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MORE FEEDBACK… Scoop’s Iraq War Coverage

MORE FEEDBACK… Scoop’s Iraq War Coverage

Feedback on Scoop’s coverage of the USA-UK-Australian invasion of Iraq continues to arrive. Here’s is the latest from the Scoop Editors’ inbox...

Scoop welcomes your feedback and views. Click here to send your letters to the Scoop editors…

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    Images should be FAXed to all

    I've FAXed some of these images to various government numbers during the invasion.

    Of course, I don't include a callback number.

    Freedom of speech, baby.

    Keep it up.

    American Citizen


    Iraqi War Images

    Thank you. War is not simply "messy" as Rumsfeld would have it, it is atrocities at every level. My personal site will post the heart-tearing image of the dead little girl with her feet blown off.

    Guiseppe Batalla


    My Views

    hi, i have a few things to say about what you are writing about the us and how bad they are doing liberating iraq. for 1 you are not over there you fucking assholes... if you dont like it than go back to france you little posers. people need to support the us cuz they are trying hard.. and what are you doing? all your doing is typing on a computer and writting how horrible they are doing and eating bon bons... well fuck off... you need to go there and see whats going on instead looking at all these bad pictures and assuming things..jerks...

    US Supporter



    Are These Pictures Really Such A Surprise?

    Is it fair to assume the "Shock" of such pictures resides with those "who would otherwise support war" but now see the errors of their ways?

    The ongoing events in Liberia,Zimbabae and the Congo have, and continue to, affect brutally the poor and disaffected of those troubled lands.

    Responses to cries for international help have generally been poor or non-existent.

    Polititians are well aware of what the general public considers a given, "No War at all costs".

    Philip Taylors reign of power is hopefully at an end and the final costs in terms of deaths, maming and economic castration will soon be counted.

    Would I like to meet the inhabitants of Liberia and explain my opposition to sending in troops and to kill if necessary those that brought havoc to their country?

    No. I fear my protestation of "not in my name" would really be "not in my backyard".

    A good conscience is cheap for those of us who can afford it.

    War is bad is a simplistic statement bordering on the banal. If these pictures make people think, I hope they think hard

    Mark Poole


    Graphic War Images

    Thank you so very much for publishing these photographs. They should be COMPULSORY viewing, particularly by those in whose willing name the blood is being shed. Anyone who thinks that war is "heroism" or "glory" should be forced to watch the results of their jingoistic cheering for the murder of children – who constitute half the population of Iraq. As a United States citizen, I am daily mortified by the actions of my fellows who wave their little flags, smile for so-called "president" Bush, applaud the erosion of the Constitution, who consider the ability to careen recklessly along the freeway in their Hummer to be worth any price, and who dare to invoke the name of the Prince of Peace to justify the destruction of the world. Mark Twain put it very well in The War Prayer a hundred years ago: when you pray for your side's victory in war, you are also praying for grievous loss,

    Even more tragically horrifying is the idleness and noninvolvement of those who take not even the slightest interest in what their government does – but spend instead hours upon couches watching "reality" television and filling their mouths with pounds of fat, salt, and sugar while others are starving to death. For even despite the massive propaganda machine on all the networks, there is a ton of information out there for those willing to confront the truth. All evil needs to triumph is the silence of those observing it; but for the complacency and therefore apparent agreement of a willing populace, the architects of the Third Reich – and in this case, the Fourth – cannot sustain their twisted creation.

    God bless America? God help us all.

    Sarah E. Wright (Pasadena, California, USA)


    Publishing War Images

    No one said that war was pleasant. We must remember why we are fighting this war... to eliminate the possibility of terrorists obtaining dangerous weapons that could be used against American citizens at home or abroad. We are ensuring the safety of our children, and our children's children.

    Mark Henderson


    War Pics

    More Graphic War Pics Please, Presty Please !!!!!

    Johnny Nyc Usa


    Help The People Of Iraq.

    I fill very sad to the the pictures of the innocent children being killed, what are the american doing there they are supposed to bring back democracy to the country if they can't do it leave the country and let either the U.N or the OIC to run it. May Allah help the people of Iraq.

    Latiff Salleh


    Graphic Photos

    they aren't very graphic and are all widely circulated. perhaps you are a de nutted feminized male.




    Thank you for showing the true face of war. Question .. do you also print images of Palestinian suicide bombings, like the one that just killed 20 people in Jerusalem?

    S Bhaerman


    At Long Last . . . .

    God bless you. Your detractors will whine about matters of good taste and journalistic propriety. How could the truth of these photos possibly be "obscene and pornographic" unless, of course, all we got before them were monstrous lies? Thanks to you, no one will be able to sleep through this one.

    John Roy – Bangkok, Thailand


    Thank You

    Thank You For Having The Courage To Speak The Truth. I Wish The U.S. Media Would Be So Honest

    Thank You..... Franck

    Franck Rosenthal


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