to Paul Hughes who has some info on what we are doing…

Upcoming President setting cases for Nichola :McGinn (Nikki), and Michael :Garand (Mike) both Natural Flesh and Blood Sovereign Corporate Soles, on July 23 2003

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