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The Other Side: Slavery Today In NZ & Everywhere

The Other Side with Alun Fosta

Slavery Today - In New Zealand And Everywhere Else

“Watchdogs Face International Audit” announced Anthony Davies’ 2/11/03 article in “The Independent”

A 10 person deputation from the IMF (International Misery Factory) is starting a 3 week snoop into New Zealand’s financial systems. The FSAP (Fiendish Scheme to Acquire Property-probably yours and mine) was concocted by the IMF (Internal Misery Factory) and its partner in debt infliction the WB (World Bankrupters) in 1999. It hasn’t taken them long to get here, has it?

New Zealand is, supposedly, an independent sovereign nation, yet nobody, be they politician, business person,trade unionist or media, has said a word, objecting to this unwarranted invasion by these minions of Mammon. The amazing or then perhaps, not so amazing thing, is that these people were invited by the New Zealand Government. Who really does run the country anyway?

The “International Misery Factory” and the “World Bankrupters” are notorious for the financial pain and suffering that they have imposed on many nations by virtue (or more like vice) of their control of the debt money system.

So why would this gang of international debt peddlers, money lenders and, doubtless, a few carpetbaggers thrown in for good measure, come to New Zealand? Someone more cynical than I might just think that the “International Misery Factory” sees New Zealand as a good prospect for a few more lashings (word chosen deliberately) of debt. New Zealand has all the ingredients. It has a “spend and tax” government, which would doubtless like to become a borrow more, spend more, tax more government, and a patient population.

The pamphlet “Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People” was written many years ago by one Pastor Sheldon Emry. It exposes the fraud of the debt money system under which we all suffer. The treatise was not copyrighted and anyone sufficiently curious and concerned can print off copies and distribute them. Go to - - it is well worth a visit just to see the other side”

There are far more slaves in the world today than there ever were prior to the American Civil War. The slave master of today, however, does not inflict physical pain with a bull whip, instead, he inflicts financial pain with a debt whip.

New Zealand now has Don Brash, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, currently a Governor of the International Misery Factory, and doubtless, also a supporter of the World Bankrupters, as leader of the National Party and potential Prime Minister.

It would be worth comparing Dr. Brash’s remarks - presumably bemoaning the fact - that: “New Zealand is the most indebted country in the world”. He made this comment to the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce (see New Zealand Herald, 9 Nov. 2003) with his speech, as Governor of the Reserve Bank, to the Christchurch Chamber of Commerce in Jan 2002.

In that speech, among other things, he said: “At a national level, an unusually high degree of dependence on foreign capital (especially debt) makes a lot of sense. Government borrowing is not the issue today.”

Mr. Brash also said, in the same speech: “It is also worth noting that the New Zealand Government now has no net foreign currency debt. The small amount of foreign currency Government debt is fully matched by foreign currency assets held by the Treasury and the Reserve Bank.”

The reserve Bank’s website states that as of Sept 2003,”E1 - New Zealand’s official reserve assets and foreign currency assets” amounted to $8.7 Billion, while “E3-New Zealand’s Overseas Debt-Official Government” amounted to $19 Billion and change (14.9% GDP). I must be missing something I guess. It would also be interesting to know how he came up with that fact.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand web site ( http:// has some very interesting information, including the “E1” and “E3” figures above.

New Zealand’s National Debt - Government External and Internal - is around $36 Billion or $14,000.00 per man, woman and child. The figure in the USA is US$23,500.00 (Debt US$6.87 Trillion) and in the UK it is 6,000.00 Pounds (Debt 353.7 Billion Pounds) How can New Zealand be “the most indebted nation?”

“Kerr welcomes IMF report on New Zealand”- Press Release: New Zealand Business Roundtable.5 May 2003
“New Zealand Business Roundtable Executive Director Roger Kerr today welcomed the release of the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF International Misery Factory) report on New Zealand.

The report was prepared by staff at the IMF following consultations earlier this year with New Zealand authorities, the private sector, labour unions and academia.

Who asked for Joe Kiwi public’s views on this?

Nobody, because his views don’t count, he is just there to foot the bills. Interesting to see that the labour unions - those champions and guardians of the workers have got their snouts in the same trough as the authorities (politicians doubtless) - the private sector (big business), and the academia (the fire proofed, tenured, ivory tower occupying intellectuals) - and are welcoming the report from an organization that is instrumental in imposing financial burdens and job losses on those (the workers) that they (the unions) are supposed to represent. Mr. Kerr’s speech can be read by going to

Seems like just about everyone goes to bow down and pay homage at the altar of Mammon these days.

There are three ways to conquer a nation.

The first is by military force, but this doesn’t often work in the long run as there will always be local resistance or terrorists, whose name depends primarily on whether you are the conquered or the conqueror. Afghanistan is a classic example. The British tried to conquer it during their days of Empire and failed. The Russians tried and failed, and now the Americans are having a go. And they too will doubtless eventually pack their bags and leave.

The second method is by religion, and this too doesn’t tend to work either as the fallacies of it tend to be exposed over time.

The third and most efficient and enduring method is through debt. Not a shot is fired, the people go about their business in apparent freedom, borrowing and spending and borrowing and spending to acquire all sorts of cheap stuff, in NZ most probably manufactured in a Chinese sweatshop and brought in by The Warehouse, New Zealand’s Walmart.

Do you remember Flanders and Swann’s “Hippopotamus Song?” and its “Mud, mud, glorious mud” verse. Here is a modern day version. Two possible titles spring to mind, depending on your financial situation -“The debtor’s dirge” or “The lender’s lullaby.”

We invite readers to submit their own suggestions for an appropriate title and we will try to offer a prize of a high interest credit card loan to the winner/loser.

The debtor’s dirge

Debt, debt, burdensome debt,
Nothing quite like it for making you fret,
So borrow and borrow,
Like there’s no tomorrow
And continue to wallow,
In burdensome debt.

The Bible also has some interesting things to say about “debt” and outfits like the International Misery Factory and the World Bankrupters.

1) Proverbs 22 Verse 7 says: “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant (slave) to the lender.”

Now ain’t that the truth.

2) 2 Kings 20 vv.12-19 tells the story of King Hezekiah, king of Judah’s visitors from Babylon. Hezekiah welcomed them and showed them all his “treasure.” Isaiah the prophet then warned him that all his possessions would, one day, be taken away by the Babylonians.

It doesn’t require rocket science to see the IMF as visitors from Babylon and New Zealand as the kingdom of Judah.

STOP PRESS: “IMF investigators will give New Zealand a qualified pass mark” says Anthony Davies’ article in this week’s “Independent!”

And there was great jubilation in the ranks.


- Alun Fosta is a New Zealand writer, committed ''Government of the Bankers, by the Bankers, for the Bankers'', conspiracy theorist and avowed antiestablishmentarian. Comments can be sent to

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