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Behind the Veil: Hardships for America & Muslims

New Hardships for America and Muslims

by Aesha Lorenz Al-Saeed*

Another huge hardship in America has occurred. A mass power outage in the North Eastern states, including New York State. The official government reasons for the electricity service disruption is that the equipment was outdated, and no service protectors were in place.

However, one wonders: could it really have been a terrorist act and the government doesn't wish to alarm the citizens with another breach of security attack? Did not some radical rightists threaten to do just this two years ago? And don't call them Muslims, please! Prophet Muhammed would NEVER have condoned an act such as that against all the innocent lives which were not even in military service, but just normal citizens.

Perhaps because of this sudden power outage that is the reason that some Muslim clerics and others are under new fresh suspicion although they were cleared of the past charges. After the last arrests they would certainly be foolish to do any other wrong activity to put increase bad publicity against REAL muslims. (As opposed to those who are doing radical acts that go against the real true flavor of Islam as prophet Muhammed taught it.)

And if it was a terrorist attack, would they have actually had enough expertise to put in place such a plan and follow through with their goal?

Bush these days looks genuinely sad and I find myself close to pity for this man who sent troops into Afghanistan and then Iraq against international and even much local negative sentiment. It then occurs to me that Bush may actually be a pawn or scapegoat for others who are determined and calculating, who are striving to control the Middle East for their own reasons- their fears of dwindling water (of which Saudi Arabia still has the well of Abraham's wife Hagar and son Ishmael which haasn't run dry yet, along with the love of oil and other minerals to fuel their greed.

Many people in the Middle East have been told and believe that Saddam Hussein made an escape agreement with the US to escape custody, and the bargaining chip was that he let Bagdad go to them without a fight, which is what happened. In fact, it is said that he instructed his troops not to fight becasue they would let the US inside Baghdad to surround them, but them his troops were are called off and surrendered surprisingly and suddenly. This is why rumors in the Middle EAst say that he traded his life for Baghdad.

There is also the thought drifting around that this power outage plan could have been known beforehand, and allowed to happen so that it encouraged anger against Mid Easterners, Arabs or Muslims, so that further agression in the Mid-East and/or Palestine is not questioned, but felt by the public to be justified. But to do this, information would have to be suddenly divulged in the near future that this was a premeditated act, which supposedly wasn't known at the time it occured.

If so, Bush may be either unaware, or an excellent actor. I have a feeling it's more likely to be the fist, and people in his own government, congress, or among US "allies" might be taking advantage of the president to further their own personal agendas. If only Colin Powell wasn't so outnumbered with his better ideas and more fair judgement.

If my political analysis is correct, then both the United States of America, and the small and getting smaller enclaves for the Palestinians really deserve our prayers and protests all the more, for the President to have enough power to come up with something much better and more positive than the "Roadmap" for peace, which will most likely never work, due to each village being separated by roadblicks and curfews, so this could never be called their own territory, but is more like miniscule American Indian Reservations, but with more restrictions.

*-Aesha Lorenz Al-Saeed is an American woman living in Saudi Arabia.


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