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Scoop Has Feedback

Scoop Has Feedback

Dunne’s Comments Undignified

Dear Sir,

It is with amazement I read of Peter Dunne’s comments regarding the Green Party behaving in an undignified and undesirable way. Mr. Dunne should practice what he preaches. Only two weeks ago he replied to a sincere heartfelt letter from myself explaining how cannabis helped me take my daily HIV medications and how a dear friend had died from AIDS related toxoplasmosis. Mr. Dunnes reply was "This garbage is not worth replying to". He has referred to an MP as lowering house values and seems incapable of debating the real issues without resorting to such childish behaviour. Incase Mr. Dunne has not noticed, in his sheep like chase of Labour, he is himself acting in an undesirable and undignified manner.

Greg Soar – Auckland NZ


Katya’s Creepy

love your website, but the Katya Rivas stuff is creepy. -- Best regards,

Alan Cepeda - USA


Re "Palestinian Children Attend School"

Dear Scoop Editor,

I felt strange reading your article from 1-Sep-2003 titled "1.085m Palestinian Children Attend School". You forgot to mention millions of Palestinian children living in Jordan, and some other millions scattered in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Many others left the Middle East to live in Europe, the USA, and probably New Zealand too.

You have several mistakes in the article. You say that "the 8-year-old Palestinian girl was shot dead by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)", but the truth is that the Israeli army is called IDF (Israel Defense Forces), and they were fighting terrorists near the girl's home. Would you allow terrorist activities near your daughters?

As an Israeli, I'm sick from all these biased reports all around the world. Believe me, I want to find a peaceful solution, but all attempts so far were rejected by the Palestinians. I know that my army and government make mistakes, but we DON'T kill children on purpose like your beloved Palestinians do.

I wish peace for all the Palestinians children that attend school these days, but I can't help thinking about the hundreds of Israeli children that were killed by Palestinian terrorists during the last years.

Kind regards, Gabi Shahar.


Clark Fickle Over Corngate

If "Fickle" was a middle name, then it would sit comfortably between the names "Helen" & "Clark". Content as she is to rely on the increasingly irrelavant Green Party to pass minority voter-supported liberal legislation in the House, Mrs (hey, she IS Married) Clark now sees fit to have a "tanty" over the Greens position over the impending GM moratorium cessation on October 29th. It is also enlightening to observe just how easily Mrs Clark attempts to ignore her confidence & supply partner, United Future NZ, when UFNZ often successfully re-negotiate the often patently absurd content of some bills birthed by Labour Party members. Like the political chameleon she is, Clark will change her allegiances & alliances at will. However by doing so, she is guilty of attempting to stand for everything - which of course means that she stands for nothing. Shifting sands will sink any house built

Yours faithfully

Steve Taylor – Auckland NZ


Manipulated Media Over Corngate

It is utterly depressing how effortlessly Media in this country allows itself to be manipulated. After Paintergate editorial appeared bemoaning how NZ media had allowed themselves to be put off the scent, leaving Australian media to put the hard questions that no-one here would ask, with the famous walkout as a result. Similarly with Corngate II.

The person at the centre has adroitly avoided answering the key questions. She said she had released everything and that there was no possibility of contamination. Yet a memo addressed directly to her belies all of that. So why say there was no possibility of contamination when this memo says different, and, if Prebble acted unilaterally on a matter she herself claims to be the key event of the election campaign then how come he keeps his job? Instead of the substantive questions, the media allows itself to be sidetracked by a classiiour from this person?

Now, while mounting a smear campaign against the greens, she claims to be a victim of a smear campaign. And it gets reported as straight news. Amazing.

Yours faithfully

Deb Wansink – Auckland NZ


“Let’s Find Saddam”

I am writing to say that everytime a criminal is caught using a weapon, a large part of the community rushes forward to state that, "guns don't kill people...people kill people!" when it comes to IRAQ....weapons of mass distruction don't kill people...saddam kills it's pretty obvious that the weapon of mass destruction has been let's find the bastard!!!

Yours faithfully

Grace West – USA


Photos Of Those Innocents Killed In War

Deeply disturbing pictures of reality. Keep up the good work of showing what the Bush administration is doing to innocents of Iraq.

Barbara - USA


Nuclear Ship Visits

All nuclear reactors are unsafe by any criterion, and their presence in NZ is totally unnecessary. In view of the policies of the Bush administration, why should we encourage them? They present by far the greatest risk to the rest of the world of any issue facing the planet, and should be opposed in every possible way.

Alan P Ryan - NZ


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