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Scoop Audience Responds 2: Want US Warships In NZ?

Scoop Audience Responds: Want US Warships In NZ?

  • Original Article: Survey Photo-Essay: Do We Want U.S Warships in NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop viewers click here to send us your views. Should U.S. Warships be allowed into New Zealand’s waters?
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    Feedback On US Warships

    "All the wars are staged and we are merely players in them"

    Feedback on the US warshits was interesting. Essentially, I agree with all the No's, especially the colourfully honest views of Frank 'Frank' Martin. The strong yes's sound more like screeching lobsters. Max Bradfords idiomatic brilliance, "securing world security", looks like it was cut from the sexed up British Govt. report on Iraq's WMD, while Eric Good's language "core Foreign Policy issue" points clearly at the source of his bread and butter. The moderate yes's, like Mirek Marcanik, still haven't figured out the USA today is not the USA of 60 years ago, except insofar as the same aristocracy is pulling the strings. Mr. Marcanik also confuses privilege with rights. The USA has no 'right' to seek harbour for its death machines in New requires permission. When permission is given, such is a privilege for the beneficiary. One could suggest to the USA that the ships can have their stores of food, etc, replenished 200 nautical miles offshore of NZ. Unless the ships are in distress, we have no obligation to them whatsoever, and there is no technical reason why they can't be restocked in transit. The sailors can entertain themselves on board.

    We can emphatically reject the accusations of emotional claptrap, shameless bias, etc, against Scoop. Scoop's photo essay included quotes from another source, a simple question about whether Scoop readers wanted the ships, some pictures of the ships with factual statements, and finally, an example of the damage they can cause. Who then is guilty of emotional claptrap and shameless bias? It is those who deny the horror of war. It is those who deny the greedy economic manipulation behind it. It is those who pepper their speech with disgusting euphemisms such as "collateral damage". It is those who are frightened of facing the innocent, limbless, sightless, disfigured and broken victims of premeditated systematised violence. Violence that has its origins in "policy".

    As for the visits, I fear the decision has already been made. The only question that remains is how far NZ'rs are prepared to go to prevent the USnAzi's from parking their polluting, child-killing, maiming-machines in NZ harbours.

    Readers will recall Scoop's recent picture of NZ's pretty Prime Minister cuddling up to the dangerous seducer and world renowned warmonger, H. KISSINGER. What silky arguments were whispered in her delicate ear in Korea? An economic incentive here, a veiled threat there?

    I don't expect much wet stuff was needed to slide the arguments into a power-hungry political trollette who is less concerned with justice, morality, or the well being of New Zealanders than she is concerned with maintaining the existing Order. Otherwise she would have refused to talk to the warmonger.

    Surely, the Prime Minister of NZ has been instructed about how bad things are going to get, and what she has to do about it. She ain't the least bit interested in resisting the advances of the NWO-corporatist-fascist crowd. She's more interested in paying off foreign debt (tribute), keeping the supply of useless, distracting trinkets flowing in NZ and greasing a path into a cushy job at an International Organisation after her long awaited retirement from domestic bloodsucking. The path of least resistance, my friends.

    Be sure also, that the NZ military magpies are pecking furiously at the no-nuke framework. Their careers depend on it.

    And what of the resounding silence of Helen and the [not yet former ] Labour Members of Putrefaction on this subject...or was there the standard response of "there are no plans to change the policy"? I saw no rebuttal to the bullying bastard Grant Aldonas, US undersecretary of commerce (international trade). That fat leech's comments were a threat of economic violence against New Zealand. Someone feed him a spoonful of his own country's uranium medicine, why not!

    READ BETWEEN THE LINES. No denial = we've already made up our minds. Silence is assent.

    What of the possiblity of a split in the Labour-Green coalition govt? If this subject is raised in the House of unRepresentatives, there is an enormous risk of a split...and the inevitable result of that would be an ACT-unNational tongue firmly up the hole of The Great Whore.

    If Helen and Co stand up to the USnAzi's, the internal pressure to submit to the false worldview manufactured by the USAinc state dept and the oh so terrible threat of an attack (probably a set-up like that in Bali, if one should occur in NZ) , then I shall eat the page of my printed words and bow down, in public, before the assembled Members of Parliament with a rose between my teeth.

    But I am not convinced that NZ politicans are savvy enough to resist. Most of them come from social backgrounds that foster the love of money - where morality and justice are slipped under the back seat of the Pajero or the state-funded Fairmont to collect dust, crumbs and hair.

    In the meantime, principled New Zealanders have prepare themselves for the ship visits. The amount of protest required to stop this awful horror will probably require an uprising an order of magnitude or two above the Springbok Tour protests of 1981. How many of you are prepared to risk death or imprisonment to stop what appears to be inevitable?

    The wars of the USA are not against nations or terrorist groups so much as they are against peoples EVERYWHERE. Because you are so far away from WORLDHQ, you can afford to take the path of resistance. Your geographical isolation and ability to feed yourselves gives you distinct advantages; it gives you the freedom of dissent, and as the manufactured wars of The Great Whore are against all peoples, you have a moral responsibility to use your advantages and talents to chip away at the foundations of that predatory beast, the corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (and to those who don't recognise the distinction I'm making, the corporation is not the people) It may mean no cellphones, no colour tellies, no internet, getting your pay in a little brown envelope, old cars again and petrol at $5 a litre - but that's better than being beholden to a cabal of liars, destroyers, looters and poisoners!

    I hope I've completely misread the situation.

    A. McLellan - France

    Warships in New Zealand Waters.

    No!! Stuff the arrogant S--s. The bullies of the world. And so self righteous, it makes me puke. Not usually so forthright but I have had it with the USA.

    Colin Curtis - NZ

    Previous Letter Does Scoop And NZ A Disservice

    Dear Sir,

    I have been an avid reader and contributor to your web-site for some time.

    I have found it illuminating, interesting, controversial and full of a wealth of information that is serious, light-hearted and even trivial.

    Generally, the tone of your correspondents, feature writers, letter writers etc has been of a high quality and eminently readable.

    However, the last letter in your feedback page on "Do we want U.S. Ships in NZ?" defies description.

    It not only demonstrates the total illiteracy of Frank Martin - NZ but, regrettably, a colossal lowering of the standards of your web-site.

    I am no prude and certainly endorse the democratic right of individuals to express their views. But in this manner.

    I am sorry, but allowing this one to be released on to your site does you, everyone associated with Scoop and New Zealand generally a major disservice.

    Mirek Marcanik - Wellington


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