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Scoop Audience Responds4: Want US Warships In NZ?

Scoop Audience Responds4: Want US Warships In NZ?

  • Original Article: Survey Photo-Essay: Do We Want U.S Warships in NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback2: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback3: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop viewers click here to send us your views. Should U.S. Warships be allowed into New Zealand’s waters?
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    All the wars are staged

    The response by A McLellan - France to the feedback on the question of "Do we want U.S. Warships in NZ?" is both illuminating and indicative of the gulf that exists between people's ideological viewpoints.

    I will be the first to admit that the U.S. government (particularly certain areas of its administration) are less than "squeaky clean" in their objectives. However, I would ask Mr McLellan to identify one government that is.

    By and large, I have found the U.S. populace to be generous to a fault and while they (along with most other people of the world) are either materialistic or endeavour to be, they are also more prepared than most to share in that wealth.

    I wonder if Mr McLellan has ever stopped to consider the plight of the rest of the world if America decided to close its boarders and live out the rest of its time on this earth in isolation, as it could very easily do.

    The total lack of financial and material resource provided to these countries would very soon see their economies collapse along with the social order. Most, if not all would return to tribalism. Anarchy would prevail and we would see border incursions and invasion on a mammoth scale.

    In addition, those remaining countries with any degree of wealth (either financial or material) would simply try to fill the void left using any means at their disposal including bribery, coercion, invasion and a host of other "dog-eat-dog" means at their disposal, including what Mr McLellan seems to believe only the U.S. is capable of.

    As for his comments regarding the "right" to visit New Zealand, it is obvious that he has misread my remarks on this in his haste to chastise me. He implies that I said the U.S. "has the right" to visit New Zealand when in fact what I said was, and I quote: Conversely, by not according them right (that is, New Zealand - my verification) to unhindered passage and safe haven within our territorial waters etc.". The whole sentence related to New Zealand according them the right, NOT the U.S. assuming the right. That is quite different.

    As for the sailors entertaining themselves on board it is obvious that Mr McLellan has no concept of life a board a naval vessel. Certainly, from everything one sees in the movies and news-clips on television it seems as though they are well catered for.

    The reality is that while they are, from the point of view of food and static entertainment, it is certainly not the case with their accommodation and ability to find peace of mind in a space of their own. Most either live, sleep and eat in confined dormitories or cabins with no natural light, often sharing the same bunk with another on a rotational basis. This can be for periods of up to six months or more at a time. Would you live like that Mr McLellan.

    For entertainment, yes, they have things like television, radio, movies etc but to get out and about among other "normal" people and enjoy the freedom of walking down a main street and looking into the shops or having a quite cold beer in a pub is just not available, hence the requirement for rest and recreational leave in a "friendly" port. Yet, because of his totally intolerant attitude, Mr McLellan would deny these young people that "right".

    Oh well, in addition to the gulf that exists between people's ideological viewpoints I guess there is also a gulf between peoples understanding and knowledge.

    Mirek Marcanik – Wellington NZ



    US warships should not be allowed here. We should not give succour to terrorists...

    Paul D - NZ


    US Warships in NZ waters

    Absolutely positively definitely NO!!!

    Richard Bentley – NZ


    Another mention

    Today's has a mention of Scoop in the story
    Wolfowitz Admits Iraq War Planned Two Days After 9-11



    US Warship Visits

    Retain the Ban. Maybe when the Bush Junta starts practising the democracy, disarmament and free trade it Preaches from on High, their ships will be welcome, but as a sovereign state we reserve the right to not allow nuclear powered vessels into our country. Sorry, George. The visits serve no real purpose, it is all just a smokescreen to exert pressure on NZ and get us back into the game. Bite me, America.

    Craig Lucinsky - NZ


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