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Scoop Reader's Write On US Warships In NZ (5)

Scoop Audience Responds5: Want US Warships In NZ?

  • Original Article: Survey Photo-Essay: Do We Want U.S Warships in NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback2: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback3: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop Feedback 4: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?
  • Scoop viewers click here to send us your views. Should U.S. Warships be allowed into New Zealand’s waters?
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    US warships in NZ

    I am an American. As this causes me to feel increasingly more shame and anger each day, I feel that I need to share my opinion with you. Please, for the love of humanity and all that is good in the world, please don't let the US government bully New Zealand into allowing its tools of destruction to park themselves in your harbors. I have always admired New Zealand's convictions in keeping the country non-nuclear--during the last year I've even seriously considering moving there for that and many other reasons. Please keep your country the bastion of reasonable thinking that I feel it is. Thank you.

    Kathryn Bouscaren - USA


    US Warships

    (unabridged) I've read with intrest the reaction of Having US naval Vessels vist or pass thru NZ's territory. Several question have came to mind..are the same feelings expresssed towards naval vessels of other nuclear powers...would the feeling for this change of Bush were not the President (would make a difference, or is it a objection over politics)..or is it a feeling that the USA is a evil Empire bent on World Domination( if the countries we've conqured) it the result that the US produces 1/3rd of the worlds GDP..or could it be that if not for the US Navy along with others that choose to stand and fight not so long ago..the people of NZ..might be speaking Japenese today. I dont think the people of NZ...owe the USA anything...but we don't deserve to have our face spit in either. Oh yeah...are the anti-war folks in NZ comfortable with Saddam's throwing people into wood in prisons...mass murders..if so they arn't alone..the anti-war crowd in the US dosent seem to mind it either. So...Peace to the people of NZ..hope they never have to ENDURE anything like 911.



    No US warships in NZ

    As a kiwi who supported David Lange's break with the US in the mid-80's I believe in it even more-so now after the events of the last 2-3 years.

    Bob Duncan


    US Ships, Nuclear Ban

    The United States has military personnel stationed in 140 of the worlds 179 countries. Are we going to just be one more? We should stand up to increasing American militarism and economic bullying, or we will eventually slide, like Australia is doing, into the abyss of military and economic servitude - nothing more than a 'breadbasket' as we were for the British Empire pre 1960s.......

    Daniel Bilson


    American Warships...

    ...or anything from the US military...the answer is NOT WANTED...

    Paul Annear



    Let them in. Its about time we got rid of Lange's views, and let New zealanders back into 21st century. Nuclear is here to stay. I'm sick and tired of this presents governments commuists views.



    nuclear ships

    The US refuses to allow nuclear ships into big city ports in the US such as New York because of the safety risk - why should we allow them into NZ?



    Yes To Us Warships In NZ

    yes - let's not be stupid any longer. they're on our side and let's keep it that way.

    John Denton


    US Warships

    Yes, they should be allowed into our waters; they pose no danger to us but in fact are a deterent to those who would cause us danger.More nuclear radiation is presently in the Auckland area than the less than 0.1% a nuclear ship would emit if tied up at a wharf for a year.

    John McDonald


    U.S. Warships

    I think Scoops message is emotional drivel. Until such time as the United Nations has it's own capable military force and the determination to use it when obviously necessary, the U.S. is it's 'de facto' peace enforcer.. I wonder what 'Scoop' was doing when the US held the Japanese invading forces in the Solomons Is., and the Coral Sea?? he US may not be perfect, nor do I necessarily agree with all she does --- but as the 'much -lesser' than all other evils, I will support her in the world today. As for deniying US warships from our ports --- this is 'straining out gnats, and swallowing camels'!! History, momentarily, laughs at us!

    Max Hope


    Nuclear Warships

    I oppose visits by nuclear powered or armed warships to NZ, of any flag or nation. Being so geographically remote, any such visits makes NZ more of a target than offering any defense benefit. Nuclear power has never yet addressed satisfactorily the waste & environmental damage "what if" scenario.

    Peter Armstrong, Auckland NZ


    US Ships in NZ Waters

    What history books has Mirek Marcanik been reading? What did America do while Brittian was being bombed in 1940/41. Doing what she always does, making money from it! And what about the influencial Joe Kennedy, not to mention the traitor Prescott Bush, grandfather of the present criminal in power, weren't they Nazi sympathizers? The greatest threat to world peace and harmony is the present US Administration. And so there is no confusion, I do not lump the American people in with the cabal in power. US does little but serve it's own interests and a reading of some unbiased history may illuminate that fact if Mirek were truly interested. As to the question of allowing either nuclear powered or armen ships in our territorial waters NO WAY. And their continual blackmail over the subject shows the moral bankruptcy of their case. As they refuse to declare the fact of their weapons on boar arrogan t pact of s**tbags they a

    Gerald Lynch


    Want US Warships In NZ?

    Yes, because unlike the pacifist wimps in government I KNOW who saved New Zealand in WWII, and it wasn't China, France, or any of the other countries Ms Clark courts. When we need help, be it trade or Defence, our contributions, made or otherwise, will be considered, and found wanting.

    W H Howell


    US Warships in NZ waters?

    No way! Let us not support the empire with the largest collection of WMD's in the history of the world.

    Gerry Meister


    US Navy ships

    Yes we should welcome US Navy ships whether or not they are nuclear propelled. Weapons do not come into it. They were removed from their ships some years ago.

    Hugh Webb


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