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Scoop Feedback: Red Sheds, Nazis & Bras For Kids

In This Edition: Tindall Foundation Strings Attached - On Bush's Nazi Ties... - Are We So Blind?

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Tindall Foundation Strings Attached

Dear Editor

Rod Donald is correct to suggest strings are attached for recipients of Tindall Foundation funding.

An example is "The Jobs Trust" and its "Mayors For Jobs" scheme , whose Tindall funded co-coordinator has not yet accepted my challenge to raise the matter of "import substitution" to promote jobs.

Another prime ministerial example is Helen Clark. One hardly expects her to utter the words "import" and "substitution" in the same sentence, while flying around the countryside at taxpayers expense, opening Warehouse stores and seeking her friend Mr Tindall's advice regarding economic growth strategies for New Zealand. This is akin to asking the cats advice on how best to look after the canary.

While much is heard of the few million dollars the Tindall foundation distributes to local communities, this is only a dribble compared with the silent river of money flowing from its source - the New Zealand public via The Warehouse - into overseas economies.

For the record, The Warehouse spent at least $600 million last year buying imported products from foreign manufacturers. This is 98.7% more than the Tindall foundation distributed in New Zealand last year.

Ms Clark should wake up and smell the home-grown roses, not the fake imported silk varieties made by Chinese prison labourers. (*)

Yours sincerely Stephen Tindall - the woman Founder of MADENZ

(*) I have documented evidence of this.


On Bush's Nazi Ties...


I don't know exactly how much you know regarding the Bush family money being tied into the nazi regime under Hitler, but allow me to give you some other facts to go with your recent article.

Indeed, Prescott Bush was in league with the Nazi regime. This is proven in the fact that he helped to bankroll a German company called I.G. Farben. Farben constructed and operated 40 Concentration camps in occupied Europe, including Auchwitz.

At the same time, Prescott Bush (and George Herbert Walker) provided the Nazis with tactically crucial synthetic materials, while withholding the same materials and patents from the US Government as synthetic oils, drugs and weapons were manufactured at the slave/death camps. On October 20, 1942, the federal government seized the Union Banking Corporation in New York City as a front operation for the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a director. Bush, E. Roland Harriman, two Bush associates, and three Nazi executives owned the bank's shares.

Eight days later, the Roosevelt administration seized two other corporations managed by Prescott Bush. The Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, both managed by the Bush-Harriman bank, were accused by the US federal government of being front organizations for Hitler's Third Reich.

Again, on November 8, 1942, the federal government seized Nazi-controlled assets of Silesian-American Corporation, another Bush-Harriman company doing business with Hitler. After Prescott's assets were siezed under the Trading with the Enemy act, the Bush family sent George Bush (to be come George Sr.) into the military as a fighter pilot (although he became a torpedo bomber pilot) to offset the family guilt of being traitors.

Check for more info on this.

You may also find it interesting to know that another American company that was very deeply involved with the Nazi logistics, improving the efficiency of the segregation, identification and seclusion of the Jews, not to mention bringing their transport to the Nazi death camps to an astounding level of lethal efficiency, was none other than International Business Machines (IBM) who provided the Nazis with a custom punch-card reading system and provided US based support to service the system.

Not only has the Bush family directly supported the past Nazi Reich, but people are drawing many parallels between the current Bush administration's actions and how Hitler came to be installed as Supreme Chancellor...

Both have used national catastrophes to widen their powers. Hitler used the Reichstag fire, Bush used Sept 11th.... They also used the mishaps to make sweeping changes to relieve the general public of a great amount of personal freedoms and democracy. Hitler used the SD, SS and exercised a number of sweeping legal and parliamentary reforms, Bush uses the Homeland Security Act and Patriot Act.

Scary, isn't it?

George Curtis


Are We So Blind?

Xtra news on line read:

“A child psychologist wants girls to be left to develop at their own rate. News The Warehouse is looking at bringing in padded bras targeted at 8- to 12-year-old girls has raised alarms. Massey University Associate Professor John Kirkland says girls already try to look and act older than their age by using makeup. He says the padded bras are sending out the wrong messages, promoting an allurement which might not be there otherwise”.

Are we so deaf?

Have you listened to both sides:

The other piece of news is that the prostitution reform bill goes before parliament this Wednesday 11th, the legislation is faulty, it does little to protect the prostitutes but it does much to advance the acceptance of local brothels in your neighbourhood .

Are we so selfish?

That we close off, and look no further than ourselves, who cares for the next generation and the ones that follow. You can have your say, it is simple, write a letter to the paper, email your MP, phone talk back, visit and get clear about this bill, do not delay, time is nearly up!

Yours faithfully

Lynn Leech,


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